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Chapter Seven: Superboy

In that instant Jason realized he needed Clark's help. He had absolutely no idea how on earth he was going to keep his secret from Jade. She could see through him, she could read him… better then he thought his own mother could.

"What does he know?" Jade asked herself.

"Too much." Jason said, knowing she couldn't hear him. He collapsed onto his bed and stared at his ceiling. It had scuff marks from when he had levitated above his bed. "Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly." He whispered to himself. He opened his eyes and was let down as he was stationary on his bed. "Fine, don't." He crossed his arms.

"I never took flight at your age either. Not of my own accord, anyhow." Superman told Jason from his window.

"I can hear." Jason told him. Superman nodded, walking into the room through the window. It seemed that was the only way anyone ever walked into his room tonight.

"I know. Your first day of high school, you heard me." Jason smiled. "I couldn't blow the fire out either. What if that's the only power I ever receive?" He asked his father. "What if I can't help, I can only hear."

"Jason you are only fourteen, a long time off until you reach you're true form. Just like you grow, you gain powers. You want to help people and you will." Jason turned to his father.

"How do you know?"

"I never knew what to do with my powers, and I didn't have a father who knew what it was like." Superman put his hand on Jason's shoulder. Lois walked in and saw the gesture.

"Dinner?" She asked them both. Both of their hands went to their head. Superman quickly flew out. Lois looked to Jason.

"Bank Alarm." Jason explained to his mother. He followed her down to the kitchen. "What do we have for dinner?" He asked.

"Barbeque Chicken." She told him. "What was your father doing here, he didn't even say hi to me." She frowned.

"Superhero stuff." He told her. "So what happened last night?" He asked her, referring to the art gallery.

"It's ridiculous, but I think I am jealous of Rachel Wood. She was just so young and pretty." Lois shook her head.

"I thought you wanted to marry Superman." Lois sighed and looked up at Jason.

"Your father and I will never be anything. I have to come to terms with that. So do you." Jason bit the inside of his cheek. It was sort of funny to him that she thought she had to choose between Superman and Clark Kent. Especially since they were the same person.

"What about Harry?"

"You want me to date Harry?" She asked him.

"No. It's just, where did this come from?"

"The crush on Clark."

"It's not a crush." She told him.

"Lust for Clark." Jason changed his words.

"I am not lusting after Clark. I'm just jealous. Clark nearly fell in love with me the first time he saw me."

"You certainly aren't modest." He smirked.

"I-I'm horrible." She sighed and walked away from the table.

"No." Jason groaned. He ate the rest of his meal and walked up stairs. He really needed to work on choosing his words carefully.

The next day Clark walked into the office only to be yelled at by Perry to report into his office. He found Lois already sitting across from Perry's desk. "Alright you two, I need you to partner up for this project."

"What project?" Clark asked.

"This project." Perry handed them an investigation on the local politician. "We think he may be up to something."

"We know." Lois corrected.

"By we, you mean Lois?" Clark asked. Perry nodded.

"And I am usually right."

"Usually." Clark reminded her. Lois rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm, leading him to her cubicle. She told him all the details. Clark and Lois started their research at the press conference Arnold Duwide was holding. He was the politician in question.

"Clark!" A voice yelled. Moments later Rachel emerged from the crowd. Clark smiled at her and Lois felt her jealousy bubbling up again.

"Rachel, hello. What on earth are you doing here?" Lois asked her in a spine chilling voice. Clark noticed the difference. He raised his brows at her. It took all of Lois' willpower not to just take Clark and kiss him right there in front of Rachel and all the other reporters.

"They want a little article about this nonsense." Rachel did a motion with her hand. She didn't seem to care much about politics.

"It's important for the upcoming elections." Clark told her. Rachel smiled.

"I don't vote."

"You should. Every vote counts." Lois told her evenly.

"One vote doesn't change the world." She huffed and walked to her seat.

"I don't like her." Lois told Clark.

"I'm not surprised." He said evenly.

Jade closed her locker and jumped when Jason appeared out of no where. "What are you doing here?" She asked him.

"Walking to class." he told her.

"Didn't you have class in the science wing. It always takes me three minutes to get to math class. It's hardly even a minute since class was dismissed." She narrowed her eyes at him. He just smiled at her. He had to work on walking slower. He realized he was going to have to be much more careful around his curious friend.

"I walk fast." He told her. She picked up her lunch from her locker.

"Right." She walked towards the cafeteria. There was a gun shot and Jason looked around wildly, the rush of adrenaline triggered his x-ray vision. He found Lex Luthor with his posse at the enterance. "Come on." He grabbed Jade's arm. He figured out the quickest route into the basement and ran towards it.

"Jason, what's going on?" Jade asked him in a whisper.

"I don't know." He lied. He needed to do something, and fast. There was another gun shot. Jason looked through the walls, Phillip had been shot in the arm.

"I've got the list, Jason." Lex Luthor spoke. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." He sung. He looked at Jade.

"I have to go."

"What, are you insane!?" She yelled at him. He walked back into the hallways, Jade counted to five and followed him. Jason calmly walked up to Lex and the two men that had guns, one trained on Phillip the other trained on Jason. Phillip looked between them. He didn't understand the connection, his confusion as strong as Jade's the night she'd been kidnapped.

Jason knew the connection. When Richard had supposedly called him he asked for a birthday list. Jade was the first person on the list, Phillip was the second. Lex Luthor had the list and was using it against him.

"Come with me." Lex Luthor ordered Jason. "Or he dies." Unlike his father, who knew all of his super abilities Jason had just began testing his own. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to catch the bullet. Even if he could, he couldn't let anyone see. Especially not Phillip.

"I'll go." Jason told Lex. Lex smiled. He took out a necklace and placed it around Jason's neck. Jason suddenly fell pale. He looked down and saw a small chip of Kryptonite was placed on the necklace.

"He's just like his father." He told one of his men. "Come on Superboy." He grabbed Jason's arm.. Phillip couldn't believe what he heard. As they exited the building Jade hurried to Phillip, she'd been hidden at the end of the hallway. Phillip pointed to the door.

"Lets get you healed up." Jade helped him to the nurses office.

"Lex took Jason."

"I know." Jade said.

"Lex called him Superboy." Phillip told her.

"Like Superman?" Jade asked him.

"Exactly. He had said he was just like his father." Phillip told her.

"No. Jason told me who his real father was." She shook her head.

"What if he's like Jason? Man by Day, Superhero by Night." Phillip offered her. Jade looked at him.

"I have to find Lois, and… Clark." She told him and walked out of the nurses office.

"Jade!" Phillip yelled after her, she ignored him. Jade ran into the Daily Planet neither Lois or Clark were at their desks. She found Jimmy Olsen instead.

"Hey Jimmy!" She yelled. Jimmy turned and smiled at her, his smile turned into a frown at the sight of her. She had blood stains on her shirt.

"What happened?"

"Luthor." She explained vaguely. "Where are Lois, and Clark?"

"At the press meeting." He told her. She gave him a blank look. "Arnold Duwide." He clarified for her. At that moment Lois and Clark emerged from the Elevator. They noticed the teenage girl right away.

"Jade you should be in school right now." Lois told her, putting her hand on her hips. Jade turned around and Lois saw the blood stains. "Whose blood is that?" She gulped. Clark put a hand on Lois' shoulder.

"It's not Jasons. It's Phillips." Jade said, as though that made it any bit better. "Lex Luthor took Jason." She told him. Clark jaw set, and Jade glance up at him. In that instance they exchanged stares and she was positive that he was Superman.