Twisted world

Orochimaru returns,Shikaku still in controll, a marrige and the baby

the figure stood watching' heheh now I know his waekness' he thought and disapeared into the night

Garra walked around pacing look what you did! ME! she is the one who started it this is very bad I cannot go back inside your head! WHAT! okokok look first off you have to marry her since she is pregnent I dont do marriges because you never had eny one! I resent that! I had plenty of wimon yea slaves for your sick pleasure! yes it was a plesure you SYCO since she is having a child then it will be a half breedhalf breed? half demon and half human? but that means it will look like a half demon and it wond be sealed exactly it will grow up like you er we did. That is a very bad thing yes and hinata has a demon in her also.. I had sensed it when she frose time for that moment. She has a fox demon in her like kyuba exept the demon is gentel there for she is shy and gentle but the child will be a demon actualy and not a half. he is a mixture of racoon and fox and is a two taild seald in him. the two taid has a fox tail then a racoon tail. One racoon ear and one fox ear its body is of a fox but has the racoon rings on its face. th- " Mister Garra. Hinata is fine exept-" the nurse said pausing " Exept?" he urged curiously "-Exept your haveing twins" she said then " TWINS!" he yelled shocked."yes two boys" she said.

Sakura awoke to being shaken " huh wha? oh uhm Itachi -" " you where tossing in your sleep, I came to tell you that you should not lie to me and the team about what happend. I saw, you will be sleeping in my room from now on" he said " HUH but-" no buts " he said sternly and walked off

"so you ask her?" Deadira said smirking " ask her what?" Itachi asked " HELLOW YOU WERE SAPOSSED TO ASKE HER TO... you know marry you" he wisperd the last part " why? she is a kidnapped ninja, I am in the akatsu it would never work ou-" " hey guys. I just got done talking to the boss and he wants to meet Sakura in a week so she can join" he said " she will need to be trained" Kisme and Itachi said." so whjat know Itachi? if she gets in then you will have to ask her.

Itachi went to Sakura "Sakura our leader wishes to see you... but you need to be trained" he said Sakura looked up " uhm ok" she said. She looked at him' was that a dream or did he realy ask me to marry him?... no he wouldn't ask one would' she thought and frowned. Itachi looked at her and frowned also " your training starts soon be ready. Deadira will teach first then Kisme, Sesori, and lastly me" Itachi said and so it began

One week later Sakura had learned alot. She walked to the bosses ofice " Ah Sakura I have herd much ab out you. now show me what you can do" he said. Sakura ran at Itachi.Her apponent. He did knot know what the others taught her. Sakura did some signs and made 10 clones. Itachi used Sharingon to see where she was. He spotted her and hit her. She turned into a clone. Itachi felt a tap on his shoulder. Her went to hit but was thrown to the wall. Itachi used his clone jutsu. Sakura looked around. The real one was kno where. Sakura thought then did a jutsu" Hidden mist jutsu!" she said and it was a pink fog that sarounded them. Itachi lokked around. His clone was fighting her clone " ok I have seen enough. Sakura welcome to Akatsu" he said

Sakura walked throught he halls of her know home. She went into Itachis room to find him. Itachi closed the door and pushed her close to him. " Sakura will you be m-" " yes I will" she said and he kissed her deply and she kissed back

Ten months later t...two kids way to go its you to! sigh and I cant even get out of this state your the one who over shadowed me well I did not plan for this to happed. the day after, Garra paced around. He had finaly re taken over his body. Hinata has been in the hospital for a while. " mister Sabaku you can come in now" the nurse said. Garra stepped into the room' please let her live' he prayed. Garra walked in to see Hinata and saw thes two kids. " hey" she said." what will we call them?" he asked " this will be Shion and this Ryura" she said and he nodded in agrement. Shion had Garras red hair and Hinatas eyes. Ryura had Hinatas hair and Garras eyes.

Itachi awaited for Sakura " ok she is fine"
said a nurse. Sakura held two babys " I know the names...Sayori and Haru" he said. Sayori had Her fathers Hair and her mothers eyes. Haru had Dark brown hair and His dads eyes but bothe had Sharingon exept Harus was gold instead of red. " Well little brothe meet you nephew and niese" Itachi said to Sasuke.

A couple years latter

Sayori, Haru, Shion and Ryura played in the field. Garra, Hinata, Sakura and Itachi watched. Orochi maru had came back a year ago

Flash back:

" HAHAHAHAHAH" Laughed a voice " LET ME GO DADDY" Sayori screamed. Itachi ran to his daughter " well well Itachi hn the knew Akasuki leader look what I have hear hnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnhnn You shall never see your daughter again" he said" nice try" came another voice and that was the end of Orochimaru.

End Flashbak

Itachi now the leader two kids and a wife. Garra two kids and a wife. Both lived knowing this was the rite way to go...or is it?

Hey guys well this is the final chapter yeah yeah I know it is a little cruddy atthe end but I have no more intrest in this story so this is the very last chapter. so see ya oh and I wonder if I should make onother? give me your opinions please!