A/N: Yeah, I know. Another story, right? This one will be continued after I finish Justify the Means, which only has three chapters to go. So, basically, when I finish that story, I'll start working on this one. I just want to see how well this one is received . . . I hope you enjoy it! I want to have each chapter about 9-11 pages for this story, so the chapters will be pretty long. I kind of know where I am going with this story, but I don't have anything set in stone, yet.

Chapter 1 - The Brothers

Harry waited, in the dark of his cupboard, for someone to let him out to go to the bathroom. Also, for something to drink and just maybe some bread. He couldn't help thinking that it wasn't his fault he was being punished . . . he had no idea how he got to the roof.

But what he really wanted right now was to go to the bathroom. He wasn't let out at all yesterday, and it seemed that today would be the same. Wasn't given any water (although, since he had to go to the bathroom, that was probably a good thing), and the vent that would let light through was kept closed.

Harry wondered how long he would have to stay in his cupboard this time. In a week, school would be over for the summer, and he really wanted to be there the last day. Even if no one would talk to him, since he had no friends, the last day was still always fun.

Seriously thinking about 'accidently' knocking on the door to prove to the Dursley's that he was still there, Harry thought about his options. He could just lay there and wait until they let him out, but by then he probably already would have peed his pants, thus getting in trouble. Or, he could knock and disturb the Dursley's and get in trouble anyway. Both options would for sure get his punishment prolonged, but if he peed in his cupboard, he'd have to clean it out, and he really didn't want to do that. He cleaned enough on a normal day.

So when Aunt Petunia walked past his cupboard door (he could tell by how she walked), he knocked. After what seemed like forever, she finally unlatched and opened the door.

"Bathroom," she said. "You have five minutes." Not wasting any time, Harry jumped out of his cupboard and walked to the bathroom as fast as he could without getting reprimanded for running.

While he was in the bathroom, Harry heard someone knock at the front door. Not wasting time worrying about it, Harry quickly relieved himself, then turned to the sink. Thinking that he probably wasn't going to get any water before he was shoved back into his cupboard, he took the glass from inside the mirror cupboard, filled it, and gulped the water down. After he filled up with as much water as his stomach could take, Harry dried the glass, put it back, and made his way back to his cupboard.

"The young Mr. Potter is required to be there. It will only be for a few hours. He will be back by dinner time, Mrs. Durlsey." That's me! thought Harry, and he walked down the hall and peered around the corner.

"What could be so important that a ten year old boy needs to be at?" Aunt Petunia huffed. "Is he getting anything?"

"I do not know. I am only here to pick him up, that is all," the man said, sounding bored. "I originally went to his school, but he was not there."

"Well, he's sick. He really shouldn't be going any . . ."

"Is this him?" the man said, spotting Harry peering around at them. "Mr. Potter?" Harry nodded, not moving from his spot. "I am here to take you to the reading of a will of a Ms. Eileen Prince."

"Who's she?" Harry asked, curious. "And what's a will?"

"If you will get dressed, Mr. Potter, we will be leaving," the man said, ignoring Harry's questions. Harry went to his cupboard and put his socks and shoes on before walking back to the living room. He was currently wearing his best clothes, so he didn't bother changing.

"I thought I told you to get dressed?" the man asked. He continued before Harry could answer. "Oh, well, we must be going. Come along." Unexpectedly, the tall man picked Harry up, much to his discomfort. He was ten; too old to be carried! "How old are you, boy?" the man asked as he put Harry down beside a black car. "You look about eight."

"I'm ten!" Harry said, offended.

"Well, you look eight. Well, into the car," he said, and Harry got in, glaring slightly at the man. People always thought he was younger than he really was. It wasn't his fault he was so small. His parents were probably small, too. That's what Uncle Vernon always said when he asked.

The trip to where they were going seemed like forever, and Harry spent the time wondering who this Prince lady was, what a will was, and where exactly they were going. The more he thought about it, he realized he didn't know the name of the man that he was with.

At a very long time of doing absolutely nothing, the man parked the car and lead Harry inside a very professional-like building. It was in there that he noticed how weird everyone was dressed. Every, even the boys, looked like they were wearing dresses!

A few minutes later, Harry was sitting, very uncomfortable, at a table with a bunch of people in those dresses. A lot of them looked at him with awe, for whatever reason, Harry did not know, some of them didn't even seem to notice him there, and one, a man dressed all in black, with long black hair and a glare that rivaled Uncle Vernon's, was glaring at Harry like he hated him. Seeing that, he looked down at his hands, intent on ignoring everyone in the room until it was time to go home. Not that he was looking forward to going home. Aunt Petunia would probably be mad at him for going with the man, even though he had no choice in the matter.

Unknowingly to Harry, who was falling asleep from the lack of food, a man walked into the room and began reading the will. Harry woke just in time to hear his name being called.

"'And Harry Potter. I have included a letter that you might find disturbing, although you probably have guessed at what it holds by listening to what I have already written. I assure you, everything in that letter is true. Included is proof.' That is everything," a lady said, handing Harry an envelope. This meeting is dismissed."

Harry looked at the letter in his hands, barely aware of the people filing out of the room. He was thinking about reading it when he got back, or in the car, but right now, it felt like he was about to fall asleep again.

"Well, open it and read!" hissed the man who was glaring at him earlier. Harry looked around and realized that everyone but he, that glare-man, and the man who brought him here had left the room. Not wanting to get in trouble, Harry opened it and read.

Harry, child. I do not know if you will believe me at first, but you are not really Harry Potter. It is a facade that I, Lily and James came up with seven months before you were born. You see, after my first child, my husband, a muggle, refused to have anymore more magical babies. It was by accident that I conceived, but that does not mean I do not love you any less.

If my husband found out that I was pregnant, he probably would have killed you, and I couldn't let that happen. So, I contacted Lily, and she and her husband agreed to take the child, you, until I could escape from my husband. Unfortunately, by the time he died (in a car crash), Lily and James were already dead, and you were with Lily's relatives. I could do nothing, because I had no proof you were mine.

Legally, you are not Harry James Potter. Legally, you are Silas Secundus Prince. As I am dead, this is what your birth certificate now says. Also, the charm we placed on you since before you were born will be wearing off. All of the spells were bound to me.

One more thing, child. You have a brother, Severus Snape. He should have stayed while you are reading this. Hopefully, he has agreed to take you in. If not, then I am sorry. I wish I could have known you,

Your Mother

Eileen Prince

Harry looked over the page, startled. He wasn't who he thought he was? He wasn't related to the Dursley's? Excited, Harry looked over the next paper, which was his birth certificate.

Name: Silas Secundus Prince (alive)

Birth Date: July 31st, 1980

Mother: Eileen Prince (deceased)

Father: Tobias Snape (deceased)

Siblings: Severus Septimus Snape (alive)

Godmother: Not Named

Godfather: Not Named

Weird birth certificate, thought Harry. It wasn't anything like Dudley's, so Harry thought it must have been a copy or something.

"May I see?" the dark haired man asked flatly, holding out the hand. Harry handed him the certificate, but kept the letter. If was from his mother, his real mother, and he didn't want to let it go. Then he realized that the man who stayed behind, the mean looking man, was probably his brother. He looked up at the man to find him looking blankly at the certificate. He seems a little old to be my brother, Harry thought. Deciding to take the chance of getting yelled at, Harry decided to speak.

"So . . . you're my brother?" he asked the older man.

"It would appear so," he sneered, then turned to the other man in the room. "Take us to the boy's home. I will take care of everything from there," Severus told the man. He wasn't happy about this . . . not at all. Worst of all . . his brother was Harry Potter. Not that I will call him that. His name is Silas, and that is what I will call him. Severus didn't bother to see if the boy was following, just walked.

"Do you mind if we apparate?" the business man asked. "I am capable of apparating three along side of me, so it will be no trouble."

"Since it will be quicker, no, I do not mind," Severus sneered. A few seconds later, Severus and, the man, and the boy (who had fallen to the ground, wide-eyed) were in a concealed area on Privet Drive.

"The house is Number Four. If you have it under control, I have more important business to attend to than escorting." After Severus' nod, the man left Harry and the dark haired man alone.

"Well?" the man asked, and Harry got up to his feet.

"Well, what?" Harry wondered out loud, and he got another glare from his older brother.

"I assume you can lead me to . . . where you live?" Harry nodded and walked to the Dursley's house. As mean as his brother appeared to be, his mother wanted him to take care of him, so it had to be better than at the Dursley's.

At the door of Number Four, Harry stood behind Severus as the man knocked on the door. A few seconds later, Dudley answered the door.

"Where are your parents?" Severus asked the fat boy, and he left, leaving the door open. Severus took it as in invitation in, and Harry followed, staying quiet. Actually, he expected Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon to be happy that he was leaving. At least, Harry thought he was leaving. The man didn't actually say so, but why else would he be here?

"Yes?" Aunt Petunia asked, uncomfortable that the man just walked right in the door. Then she noticed the clothes. "You're . . . you're one of them aren't you? What are you doing here?" she hissed.

"Believe me when I say I am not happy to be here, either. But after finding out some rather . . . disconcerting news, I am taking the boy with me. Boy," Severus started to say, then changed his mind. "Silas, go pack your belongings while I explain the situation to these . . . muggles." Harry did so, a little surprised at the use of the name Silas, but then figured that it was the name that his brother would be calling him. In his cupboard, throwing everything he had (which wasn't much) into his book bag, Harry listen to the conversation in the other room.

"Silas? The boy is not Silas, it's Harry. And what is this news?"

"The news is that Harry Potter is not his real name, and the Potter's were not his real parents. As it is, I am his brother, and since our parents are now deceased, I will be taking him with me." Not wanting a fight to start, Harry hurried out of his cupboard and went back to his brother and Aunt Petunia. His brother sneered at him. "Is that all you are bringing? You will not be coming back."

"This is all I have," Harry answered.

"Fine. Say goodbye, then we will be leaving." Harry looked at Aunt Petunia. When Harry came back into the room, she started dusting the mantle above the fireplace, ignoring Harry completely. Figuring she didn't want to say goodbye, Harry shrugged, and turned to his brother.

"I'm ready to go," Harry said. At that, Severus grabbed Harry's shoulder, and apparated them both to his house. "How do we do that?" Harry asked from where he fell on the wood floor.

"It's called apparating. Come with me." Harry followed him, looking around. The house wasn't big. In fact, Harry didn't even see any stairs. That is until his brother opened a door. Harry followed him up the stairs and saw that the second floor seemed smaller than the first. It was a very short hallway with three rooms. Harry was brought out of his musings by his brother speaking up.

"This is the library. Do not go in there unless you ask. This next room is mine. Do not go in. If you need me, and I am in there, knock. This next room will be yours. Do what you wish to it, as long as nothing gets destroyed, hear me?" Harry nodded, looking around the room they just entered. It wasn't very special, but it was a lot better than his cupboard. It was plain with a wardrobe, a bed, and a small bookshelf. Harry was about to thank his brother, but when he turned around, the man was gone.

Not knowing what else to do, Harry held his book bag upside down and let everything fall out. He sorted his too big clothes from his school papers, and he put the blanket on the bed.

Lucius, stepping out of the fireplace, laughed.

"Severus, it will be fine. He is Draco's age, correct? He will be starting Hogwarts September, and you will rarely see him."

"Draco's age . . . yes, I suppose he is," answered Severus. "He seems way to small to be ten years old. Neither of my parents were short, so why is he? And you should see what he is wearing!"

"Yes, yes, you'll have to get him some wizard clothes. Muggle clothes are infuriating. So . . . inappropriate. Will you be getting to Hogsmede soon?"

"Yes, I plan to going later today. I will not have him dressing like that. I also need to buy a desk for him room."

"Ah. It will be all right, Severus."

"I just hope he doesn't act like a spoiled brat."

"What are you going to do about his identity?"

"What?" Severus asked, Lucius obviously bringing him out of him musings. "Well, he is Silas Prince, and he will go to school as such. I suppose if he is asked if he is Harry Potter, he'll have to answer yes . . . I deal with it later. I have two months to do so."

"Mm," Lucius answered. "Well, bring him by the manor tomorrow. About two? If he was raised by muggles, we have a lot of work to do."

"Yes, yes. And it will be good to get him away from me for awhile." Severus checked the time as the clock chimed.

"It's dinnertime. You know how my wife gets if I'm late. I'll tell Draco he has new friend coming tomorrow."

"Good bye, Lucius," Severus answered, and went to cook a small meal. When he finished the beef and potatoes, enough for two, Severus went to find Silas to show him where the kitchen was, then the first floor of the house. The basement, for now, will be off limits, as that was where he brewed most of his potions.

What he found when he got to the boy's room was Silas sleeping on the bed, curled up with a blue, faded blanket. There were two piles on the floor, one appeared to be of muggles clothes, and the other, papers. Severus picked up the pile of papers and went through them. They looked to be from his muggle school, and Severus had to smirk at the grades. He appeared to understand what the muggles were teaching at least.

He then came to a paper that appeared to be midterm grades. Smart kid. Would do better if he wasn't sick so often and missed so much school, the bottom comment said. So, he's sick a lot, Severus thought. We'll have to bring him for an appointment at St. Mungo's to have the checked out. Putting the papers down, he walked over to the bed.

"Silas, get up." The boy still didn't move. He moved to shake him a little, and the boy jerked awake.

"I'll be good!" the boy said.

"I wouldn't expect anything else," Severus sneered. "Dinner is ready. Follow me." Harry did so, slowly. He was very weak for not eating for two days, but didn't want to say anything. It was dinnertime, so he'd be eating soon.

At the table, Severus watched the boy, his brother. He was extremely small for someone who was ten years old. And the clothes, in addition to being muggle, were too big for him. At the moment, the boy was eying the food in front of him, as if he could not believe it was for him.

"Well? Eat!" Severus said, then continued watching him. At the moment, he didn't appear spoiled. Severus just hoped it stayed that way. "After dinner, we will be going to Hogsmede to buy to some clothes and additional items that you may need. When is the last time you have been to a healer?"

"A healer?" the boy asked. "What's . . . you mean a doctor?" Severus nodded. "I don't think I've ever been to a doctor. Uncle Vernon said I wasn't worth it." Harry hinted, hoping that his brother wouldn't think that he was complaining. This was his brother. He was supposed to care, right?

"The muggle said that, did he? And why was that?" sneered Severus, though not at the boy.

"What's a muggle?" Harry asked, figuring now that he wouldn't get in trouble for asking questions. He briefly thought that he'd pay for it later, but he didn't care. He had to know how his brother was going to treat him. Severus sighed.

"A muggle is a non-magical person . . ."

"Non magical? Magic doesn't exist! Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon said so!"

"Stupid muggles," Severus said under his breath. "I don't want to hear you calling them aunt and uncle. They are not your family. And magic does exist. You are a wizard, Silas."

"A wizard? Me? But . . . I can't be a wizard. I'm Harry. Just . . . Harry."

"Your name is Silas, and you will introduce yourself as such. And you are a wizard, as I am. Your mother was a witch."

"And dad was a . . . muggle?"

"Correct. But don't say dad, say Father. Dad is too informal." Harry tried to process this information. He was learning way too much for his tired mind. "Are you finished eating?" Harry nodded, looking down at his empty plate. "Good, we will go then."

"How are we getting there?" Harry asked, feeling better now that he had eaten.

"By the floo. Since it is your first time, I will take you with me. Once you turn eleven, I expect you to be able to travel by floo by yourself."

"What is the floo?" Harry asked, and Severus sighed. He sounded annoyed, but he kept on answering, so Harry kept on asking.

"Fireplace," answered Severus. The older wizard threw something into the fireplace and said "Three Broomsticks!" He then took Harry by the hand and dragged him into the green fire.

"I didn't like that," Harry said, but Severus didn't answer. Making their way through the crowd and out the door took some work, but they finally made it. What Harry saw outside excited him. "Wow," he said.

"Come. We are here to get you some clothes, and a desk. Is there anything else you would like?"

"Er . . . maybe some books?" Harry asked. He liked reading, but he never could at the Dursley's, unless it was schoolwork. Severus nodded, so Harry assumed it was okay.

Inside a store that Harry wasn't able to catch the name of, he followed Severus to a lady in the boy's clothes area.

"We are in need of clothes for Silas here. Ten robes, two black, and the rest of his color choice. Two pairs of shoes, and whatever undergarments he might need. Also, four cloaks: one summer, one for fall, and two for winter, all black."

"Any muggles clothes?" the girl asked, and Severus glared at her. Although he hated muggle clothes, even Lucius had then incase they needed to go into the muggle world.

"Two pairs of black slacks, five dress shirts of his color choice, and . . . two T-shirts. No jeans." The girl nodded, writing the request down. "I will be back in an hour."

"We will be done by then," the girl said, then Severus left. The girl then turned to Harry.

"Hi, Silas, I'm Gina. How do you know Professor Snape?" she asked. Professor? Harry wondered, and figured it must be his brother.

"He's my brother," Harry answered, not knowing if he liked being called Silas. It's not like I have any choice, he thought.

"Brother? Wow. Well, let's get you these clothes before he gets back."

At the end of the hour, Harry had chosen two black, two green, two blue, two gray, and two brown robes, one dress shirt of each color, one black and one green T-shirt, and two pairs of black shoes, in addition to two pairs of pants and lots of under clothing. The girl, Gina, had him dress in his new clothes, and Harry chose a black robe over pants and a green dress shirt. He wanted to look good for his brother. After all, the man was buying him all of it. Harry was glad to have clothes that actually fit, as weird as robes were.

A few minutes after Harry finished dressing, Severus came in carrying nothing, which Harry found weird since he said he was going to buy stuff. After Severus looked over him approvingly, Harry smiled. No one ever approved of him before, and it felt good. Severus went to pay the bill, and then they left the store.

"Where are we going now?" Harry asked, running at times to keep up with Severus.

"St. Mungo's."


"It's a magical hospital. As you have never been to a healer, or a doctor as muggles call them, you are going to have a check up to make sure you are healthy."

"But I've never been sick. That I can remember, anyway."

"Never?" Severus asked, masking his confusion. "But your grade report said you missed a lot of school because you were sick," he said, and Harry looked down at the street, blushing.

"Well, that's just what Au – what Petunia said when they didn't want me to go to school. Usually when something weird happens, I get blamed, so they make me stay in my cupboard without leaving, except to go to the bathroom . . ."

"Cupboard?" Severus repeated, not knowing if he wanted to know.

"Yeah. They, er . . . my room was the cupboard under the stairs. They didn't think I was worth anything more," Harry answered, and Severus looked at him sideways.

"Did they feed you?"

"Yeah," Harry answered. "Not as much as I would like, but I usually got to eat everyday."

"No wonder you're so small," Severus mumbled, loud enough for Harry to hear, but Harry didn't respond. He didn't know what to say to that.

Entering the hospital, Harry followed Severus to the front desk. The man behind the desk looked up from the papers he was looking at.

"This boy needs a check up. I have reason to believe that he is malnourished, and he has never been to a healer before," Severus said.

"Name of the boy?"

"Silas Prince."


"No. But he was raised by muggles."

"Ah. That would explain that," the man said, pointing at Harry, who was looking around with awe in his eyes.

"Yes, I suppose it would," sneered Severus.

"Alright, second floor. Healer Jordon is ready for you." Severus nodded, took Harry by the hand and took the stairs up to the second floor. Jordon was waiting for them near the door.

"Professor Snape. How are you? And who is this boy?" the man asked.

"I am as good as I will be. This boy is Silas. Earlier today I gained guardianship over him, and it has come to my attention that he was not well treated for by the muggles that were taking care of him."

"Silias . . . he looks like Harry Potter!" the man said, looking at Harry's forehead, which was covered with the fringe.

"Silias Prince is his legal name. Now, check him over. I don't wish to stay here all night."

"Of course, of course," Jordon said, a little confused. He lead Severus and Harry to a room, and Jordon liften Harry up to a high table. After a few minutes, Jordon was looking at Harry, shaking his head.

"Silas, how much did the muggles feed you? Actually, how often did you eat?"

"Well," Harry answered, "I usually ate everyday. Sometimes I would get in trouble, so I wouldn't get to eat that day."

"And what did they give you?"

"Er . . . usually bread and cheese. Sometimes I would get some fruit and vegetables if there were old . . ."

"I see," Jordon replied. "Professor, you are correct in your assumptions that he is malnourished. How old is he?"

"Ten. Soon to be eleven."

"He is the size of a child turning nine, not eleven. I am prescribing some potions that I want him to take everyday. Since you are a potions master, I assume you will make them yourself?"

"Most likely," Severus answered, sneering slightly as the man wrote something down. He then handed Severus the parchment.

"You will be billed, so you are free to leave. Nice to meet you, Silas? Excited for Hogwarts?"

"Er . . ." Harry answered, not knowing what Hogwarts was.

"Of course you are, who isn't?" the man said, and Severus and Harry left.

"What's Hogwarts?" Harry asked once they were outside again.

"Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft and wizardry. You will be going there starting September."

"Really? I get to learn how to be a wizard?"

"You are a wizard, are you not?" Severus asked, annoyance in his voice, so Harry stayed quiet for awhile. They flooed back to Severus' house, much to Harry's displeasure. Back at the house, Severus led Harry to his room, then took three parcels out of his robes. He then unshrunk them, and Harry watched in awe as they grew larger. He had wondered what Severus did with the clothes he bought . . .

"All of this is your's," Severus said. "I expect everything to be put away by the time I come back, which will be in about an hour. I will be brewing your potions in the basement. You are not to go into the basement until I bring you down there."

"Okay," Harry said, looking wide-eyed at the two boxes and desk that had just been unshrunk. It was all for him!

The next afternoon, Harry had a full stomach and a bad taste in his mouth from the three potions he had to take, but he was also excited. In half an hour, he will be making a friend! His first friend ever.

Right now, though, he was interested in the potions that he was forced to taste.

"So, why do they have to taste so bad?"

"Because making them taste differently would be difficult. Not to mention more expensive."

"Why would it be more difficult? Couldn't you just . . . add flavoring or something?"

"No. You have to be careful what you add to a potion, because if you add the wrong thing, it could react and change the effects of the potions, or it could cause an explosion."

"Oh, so . . ."

"Later, Silas. As much as I would love to teach you potions, it might be best to start at the beginning. If you are ready, we will be going."

"But it's early . . ."

"I said about two. I did not say at two exactly."

"How will we be getting there?" Harry asked.

"You ask a lot of questions, Silas," Severus stated, and Harry looked down, embarrassed.

"Just one more. What am I supposed to call you?"

"What?" Severus asked, slightly confused.

"Well, you are older than me, so usually I would call you sir, but you are also my brother . . ."

"Severus is fine. In class during the school year, or around others at school, you will call me Professor Snape," Severus said, briefly wondering why he was allowing the boy to call him by his first name.

"Okay, Severus," Harry answered, his mood even brighter than before. "So, what's his name?" Severus sighed.

"I thought before you only had one more question," he said flatly. "His name is Draco Malfoy. You will call his parents Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. They are properly bred purebloods, so act polite."


"I'll explain later, if Draco does. One more thing, I am Draco's godfather."

"Oh," Harry said. "I don't have a godfather, do I?" Harry asked.

"No," answered Severus shortly, then pulled the boy into the floo with him. Draco was waiting for them when they arrived.

"Hello, Uncle Severus!" Draco said with a smile. "And you must be Silas Prince. I'm Draco Malfoy, pleasure to meet you!" he said, holding out his hand. Harry took it and smiled.

"Nice to meet you too. Severus said you are the same age as me?"

"Well, I'm eleven already, so I already got my Hogwarts letter. I turned eleven a few weeks ago. When's your birthday?"

"July 31st," answered Harry.

"That's soon! I'm invited to your party, I hope?"

"Party?" Harry asked. "I've never had a party before . . ."

"Well, then," Lucius said, walking into the room. "We'll have to make sure Severus gives you one. Draco, why don't you go take Silas to your room or the game room." At that, Draco nearly dragged Harry out of the room.

"So, I assume you wanted to talk to me?" Lucius asked Severus.

"Yes, of course. A party, Lucius?"

"A child needs a party. Besides, by inviting the children of his soon-to-be classmates, he'll be more comfortable starting school. Do you have any idea what house he will be in?"

"From what I know of him, Slytherin or Ravenclaw. He appears to like learning, and my family has all been in Ravenclaw or Slytherin."

"Good, good. If you wish, I can contact some parents of children his age who will most likely be in those houses. I assume you would like the party to be on his birthday?"

"If he must have one," Severus sighed, feeling slightly out of control. "About two, I suppose."

"Good, good," Lucius said again, and Severus glared at the older wizard.

"I wish to speak with you are Narcissa about something, though. As of yet, Silas has no Godparents . . ." Severus didn't even have to finish.

"Narcissa is in the library, currently. I'm sure she'd love to be a Godmother," Lucius said, leading Severus to the library.