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Nonsense – Impussible: Something that is impossible only because it's never been done before.


"So…" A long pause allowed the word to seem longer than it was. "Are we doing anything today?"

"Robin said that we had practice after lunch and then a free afternoon, we start the watch at five." A slight rustle of a magazine followed his reply.

Beast Boy let his shoulders fall as he started sulking. "Dude! But I've got the first watch!"

Cyborg quirked his one eyebrow. "So?"

"I got stuff I was gonna do and now I can't."

"What, like a date?" he teased.

Suddenly much more reserved, Beast Boy answered. "Maybe."

Cyborg looked over the top of his copy of Popular Mechanic. "With who?"

Shifting uncomfortably in his seat Beast Boy looked away nervously.

"With who?" Cyborg asked a little more forcefully.

A quick, short, scared giggle accompanied by panic stricken eyes answered.

"At least tell me it's a girl."


"Alright, so it's a girl. So, if you're too chicken to tell me who, at least tell me when you're meeting her. Maybe you and I could switch shifts."

A blank stare met this request.

Cyborg was getting a little annoyed. "O.K., what time are you meeting her?"

Beast Boy couldn't quite bring himself to look Cyborg in the eye, so he smiled at the floor instead. "We haven't gotten that far yet."

Cyborg threw his hands up into the air as he replied. "Beast Boy! All you know is the day? What kind of a girl agrees to a date where all you decide on is what day you're hooking up?"

"Well…" another nervous chuckle sneaking in, "…maybe I haven't asked her out yet?" He tried smiling at Cyborg to defuse the oncoming jokes.

"When you going to?" Cyborg shocked himself by saying what he thought would be best for his green friend instead of the two thousand other things that popped into his head before it.

It apparently shocked Beast Boy who had to think about what Cyborg had actually said a few times before it processed. "Uh, that's what I was gonna do today. I thought we might be able to go to a movie or something tonight."

Cyborg grinned wickedly but quickly tried to hide it when he saw Beast Boy start looking for exits. "Tell you what." As warm a smile as he could muster shining down as he continued, "You tell me who it is, and I'll help you get a date with her." He tried to smile like he had just gotten a checkmate, but the smile faltered when Beast Boy's own evil grin answered his offer of help.

"Can you guarantee that I'll get a date with her?" Unlike Cyborg though, Beast Boy allowed his devilish smile to stay.


"What? Can't do it?" Beast Boy knew the tin titan couldn't resist any challenge, especially one someone said he couldn't do.

"Now, I didn't say that. Just…" He stood up, stalling for time. "…just, let me think about it first."

Beast Boy smiled comfortably, knowing that he now had help that he didn't have before. "Take your time, dude. I can wait till you say it's too much for you."

Cyborg grinned back at him. "Alright, I'll guarantee that you get a date with her if you tell me who she is. Course, the only reason it's a challenge is 'cause of you."

Beast Boy's smile never faltered. "That's what you think."

"Fine then, who is she?"


Cyborg's hands slipped off of the counter he had been leaning on. "But…Robin'll kill…you…uh…us!"

Beast Boy laughed at Cyborg for a little while before he finally spoke up through watering eyes. "I…" Another small fit of laughter taking his breath for a second. "I'm only kidding, Cy. I wouldn't do that to Rob or Star."

Cyborg clutched his chest in relief. "Man, you had me. I was gonna…"

"It's Raven."

"…run screaming for the hills. You gotta think before you say stuff like that to me, man. What if it caused a system crash or…or…" Cyborg's eyes widened. "You just said it's Raven, didn't you?" The words barely spoken he had said them so quietly.

Beast Boy only nodded while looking sadly at nothing in particular.

Cyborg sat down to think things through while he took in how down Beast Boy looked. "You do know what you're up against, don't you?"

Beast Boy nodded again still staring off into space.

"Then we better get started."

Beast Boy's head snapped up to see Cyborg smiling at him.

"So…what did you have planned so far?"


A/N This is one of those stories that I may or may not have more to add to, so I'm not going to label it as a one shot. I can see what future chapters might be, I'm just not sure if they need writing. If I write another chapter though, this will probably go on for a few chapters at least. This chapter is more about Cy and BB's friendship than about Beast Boy asking out Raven. Let me know what you think as long as you actually think first.

The word "impussible" is not my invention, but is the creation of a good friend of mine who was recently married. It sucked so hard core that I couldn't make it to his wedding.