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Sixteen year old Katie Williams and her friend Andrea Michaels were getting ready for this amazing party. They found the most sexiest clothes they could most possibly find. Katie was wearing a small skin tight grey camy that was blank. EXTREMELY tight pants with black high-heel shoes. She had brown hair that was scrunched flowing down to her bare shoulder blades. She had medium sized hooped earrings, and her left cartilage peirced.She wore a medium amount of make-up, that really showed her beauty. While Andrea wore really short jean mini skirt, a black spaghetti strap tank top with a red skull and cross bows on it, black arm socks, her hair is black and cascading down to her mid back, she's got evergreen eyes and a black leather jacket. Her shoes were wooden based high heels with black leather straps and buckles and wore dark make-up. After they were done getting ready, they checked one last time in the mirror to make sure they were sexy enough.

"So... how do i look" asked Katie.

"I am not trying to sound lesbian like, but you look HOTT!" replied Andrea.


As they entered the house, the only thing they could hear is the deffining music blarring.

"Hey i am thirsty do you want to go get some beer?" screamed Andrea at her loudest.

"Hell yea! Come on let's go."

As they were walking to get their beer, they saw the two most hottest guys they have EVER seen. One of them had jet black hair, and amazingly beautiful blue eyes. He looked about 6' 2 or so. The other one had blonde,dirty hair, pointing out every direction possible. He had beautiful blue/grey eyes. He also looked about 6' 3.

"HOLY SHIT, look at those two gorgeous guys!" whispered Andrea.

"I know! I know! I call the blonde." giggled Katie.(A/N) at this point they already have their beers. l0l )

"Jack, look at those two fuckin girls over there!" shouted Joe.

"Shit i know man!" Jack was astounded by the beauty of the short little brown headed.

Jack raised his hand trying to get the two girls attention, which wasn't very hard seeing as how they were looking right at him from the start.

Katie saw Jack waving his hand for them to come over. Without having to think twice her and Andrea went over there.

"What are two fine guys like yourselves doing alone here?" questioned Andrea.

"Well I was getting up the courage to ask you if I could have a dance," Joe asked wishing she wasn't going to turn him down.

" Well I would slap the shit out of myself if I didn't say yes." answered Andrea quickly.

So as Joe led Andrea to where everyone was dancing, Jack and Katie were left alone.

"Hey,my name is Jack," Jack said holding his hand out waiting for her to shake it.

"Hey Jack, my name is Katie."

"Wow, that is such a lovely name for such a lovely girl" Jack said, trying to act smooth.

Katie thought it was alittle cheesy but sweet in the same way. She could have sworn she was blushing. but it was also burning up in that house. The two of them just stood there in an awkward silence, Katie turned to make sure Andrea was okay. Hell she was getting 'freaky' with Joe on the dance floor! They both were rubbing up against each other vigerously. Katie finally spoke up.

"So... um, Jack, would you like to uh, dance?" she said nervously.

She knew by the way he looked down at her, since she was only 5' 6 looking up at the 6' 3 Jack, that he was already going to say yes. Before he knew it, she was dancing off with her butt shaking in all directions waiting for him to join. All he was doing was staring at her ass. They both finally got on the dance floor dancing so close together that you wouldn't be able to see the light of day through them. His right arm was around her small figured waist. She had her right arm around his neck, while his forhead was connected with her forhead. She could feel his warm breathon the tip of her nose. The only thing Jack could do was keep is eyes closed wishing that this wouldn't end. Katie wished for the exact same thing. As the song finish, everybody decided to take a break. Jack, Joe, Katie, and Andrea wanted to get another beer.

"So Andrea you are an amazing dancer," Joe said, while he cracked open his beer bottle.

"Thank-you! You aren't so bad yourself," taking a swig of beer.

Katie and Jack were off to the side 'getting to know eachother'. They were laughing and smiling. They really seemed to be having fun with one another. About 5 mins. later Andrea came over to Katie and Jack, smiling.

"Hey Katie, um, Joe is going to take me home okay?" asked Andrea.

Just at that moment Joe came over.

"Jack, you are gonna have to get a ride with someone else since i am taking Andrea home."

"Joe, what the fuck! Who in the hell is going to give me a ride!" screamed Jack.

"Um, I can give you a ride," Katie speaking up.

"Great! problem solved! See ya Monday Jack," screamed Joe as he and Andrea were walking out.

Jack was smiling at Katie.

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