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Laura heard chains scrape against stone. She awoke with a start, her head pounding, and looked in the direction of the sound. All she saw were glowing eyes, which would've scared the living hell out of her if she hadn't known who they belonged to.

"Brandon!" She flung herself into his arms, nearly crying with the relief of seeing her boyfriend alive. At least, for now…

"Laura." He stroked her hair. "You're stuck, too…"

"How long have I been unconscious?" She asked, touching the spot on her head where she hurt the worst. Her fingertips came back bloody.

"A few hours," he said. His eyes suddenly became stern as he drew back from her and locked eyes. "Listen…I have a plan to get us out of here."

"You do?"

"Well…let's just say I'm the one with a plan," a cocky voice said from outside the cell they were chained in.

Laura looked through the bars and saw light in the form of a lit torch. A man with a long, almost blue face and definitely blue hair smirked at her.

"He's going to help us. For a price," Cloud said. "Hades."

(with Kisara)

"Run!" The shout was punctuated by crazy laughter as they tore down a slope, away from a giant monster with tentacles. The two dove in a hole in the wall just as a blast of fire hit where they had been. ((You'll have to excuse me. I was listening to a song from Naruto while making this. XD))

Kisara covered her mouth, her body shaking from laughter. It wasn't that dying was so funny. It was that the thing chasing them looked completely idiotic. It was fat and green, with tentacles as fingers and a weird-looking face. She smirked as it passed them.

"All right," she whispered. "Let's get it from behind!"

Tsunami nodded, and they both leapt out with a cry. Kisara leapt up on its head, hacking away before a shield slid into place, impenetrable. Meanwhile, Tsunami attacked two lights, both of which were red. From inside its shield, the monster roared, "When both shields red, I attack with powerful magic! When both green, shield falls!"

Kisara snorted. "Not a very smart monster!" She flipped backwards and landed before the other light. One attack turned it yellow, another turned it green. She turned to see Tsunami's progress just in time to watch him get blasted by a rather powerful lightning spell.

"Tsunami!" The samurai faded away, and the shields withdrew from the monster, which was focused completely on her. "Oh, hell."

It used a float attack on her, and she lifted off the ground, floating up several feet. She waved her arms, spinning in her attempt to stay still and shouted…angry words at the monster.

"Whoa, there!" A pirate grabbed her ankles and, negating the magic, pulled her to the ground. "Looks like you could use my help!"

Riku stood there, a smirk on his face, all in pirate gear but looking otherwise like he usually did. She grinned. "Good timing, Riku!"

"That's Zenith," he told her, racing towards the monster. Before he could get far enough, Kisara jumped on his shoulders and shot up towards the monster. After one attack, she had enough magic, finally, to do the magic attack. Fire hit the thing in the face, burning away all its remaining life points. Kisara landed on the ground, grinning.

"Looks like I didn't need your help after all."

A huge boom cut off his reply. Smoke drifted up from the stairs they could see through the fading monster. They exchanged looks and raced towards the staircase. Zenith was beating her, so when he stopped, she bumped into him and began to fall down the stairs. Which was embarrassing, no matter what situation you're in…especially when the person who stopped her was the enemy.

She looked right up into Leon's face and immediately pulled away, getting to her feet. She pointed a finger in his face and, of all the things she could say, she said, "You!"

He merely raised an eyebrow, of course, at this, even when Riku said, "That's the guy…Leon?"

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"My boss…owns the game."

"Why are you telling us this?" Zenith demanded.

"Because. I want to help you."


"Do you really trust him?" Sora asked.

Yuffie snorted. "Of course not. Are you crazy? Ever since we met him, all he's been trying to do is kill us."

"So what're we going to do?" Kairi asked.

Yuffie shrugged. "No idea. You guys got any clue?"

It was the next day, at the hospital. Tink couldn't get off work, Peter was out early and wanted nothing more to do with them now that his girl was okay, and Brand and Laura were still missing. They also didn't want to trouble the others, who weren't being targeted and would be safer if unaware.

Riku and Kairi shrugged, but Sora volunteered something. "I know this guy who's in hiding. He might be able to help us."

"Yeah? Who is he?"

"His name's Cid."

"Cid?" Yuffie sat forward in her uncomfortable hospital seat. "You serious? I thought he was dead!"

"Hence the 'in hiding' thing," Riku said.

"Well, yeah, he should know something about it," Sora said.

"Well, it's a small chance, but let's go with it. Where is he?" Yuffie asked.

"You'll see…"

(Haunted House)

Yuffie grinned. This had to be the greatest place ever. Not only was it rated nine out of ten on the internet, but the people got to dress up as scary as the actors in the place. They called it Halloween Town.

"Ah, welcome, welcome! You guys are looking especially gruesome today…" The man talking was an impossible tall and skinny man with a white face and a black suit. His face looked like a skull when he grinned like that.

Yuffie liked how they looked. She was a ninja that had her throat slit open, Riku was a surfer who still had the jagged rock inside him that he'd died upon, Sora had a rope around his neck, and he was impossibly pale, and Kairi was a zombie. A firefighter zombie. Don't ask.

Anyways, as they walked through the gates to the whole neighborhood dedicated to scaring the living daylights out of everyone, several people jumped down from the wall where they'd very effectively pretended to be gargoyles. Up close, however, they were obviously vampires.

"Fellas! At least wait until they're in before you scare them away!" the extremely tall guy said. By his nametag, he was Jack.

The vampires backed up, a murderous look in their eyes that wasn't just great acting. The group walked in, eyeing them carefully.

"All right, so he works with these people why?" Riku asked.

"Not sure," Sora said, grinning. "But he does this awesome thing with a rocket where-"

A scream cut him off, joined by one from him. He clamped his hands over his mouth, looking embarrassed. Yuffie and the others couldn't help but laugh until they cried. A couple of witches ran by, cackling.

"They just surprised me!" Sora said, face turning red.

"Sure," Yuffie said sarcastically, grinning.

Sora grumbled and continued to lead the way.

"Those vampires are following us," Kairi informed them, glancing back.

"Aw, crap." Yuffie pulled her gun out of hiding and held it against her chest so they wouldn't see it. "Either they're SeeD and suspected our next move, or they're really persistent actors who are about to get their asses kicked."

"We're going to look suspicious," Riku said quietly when everyone stopped talking. They were close enough now to hear what they were saying.

"Yeah, so the only bad thing about KH is that they don't have materia in the game," Yuffie said as if continuing an argument they'd been having.

"No way. Materia just gets in the way," Sora said.

"What'd you just say?" she shouted.

A rustling behind her told her that they were closer than she thought. Yuffie snatched out her gun, pointing it into the face of…a whimpering kid.


The real enemies were much farther off. A gunshot went off, and Yuffie flung the kid behind a tombstone.

"Way to go, Yuffie," Riku said.

"Oh, shut up." Not good.

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