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Hannibal reached down and put his hand on his gun, she knew Danica and that couldn't be good.

"I knew you when you were still one of them."

she pulled down the right side of her pants lightly revealing a small tribal marking, the same as Kings. Now he was really confused.

"Are you one of them?" She nodded a No.

"I used to be, the same as you."

she was hoping maybe this would trigger something in his brain. Hannibal stared at her, then the memory came flooding back, the bar, being bitten, then the call were he was kept. The woman, Asher's slave, this was her.

"oh my lord, Ami, your Ami! I thought I would never see you again!"

He hugged her tightly, she was someone from the past. Abigail stopped when she realized no one had followed her, she looked back and saw Hannibal and Ami embraced in a tight hug. She turned quickly and kept walking towards the building. Hannibal finally pulled away and glanced at Abigail who was walking

"oh shit, c'mon Ami, we need to go."

he ran after her and eventually caught up, Ami taking her time and walking.

"You see anything, Abs?"

she scoffed and looked at him.

"Other than you all over Ami, No."

Hannibal stopped dead in his tracks.

"what? I wasn't all over her, I hugged her. I knew her a long time ago, even before I knew you."

A vampire came around the corner and Abigail punched him twice, then turned and stabbed him with a silver Blade that came out of her boot. As soon as she had stood up a rope dropped from the roof, her and Hannibal both looked up to see Ami standing on a ledge about 15 feet in the air

"climb up."

Hannibal jumped immediately and climbed the ladder. Abigail did the same. They were standing on the roof above a table were blade was laying, needles and machines prodding his body. Abigail broke the window and lowered herself into the room, ran to his side.

"Blade, Blade! Can you hear me?"

he opened his eyes slightly and Abigail pressed the button at the end of the table releasing the clamps that held him there. she looked over at Hannibal.

"He needs blood…"

she began to roll up her sleeve, Hannibal grabbed her hand.

"No abs, I wont let you. Now way. We need you."

Ami looked up,

"You have me, I can help Hannibal, and Blade can take care of Abi."

Abigail looked over at Ami, then at Hannibal. Blade whimpered And made Abigail look at him.

'No, whistler. No, King needs you."

they heard someone coming up the hallway. Hannibal grabbed Abigail and pulled her around the corner while Ami ducked under a table. The man walked in, and he was obviously not a bloodsucker, within 3 seconds he was on the ground and blade was standing up and putting his coat on. Abigail walked out first

"You ok?"

He looked over at her.

"Kill deacon frost."

she nodded and ran out of the room. Hannibal walked up to blade

"How do you do that?"

Blade looked over at him annoyed,

"do what?"

Hannibal sighed and walked out of the room closely followed by Ami. Abigail was halfway up the hallway and Hannibal had to run to keep up with her. Abigail spoke quickly while still keeping her fast pace

"I saw something turn here.."

she stops "..

Good luck."

She kissed his cheek and then ran in the other direction, Hannibal stood there confused until he realized what she's doing. The plan from Blades first rescue mission. He ran in the other direction, shooting a few vamps, hearing Abigail grunting as she fought off some security guards. Ami was behind Abigail fighting a group of her own until they all heard a loud beep and stopped. It was a Uv bomb, it exploded and took out about 16 of the people they were fighting leaving only a few security guards who were chasing Abigail


Hannibal yelled and she turned running back to him. Blade stood there, watching there interaction. Hannibal, the way he looked at her, Maybe he really did love her. He was just scared that she would be hurt and run away. Obviously that ran in the family, whistler had told him stories about her mother. He hoped that she didn't have the same traits, especially in that area. Ami, was still standing a few feet away, The tall Black man she only recognized from the news last year. Blade, the most feared Vampire slayer Probably ever. She was going to study him over the next few days, Abigail had told her she could run with them for a few days, maybe a week or so. She had been abandoned by the group she had been slaying with. They had moved on to bigger and better things, she hoped they were dead. All four of them ran into an abandoned room, blade blocked the door. They needed to regroup, take a minute off from the battle. Ami walked over to blade

"So you the famous Blade, I've been hearing about you since I was a vamp."

He looked down at the small framed girl, he could see she had a lot of power.

"Yes I'm Blade, I don't know about famous, but I am Blade."

Abigail pulled Hannibal aside

"How do you know her?"

There was a hint of jealousy in her voice and Hannibal was happy to hear it, If she cared enough to be jealous, there was obviously something more then friendship there.

"She was a vamp, ashers slave. We were in the same holding cell. We served together. I didn't remember her because I tried to block out that whole 5 years of my life. I wanted to forget everything before I met you."

she looked up at him

"Have you ever had a relationship with her?"

Abigail was just thinking rational, they were in a holding cell together for five years. He was a strapping young male, and she was quite beautiful With her long Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. So something must have happened. Hannibal looked down at her almost laughing

"NO, nothing ever happened. She was more like a little sister to me than anything, she's 6 years younger then me and you…"

He looked over at her, you would never know she was only 22, but she had always looked older

"….she only 22."

Abigail was surprised to hear this, she looked over at what she knew now to be a young girl. She thought Ami was at least 26, possibly the same age as herself, but not 22. Abigail looked up at Hannibal who was looking around the room, he was always on alert

"I love you…"

this he was not expecting, he looked down at her his eyes wide. He hadn't expected it to feel this good, he wanted to run out of the room and just kill everything, he felt invincible nothing could ever be better then this, ever


she looked at him and started laughing.

"I tell you I love you and all you can say is wow? Good job."

she was laughing quite hard now. He looked at her and chuckled lightly

"oh well now, what do you want me too say. I love you too Abigail whistler."

Blade looked over ignoring the young girl rambling before him, he put his hand up and she stopped talking abruptly and Glanced over at Hannibal and Abigail. She saw them giggling like 2 High school kids, Hannibal reached over and tickled Abigail. Ami turned and scoffed, she hated love. Its was overrated and it didn't make sense, it made people act like fools. She thought she was in love once, and look what happened she ended up being Asher Talos's slutty little vampire hooker for 3 years. She had escaped before King, she promised she would come back for him, by the time she had the means to do so Abigail had already rescued him and Danica and Asher were dead. Blade walked over to them looking almost a little pissed.

"listen you two, I don't care whether your in love or what. We are on a mission, this is not a fucking game. If you guys start giggling like little school girls we are going to be killed, now lets get our asses back out there and get down to business! Ami, you come around the right with me, you have good eyes. Abigail, King, you two go left, and no fucking around, ok?"

King holding back a laugh grabbed Abigail around the waist and pulled him close to him, saluting Blade

"Aye Aye captain."

Abigail started laughing, and walked out of the room closely followed by King. Blade walked out after the turning right. Followed by Ami. She walked in front of him shooting a random Guard or two. It was the first time Blade had been impressed by a woman since Nyssa. Ami turned a corner and a man grabbed her form behind, She Kicked her foot up Kicking him in the face and shooting him, smiling at Blade.

"How long have you Been Hunting?"

Ami answered quickly.

"Since I was 19, so 3 years,"

He stared at her,

"You're practically a kid, How do you know how to fight?"

"I was trained by Danica And Asher to Kill you…"

She smiled and kept walking. Blade raised his eyebrows, he loved how every group of vampires had groups that were trained just too kill him.

"How were you cured?"

She looked back at him, smiling and taking out a cigarette.

"I found a Romanian chemist who fitted me with a cure.."

He nodded.

"…And you smoke?"

She nodded lighting the smoke.

"Started a long time ago, what can I say other then old habits die hard.."

He smiled at her, It shocked even him, He never smiled.

"Did you know Whistler?

She nodded.

"Yea I knew him, I knew Abigail when she was only first starting the hunt, I tried to kill her…"

She laughed, And Blade nodded.

"…And you know Hannibal?"

Again, she nodded, feeling sort of like she was being interrogated.

"Yea, we were in the same holding cell with Danica, I was Asher's slave."

He nodded, shooting a random vamp. Meanwhile about 6 hallways away, Hannibal and Abigail were prowling, they had obviously gotten the halls with more activity seeing how they were being fired at from all directions. Hannibal Yelled.

"Jesus Christ!"

As he shot at a few, then ducked back behind the wall. Abigail was doing a bit better on her side, she had taken at least 9 out, but they just kept coming. Finally she got sick of everything and pulled another UV bomb off of her belt and threw it, it exploded. They took there chance and ran past them, back into what seemed to be a house. The turned a corner and were back in the dining room where Abigail had first been taken. Hannibal Looked over at her, a light smirk leaking across his features. She smiled.


He smiled back.

"What do you mean What, Whistler?"

"I'm asking you a question, and you better answer me."

"I'm just looking at how beautiful you are…"

"Hopefully your looking past the fact that I'm covered in blood and Dust."

She laughed as he reached over grabbing her, Kissing her softly. She pulled away smiling.

" we have a mission to do, and as much as I wish we could do this right now Blade would have my ass, so lets go."

He smiled.

"Your ass is mine Whistler…"

She laughed.

"My ass is no ones, now keep walking before you force me to kick your ass."

"But I would enjoy that, Abby."

She smiled and shot at a burly vamp security guard that was making a pass at her. Hannibal frowned.

"Jesus, I love you…"

She laughed looking over at him.

"I love you too."

Ami was walking in front of Blade Killing anything that even looked like it may attempt to cause a threat. Blade was watching her fight, she wasn't bad for an amateur. Ami looked back at blade when her eyes shifter to his sword.

"That is a beautiful sword you have there."

"I know."

She gave a worried sigh, then chuckled. Blade looked confused.


"Are you always like this? This weird exterior, Can't talk to anyone…"

He gritted his teeth, he didn't like the mention of his cold heart.

"Just keep walking rookie."

"I am no Rookie Blade, Don't call me that."

She turned to him, her eyes full of fire. The word Rookie had always made her mad. He looked down at her, a surprised look spread across his sharp features.

"Ok then, Your no Rookie. But just remember, your not that good compared to me…"

She gritted her teeth and grabbed his arm twisting it and pulling him down so that he couldn't get free.

"See, Right now I could pinch a nerve on your back and knock you out…But since we need you, I wont."

She dropped him, and he hit the floor with a thump looking confused.

"Ok, Your no Rookie."

"Thank you."

And with that she kept walking, closely followed by Blade, who had newfound respect for the small woman.