Chapter 2 - The Friends

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Chapter 22 - The Gathering

Severus stood in the waiting room with Silas – Harry – sitting in the chair next to him. Sometime since they arrived, he had grabbed his brother's shoulder absentmindedly, but once he had noticed, he couldn't bring himself to let go. The child looked up at him, but Severus saw only curiosity in the boy's eyes, not the fear he was expecting. He looked as if he was about to speak when someone called his name.

"Severus Snape?" a mediwitch asked from a door just behind him and Severus took hold of his brother's arm and helped him stand up. Pushing gently, the boy started walking toward the lady and Severus followed, a hand still on Harry's shoulder. They were lead to small room with several comfy chairs and a couch. "Will this do?" she asked, and Severus nodded.

"This can't be a hospital, can it?" Harry asked him quietly, and Severus gave the boy's shoulder a squeeze and had him sit on the couch. He sat himself down next to him.

"It is just a different section," Severus answered. Harry didn't respond immediately, but as the mediwitch closed the door and sat down across from them, he seemed to realized something.

"It's a . . . psychic . . . er . . . psychiatric ward, isn't it?" the boy asked, stumbling on the word. "I'm not crazy."

"No," Severus said, not wanting to believe that was the case. "But they might be able to help." Severus looked up to see the mediwitch watching them.

"Hello," she said. "My name's Maggie. And you are . . ." she looked down at a few papers. "Silas?"

"Harry," the boy corrected. "Silas is asleep." With that said, Harry looked around the room more.

"Of course. So, Harry, I have a few easy questions for you. How about I ask you a question and then you can ask me a question?" Maggie asked, and Severus wondered if he had ever seen her before. She felt familiar, but she seemed to be about his age and the only Maggie he remembered was a muggle girl his mother -- or he -- would babysit sometimes, for extra money. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Harry nod slowly. "Good. Now, I would like complete and honest answers, so I might ask several questions for one topic. First question, what do you like?"

Severus looked at Harry. He was curious, himself. Did Harry have the same interests as Silas? Waiting for the answer, Severus realized Harry looked confused, as if he had never been asked that question before.

"I read a lot, about lots of things. Usually charms . . ." Harry trailed off and Maggie picked up the conversation.

"Can't think of anything off the top of your head?" she asked, and Harry nodded. "Do you like any games?"

"Games . . .? I don't think . . . I've ever played any games. I've read books on quidditch, though. It sounds fun, and Silas has played before. He's good."

"So Silas likes quidditch?" she asked, and Harry nodded with a smile. "Good. Do you have a question for me, then?"

"Er . . ." Harry said, and Severus could tell he hadn't thought of asking a question. "What do you like to read?"

"Well, I've always been a fan of muggle studies. I read a lot of books on how muggle artifacts work. I find it very interesting how they can do so many things without magic!" They sat in silence for half a moment before Maggie continued. "What is your favorite animal?"

"Thestral," Harry answered immediately.

"Do you have a reason why, Harry?" she asked, looking surprised. In fact, Severus was rather surprised himself. It is a rather odd creature to be considered a favorite among anyone . . . especially children who usually choose animals like cats, owls, or unicorns.

"They woke me up," Harry replied. "I slept a long time, always all the way asleep until Silas was asleep and I could wake up. But since then, I've been awake more and I could move around more . . ."

"You've seen a Thestral, Harry? Who have you seen die, if I may ask? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

"Mikey," he said quietly. "Silas' friend died because of fire. I . . . I was awake for lots of days when that happened. Maybe more, because I was lost in the woods and I was trying to find my way out. I didn't know how Silas got there."

"I'm sorry, Harry. Have you been close to a Thestral?"

"Silas has. He petted one, I remember."

"Ah, good. Do you have a last question for me?"

"Er . . . no," Harry said, and Maggie gave him a sweet smile.

"Okay, Harry. Well, then, there's one last thing we're going to do today. We have this bed in a room that is able to sense magical energies. It should be able to sense two in you, because you have Silas and Harry inside of you. Do you think you could fall asleep for me, or do you think you need a potion?"

"A potion," he said. "I sleep all the time, I can't sleep right now."

"Okay, then. Well, come along and we'll get you set up. The room is just right across the corridor." Maggie stood up and Severus followed suit, helping his brother up after him and they walked across the hall. "Here, Harry," she said, patting a high, green cushy table. Severus didn't see how they could consider it a bed, but he helped his brother up onto it anyway, and had him lay down. He ran his fingers through the boy's few-inches length hair and leaned down.

"Are you scared?" he asked and Harry gave him a look.

"No," he said as if it were obvious.

"Good," Severus told him.

"Here you are, Harry. One sleeping potion. You'll only be asleep for half an hour, so there's nothing to worry about. You won't miss anything," Maggie said, coming up to them. Harry took the potion, and was asleep within a minute.

"What do you think the matter is?" Severus asked quietly, not taking his eyes off of his brother.

"I have two theories. The first, a traumatic event caused an emotional and magical rip within him, splitting his . . . personality, for a lack of a better word. The second, he's made it up."

"Silas wouldn't make up something like this . . ." Severus said defensively.

"He believes there are two of him," the witch said quickly. But whether there actually are, we will see from the core scan."

"And after that?" Severus asked flatly.

"They are both fixable. If he only believes it, it's similar to a muggle personality disorder and is relatively easy to overcome, but if there are two magical cores, it could take years before the cores combine." That said, Maggie took out her wand and tapped a multicolored, misting stone and Severus immediately felt pulses of magic running over his brother.

"How does this work?" Severus asked, letting his curiosity overcome him. "There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern . . ."

"I don't honestly know," she answered, watching the magical energies as they started producing colors. "I just start it and it gives me the results. I'd be surprised if anyone knows how it works anymore. The creator died about forty years ago."

"And what if the spells are broken?" Severus asked after watching the colors as they began to join in odd shapes and shades.

"Oh, there's information on it, somewhere. It's just, no one's bothered to read them. I've heard they're very complicated." Suddenly, the colors flashed, going back and forth between the colors and white seven times and then they dissipated. "Two magical cores," she said softly. "I'll be back soon. I have to get the list of potions needed . . ." after she left, Severus once again ran fingers through his brother's hair, getting the knots out that seemed to have accumulated during the rush of magical energies.

Maggie was back in less than a minute, with a book and a piece of parchment and writing materials. "There's five potions all together. You can go to the Hospital Apothecary on the forth floor for them. That would be the best place to go."

"I will make the potions myself," Severus interrupted. "Just make sure you write down the exact names." Maggie paused in the middle of writing.

"I don't think that is quite a good idea," she said slowly. "They are potions that are very hard to make."

"I am a Potions Master," Severus replied flatly. "I assure you, they are probably not the hardest potions I've had to make."

"Right, sorry," Maggie said, sounding flustered, and Severus could see a small blush. "No offense meant." Severus didn't reply and the woman finished writing down the list of potions, then she began writing what looked like a detailed description of what to do. It took her fifteen minutes to finish and she gave the paper to him. "There's that you need to do. Don't forget any of the treatments, because it sets back, otherwise. It's a gradual mending. Also, have each personality write to each other. It's an easier transition if they know of each other's memories."

Once she gave him the instructions, she seemed rather intent on leaving. "He should wake in a few minutes. If you wish to go somewhere more comfortable, you could go back to the waiting room or to the room we came from. It might be a little unsettling to wake up here." Since she appeared to be waiting for an answer, Severus picked Silas up. She very willingly opened the door and Severus brought him to the room across from them, laying him down on a chair. While waiting for him to wake up, he read her instructions. Severus didn't recognize the potions, but he was sure he had the directions to make them in one of his books. He usually did.

"Severus?" asked a half-asleep boy from next to him, and Severus folded the instructions and put the piece of parchment in his pocket.

"Harry?" Severus asked, and the look he received from his brother told him it was no longer Harry he was deal with, but Silas. "Silas, how do you feel?"

"Tired," he answered, closing his eyes again. "Why'dyou call me Harry? That's not my name. And why am I not in bed?"

"Silas, do you remember how we thought you were sleep walking?" Silas nodded. "We found out today that you have not been. That you have two magical cores inside of you. You, and a personality who calls himself Harry. Harry came out when you were asleep."

"What?" Silas asked. "That doesn't make sense."

"You have two magical cores, with two personalities stemming from them. In reality, you both are the same person, you just don't remember what happened when the other was 'awake'. That journal where you said someone was talking with you? Perhaps it is 'Harry'."

"Oh," he said, sounding confused.

"Think about it and we'll talk about it more when we arrive home." Severus helped the boy up. "But now we should be going. We will visit with the Malfoys shortly before going home. Then, you will sleep." Severus could almost hear a mental groan from the boy and he gently guided his brother out of the room and to the elevator. When they started down, he felt Silas grab hold of the side of his robes and he looked down at the small boy. "Are you alright?" he asked and Silas nodded.

For the most part, Silas had outgrown his hesitance of letting him know when he needed something, but there were still times when the soon-to-be thirteen-year-old regressed to very young behavior instead of asking for help. Now was apparently one of those times. He was about to kneel down and ask the boy what he needed, but the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. He scowled when he saw who it was.

"Severus," Lupin greeted, either oblivious to his wish to ignore him or the man didn't care.

"Lupin," Severus said flatly before looking back down at his brother. The boy was looking at Lupin strangely.

"I'm going to find Sirus," Lupin continued, as if he thought Severus would care. "He's no longer under ward of St. Mungo's now . . ."

"Sirius is here?" Silas asked, and Severus instinctively narrowed his eyes.

"Yes," Lupin said, seemingly only now aware of the young boy's presence. "Have you met him?"

"Yes," Silas answered with a grin, and then he looked to Severus to explain. Instead of explaining, Severus opted to ignore the werewolf. It wasn't meant to be, apparently.

"And who might you be?" Lupin asked kindly and Severus was extremely grateful that it was Silas 'awake' now and not Harry.

"Silas Prince," the boy answered in a shy voice and Severus couldn't help the look he gave the oblivious boy.

"Remus Lupin," he said, holding out his hand and Silas shook it awkwardly. "Any relation to Severus here?"

"We're brothers," Silas stated boldly and Lupin actually looked surprised.

"Really? I didn't know you had a brother, Severus."

"It was never any of your business," Severus stated harshly.

"Of course not," he replied sadly.

"Severus, can we see Sirius? It's been so long!" Silas begged, once again inviting Lupin into the conversation without his consent. "How do you know Sirius?"

"We were friends at Hogwarts. How do you know him?"

Silas only took a brief glance at Severus before whispering, "He was my godfather."

"Was your . . ." Severus watched as emotions flinted across Lupin's face faster than a snitch on a mission . . . and unfortunately, the man was smart enough to put together what little knowledge he had and came to a conclusion. "Are you Harry?" he asked quietly, and Silas suddenly covered his mouth with his hands, his eyes wide and staring at Severus. "You are, aren't you? It's alright, I won't tell anyone. You obviously don't want anyone to know." Lupin knelt down and looked up at the boy. "I was friends with your parents. I was hoping I would get to meet you."

"Which parents?" Silas asked after a moment, bringing his hands down. It took the werewolf a moment to process the question.

"Lily and James," he said and then stood to talk to Severus. "How does this all work out?" he asked.

"If you really must know," Severus spat, "ask Black."

"Can we please see Sirius?" Silas asked, interrupting and Severus was positive the boy was attempting to stop any fight from happening. Severus sighed.

"I suppose. But only for a short while. You still need to sleep." Silas nodded and Lupin pressed the marker for the correct floor. Both Lupin and Silas had a horribly happy smile on their faces.

Black was waiting for them in the waiting room, dressed in dark blue robes, his long hair pulled back. The man ignore the two visiting adults completely in favor of the boy.

"Silas, I wasn't expecting you here!" he said. "I'm glad you are, though. Now, we can all go out for dinner, on me!" Sirius bent down. "You can even invite your brother," he said quietly, but loud enough for Severus to hear. Severus cleared his throat.

"Silas will be going nowhere but home. He needs to sleep."

"Snape, it's still too early for someone to go to bed. It's only dinner," Black said and Severus took on a glare meant specifically for especially slow students.

"There is a medical reason why Silas must sleep. Now that you've said your hellos, I believe it is time to go. Say goodbye, Silas."

"Bye, Sirius, bye, Mr. Lupin," Silas said despondently. The voice made Severus stop and turn back slowly to the werewolf and his friend.

"Contact me in two days if you still wish to have dinner," he said shortly before walking toward the elevator again to leave. He felt Silas slowly follow. The entire way out of the elevator and to the floo, Severus was fuming about how Black dared assume he could take Silas out to eat, without any question as to why the boy was at St. Mungos to begin with. And then to question him about sending his own charge to bed! He sent Silas through the floo first and followed a moment later and arrived to find Silas leaving the room with Draco with Lucius waiting for him.

"Silas said you went to St. Mungos," his friend said, and Severus nodded, the travel through the floo momentarily pushing his anger at Black down.

"Yes, and we learned what was wrong. Is Narcissa around? I would like to explain this to both of you."

"Of course, she's in her study." They walked in silence upstairs and to the comfortable room Narcissa had claimed as her own personal room and he explained the entire two-magical core issue which had induced the duel personality.

"And how had this happened?" Narcissa asked.

"I don't know. The witch said it is usually caused by a traumatic event. Perhaps when he saw his friend, Micky, die when he was six." Severus checked the time. It was dinner time.

"Silas and I should go."

After collecting Silas, they flooed home and Severus made a couple roast beef sandwiches, telling him it was best to go to bed soon. They ate in silence and it wasn't until he sent the boy to bed did he realize he hadn't said one word since they left the hospital. Not one. Thinking at first that it was just because the boy had nothing to say, he went to his room and grabbed the book he was reading before sitting down in the chair in the corner of the room. As time passed on, it bothered him more and more and the feeling that he had done something wrong soon got to the point where he couldn't let it pass. Putting his book down without regard to the page he was on, he went to his brother's room.

Knocking and not hearing an answer, he slowly let himself into the completely dark room.

"Silas?" he asked, closing the door behind him and magically lighting the candle beside the bed. Silas moved, but did not sit up so he sat down and brushed the boy's air out of his closed eyes. "What's the matter? Silas?"

It was a moment before Silas answered, his eyes still closed and his body still curled up. "I just wanted to talk to him for a moment." Severus narrowed his eyes.

"You mean Black." Silas nodded.

"I am sorry, Silas. He . . . bothers me," he answered, feeling as if he owed his brother an explanation. And he supposed he did. Silas didn't respond. "I promise that when he contacts me in two days, we will have dinner with him."

"What if he doesn't?"

"Unfortunately for me, he will. He cares about you," Severus replied, only realizing then how much that was true. Hadn't Black said that the boy was the only thing that kept him relatively sane in Azkaban? Either way, he was going to have a very long talk with Black before he allowed the man near his brother alone. "Are you alright?"

Silas finally opened his eyes and focused on him, nodding after a few seconds. "I should sleep," he reminded him, and Severus nodded and charmed a pitcher of ice water to appear next to his bed.

"I'll bring food when I'm sure you're asleep. I'll come get you when the 24 hours are finished."

"Okay," Silas answered and Severus blew out the candle before leaving.

- - - - - -

It was less than two days later when Sirius flooed him. Silas had gone the entire 24 hours sleeping, not even waking to eat and also with no sign of Harry waking. The rest of the time had gone smoothly and Silas was now at the Malfoy Manor, doing whatever he chose to do with Draco during the day.

"May I come through?" Black asked once Severus was close enough to the fireplace to see him.

"For what?"

"To see Silas."

"He's not here," he answered flatly.

"Well, then can I talk to you about when I can see him?" Black asked, and Severus made sure to listen to how much he was trying to be polite and failing. It amused him to no end.

"I suppose. Come through," he finally answered.

"May Remus come?"

"He's there with you?" Severus couldn't – and didn't want – to hide the disinterest in his voice.

"Yeah. I also explained the whole Silas-is-Harry thing to him. As much as I know, anyway. He said you told him to ask me."

Did I? Severus asked himself. "He may come," Severus agreed, hoping he wasn't going to regret this. Shaking his head, Severus stepped back from the fireplace and crossed his arms. A minute later, Black and Lupin were both in the room with him.

"Severus," Lupin greeted, but Sirius merely nodded and they sat down, Severus last, and quite hesitant to lower himself to their level if he could help it. Eventually, he did.

"You said we could have dinner together," Sirius said immediately.

"Sirius," Lupin warned.

"Yes, I suppose I had," Severus answered if he had just remembered it.

"And still you aren't going to let me see him," Sirius said, standing up. "I knew it."

"Sirius," Lupin warned again, pulling him down into a sitting position again. "Just listen to him." Lupin then turned to face Severus. "Ignore him. We would like to see Silas, if you would allow it. We would like to get to know him, be part of his life. We've known him as a baby . . ." Severus let the werewolf trail off and eventually, he picked up the conversation.

"There will be rules. As of right now, I don't trust you, Black, not to take him and disappear for awhile. And you, Lupin, transform to a beast once a month. How is that handled?" Lupin looked down at his hands and then back up again.

"I lock myself in a magically protected room for the night. I cannot get out."

"No potion? They do have ones that suppress the werewolf instincts," he said bitingly.

"I can't afford any that would do me any good," Lupin answered back.

"If either of you wish to see him, it will be here, at the Malfoy manner, or with Lucius, Narcissa or myself as a chaperone. And you, Lupin, will not be allowed to see him during the three days before and the three days after a full moon until I have ascertained the correct potion for you to use during the full moon."

"Severus, I told you that I am unable to pay for any–."

"I will be making the potion every month. I will only require the money needed for the ingredients, nothing else. They are not expensive, for any of them. I believe they charge for so much because all of them are complicated potions, incorporating muggle . . . things into the brewing."

"Why?" Lupin asked, giving him the same look Black was now giving him. Severus had to admit, it unsettled him a bit. Why was he?

"Think I will poison you?" Severus sneered instead of giving an answer he didn't have.

"No, of course not, Severus. I'm not going to argue that you are willing to brew the potion for me every month, but I don't understand why, when you appear to be perfectly alright with just not letting me see him."

"If you agree to the terms, I do not see why we couldn't have dinner tonight. I was planning on eating with the Malfoys today. I could tell them to prepare for two more."

"You didn't answer the question, Snape," Sirius said, talking for the first time since Lupin pulled him down. After a moment of facing Severus' glare, though, Black relented. "I agree to the terms. When would dinner be?"

"Six," he replied flatly, then turned to Lupin.

"I agree, too," he sighed. "Thank you, Severus, for whatever your reason."

"Come on, Remus, let's go get ready . . . I know how Narcissa expects people to dress for dinner and I don't want her to refuse to let us stay." Black stood up and pulled Lupin with him, pushing him toward the fireplace. Before they flooed off, he heard Black say quietly: "You know, I could have very well paid for a potion. You know I would have paid for it."

Finally the two marauders were gone and Severus settled in for three hours of peace.

At half past four, he flooed to Malfoy manor and sought out his friends. He wondered how the Malfoys would respond to learning he had invited Black and the werewolf . . . well, he was sure Black would be welcomed partly, as least by Narcissa, but . . .

Severus realized that neither Lucius nor Narcissa would know that Lupin is a werewolf. For the sake of wanting as little trouble as possible, he decided he wouldn't tell them unless necessary, with their aversion for impure blood. Severus sighed at that thought . . . he liked the Malfoys, but their pureblood ideas, like most of those he associated with, were hypocritical at best.

Finding both Narcissa and Lucius in the same room near the room he flooed into, he knocked soundly before walking in.

"Severus, you're early," Lucius greeted.

"Because I came to tell you there will be visitors for dinner tonight," he replied vaguely.

"Who?" Narcissa asked.

"Black," he said, "and his friend Remus Lupin."

"Oh, is Sirius out of St. Mungo's already?" Narcissa asked and Severus answered with a brief description of recent happenings, including that both knew Silas' history: that he was Harry Potter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Uncle Severus is here," Draco said, walking into the room bathroom, just finished with a bath. They had flown nearly all day and both had been in desperate need for a clean up. "Your turn."

"How do you know?" Silas asked, standing up. "You've been in the bathroom for the past hour."

"Have not," Draco answered. "It's only been . . ." the boy checked the time, "half an hour."

"Close enough. You realize that's a very long time just to take a bath, don't you?"

"I happen to enjoy taking baths," he retorted.

"Fine, then, but how do you know Severus is here already?"

"I called in a house elf for more towels and he told me," was Draco's reply. "Go take a bath, I want to go downstairs and see what they're doing."

"You can go yourself," answered Silas, already in the bathroom and was closing the door as Draco replied.

"I don't want to go down there just to listen to them talk about boring things. Hurry!"

"Why should I hurry when you are the one who took such a long bath?" he called through the door and when his friend didn't answer, he smiled and quickly took his bath. He also wanted to see why Severus was here so early when he usually didn't come until half hour before dinner on days like this.

Of course, when Silas had finished in the bathroom, Draco had already started his own personal version of marbles so he was forced to sit and watch and fool about until quarter to six when Silas finally managed to get Draco interested in going downstairs again. They passed Lucius on the way to the stairs and he looked over them quickly.

"Dress in something better, you two. We have guests tonight."

Draco and Silas exchanged looks, sighed and headed back, Draco to his room and Silas to the room he stayed in when he was here; where more of his better clothes were actually kept because he rarely used them at home. Yet again, Silas was finished before Draco so he tapped continuously on his friend's door until he opened it up, dressed.

"Stop that," Draco said. "It's annoying."

"You're annoyingly slow," Silas answered in response. "We're going to be late for dinner."

"No we're not," the Malfoy boy said. "They're probably in the drawing room, talking about something boring, like every time there's guests."

"Who do you think they are?" he asked as they headed downstairs. As they passed the dining room first, they checked there and as Draco announced on the way down, no one was there.

"Sh," Draco replied, holding a finger to his lips. "They'll be in the drawing room. Let's go watch them until they decided it's time to eat. They wouldn't want us in the room anyway, and I want to know who it is."

"Now you want to listen to them talk?" Silas asked, wondering why Draco was changing his mind more than usual today. "I thought you said they were boring."

"Well, maybe it won't be something boring. Now be quiet. There's a secret place where we can listen in. I found it a long time ago and we both should fit." Rolling his eyes, Silas followed the blonde to a linen closet and they climbed onto the middle shelve, shoving aside the tablecloths so they could fit. "Close the door," Draco ordered. Silas did and for a few seconds, they were succumbed in total darkness. A moment later, though, Draco did something because it became light enough to see shadows and he followed his friend through a small door on the other side. "Sh," he said again.

They could hear the voices of Draco's parents, Severus and two people that Silas didn't think he would see for awhile though the thin wall separating them from the drawing room. Silas felt excited. He'd never eavesdropped in such a manner before, but he knew if they'd get caught, they'd probably get in trouble.

"So where are you going for an entire month?" Sirius asked and Silas almost got out right there, but Draco stopped him.

"I want to see Sirius," he said.

"Just wait," Draco said, and Silas reluctantly obliged.

"To Spain. We've hired a girl to take care of Draco for the month, because most the month will be business parties and discussions," Uncle Lucius replied.

"Your parents are leaving for a month? Why didn't you say anything? Why can't you stay with us?" Silas asked Draco, but Draco brushed him off. "Fine, don't answer me. I'm going to go say hi to Sirius."

"Silas!" Draco said in a forceful whisper, but Silas was already back in the linen closet. Getting out of the closet, he closed the door not-too-quietly and found his way to the drawing room where the adults were. When he got to the door, though, he stood outside it, suddenly nervous, though he didn't know why. Before he got the nerve to knock on the door, Draco came up behind him in a huff but didn't say anything. Feeling to awkward to knock, Silas couldn't and Draco obviously didn't want to go in, so they stood outside the drawing room door until, a few minutes later, the door was opened. The two kids moved out of the way and the adults stepped out of the room.

"Hey, kid," Sirius greeted, squeezing Silas' shoulder, then he turned to Draco. "You must be Draco. Your parents have been telling us about you. I'm Sirius."

"Hello," Draco said, but he continued to sulk, saying no more.

"Hi, Sirius, hi, Mr. Lupin," Silas greeted.

"Hello, Silas," Lupin said to him with a smile. "Draco."

"Can we eat, now?" Draco asked, and Silas could tell he was sort of trying not to be rude. Because the rudeness was apparently there and he saw that Draco's parents and Severus both noticed it. The look they gave Draco meant trouble later for him.

"Yes, I'm starving," Sirius said, and it sounded like the man was coming to Draco's rescue. "I haven't had a decent meal in over 12 years. Let's eat."