Authors Note: This is my first superman verse story. It will mostly be Superman Returns Verse though there might be parts that fans can relate to the television series, 'The Adventures of Lois and Clark'. I used to be a big fan before it was taken off the network. Tell me what you think in the end. --Jessie

Chapter One: The Years That Past

At age four Jason White was first introduced to Clark Kent. It was the same day had Superman come back to Earth and saved Lois Lane from the crashing plane. Jason felt that he was the only person that had noticed this coincidence. He was sure his mother, Lois Lane had noticed, she was a reporter after all. She always got the small details other reporters missed. For one reason or another his mother ignored the simple fact. At the young age of four the brilliant Jason White had figured out what the rest of the world had been unable to do for years. He understood that Clark Kent and Superman were the same person just dressed in different outfits. Jason lived with this tidbit of information for years at age seven he finally found the time to confront Clark Kent. There was a Christmas party being hosted at his house and Clark was present. Clark, and Jimmy were the only non-related folk at the Daily Planet that didn't seem to mind his presence in the least bit. Jason pulled on Clarks pant leg.

"Hello Jason." He grinned and kneeled down to Jason's height. At the height of an approximate six foot and some odd inches he was much taller then the seven year old boy.

"Hi Clark. I want to show you something." I lead him into my room. It was aligned with pictures he'd drawn. He showed Clark the first picture he had drawn of Superman saving his family. "You saved us, so I made a picture for you as a present."

"What do you mean? That's Superman." Clark pointed out with a smile.

"They say children see things that adults don't. I know." Jason smiled up at him and took a picture out of his desk. Clark looked at the picture and saw it was a picture of Superman flying and Clark Kent writing his articles for the Daily Planet. Clark looked down at his son, amazed by him. Jason was beginning to have an asthma attack and he held onto the handle of his desk. The handle shot off when Jason couldn't grab his inhaler in time. The handle his Clark's foot. "Sorry." Jason apologized.

"It's not a problem." Clark smiled at his son.

As the years passed by, things began to change. One of these things that had quickly changed was the relationship between Lois Land and Richard White. Jason was growing up and looked more like his father every single day. Richard, as a reporter came to terms with the resemblance between Superman and Justin. Not once did he take a second glance at Clark as he should have. Jason was eleven years old when they finally broke up. Jason knew what was going on as he'd seen Jade (his best friend) and her parents go through the motions just as his small family was. Lois still refused to explain the complete situation to Jason but he knew tidbits. He believed that talking to Clark Kent might be able to help him.

"Hey Jason, how is it going?" Clark asked him. "How are your grades doing?"

"Still excelling in science and math class. Gym class is getting easier. The days I don't take my inhaler are better then the others. Mom says that it's all just in my head." Jason shrugged. Clark smiled.

"I'm sure that Lois is right. She always is in the end."

"She can't figure out who the man behind the glasses is though." Jason said softly in reminder. Clark smiled at his son.

"No, but most of the millions of people on the earth can't either." He pointed out. Lois walked over to Clark's desk.

"Jason, don't bother Clark." She told her son. Richard walked over and handed her a folder. Jason tried to see what was written one the file in black marker. Unfortunately he couldn't see with his mothers hand in the way. He tried willing her hand to move and he saw the skeleton of her hand. He jumped a good foot in the air before Clark had put a hand on his shoulder, not allowing him to jump any higher. Clark looked alarmed at the boy. He was less worried about how high he was going to jump and more about how his face had gone completely pale.

"Jason are you okay?" Clark asked.

"Fine, just fine. I have to go do my homework." He grabbed his backpack. Lois looked up at him with concern.

"I could drive you home." Jason shook his head and skateboarded over to the elevator. Lois went to follow him, she didn't trust her eleven year old child to get home alone. Clark stopped her.

"Lois I finished my article, you work on everything that needs work." He told her, unsure of how much she had to write her article and to go over the divorce papers. "I'll drive him home."

"Thank you, Clark. I owe you one." She hugged him and Clark went off to find Jason before he got too far. He stepped in front of Jason who came to a stop in front of him.

"I'll give you a ride." Clark told him, Jason nodded. He had made a mental note to talk to Clark about a conversation he had heard his parents talking about the night before. He buckled his seat and looked at Clark.

"Is it possible that Richard White isn't my father?" Jason asked Clark who pushed his glasses up.

"Well anything is possible in this day and age, you know." Clark replied. Jason bit his lip.

"I jumped cause I saw my mothers skeleton."

"Oh." Clark said. "It could have been your imagination."

"I didn't take my inhaler today." Jason pointed out as well. "Or yesterday and I heard my parents. It was very faint. But I heard my Dad say he wasn't my father, and with all the situations I've been in I've wondered…" Jason paused for a long while. "Are you my father, Clark Kent?" Clark turned to him for a moment before putting his eyes back on the road.

"That's a complicated question with a complicate answer." Clark answered Jason. "Superman is your father. At least that is what your mother remembers. Seeing as she doesn't know I am Superman. So you can't let your mother hear you call me dad, not when I'm Clark Kent." Jason smiled at him. "You're going to be a good detective one day." Clark told him, pushing up his glasses once more.

"Detective White." Jason smiled, not thinking before he said it, nor did he realize that his last name would be Kent. Detective Kent, Clark corrected in his head. Superman didn't have a last name and to Lois he never would. It was Clark's suspicion that Jason would hold the last name White forevermore.

Three years later Jason and Clark's relationship had grown stronger in the passing years. Especially with the lack of Richard always trying to listen in on their conversations. "Dad just take a look, I'm telling you it doesn't let me act normal." He pushed the inhaler into Clark's hand. Clark looked around the office with a sigh and looked threw the bottle. His eyes widened. "What is it?" Jason could tell by the look on his fathers face that he had found something. He had found something worth throwing the inhaler on his office desk. His hand was slightly irritated where the opening of the inhaler had been.

"Its GK." He spoke in code. The code wasn't exactly that hard to break. Lois Lane for instance could have figured out easily that GK stood for Green Kryptonite because of her in-depth knowledge of Superman. Clark was furious but wouldn't let his son see that.

"It is." Clark confirmed. "Superman is going to be paying a visit to your house tonight." He said softly. He took a tissue and picked up the inhaler.