This is REALLY short. 300 words exactly. (WIthout all this,o'course.)lol. Anyway I was going to do Quatre, but I still have some knots to work so I did this one instead! Yay! Anyway, I have a suprise for this one, I'm going to try something totally new! The next chapter'll kinda be my beta test to see how good the idea is. So, I hope you like the new story!

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The mechanic shop was silent except for an occasional mechanical beep or the clink of tools joining others in the toolbox. The boy responsible for the noise was a teenager, tall with green eyes and brown hair. His bangs fell across one eye, shadowing his face. He was working intently at the cockpit of a large, red and gold, humanoid robot. There was a large, bright spark and the boy turned his head, blinking away the spots. The shop door opened as he turned back and Heero Yuy stepped through.

"Trowa, Quatre says it's time to eat, "Heero called to the other pilot, "and Duo's going to have a conniption if he doesn't eat soon."

Duo having a conniption, I can't imagine. Trowa shook his head as he dropped his tool back into the box and grabbed a rag. He glanced at Heero as he began cleaning his hands; it had been a month since Heero had woken from his small coma. He'd been acting weird for a while afterwards but he had gone mostly back to normal, thought they would sometimes see him laughing over something on his laptop. He had also started talking to Duo more, and sometimes Duo looked upset at what they were talking about.

"Quatre's still got his, 'no eating until everyone's there,' rule?" Trowa asked as he slipped over the edge of the cockpit door and into the stirrup that would take him to the ground. Heero laughed and nodded as the stirrup began its descent. Halfway down, the stirrup bucked and the wire attached to the stirrup snapped. Trowa tried to flip as he fell, got tangled in the wire, and hit the ground on his back, slamming his head against the ground. He heard Heero shout something and then darkness engulfed him.

I have just noticed that every time they fall down there's someone there to shout at them. That's weird. :D