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Note: If Alucard seems like a Mary Sue, you have my solemn promise that he is really this powerful in the manga and perhaps the anime too. If you don't believe me, go check out Volume 8 of Hellsing. It's kickass to me. The same idea applies to Seras.

I apologize most profoundly if you do not like this fanfic. The first chapter is the setting of the story, after all I just can't droop them in Naruto's world without a proper beforehand writing, can I?


As Seras was walking through the basement, she was pretty young about 20 years old with one striking feature. Her eyes were red instead of your typical human's colors.

She also had pointy teeth. In short she was a vampire.

Now vampires aren't supposed to exist but they exist so what can we do about it but accept it?

Seras was walking to her Master's coffin. For those who don't understand the relationship. Her Master turned her into a vampire and she is now his fledging.

As Seras opened the coffin and probed into the darkness for Alucard, her master's name, body. She finally grasped something that felt like a arm. As she pulled the arm up she found that the arm was in his pants and his body was being raised by his belt.

Seras' face quickly turned red. And she then tossed the body away from her.

"So… Police Girl… I never knew you was that EAGER." Alucard broke out laughing a insane laughter.

"Ummm… Master, I didn't mean for that to happen, sorry!" She laughed a sheepishly laughter.

"So how fares Walter?" Alucard's expression never changed for a moment while Seras' expression darkened.

"Walter isn't himself anymore but he's slowly recovering his memories again, pretty soon he may come back to duty." Seras slowly spoke as if Alucard was a child.

"GWAHAHA! This shall be most interesting! The Angel of Death returns to his rightful place at the head of Death's scythe!"

Integra A.K.A Sir Hellsing and the last of the noble, proud lineage and the woman to whose Alucard bows to then opened the door and strolled to front of Alucard and then she did something no one was expecting.

She shot Alucard in the head and grinned in mad pleasure as Alucard began his inhuman recovery. "That's for setting my paperwork behind a WHOLE month.

Alucard then used his shadow powers to raise himself up and met Integra's eyes, a bond of understanding past between them while Seras was totally lost.

The Angel of Death in question was in a padlocked room with a straitjacket on. His eyes darting across the room for any means for a escape. He searched for any methods before giving up and collapsing in a sigh of defeat.

For he was captured by the remaining Nazi's of WWII and had his youth restored in the cost of his memories, he was recaptured by the Hellsing, mainly through the efforts of Seras and Alucard who used their command across shadow to provide targets for Walter to send his lethal wires to. His wires were made from a special metal that was most strong, indeed!

As Walter perked up because he heard footsteps and got to a stance that would make use of his inhuman agility.

Alucard then walked through the wall and smiled as Walter sighed

"Now, Angel of Death, do you want to be free of this cursed prison?"

"What do you think?" Walter spat at Alucard.

"Now that's not nice at all…" Alucard then laughed more of his trademark laughter.

His laughter was abruptly ended by a deep rumbling of the mansion.

Pictures were ripped to shreds, vases exploded and the staff and the soldiers fell on the ground screaming. The entire mansion disappeared from England without a trace, the mansion was flying through the air spinning, people were holding on anything that could offer support to them in this time of crisis. Integra was being held by Seras who used her limited control across the darkness to anchor both the women. Alucard was holding Walter by his collar and Walter was cursing Alucard all the while. Now we must ask what happened. The answer may shock you…

For Kyuubi the nine-tails fox demon tore open a dimensional rift between the worlds

As Kyuubi roared out a exclaim of surprise as a giant mansion appeared out of a rift and landed in a (lucky) empty plot of land in Konoha the village of the leaf.

It wasn't on purpose. That can be said about Kyuubi's tearing of the rift with one of its grand nine tails.

Kyuubi was attacking Konoha the hidden village while the ninjas that populated the village were doing a last-ditch effort to hinder the Kyuubi from destroying their beloved village.

Alucard then teleported out and gazed across the burning city

"AH! WAR IS BEING WAGED!" Alucard roared out and began to play a imaged piano

Alucard then brought out Integra, Seras, and Walter but left the rest of the staff insides because the shock would no doubly be too much for them.

"Look! Master! Yet an another London drenched in burning flames! Look! At the people being slaughtered as if they were lambs!" Alucard cackled madly and spread his arms wide and span and then fell on the ground laughing.

"Such a shame, I can't wage my power against that demon that I spy in the distance."

Alucard then sighed melodramatically.

Integra was now at a most difficult decision, do she help the people or flee?

As Integra announced her decision, she was cut off by a man rushing towards her screaming "Kyuubi's here! We're dead! RUN! " as the man ran and ran. He was then stabbed by one of Kyuubi's tails.

"I sense an aura of raw power. I challenge you, who you are!" Kyuubi snarled, searching for this aura for Kyuubi couldn't see like humans could do. He could only see auras which through his eyes spied an aura set apart from the rest of the others.

This particular aura was pitch-black in contrast with the people grayish or bright colors' auras.

Alucard was standing in the exact same spot as the aura that Kyuubi was searching for.

"Master, I thirst for battle. Let me wage sweet battle upon this damned creature."
Alucard then took out his weapons Caswell and Jackal.

"Put your weapons away, I hereby release Level 0, hold release until target is silenced, target is the fox demon." Sir Hellsing or Integra then lit a cigar and held her elbows and also ordered Seras to release Walter. "Now, butler, you have a choice, you can flee and be cut down by Seras or you aid Alucard in his fight."

Walter then agreed to the fight, after all, he was a naturally born berserker.

Seras then took her two anti-tank cannons from the darkness that surrounded the 4 deadly people.

Alucard then roared out laughing as he felt his former power returning to him as his armor crafted itself from air and a sword exploded from his hand and his face then became covered in beards.

Kyuubi finally found the aura that was bothering it.

Kyuubi's eyes widened as the aura increased in size by almost six fold.

"This is the true power of the Son of Dragon, Dracula!" Alucard now known as Dracula for the reminder of the battle then summoned his minions from his coffins.

People across the villages then stared at the figure in shining armor at front of a massive army.

"Now, we see who the true monster is." Alucard spoke to Kyuubi.

"You can't defeat me, for I am the great Kyuubi!" Kyuubi roared out, the earth then exploded with Kyuubi's roar.

Alucard then leapt in the air and flew to Kyuubi's face and drew first blood. As Kyuubi screamed in pure rage, the nine tails trashing and demolishing even more building and some of the army that was under Dracula's command for those army was the very people that Dracula ate.

A person of particular note was a berserker wielding two silver axe that rushed in a furious attack towards one of Kyuubi's legs and yelled out in delight as he heard flesh and muscles tearing under his lethal strokes. His victory however was short lived as Kyuubi chomped him up and tore through the body with little efforts.

Seras, meanwhile was busy dodging and shooting the swatting tails with her agility gained by drinking blood.

Walter went back insides the mansion and searched for his wires which took him about a hour to find, meanwhile, Seras ran out of ammo and flew to Integra's side and whisked her away to a safe place from which to watch the fight raging on between Dracula and Kyuubi.

"Impressive for a demon, you're one of the few that can keep Dracula at bay for more than a few moments.. But this all ends now!" Alucard then roared out relying on his forbidden technique to finally conquer Kyuubi.

"You are most interesting, vampire. The vampires I faced fell easily to my fangs and claws. GWHAHAHA, I will not lose to you!"

As Alucard chanted the dark ritual words of power, he was shocked to see a sole man leaping from the mountain on Kyuubi's back.

The man in question had violently blond hair and was cloaked in a white robe with red flames on the edges of it.

In short, he was the 4th Hokage, sworn to protect everyone.

Alucard heard a short sentence and heard the sound of hands clapping together in various positions.

He then felt an immense power, even more powerful than him seal the Kyuubi. He saw the spirit of Kyuubi flowing across the night sky like it was twilight and the spirit then whirled and whirled and flew to a location far away from him. He also saw the man that leapt fall down head down.

He then teleported to that man and caught him and set him on the ground, when Alucard turned the man across.

"I see" That was Alucard's only remark upon seeing the man's face.

For that man was dead. Pasted on his face was a generous smile….


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