Once Upon a Time

"Mommy I have two questions" a little kitten said.

"What is it Maxi? Do you want me to tell you a bed time story?" His mother asked.

"Yes but first I wanted to ask you something" the kitten said.

'Please don't ask The Question, please don't ask The Question.' The mother silently prayed. "Sure go ahead what did you want to know?"

"I wanted to know how you and daddy first met and where do babies come from?" The kitten asked.

"Okay... First I will tell you how your father and I met" Kikyo said. "Once upon a time..."

It was a hot sunny summer day on planet Splatty. A young lynx woman was all alone in her house. Her parents were away for the weekend but thinking that their little trip would most likely be boring she stayed. Right now she was beginning to wish she had gone with them. Boring as the trip may be she might slip away and go some place interesting or she might meet someone new and the trip wouldn't be boring anymore. She thought she heard something outside and went to take a look. There she found a young man, a lynx like her. She wondered how he got in the backyard not that it was a big mystery anyway. Lynx could easily jump fences. "Hi."

"Hello." All was quiet for a moment. It was as if he didn't expect to find anyone or if he did he didn't expect them to talk to him.

"What are you doing here? You look like you've been running for a while" the girl said.

"I'm a dangerous criminal running away from the Galactic Guardians" the boy said.

She laughed amused. "Ok, Mr. Dangerous Criminal, what's your name?" Obviously she didn't believe him.

"It's Maximus and I really m a dangerous criminal haven't you heard of me?" He asked.

"Not really I guess you're not that famous yet. My name is Kikyo" The girl said.

Voices were heard not too far away. "The Galactic Guardians are coming" Maximus said.

"Does that mean that you'll have a light saber battle right here in my backyard?" Kikyo asked only kidding.

"If necessary" Maximus said. Then the sound of the door bell was heard.

"I'm going to answer the door. Want to come inside?" Kikyo asked.

"Yes, that would be nice... I mean, Kikyo, I am taking you hostage and making your home my hiding place until further notice" Maximus said.

Kikyo laughed. "Oh, no who will save me now?" She said amused. "C'mon who ever is at the door must be getting impatient." While Maximus hid inside the house, Kikyo went to answer the door.

When she opened the door she found nothing. She was about to close it when she heard a voice. "Excuse me miss, I'm looking for a dangerous criminal named Maximus. He must be arrested immediately." She looked down to find a little gold fish boy.

"Sorry, no dangerous criminals here" Kikyo said.

"You didn't see him? I was sure he came this way" the gold fish boy said.

"No, I didn't see anyone suspicious" Kikyo said.

"Well ok, just be careful and call the Galactic Guardians if you see him." The gold fish boy then left to continue his search.

Kikyo closed the door and returned to her guest. "He's gone, you know it's kind of funny that you're running away from a little gold fish boy, he's so tiny."

"Degill? No, I wasn't running away from him. I was running from his partner Beatrixo, I hate her. I hate all the Galactic Guardians but her most of all" Maximus said.

"Well the little gold fish was pretty convinced you weren't here so I doubt she'll be coming here" Kikyo said. "For how long are you planning to keep me hostage?"

"You're not taking me seriously" Maximus complained.

"Well it is my house, maybe I'm the one keeping you hostage." She smiled mischievously.

He smiled back. "That wouldn't be so bad."

"Ok, then you're my prisoner now and I say we should go get some icecream, the Galactic Guardians must be gone by now" Kikyo said.

"Sounds good to me, even super villains need icecream once in a while" Maximus said.

Kikyo smiled, just as she expected her very curious son was sleeping peacefully. "Good night Maxi" she whispered. She gave him a kiss of the forehead and quietly left the room looking back at her son and smiling one last time before gently closing the door.

The End

Disclaimer, I do not own Atomic Betty. Story requested by Julayla. Kikyo is Julayla's character. Sorry it took me so long to post. ;; I'm looking at my notes and finally writing the short stories I said I would.

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