A/N: Hello. Welcome to my newest story, KH: Virtual Reality, sequel to my other, surprisingly successful story. This is to be a Squffie. Yep. Cuz I luv that couple. And I already said I'd make one. Anyways, let's get goin' already. Oh, right, sorry to those of you who I asked for suggestions. I got impatient and just went for it.

Summary: Sequel to FF7 The Online Game. There's a new game called KH out. Yuffie orders a copy, but, meanwhile, she has to deal with her new brother, his pets, an evil step mom and a new, annoying hottie just around the corner. Squffie.

Disclaimer (which I surprisingly remembered): I do not own anything in this story except, maybe, the plot. Square Enix and Disney own the rest. Though there aren't to be Disney things in this. Well, not as talking things. Sor-ry!

Chapter 1

Yuffie walked home from school, kind of annoyed. Usually, her father would pick her up, but he worked now. And usually, if her father was busy dating or something, Laura (Aeris) would pick her up. But she had a date with Brandon (Cloud). And Vincent was dating Tiffany (Tifa). And Garret (Barret) was out with Jessie, who was way older than him. It was times like this that made Yuffie glad she'd killed Sephiroth. She'd be out with Reno if it wasn't for him.

Running a hand through her short hair, Yuffie started to jog the rest of the way. She rounded a corner while running down the sidewalk and ran right into some guy. Startled, Yuffie fell backwards and landed on her butt. Grumbling, she looked up at the person she'd slammed into.

"Who're you?" she demanded, getting to her feet and brushing off her short shorts. The guy was tall and dressed in black: a cool black jacket and some black pants. His hair was brown and barely went to his shoulders, where it spiked. Some bangs fell in his gray eyes but couldn't conceal the scar across his face. Yuffie couldn't shake the strange feeling that she had seen this handsome man before.

Without answering, the man turned away and ran off. "Hey!" Yuffie shouted. She placed her hands on her hips and scowled after him. With a sigh, she gave up.

As soon as she turned back around, she was run into by a guy with crazily spiked brown hair that went up in all directions. Nearly to the point of shouting with anger, Yuffie shoved him off of her and glared him down. The boy gave her a sheepish look, his big blue eyes apologetic. In one arm he clutched a duck with a stupid blue hat tied to his head. In his free hand, he held a leash which attached to the collar of a big dog that looked up at Yuffie with a stupid expression on its face.

"What's up with people and running into me?" she demanded.

"Sorry about that," the kid said, setting his duck on his dog's back. The dog didn't mind. "Hi, I'm Sora. This is Donald and Goofy."

Did he mean the animals? Yuffie gave them all a strange look. "Right…well, I'm going now," she said, beginning to walk away.

"Hey! Wait up!" he called after her. "Are you Yuffie?"

She turned back around. "How do you know my name?"

"Uh…your dad wants you home," Sora said.


"Why didn't you come pick me up?" Yuffie asked her dad, who was cooking something that smelled good. There was more than they needed, but she didn't notice. Sora stood behind her, watching all this curiously.

"I was out doing some things," her father explained. "I just got here myself."

"What're you cooking?" Yuffie asked, completely forgetting her previous annoyances. "Are we having guests over?"

Sora and her father Godo exchanged looks. Yuffie would have noticed this, the dog bowl on the ground, and the suitcases on the stairs if she hadn't been occupied with her soon-to-be dinner.

"Sort of," Godo said with a small smile. "Sora's going to live with us."

Yuffie stared at him. "Huh?"

Laura and Brandon chose that moment to come in the front door. "I'm home," Laura called, coming into the kitchen, where she could usually find Yuffie eating. She found her, but it was with a face full of shock, not food. "What's wrong?"

"We've got a new brother," Yuffie grumbled.

"Yuffie, you know how Gloria wants a lot of children-" Godo tried to say.

"Yeah, more to torture," Yuffie's grumbling interrupted. Laura laughed softly.

"-and she can't have any-"

"That's just God's way of telling you that she's not fit as a mother!" Yuffie exclaimed.

"Yuffie!" Godo shouted. Everyone but Brandon jumped; he seemed to no longer fear anything since he fought Sephiroth one-on-one and had a hand in killing him. "I adopted Sora, and that's that. Now help him unpack."

Defiantly, Yuffie walked up the stairs, past Sora's suitcases, and walked into her room. Godo sighed and shook his head.

"Don't worry about Yuffie," Laura said, smiling at Sora. "She just needs to get used to you."

Sora scratched the back of his head a little nervously and nodded. Laura and Brandon- against his will- helped Sora take his stuff up into his new room.

"Hey, do you think Godo- um, dad- would mind if I asked a friend to come over?" Sora asked, blushing at the thought of said friend.

"Is she an orphan, too?" Laura asked, guessing that it was a girl. She sat on his new bed as Brandon and Sora unpacked the stuff.

"Well, she was," Sora said, unzipping a suitcase. "She was adopted by the mayor!"

"Really?" Laura asked, interested. "What's her name?"

"Well, it used to be Kairi, but they changed it to Jenna," Sora said, obviously liking the name Kairi better.

"Here's my cell phone," Laura said. "Do you know her number?"

Sora nodded and pressed some buttons. When he stopped and listened to the rings, Laura smiled at Brandon and motioned for them to leave the room. It surprised her that he took her by the hand as they left. Even after a whole year of dating each other, he was still pretty shy around those things.

A loud shout made them freeze. Brandon's hand went to where his gun would usually be, but it closed on air; he never brought a weapon to Laura's house. They ran down the stairs quickly, prepared for anything from Zombie Sephiroth to an attack of the Turks. What they saw surprised them.

Yuffie was jumping around the living room, waving about a package, and singing, "It came! It came!" over and over again.

"What came?" Brandon asked at the same time Laura said, "You scared us, Yuffie."

"Only the greatest game ever since Final Fantasy!" she shouted, ripping apart the package and showing them a game with Kingdom Hearts on the front. "I've heard tons of great stuff about this. It plays on the new game system I got: Virtual Madness."

"What's it about?" Laura asked. Even Brandon looked interested, despite their bad experiences since playing the computer game FF7.

"It's got all the famous Final Fantasy players. Including," she said, reading from the back and then looking up with a grin, "me, you two, and Sephiroth! They gave it to me for free for helping to kill Sephiroth and letting them put my famous character in there. I get to play as her, of course, with a huge role!"

"I got a message about that as well," Laura said. "I made them change the name to Aerith so it could be recognized. I don't play with the same name twice."

"Me too," Brandon said. "Cloud has a smaller role than yours, though."

"Of course. That's 'cause I'm the one who gave Sephiroth the finishing blow!" Yuffie said, still dancing about.

"Not, it's because you made a bigger deal about it," Laura said, laughing. "Did mine come?"

"Yeah, it's on the front porch."

"You guys just got that?" Sora asked, coming down from upstairs. "I got mine a week ago. I saved up for weeks for it!"

A sudden loud sound made everyone but Sora duck. Donald, his stupid duck, went flying over their heads and slammed into Sora, pecking away. He shouted, trying to wave it away. Yuffie watched, amused, but Laura tried to swat the duck away.

While they dealt with that, Brandon answered the door. To his surprise, it was Tseng and Elena. He closed the door quickly behind him before the others could see them.

"Did you get the game as well?" Tseng asked, holding out the package to him.

"I got it yesterday," Brandon said, snatching away the package.

"You do realize it's a trap?" he continued.


"We believe the man who made KH is connected to Sephiroth in some way," Elena spoke up. "Be careful."

"Why are you warning me?" Brandon demanded.

"He's a problem for us," Tseng said with a smirk. "We just thought that you could be persuaded to get rid of him as well."

Brandon opened the door, walked in, and slammed it shut on the two. The smirk didn't vanish from Tseng's face. "He'll come around."

"Who was that?" Laura asked, stroking the calmed duck in her arms and giving Brandon a worried look. Yuffie was gone, playing her game already. Sora was gone as well; he must've gone with her. Loud arguing came from upstairs, proving him right.

"It seems like we're in for some more trouble," Brandon said darkly. "We've got another enemy."

"Who?" Laura asked, her beautiful emerald eyes wide.

"I don't know," Brandon replied.

Upstairs, Yuffie was yelling at Sora. Why? The big wound of…you-know-what in the middle of her room, that's why.

"Goofy can't help it!" Sora argued back. "He's not housebroken yet!"

"Well maybe you need to take care of that!" Yuffie exclaimed. "Until he learns he's not supposed to crap in the middle of my room, he's living outside!"

"That's not fair!" Sora said, hugging Goofy.

"Clean it up and keep him out of my room. If he does it again, I'll go through with that threat," she vowed and left her room. Goofy looked at her with a kind but stupid look in his huge eyes, Donald perched on his head. Yuffie stomped and said, "Scat!"

The doorbell rang. Brandon, being closest to the door, answered it. Yuffie slid down the railing and landed beside him to see the newcomer. They stared at each other, surprised. The girl standing before them was the American, red-headed version of Yuffie, except younger.

"Does Sora live here?" the girl asked, looking unsure. She glanced back to see her father, the mayor, drive off.

"Yes, he's upstairs," Laura said, leading her off. Yuffie crossed her arms, but they quickly shot out to grab the door when Brandon began to close it.

"I'm going out for a while," Yuffie explained, exiting the house. She wondered if she'd see the handsome, if rude, brunette again. Shrugging it off, she grabbed her bike off the front lawn and took off to a very familiar place, thinking about a certain redhead.

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