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CH 1: The Desire

Cher DeGre continued to cradle Cheza's wilting form protectively within her embrace, her luminous blue eyes soft and filled to the brim with concern as she stroked the girl's silken hair as if she were her own mother. Somehow, she did feel connected to the girl...

"Are you here alone?"

She gasped, immediately looking up in order to find Darcia standing there before her, his wolf eye boring into her two frightened azure ones with such a calm demeanor that it frightened her to the very core. "W-what do you want?" she demanded, clutching Cheza protectively to her bosom before taking a slight step back. "If it's Cheza, you can just turn around right now, because you're not getting her!"

Darcia merely smirked in return, finding the woman's fiery manner to be a breath of fresh air compared to the normal stiffs whom he was forced to coincide with. Holding out his hand, he returned softly, "Would it surprise you if I said that I needed your help...without Cheza?"

Cher stared at him suspiciously. "I would honestly say that I didn't believe you. What could you possibly need?"

"Come with me and I will explain everything" the dark-haired noble returned assuredly, continuing to hold out his gloved hand for the woman to take hold of.

Gingerly giving his appendage a fearful glance, Cher slowly set Cheza back down onto her perch, only to reach out and tremulously grasp Darcia's hand. With that single clasp, she knew that her fate had been sealed.


She had noticed his wounds, yet had refused to acknowledge them. After all, Cher wanted as little to do with Darcia as possible, so, as she continued to anxiously sip the tea that she had been offered, she glanced about her at the familiar sights of the noble's home and inwardly sighed. She hadn't anticipated on being there again so soon, let alone at all.

"Why do you stare at me so strangely?"

The blonde immediately jolted back to attention, nearly spilling her tea in the process. "Oh! I, uh...I mean...you're, uh..."

"Injured?" Darcia supplied, motioning toward his blood-encrusted torso which her eyes kept blatantly lying upon. "Really, it's nothing...don't trouble yourself. That's not the reason why I brought you here."

"Then why did you bring me here?" Cher demanded, sending him a terribly inquisitive look as she removed her rose-tinted glasses from the bridge of her nose and stared him down. "I find this all to be at a highly inopportune time."

Darcia's blue eye suddenly glazed over so that it gave off the effect of sea glass, his thin lips curling upward into a delicate smile as he reached over and gently grasped at her thigh. "That, Miss DeGre, depends entirely on you."

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