Hello my friends and all others. This will be my first little ditty, and I do hope you enjoy it… ok, enough with the regality! Hey to my peoples, and welcome to what I hope will be a favorite of all readers! This story came to me a little while back while talking to my boyfriend. We were talking about how it's better to be a girl or boy and he told me one good thing about being a girl is that when we reach the "coming of age" our sex-drive doesn't heighten to a level of no return… (tee-hee) So I dedicate this story to the sex-driven hormone high boys, and the girls who have to deal with them!

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Chapter 1: It's Starting… Dammit!

When did her butt get so big?

It was everywhere. That big, luscious ass seemed to be in his face wherever he turned. When she turned it was defined, when she walked it swayed seductively back and forth, and when she bent over… Oh hell when she bent over.

He had a sudden urge to touch it.

Her hips had become lusher, and he could swear that her legs had gotten twice as long as they once were. They were curvy and inviting, and it really didn't help that she wore that short skirt. If she walked around a man with that little bit of cloth on… well…

What was a man to do?

Inuyasha watched as Kagome continued to search through her backpack while searching for his favorite food… Ramen. She was diligently working to get him some food, while Miroku and Sango shared a couple of sandwiches, and Shippo indulged himself with the first cup of noodles that she had found. Normally he would have stolen the precious noodles from the kitsune, but he seemed to be distracted by Kagome all day.

Kagome placed the pack on the ground and bent over to search again.

When he had woken up this morning there had been a strange light-headedness he had been feeling, and when he had looked down on the camp from the tree he had perched in he had noticed Kagome first, and there had been a sudden tightening in his stomach.

He thought he had just been hungry. Then she had sighed in her sleep.

Kagome sat down cross-legged to look through the pack.

Later that day when they had started on their journey again he hadn't been thinking about Naraku, or the Shikon shards, but had been watching her hips swaying left…right…left…right…left

It had been so consuming that he had actually tripped over a tree root in the road and had fallen onto his face. When she had come over to help him up he had noticed her scent, and he could swear that it had become stronger. She had always smelled of lilacs and white plum, but it had seemed that she had been drenched in it that morning.

As Kagome continued to search for the food for Inuyasha, her skirt rode up her legs to gift Inuyasha with a sight of her upper thighs. He growled low in his throat.

He couldn't take it anymore.

Kagome stood and put her hands on her hips in a gesture of frustration. "I'm sorry Inuyasha, I could have sworn I had packed more. I'll just get some more from home I guess."

If she would just move a little more towards him, he thought, I could see what she's wearing under that skirt. Or better…

What she's not wearing. Inuyasha began to salivate.

"Well, we're close enough to the well, and I do need to go back for a while anyway to catch up with my school work. Guys? Do you mind if I leave for awhile?" Kagome began to pack up her belongings.

Wait a minute! She couldn't leave yet! Not after torturing him like this!

"Sure Kagome," said Miroku, "We'll be able to handle things for a little, won't we Sango?"

Oh good, Sango would make her stay. She liked having another female around.

"Yes, of course. Go ahead and go home Kagome," Sango said with a warm smile.

Thanks a lot Sango. You really saved my day didn't ya? Worthless, demon slaying…

"Ok, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha looked away from the demon slayer and into the eyes of the girl who had been tormenting him all day. Kagome… Kagome… Kagome…

Inuyasha continued to look into her eyes, willing himself not to look at her beautiful body. What the hell? What the fuck had happened last night to make him want to touch her so bad? To take her away and… and…

UGH! Where had that come from? He was losing his mind.

"Keh, whatever," he said in a low growl.

"Ok, I'll see you all in a couple of days." Kagome turned to walk away and began her walk to the well. The well that would take her away, to another world, away from them.

Away from him.

Oh shit! What had he been thinking? Letting her go like that? She needed to get her sumptuous ass back here and tell him why he was acting like a dog in heat!

Without thinking, Inuyasha got up and ran to get her. Seeing him rush after Kagome, Miroku and Sango ran after him, leaving Shippo to eat.

Reaching the clearing Inuyasha ran up to Kagome and caught her by her upper arm. He spun her around to see her startled face. What a pretty startled face it was too… WHAT?

"Inuyasha? What is it?"

She sounded so innocent. As if she hadn'tcausedhim tothink these weird things,but she was damn well going to fix them. Now.

He tried to tell her this, but only succeeded in growling.

"Inuyasha, what do you want? I have to go," the bewilderedness Kagome had been feeling was beginning to turn to anger.

"Kagome, um, I uh, oh shit!"

"INUYASHA!" Inuyasha and Kagome both looked to see Miroku and Sango coming towards them. "Inuyasha, what is the meaning of this?" Miroku asked.

Instead of answering, he unselfconsciously pulled Kagome tightly against his chest.

Let go! What the hell is happening to me?

Wait, please. Just five more minutes. She's so warm…

"Inuyasha?" Miroku was more curious now.

"What the hell monk? Back off you stupid pervert and quit looking at Kagome like that!" Inuyasha rapidly snarled out every syllable.

Sango stood in confusion while Miroku studied Inuyasha carefully. His eyes, he notice, were bigger, and his pupils were dilated. He was possessive, growled a lot, and he had been looking at Kagome all day, as well as sniffing constantly. Could that mean…

"Inuyasha," Miroku said, softer than last time. "Is it time?"

"Time for what you stupid perverted monk? I don't know what the hell your-" Inuyasha broke off abruptly as he began to sniff the air around him. Looking down at Kagome, he located the source of the smell. Then, all of a sudden, he began to see red…

"Inuyasha please let go. I really, really have to go now." Kagome looked pleadingly at Sango, hoping she would understand. Sango, noticing Kagome's pained look, shook her head in a gesture that said she understood, and stepped forward to get Inuyasha to let go.

He couldn't believe it. Her scent, it was so strong, so consuming… he couldn't believe it. Why would that appeal to him so much? Inuyasha could feel his fangs beginning to grow.

Miroku took a step forward, "Sango, you might want to get Kagome away from Inuyasha, and soon."

"I'm trying," Sango said as she tried to loosen Inuyasha's grip on Kagome's arm. "He's latched on to her so tightly, though."

He had never smelt anything like this before, so strongly. It's so strong…

Sango continued to struggle.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome began to feel worried.

She was… she couldn't be… she was…

Miroku moved to stand behind Inuyasha.

Inuyasha began to growl again.

She was…

"Inuyasha. LET GO!"

She was in heat.

"SANGO! Get her away from him now! He's in heat!" Miroku jumped forward to grab Inuyasha around his stomach, pinning Inuyasha's arms to his side.

Kagome fell to the ground. Turning around she saw Inuyasha struggling against Miroku's hold, and he was snarling. He was trying to break free.

To get to her.

"Kagome! GO!" Sango's voice cut through her thoughts, and Kagome jumped up and ran for the well.

When she was just three feet from the well, Inuyasha broke free and ran after her.

"Kagome, run!"

Kagome could hear Inuyasha coming closer to her. Reaching the well, she quickly vaulted over the side, only to have his clawed hands grab the back of her shirt. But the shirt wasn't a strong one, and the fabric tore through his fingers. Kagome fell into the well and disappeared to her time.

Inuyasha stood above the opening of the well, his eyes still seeing a curtain of red, and panting heavily. She had gotten away, and now she was in her time.

What was happening to him? Why did he want her, feel a sudden urge to grab her and never let go? Could it be that time… the one that…

Inuyasha heard Miroku and Sango approaching him slowly. He took a deep breath and closed a tight fist over the strip of cloth that had come from her shirt.

The coming of age.

Looking into the well, he held the shirt piece over his nose to inhale her scent. "Dammit."

A/N: Goodness, my oh my, the poor boy has finally come of age… (smothered giggle) (sigh) bless those who can't control their urges.