A Mother's Intuition

By: Sparky the Wonder Weasel

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(After seeing Desiree after regaining his powers) What do I do? What do I do?
Sam: You fight her. (Throws him Fenton Thermos) And then, you use this.
Danny: For what? Soup?
Chapter 1

Maddie Fenton awoke with a start. She sighed and glanced at the clock. In big red numbers it proudly declared to her that it was 2:00 in the morning. It was quite in the house, minus Jacks snoring, but Maddie had grown accustomed to it.

Maddie rubbed her eyes as she headed out into the hallway. Maddie decided to check on her children. For some reason she felt something off. She was having this feeling that one of them was in danger. In fact it seemed to happen a lot lately. She headed for Jazz's door first. When she opened it she smiled at the sight of her daughter sound asleep in her bed with a book still in her hands.

Next she headed for her youngest child's door. It was littered with stickers that Danny had insisted on having a few years back. She smiled at the memory of Danny laughing with glee as he and his father decorated his door.

As quietly as possible she opened the door. She expected to find Danny all rapped up in his sheets snoring slightly. But what she found instead sent shivers down her spine. Danny's bed was empty, and his window was wide open letting a breeze fill the room.

Maddie stood in Danny's doorframe in pure shock for several minutes, then she gained her bearings and ran to her room, flung on her HAZMAT suite and ran downstairs. She grabbed her keys and ran for the Fenton family ghost assault vehicle, or the RV for short.

Maddie was on a mission, a mission to bring her baby boy back home, safe and sound, and more then likely, grounded.

Maddie drove around Amity Park for what seemed like hours, in reality it was only ten minutes. But for any parent who's child is missing, it seems like an eternity. She drove by the school, but it was completely deserted. Then she checked out Sam and Tucker's houses, but all she found were some really pissed off parents.

Maddie's attention was caught by some light coming from the park. It looked like fireworks, pink and green fireworks. But as Maddie got closer she knew it wasn't fireworks, it was ghosts. Not just any ghost, the ghostboy was defiantly there.

Curiosity got the best of her as she pulled over the assault vehicle and grabbed some weapons from the back. She let out a squeal of delight as she looked and saw that the Fenton Bazooka was fully loaded, with a note attached to it.

Maddie: Fully Charged the Fenton Bazooka


P.S. Thanks for the cookie.

Jack has his moments. Maddie sighed as she leaped out of the RV.

Maddie hid behind a grove of trees. With all her experience, she knew better then to just leap out and say "Freeze spooks!" That was more of a Jack thing. Maddie had something every hunter, ghost or otherwise needs, patience. So Maddie would watch the fight, and when she found the perfect moment, she would attack.

Maddie recognized the other ghost too. It was the same ghost from the reunion party at Vlad's mansion. Jack had dubbed him 'The Wisconsin Ghost'. Maddie would have come up something more cunning, but she leaves the whole naming thing to her husband.

"What do you want now Plasmius!" The ghostboy shouted. Maddie could see that he was worn out.

'Plasmius', that must be the Wisconsin Ghost's real name. Maddie thought as she watched as Plasmius blasted Danny Phantom with an ectoblast. Phantom skidded across the grass, almost right in front of Maddie. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be in real pain.

"You know what I want boy." Plasmius sneered.

"Oh how could I forget. You want to kill my father, date my mom, and have as you evil little apprentice." Phantom spat.

"Well that sums it up nicely." Plasmius agreed with Phantom.

"Well I'll never join you." Danny seriously stated. He shot an ectoblast at Plasmius, who just made a shield and deflected it like it was nothing.

"We'll see about that Daniel." Plasmius smirked. He then took out a rather small device, that neither Maddie, nor Danny knew what it was.

"What's that?" Danny asked, as he raised an eyebrow. He tensed.

"Well you see my dear boy, this is a new invention I have been working on. I call it the Plasmius Maxius 2." An evil smiled pierced Vlad's lips. He was having fun toying with Danny.

"Oh crap." Danny whispered. This can NOT be good.

Vlad laughed at the reaction of the boy floating in front of him. It was exactly what he wanted to see. Fear.

Vlad lunged towards Danny, weapon in hand. Danny couldn't react fast enough, and before he knew it Vlad had pulled the trigger on the small silver weapon, which looked very similar to a small hand gun if it didn't have glowing green parts.

Danny screamed bloody murder as electrical pulses coursed threw his body. In a matter of seconds Danny could feel all his energy being drained. He could feel that he was about to change back.

Maddie watched on as the Plasmius lunged towards Phantom. She cringed when she heard him cry out in pain. For a second she wanted to jump in front of Phantom. Protect him, like he were her own. She dismissed that feeling for the moment, but in a few seconds that would all change.

Maddie watched in shock as she saw two blue rings form around Phantom's waist. One traveled up, the other down. His black and white jump suite changed into jeans and a white t-shirt. His snow white hair changed into jet black. And if Maddie would have been able to see his glowing green eyes turned into icy blue.

Maddie's mouth dropped as she saw who Plasmius was holding, it no longer was the notorious ghostboy, it was her boy.

The next few seconds went by in slow motion for the shocked huntress. Plasmius had scooped up Danny and said in an almost fatherly voice, "Soon little badger you will join me, you and your mother." The Fenton Bazooka Maddie was holding fell from her hands and crashed to the ground.

Vlad had heard this and looked into the trees, but he could see anything in the darkness, and then dismissed it as some stupid squirrels. Then he took off into the sky, with an unconscious Danny Fenton in his arms.

"Danny?" Maddie whispered as she saw the white dot that was Plasmius disappear in the nights sky.

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