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Chapter 20: Alls Well, That Ends Wells

"VICKY TOLD YOU THAT!" Sharpay screeched loudly. She then slipped off her high heels and started searching through her bag, and pulled out some flats and put them on.

Ryan just stared at his sister in utter confusion. "Uh Sharpay? WHAT are you doing?" He asked her, still staring at her two pairs of shoes, one that was now on her feet, and one that was now off her feet.

"I'm going to give that witch a little piece of my mine!" She sighed angrily, as she marched over to the door and threw it open, but was surprised when she ended up banging Troy's head onto Gabriella's floor of her house.

Troy groaned in pain as he rubbed his head as he tried to get up. "Oh it's you. Whatever, I need to find Vicky Larson do you KNOW where she is?" Sharpay sneered as she moved Troy out of her way so she could get inside.

Troy sighed. "Listen guys. Would you PLEASE care to tell me what's going on here, because um, I don't seem to have a clue!" He told them honestly.

"Well you should know for all I care" Gabriella narrowed her eyes at him coldly, as she brushed past him and followed Sharpay out the door. "Come on Shar, let's go find Vicky. I have to talk to her."

Everyone else followed Sharpay and Gabriella out, just leaving Troy standing there. He suddenly got an idea, and decided to follow them to see what they were up to.

After all, he was still VERY confused.


Troy watched as everyone reentered the fairgrounds to find Vicky, as the games were still going on for other teams.

He watched as he saw Sharpay march right up to Vicky and slap her in the face. A look of utter surprise crossed Troy's face as he decided to step in.

"Sharpay! What the hell was that for?" Troy fumed as he glared at both Sharpay and Gabriella, who was standing there with tears in her eyes. "You don't always have to beat people up you know!"

Gabriella couldn't take it anymore. "God Troy! Maybe if you took the time to listen, you would know by know, WHY Sharpay hit Vicky!" She yelled at him, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

But Troy didn't stop as he was angrier at Gabriella than he has ever been before. In fact, he was angry at her for the first time. "Why should I? For all I know, it's because of you liking me and is jealous because I like her!" He yelled as everyone gasped.

Tears fell from Gabi's eyes as Troy's face softened. Oh crap dude. Why'd you just do that? You don't mean it… Troy told himself as he watched Gabriella's reactions.

Gabriella just gulped and swallowing her tears, she walked staright up to Vicky and stared her square in the eye.

"Gabi…?" Taylor asked her friend, thinking she was going to hit her.

Sharpay just smirked. "Haha, she's gonna hit her. Oh this should be good! She never had it coming…." She trailed off, but Ryan's hand clamped over her mouth getting her to shut up.

But Sharpay fought back and slapped his hand hard, that was on her mouth causing him to squeal. "Ouch! Sharpay stop it!" He warned his sister, giving her the eye who just rolled her eyes back.

After that little fit, Gabriella sighed and turned back to Vicky who kind of looked frightened. "You're finally getting what you deserve…." Gabriella told her.

Troy's eyes bulged out, as did Vicky's, as he was about to step in to stop Gabriella from hitting her. This isn't like Gabriella. She wouldn't hit anyone; would she?

But Troy stopped dead when he noticed Gabriella unclipping a locket that was chained around her neck. Gabriella took it off fully and clamped it into her hand as she handed it over to Vicky.

"Here. Troy gave this to me…" Gabriella choked on her tears as she handed it to Vicky.

Troy stepped a little closer to Gabriella, "Gabi….what are you doing?" He asked, fearing that she was going to give it to her.

She nodded at Vicky to take it, "I don't want it!" Gabriella screamed louder as she pushed the necklace into Vicky's hands. "Any of it!"

And before Troy had the chance to say something, Gabriella ran out of the fairgrounds. "Gabi!" Taylor, Kelsi, and Sharpay yelled as they followed their friend out, leaving the boys to stay behind with Troy.

But before Sharpay left the stadium, she quickly turned to Zeke and dug into her purse to find a little camera and gave it to him. "Here Zeke" She whispered, "Push that little blue button right there and it'll start recording and videotaping this conversation" She winked at him, before running after everyone else.

Zeke just nodded as he quickly pressed the blue button and tried to hide it from everyone else as he was filming. He quietly nudged the guys who looked at the camera and smiled.

"Gabriella…." Troy said breathlessly, tears stinging his eyes. He looked over at the guys who were just giving him blank looks.

Troy didn't know what to do. "I-I need to get Gabriella. I need to-tell her I love her. I LOVE HER!" Troy screamed out to the crowd, as he fell to the floor sobbing in his hands.

"Troy dude, it's okay" Jason whispered to him, kneeling down and patting his friend on the back.

"How could I be so stupid? Why did I say those things? I didn't mean them!" Troy continued in hysteria as he shook his head.

The guys all just sighed and looked from one another. "I think we know who the criminal is here" Chad told Troy as he glared straightly at Vicky who just had an evil grin taped to the locket.

"Wow…Chad ACTUALLY knew what he was talking about for once!" Zeke joked, as he was still eating out of his bag of cookies.

Chad just glared at Zeke. "Oh shut up and eat your Ziploc bag!" He snapped.

"Huh?" Troy asked, in utter confusion of what was going on. "Who is the criminal? I need to know things here, I'm the one in pain!" He said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Chad just pointed to Vicky, who was trying to escape. Troy gave the guys a weird look as he called out, "Vicky!" And she stopped dead and turned around slowly. "Uh-yes Troy?" She asked quietly.

He eyed her suspiciously, as he walked closer to her. "What do you know?" He asked, as he raised an eyebrow at her.

But all Vicky did was burst out laughing, "Oh come on, you silly goose! You wouldn't actually think I KNOW something, do you? I mean, come on! Everyone, especially Gabriella, agrees that we are the CUTEST couple and THAT'S why she gave me the locket! I love that girl to death…DUH!" She scoffed.

Troy just had a look of surprise on his face. "Wait a minute…." He whispered, as he cleared a few things in his head. Finally, it dawned on him, and anger bolted up in his body. "It was you!" He yelled out, pointing straight at Vicky.

Vicky just looked at him weirdly. "Huh? I really have no idea what you're…" She started but was cut off by Troy.

"YOU were the one who told Gabriella to stay away from me, weren't you?" He asked her, glaring at every inch of her body(Well maybe not every inch). "And that's why you just said all those things! I can't believe you!" He screamed in anger.

Vicky narrowed her eyes at him as she stepped closer and closer to him. "You can't prove that…" She said coldly.

"Uh actually he can" Ryan butted in, as everyone looked towards him, "Because Gabi told us all earlier that you were the one who told her to stay away from him and threatened to make her life miserable" He said in a-matter-of fact voice.

"That doesn't prove ANYTHING" Vicky sneered at Ryan. She then turned back to Troy, who just shrugged. "Well to me it does, because they're my friends and I trust them" He told her, smiling at the guys who smiled back.

"Ohh whatever. You know you love me! And guess what? If you don't, then I'll make Gabriella's life miserable, JUST like I promised!" Vicky replied, as she smirked at them, who just rolled their eyes.

Troy just stepped closer to Vicky and glared her down. "If you do ANYTHING to make Gabriella's life miserable…I'll make your life a living Hell" He said darkly, before snatching the locket out of her hands and starting to walk away with the guys.

Vicky gasped as she ran after them. "Troy! How could you take that thing? Gabriella gave it to me, and I demand you give it back NOW!" She yelled at him.

He stopped suddenly and turned around, crossing his arms. "I gave it to her, which gives me the authority to take it back whenever I want to!" He told Vicky, before turning around again.

She just let out a heavy sigh before marching towards them. "Oh yeah? Well you're making a HUGE mistake busto! Because NO ONE talks to me that way! And you know what, don't come CRYING back to me whenever Miss Gabriella Montez doesn't take you back!" She told them angrily.

Troy just rolled his eyes at how big of a drama queen she was being. "You know what Vicky? Tell that to your own face, because it's too disgusting for me to even LISTEN too it" He smirked at her as the crowd and everyone else erupted in cheers.

Vicky's mouth dropped open. "ARGH!" She screamed as she stalked right out of the fairgrounds, the crowd still cheering.

"YEAH!" The guys yelled out, giving Troy high fives, who was smiling widely.

Once the crowd and everyone else died down, the guys all turned towards Troy. "Hey man, thanks for sticking up for us" Zeke smiled appreciatively. Troy just grinned, "Anytime."

Chad nodded towards the exit of the fairgrounds and whispered to him, "Go get your girl."

Troy grinned widely and nodded at him. "Thanks man" And he was off, but suddenly turned around to Chad and replied, "You go get yours too."

Chad smiled back at Troy as they all headed out that way. Zeke silently turned off the camera as they all thought one thing: Mission Accomplished.

Troy tarted sprinting to Gabriella's house. I need to fix things with her.


Once Gabriella arrived back at her house, she just dropped on the couch and threw the pillows all over everywhere and at the TV's.

Gabriella's mom popped her head downstairs. "Gabi?" She asked fearfully, as she ran downstairs and pulled her crying daughter into a hug. "What's wrong sweetie? Did something happen?" She kept asking.

Gabriella sniffed and wiped her eyes as she said, "Mama. I uh…thought you weren't going to be home today…"

Mrs. Montez sighed as she pulled away from her daughter and gripped her shoulders, "I ended up only going in for a few hours…but I would've killed myself if I would've missed this…honey, wanna tell me what's wrong?" She told Gabriella, while pulling her into another hug.

Just then, the door to Gabriella's house burst open, and in came a breathless Taylor, Kelsi, and Sharpay following closely behind, smirking.

"Yes, it take me long to get here this time because I'm wearing flats, NOT heels!" Sharpay exclaimed proudly, putting her hands on her hips.

Gabriella laughed slightly as she turned to her mom. "Uh mami, could you give us some privacy for a little while?" She pleaded with begging eyes.

Mrs. Montez sighed as she glanced from the girls to her. "Okay" She gave in, "But later I want a full discussion!" She eyed her daughter as she walked back up the stairs.

Gabriella just sighed deeply, before turning around to face the girls. "What are you guys doing here?" She asked them as she slumped over to the refrigerator and started to fish out the ice cream.

Kelsi and Taylor quickly ran over to the fridge and closed it before she could get the ice cream. Gabriella groaned, "Guys, please…"

"No Gabriella" Kelsi started sternly, pointing her finger at her friend, "We're not letting you get the easy way out! Now…don't you think you need to talk to Troy?" She sighed.

Gabriella backed away from everyone. "Now you're taking HIS side? Were you not there throughout the whole thing? I GAVE VICKY MY LOCKET THAT WAS THE MOST SPECIAL THING TO ME EVER!" She yelled at the end.

She then burst into tears as she ran over to the couch and started sobbing. "Oh Gabi!" Taylor said sadly, as she ran over to her friend on the couch. "We didn't mean it like that. It's just that I don't think he knew that Vicky was behind all this yet!" She tried to assure her.

Sharpay just smirked, "Don't worry…she will…" She said mischievously, while wagging her eyebrows.

Everyone just gave her weird looks, especially Gabriella. "What do you mean that he'll find out soon enough?" She asked her, forgetting that she was just crying for the moment.

Kelsi sighed. "I don't know Gabi. But can we ask you a question?" She asked hopefully.

Gabriella just nodded as Kelsi started again, "Well…how did Troy first give you that locket?" She asked.

Gabriella looked away as tears stung her eyes. She quickly wiped them, and flashed back to earlier that year…


Gabriella and Troy were at Gabriella's birthday party cleaning up, after everyone had left. Suddenly, Gabriella stopped cleaning and looked at Troy and smiled.

"Thanks for the perfume. I love it" She told him gratefully.

He laughed as he shook his head. "Ah, it was nothing. Plus…you haven't even gotten the better of your present yet" He raised an eyebrow at her, as he dug into his pocket, and pulled out a little red velvet box.

Gabriella gasped. "Troy-you shouldn't have gotten me anything else!" She told him, shakily grabbing the box.

Troy just shrugged. "Nah, it was nothing. Now, open it!" He replied impatiently.

Gabriella giggled, as she slowly popped open the box, gasped and put her hand to her mouth once she saw what it was.

It was a gold locket with the letters, Gabriella, carved on the outside. Happy tears came to Gabi's eyes as she opened the locket up and there was a message on one side, and an empty photo holder on the other, that read: To Gabriella…always breaking free…Love, Troy.

Gabriella sniffed happily as she grinned up at Troy. "Oh my gosh, I love it so much!" She squealed, wrapping him into a hug which he gladly accepted.

"I'm glad you like it" He whispered to her, while playing with her hair a little bit.

Gabriella giggled as she leaned over to his ear and whispered, "Thank you so much Troy. You're the best friend anybody could ask for."

Troy just smiled at that.


"Aww…." The girls sighed happily, after Gabriella told them the story.

She just laughed, and wiped her eyes from her crying again. "I'm glad you guys liked it…but that still doesn't solve the problem… "She sighed, turning away from them.

Sharpay opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off from the banging of the door. "Gabriella please open up!" Troy's voice yelled from the other side.

Gabriella gasped. "Oh my gosh, it's Troy" She whispered slightly, getting up and unlocking the door. She pursed her lip and took a deep breath before opening it.

"What?" Gabriella asked him coldy.

Troy sighed. "Gabriella just let me explain…I know what Vicky did. But I didn't know that before. I'm so so sorry I didn't believe you. And I also didn't mean what I said back there…it was stupid of me to say it…"

"You're right. It was" Gabriella replied plainly, scuffing her heel in her shoes into the ground.

"I know and…" Troy started but was cut off by Gabriella who softened a bit. "I don't want to hear it Troy" She told him, while stepping outside and closing the door behind her as she started to speak.

"You know, I still remember the day when we first met. At the New Year's Eve Party. And I'm so thankful for that, because I wouldn't have had the courage to sing, and get comfortable around people at East High. The callbacks wouldn't have been done if you weren't there to help me. We wouldn't have gotten the parts as Arnold and Minnie, and we wouldn't have turned the whole school around. I'm just thankful for that. But now it's too late…I'm sorry Troy" She said sadly.

Gabriella opened the door and walked back inside before shutting it, without letting Troy get a word in.

A silent tear left Troy's cheek as he just started walking back to his own house.


The guys were walking to Gabriella's house, and knocked on the door. Taylor answered it and said, "Oh it's you" To Chad.

Chad just sighed. "Listen, is Troy here?" He asked her, searching the inside of the house. His eyes landed on Gabriella who was just sitting on the couch dully, "He was."

"Well, where is he now?" Jason asked curiously. "He left" The girls all replied at once, sort of tired of the boys at the moment.

Jason thought of something, as he motioned for Zeke to get out the camera. He nodded and pulled it out, as he caught Sharpay staring at him.

Sharpay quickly walked over to him and bent down to a whisper, "Did you get it?" She asked, as Zeke just nodded. She smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before grabbing the camera and walking over towards Gabriella.

"Gabi…there's something you need to see" Sharpay told her, as she plopped down onto the couch next to her…and turning her camera on. She slowly pressed play, and a vision on the fairgrounds came into view.

Gabriella gave Sharpay a weird look, before turning to watch the whole video all the way through. Once everyone was done that happened at the fairgrounds, Gabriella was speechless as Sharpay just turned her camera off.

"Believe him now?" Kelsi asked Gabriella.

Gabriella just nodded and sighed. "I'll talk to him tomorrow…at the um…farewell party for the games…" She told everyone as they all just decided to leave.

Oh Gabi…what are you going to do? Gabriella thought to herself, as she slowly made her way up the stairs to talk to her mom.


That night, Troy was sitting in his bed, wondering what he should do. He couldn't go and talk to Gabriella because it was too late, and she probably wouldn't listen to him anyway.

He sighed as he took the locket out of his pocket and examined it. He smiled about the day he gave it to her. He just wished things could be like that again between them. Troy thought of something just then, and knew what he was going to do.

Troy got up and opened one of his drawers with pictures in it, and got a picture of him and Gabriella at the callbacks while they were upstage singing Breaking Free. He smiled, and took out some scissors and started cutting the picture into a heart shaped.

Once Troy was done, he smiled proudly at his work, as he took the picture and slipped it into the slot for the picture frame on the locket.

"Let's hope tomorrow will be better" Troy sighed to himself, as he put the locket down by his bedside and turned off the lamp and fell into a deep sleep.


The next day, the whole gang met up at the Albuquerque Convention Center for the banquet of the games. "Welcome everyone!" The announcer Bob, from the games said into a microphone up on the stage and everyone clapped.

Both Troy and Gabriella just clapped lightly as they sat on opposite sides of the table from each other. At the same time, they both ended up sneaking a glance at each other, only to quickly look away.

"Well, let's get some music on and get this party started!" Bob yelled into the mic as everyone cheered when a slow dance came on.

Sharpay, Zeke, Jason, Kelsi, Ryan, and Jessica all got up to dance, leaving Chad, Taylor, Troy, and Gabriella behind to sit in an awkward silence.

"So um.." Chad started, trying to get a conversation going, "Taylor do you want to dance?" He ended up asking nervously.

Taylor just gave a slight smile and nodded, leaving Troy and Gabriella to now sit alone this time.

"Do you wan to take a walk with me?" Troy asked quickly, staring at Gabriella the whole time. Gabriella slowly turned her head towards him and gave a silent nod as they both stood up and headed outside.

They ended up walking around the block two times before Gabriella said, "I saw the videotape" Which caught Troy off guard. Especially because he didn't know what that meant.

"Huh?" He asked her very confused.

Gabriella gave him a weirded out look and said slowly, "Um…Sharpay got Zeke to videotape your conversation with Vicky after I left so they would have proof of you…um…yeah. And…" She continued, not knowing where to go next.

Suddenly they both just stopped walking. "So you heard everything, huh?" He whispered to her, as she just nodded.

"Listen Troy. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean anything I said yesterday, just like you didn't mean anything. It's just that, I was scared. To get close to you, you know, because of Vicky. I already have a good life here and I don't want it ruined" Gabriella admitted, as she burst out crying again.

"Shh…" Troy whispered, trying to calm Gabriella down as he pulled her into a hug. He started rubbing her back as he hummed the tune of 'Breaking Free'.

Gabriella grinned and pulled away from Troy, wiping her eyes. Then she laughed stupidly, "I'm sorry for that. I know she can't do anything to me. Especially after what you said to her" She smiled.

Troy just chuckled. "True."

They both started walking again in an awkward trance. "Troy I…I was scared to say it before. But I…" Gabriella stuttered, trying to get the truth out.

But Troy understood what she was trying to tell him, as he just walked closer to her and wrapped his hands around her waist and said, "I love you."

Gabriella looked up at him in shock, with new tears forming in her eyes. "You do?" She asked hopefully. Troy just chuckled, and wiped away her tear stains. "Yes I do. Very much, and no one can tear us apart. And that's what we're proving right now" He grinned, pulling her closer.

Gabriella smiled widely as she wrapped her own arms around Troy's neck and buried her face into his neck, of a tight hug. He laughed as he searched the road for cars.

When he saw none, he quickly ran out into the street with her in his arms, and started swinging her around. Gabriella started giggling like crazy as Troy put her down. He pulled her close again and she whispered, "I love you, too."

They both grinned and leaned in for the kiss they've been waiting for, for what felt like a lifetime. Once they pulled apart, their smiles grew even larger.

"Come on" Troy nodded towards the convention center, "Let's get back to the party" He told her as they both started running back, hand in hand.


Back inside, Chad and Taylor were dancing with their arms around each other. It was very awkward to say the least, as Taylor constantly kept biting her lip. Come on Tay, get a hold of yourself. It's just Chad. You broke up with him…remember? She kept telling herself.

"I love you" Chad just blurted out in the middle of the song.

Taylor's eyes widened for a moment, but then she broke out into a smile. "You do?" She asked him, as she now was the one with tears in her eyes.

Chad nodded, and smiled, hoping she would say it too. "Oh Chad. I'm so sorry. For everything! I was just being my ignorant self, I love you too!" She said dramatically.

"Oh my darling!" Chad replied, swooping Taylor downwards and planting a huge kiss right on her lips in front of everyone who started whistling and cheering.

Once Chad pulled back, they both smiled and pulled Taylor up again. Soon, they were both making out on the dance floor with major rolling of the eyes from the rest of the gang.

Just at that moment, Troy and Gabriella came back inside, causing everyone to turn and look at them. Once they all caught sight of them holding hands, everyone started cheering and clapping like they never have before.

Both Troy and Gabriella started to blush majorly, but not before sneaking a glance at each other, and flashing sweet smiles.

Everyone settled down again, and another slow dance was put on. Troy grinned and held out a hand towards Gabriella. "May I have this dance, M'lady?" He asked her in an accent.

Gabriella giggled and nodded as she took Troy's hand and he led her out onto the dance floor. He pulled Gabriella close to him, as she rested her head on Troy's shoulder, and Troy smiled as he could smell the sweet perfume she had on and the shampoo in her hair.

Troy let out a sigh just as he remembered something. I knew I forgot something He thought to himself, as he reluctantly pulled away from Gabriella.

What's wrong?" She asked, thinking something WAS wrong.

Troy just laughed. "Nothing…but I think you forgot to put something back on" He told her, grinning, as he pulled the locket from the pocket of his jeans and held it up for her to see.

Gabriella smiled widely. Troy opened the locket, to show Gabriella the picture and she gasped when she saw it. "Thank you Troy" She told him kindly, as she turned around for him to put in on her.

He slowly clipped the necklace onto Gabriella and smiled when it was back on. "There; now that's MUCH better" He told her as they both smiled at each other again and started to dance with the song. Also…occasionally making out like Chad and Taylor were doing.

And that's how the rest of the summer went. Everyone enjoyed each other's company, going on dates, hanging out with each other, just having fun. And that's the way everything should be.

Until they decide to plan out the new school year's events on how to get back at Vicky :-)



But didn't you guys just LOVE the ending? I think it was the sweetest thing I've ever written…and the craziest, haha. :-)