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Abigail needed to clear her head. That much was clear, probably not only to her but others as well. She had been thinking about very odd things lately, like the past. she wondered about blade and Hannibal and Danica talos, and all the vampires. In her gut she had a feeling that they weren't all gone, It was too good to be true. Deep in her thoughts, she heard a knock somewhere in the distance, realizing it was her door she stood up to answer it. She opened it revealing a very wide smile and a tall figure of a man she knew very well, Hannibal King. She gave him a hug then pulled back out of it smiling.

"Were have you been, I haven't seen you in a year!".

It was true, she hadn't. The man out side the door, smiled back at her thinking About how he had been gone, but then back to how nice it was to see her once again.

"Come in."

she opened the door a bit further allowing him to walk in.

"So, first off tell me were you hurried off too after that last battle with that werewolf."

she walked into the kitchen, Grabbing a beer and throwing one to him. He answered quickly, his face becoming serious

"I was…um…".

Abigail looked back, Scared, She knew that tone.


he stood up and walked over to her, leaning on the table in the kitchen.

"there not all gone, I ran into a group in Russia, there crawling all over Europe! Those fuckers wanted us to think they were dead, but there running clubs and feeding houses. Just the same as always."

Abi's heart dropped in her chest, she knew that was coming, Just not that it would come from him. Then something occurred to her and she looked up with an extreme look of worry.

"Are you ok, did anything happen to you. You didn't get bit again, right?"

He laughed, typical Abigail, always the worrier. He smiled and replied with a quick No, before walking out of the kitchen and back into the small living room, Abigail followed.

"Have you seen Blade, does he know?"

She had so many questions, God he was out hunting and she was in LA in a tiny apartment attempting to be normal she should have been helping him, Jesus! He knew what she was thinking and grabbed her hand pulling her down to sit beside him.

"Its ok Abi, I'm fine, I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself. I didn't come here to ask for your help, I came here because I missed you and I knew you would want in on this."

He laughed dropping back in his seat. he felt almost awkward around her, Come on King, It was Abi. She's like your sister, But he couldn't help it when he saw her face light up when he mentioned he had missed her. Abi smiled and looked back at him

"You know I want in on this, I have been dying to hunt since the day we parted, and I've missed you too."

He smiled and stood up.

"So I think its time to take a trip back to the honeycomb hideout and see what we still have left."

She stood up.

"Hold on, I need to tell Zoey that were leaving, And that mable will watch her."

He raised an eyebrow, he had forgotten that Abigail had taken in the little girl After the death of her mother, Somerfeild. Abigail ran to the back room were the little girl was sitting watching "The Wizard Of Oz" Hannibal followed, when Zoey saw him she ran to him.


She jumped onto him, giving him a big hug, Abigail Laughed. Hannibal seemed startled but hugged Zoey, Nervously glancing at Abigail who was still laughing. she leaned down and Explained to Zoey what was going to happen,

"You are going to go stay with Mable for a few days while I go out with Uncle Hannibal, Ok?"

The little girl smiled at Abigail and Replied with an answer that made Hannibal laugh out loud

"Kill lots of Vampires, Ok Abi."

Abigail smiled and said

"Don't worry, I will."

A few minutes later, Mable was there To take the girl, Abigail gave her a big hug for about a minute before reluctantly letting her go with the old woman.

"I love that little girl so much."

Hannibal smiled and then walked out the door. Abi followed

"So are we going back to the hideout?"

He nodded and they jumped into his jeep type vehicle. Abigail Sat still as they drove to the boat she had not seen in almost a year. She looked over at her partner who was watching the road carefully until he turned Onto a dock were a ship was floating in the water, Abi stepped out and stared at it for a moment before following Hannibal King inside. Hannibal opened the door and then looked back at Abi

"I lost Blade sometime after I left you, He was over in Russia busting up a few bloodsuckers hen we ran into each other, he didn't seem to happy to see me, but he did ask about you."

She laughed and replied Only half joking

"Is he here?"

Just as the words left her lips a tall figure stepped out of the darkness she jumped and rushed forward kicking the man back into a wall before realizing it was Blade, Hannibal winced and looked at her his eyes wide

"oh shit, Abi calm down."

Abigail walked backwards toward Hannibal running into him as Blade stood up. He didn't speak just gave Abigail a look of apprehension before walking forward toward her and King.

"Are you ok?"

Abigail asked. Blade laughed

"It would take a lot more than you to hurt me, don't worry."

He gave Hannibal a nasty glance before walking forward, Hannibal whispered to Abigail as blade walked off

"Apparently one of his Older rivals is back form the dead or some shit, Deacon Frost, He was convinced he had killed him But apparently he was wrong."

Abigail nodded and then looked back at Hannibal

"The Deacon Frost?"

Hannibal nodded and Abigail's eyes widened.

"I better go get changed then, we have some hunting to do."

She smiled and walked into the backroom were all of her old weapons and Hunting clothing was stored, she changed into her low cut leather pants. She threw on her red jacket, strapped her Bow and arrows onto her back then walked back out. Hannibal had done the same he was pulling on his shirt, over a scar were a heel had a penetrated a wound. She watched him and he looked over at her a wide smile on his face, this was his Abigail. He looked at her

"Glad to have you back Abi."

She smiled

"Its good to be back."

They stared at each other for a moment, then Abigail realized what was happening and walked away, finding Blade in the weapons room were hedges had once resided, she smiled in his memory before opening her mouth to speak to Blade

"Were have you been?"

His deep voice coursed through the air, so unlike hers or Hannibal's

"I was hunting in Russia, it seems some bloodsuckers had managed to resurface an Build a new clan."

He didn't even look at her. She felt the tension between them

"Blade, we all miss my Father."

Blade didn't see that coming, he wasn't expecting her to mention Whistler. He had been broken when the old man died, and to this day, almost a year later It still affected him to think about the old man.

"What are you talking about Whistler?".

She was startled to hear him call her Whistler, she didn't answer, just walked back out of the room. She saw King sitting in a chair putting his boots on, he glanced up at her.

"Yes Kitten?"

She looked at him Leaning back into the chair, In her head was a dreadful question. She didn't want to open up to him, she didn't even want to talk about this. But her heart said yes so she spat out, ignoring every rational thought in her head, the question

"Are you seeing anyone?"

It was out there, and once it was there was no turning back. She had to tell him. He stopped in mid tie and looked up at her.


He looked at her confused, "did Abi just- what why?". She took deep breathe. She asked again

"Are you seeing anyone?" .

He looked up.

"No, I'm not. Why do you ask?"

He knew perfectly well why she was asking, he just needed to hear her say it. Abigail opened her mouth to answer


Just as Blade walked in.

"We have to be on our toes this time, they know were coming, and these vamps are smarter than Danica, Smarter than Asher. They learned form Deacon Frost, He's a Bad motherfucker, but obviously not as bad as me. He has probably taught them how to walk in the su-"

He looked up at Abi and King, Abigail gulped and glanced at King, who was staring at Blade with an almost hateful look.

"Am I, Interrupting something?"

King piped up


But before he could answer Abigail stood up

"Don't worry about it, we were just discussing tactics."

She glanced back at king her eyes wide telling him to play along. Blade of course didn't buy it.

"Listen you Kids, I cant have you too playing around, this is serious shit. Deacon Frost is no joke. This is no fucking sitcom, I need you to listen to me!"

Hannibal stood up

"Were not stupid Blade, we know ok."

Abigail gave Hannibal a worried look then shifted her glance back to Blade

"Were with you Blade, don't worry, You have our attention. Lets go get those fuckers."

She walked forward and Hannibal followed, Blade stood there for a moment looking after them. He finally walked out just as Abi and King were getting into the jeep. Blade walked over to his Motorcycle and hopped on peeling out off of the dock. Under his breath Hannibal started the car and whispered "showoff" Before jerking his head back towards the road and peeling out after Blade. Hannibal glanced At Abigail as he swerved around cars attempting to keep up with the motorcycle in front of them

"So you never answered my question before, why did you ask if I was seeing anyone?"

He hoped he wasn't being to forward, after all she had brought it up. She looked over at him, an almost worried look on her face

"I-I was just, um, wondering."

There, she had blew it. She could have told him, but she didn't. She was too scared of rejection. Hannibal looked over at her

"Are you?".

She answered quickly

"I was..His name was Malcolm…."

The anger rose quickly within King. The thought of Abigail dating someone made him very upset.

"…..But he left me, for a younger version. He was a bit of Prick, but I needed someone after you left."

Hannibal looked at her

"what do you mean you needed someone after I left, I had to go, we both agreed we needed sometime to think. I didn't want to go, but I had business and you had that little girl to take care of. I wanted to give you a chance to be normal, you have been hunting since you were seventeen, I wanted you to have what I had before I got changed into one of those things."

She looked over at him with fire in her eyes

"You knew? You knew all along that we hadn't killed them? Tell me you didn't know? Please tell me that you didn't hide this from me?".

He looked worried as he looked over at her quickly then averting his eyes back to the road

"I knew ok, I knew all along. I wanted you to have some down time. I mean, you worked so hard I just thought maybe it would do you some good to be normal for a while."

She looked back at the road away from him "

"I cant believe you. You thought that I wouldn't want to finish my fathers work? You thought that I would want to know that Blade was still alive! You thought that I wanted to be normal? I loved my life back then, I had you, I had my hunting and I had a mission. When I thought the vampires died I didn't know what to do. Hunting is all I know, when I got that taken away from me I didn't know what to do with myself. The thought that maybe you were still alive and that little girl were the only things that kept me going. Between you leaving, Sommerfield dying and Blade being lost That knife of sadness that has always in my heart was ripped out and I wanted to die. Then I remembered Zoey, Im all that little one has left. If I die who knows what would happen to her, so I kept going and tried everything. Then you come back and thrust me back into my old way, The last 2 hours have been the happiest moment since before we met up with Blade. Now you tell me you knew that they were still around all this time! Jesus Christ King."

Now that he was not expecting, wow, she really went on a rant. He was scared to say anything else so he just kept driving, thinking about what she had said. Maybe she was right maybe what he did was wrong. He shouldn't have lied to her. He knew that when he did it. Blade had said this would happen, admit. His thoughts shifted back to a memory when Hannibal had first found Blade again. King had told him what he knew and the first thing Blade asked about was Abigail. He told her he what he had told her and Blades exact words were "she is never going to forgive you for that." His worst fear had come true. She probably hated him now and that was more than he could bear. He glanced back over to her to see her sitting with her arms crossed her cheeks glistening lightly form tears that had fallen. He reached his hand over and put it on her shoulder, she pushed it off

"Just drive Hannibal, we will deal with this later."

She wiped a few fresh tears from her face. Hannibal saw Blade pull into a parking lot and followed, he parked behind him and Abigail stepped out passing my Hannibal without a word and into the building. Blade walked over pulling his sunglasses down a bit and looking over that top at Hannibal

"I don't wanna say I told you so…"

Hannibal answered quickly

"Then don't. "

They both walked inside finding Abigail standing over two dead security guards.

"They were Familiars, there still using there same coding process."

She walked forward without another word. Hannibal followed her As Blade stood over a security Guard that wasn't yet dead attempting to get information. Hannibal pulled Abi into a empty room.

"What the hell do you think your doing Hannibal, I don't wanna speak to you right now. We have more important matters at hand."

Hannibal stood there, taking in her words

"That hurt Abi, now listen to me, This is important, but you are more important to me than any mission or anything in the universe. I told you that they were gone because I hated seeing you hurt when something went wrong, and you needed to take care of Zoey I know how much she means to you, I didn't mean to upset you I was thinking of you."

He stopped, He was in shock, he had finally let it out. He loved her, maybe she knew it , maybe not. All that mattered was that he had said it, well not really but it was a start. She stood there in awe.

"Are you trying to tell me that your in love with me? After all that, you are telling me you love me!"

He stood there, terrified of this reaction, he was hurt by these words.

"Yes I am, I love you Abigail Whistler."

Now he had said it, wow it felt good. She stood, there for a moment, and then walked out of the room. Hannibal stood there, he felt as if he might cry. How could she do that, he had told her he loved her and she had shot him down like it didn't mean anything to her. As he stood there experiencing all sorts of emotions, the last person he wanted to see walked in. Blade. Jesus, this could not get any worse. Blade spoke

"Abigail rushed upstairs to go and find something else to kill I suppose. What the hell did you say to her?"

Blade was mad, he didn't want to see Abigail hurt, she was his only connection to Whistler. He had to protect Solely because she was whistlers daughter and that's what he would have wanted.

"Its nothing, we had a argument But its nothing."

Hannibal walked out, a blank expression on his face. He really did want to cry, but he couldn't. Abigail was right, they were on a mission and he couldn't let his feelings get involved or he would be killed. He ran up the stairs and into a room were Abigail was standing, shortly after Blade joined them. There was a desk that looked as if it had been left in a hurry. Abigail spoke up before Blade could

"They sensed we were coming and fled."

Blade nodded and looked over at Hannibal King.

"I guess your right, Blade do you sense anything at all?"

He stared at Abigail the entire time and when Blade answered heard almost nothing, he was lost in thought of what could have been if he hadn't lied, if they had kept hunting together. Then his feelings may have been taken in to consideration. But Hannibal felt he had to protect her so he lied, dammit. She looked over at him

"Are you listening King?"

Abigail was mad, and stunned and she needed to shoot things, this was not a good day for her. Blade looked at Hannibal looking very Angry

"I need you to pay attention to me, you don't want to die, right? Well if you keep this shit up, your going to. Now Pay attention."

He felt like he was babysitting, this was ridiculous. He hated that he had this debt to whistler that he felt he had to protect her. He didn't hate Hannibal he was just scared he would hurt Abigail, and if something happened to her Blade would never forgive Himself, she was a part of whistler, the only part left and he needed to preserve that. If not for whistler than for himself. Abigail looked at Hannibal and the anger rose in her for no apparent reason.

"Blade the reason he's acting like this is because of me.."

She had a hint a Criticism in her voice as she looked upon Hannibal.

"Abi don't-".

She looked at him

"No, I wont stop. I did this to you, right? You love me and because of that you aren't paying attention."

Blade stood there confused.

"Listen you two, You cant let this personal shit get in the way of what we have to do here. We have to figure this out. As much as we all hate it, we need each other."

Blade was not acting like himself. Abigail looked at him her face scrunched in confusion, that was um different. Were was the Blade she knew the "I don't need anyone guy" what was wrong with him. Hannibal looked at him with almost the same face, then back at Abigail. Abigail looked back at him, sighed and whispered "unbelievable" then walked of down a dark corridor. Blade quickly followed, and so did Hannibal. Abigail rushed, she heard a noise to her right and turned quickly as a fist came in contact with her face, she fell to the ground and before she could relish with her surroundings was pulled into a room and then to an outside balcony. A man who she immediately recognized as Deacon Frost was standing before her. He leaned down looking upon her as she struggled to free herself from the arms that held her there.

"You are so beautiful Abigail.."

She spit at him


He backed away laughing

" Frisky, I like that."

He walked over to a tall vampire who was standing close to the door she had been pulled through.

"Finish her friends, I have something special in mind for this one."

She called out to the man

"NO stop, please don't hurt them."

She could feel the tears welling up, they weren't from sadness but form anger. She had been beaten and it was unacceptable. She was Abigail whistler, Abraham Whistlers daughter. Whistlers daughter would not be defeated, No!

"What do you want from me.?".