Hermione stared across the Common Room, her eyes fixated on the object of her desire

Emerald Rose: Yay! My first slash fic! And my first song fic! My first HP one too! So many firsts today! *jumps around all excited like until JKR comes in and hits her upside the head with a skillet*

ER: Hey! What was that for??

JKR: If you insist on mutilating my characters, could you get on with it already? *looks quite disgruntled, probably because all of her pure characters have been made gay in the world of fanfiction.*

ER: It's your own fault, you know. You created the characters. Speaking of characters, I had so much fun with Ginny's personality! You barely put her in the books at all, so it was so much fun thinking up how she would act!

JKR: Just shut up and say the warning.

ER: Actually, the correct phrase would be "type" because this is fanfi…

JKR: *Brandishes skillet*

ER: Moving right along now! This story contains f/f slash! That means: homosexuality. If you don't like this… then leave! *points to the door. All the homophobes march off and create a picket line outside the door. The open minded people get in anyway! Why? Because positivity in stronger than negativity!*

JKR: I'll finish this intro quick so you don't have to listen to this idiot. *jabs finger towards ER who is still dribbling about how you should respect all people* Emerald Rose doesn't own Harry Potter, thank *god*.

ER: *glare*

JKR: I own them. And the lyrics belong to Sarah McLachlan, who is a wonderful singer and possibly one of the best on the planet.

ER: *nod*

JKR: Here's the fic:


~~All the fear has left me now

I'm not frightened anymore

It's my heart that pounds beneath my flesh

it's my mouth that pushes out this breath~~

Hermione stared across the Common Room, her eyes fixated on the object of her desire. The redhead impatiently brushed a lock of hair ~a beautiful lock of hair~ out of her face.

Hermione had long since given up on her assignment. IT was no use when the other girl was in the room.

~Look at me,~ Hermione thought ruefully. ~I'm the smartest student in this school, top of all my classes, and I can't even get a simple assignment done because of a crush.

On a *girl*.~


~~and if I shed a tear I won't cage it

I won't fear love

and if I feel a rage I won't deny it

I won't fear love~~

That night Hermione was startled awake by a soft tap on her shoulder. She rolled over and found herself staring into glittering brown eyes. ~Hi.~

"Hi," she said.

Ginny smiled bashfully. "Um… hi. Listen, I know this is kinda…. Well, it's *really* stupid, but… I had a nightmare and… I know I'm *fourteen* so I really should've out grown this, but…. Do you think I could spend the night with you?"

Hermione stared. ~Oh, god.~

When Hermione didn't answer, Ginny blushed and started to mumble apologies. "I'm sorry, I know it's stupid. I'm not a baby anymore so I should just…go." She got up, as if to leave, but was stopped by Hermione's hand on her shoulder.

~~Companion to our demons

they will dance, and we will play

With chairs, candles, and cloth

making darkness in the day

It will be easy to look in or out

upstream or down without a thought~~

Hermione smiled warmly to clam Ginny down. "No, it's ok. Come over here."

Ginny climbed into the bed next to Hermione. Hermione wrapped an arm around Ginny's waist and tried not to notice how incredibly warm she was. ~she had a *nightmare*. She's here because she's *scared*. No taking advantage. Like I'd have the guts anyway.~

"So," Hermione whispered. "What was the dream about?"

Ginny shivered a bit. "My first year at Hogwarts."

Ginny didn't have to say any more. Hermione pulled her closer and soon the two fell asleep.


~~and if I shed a tear I won't cage it

I won't fear love

and if I feel a rage I won't deny it

I won't fear love~~

Hermione awoke the next morning, staring into those brown eyes. The magnetic brown eyes that she could never seem to tear her gaze away from. They captured her and devoured her and—

"Good morning,"

Hermione was snapped out of her reverie.

"Hi," she said softly, knowing that the wave of morning would crash upon them soon. "Did you sleep well?"

Ginny nodded and smiled. "Yes. Thanks for helping me."

Hermione smiled back at Ginny, unable to stop her face from spreading into a grin when Ginny was happy.

Ginny bit her lip hesitantly. "I wish there was a way to repay you…" she looked around a bit, taking in the two other sleeping girls. She nodded slightly, as if making a decision then leaned forward.

She gently, almost as if she was scared, brushed her lips against Hermione's. Hermione froze. Right when Ginny noticed this, she pulled away.

~~Peace in the struggle

to find peace

comfort on the way

to comfort~~

"God, I'm so stupid!" she clapped a hand to her forehead. "I'm… I'm sorry! Well, no I'm *not* sorry, 'cause I really wanted to do that, but I should've have known you—"

Then, to Ginny's obvious shock, Hermione laughed. Ginny stared at her friend, surprised at not seeing disgust or shame in her friend's eyes, but joy. "Hermione…"

"Oh, shut up." Hermione said, and swept Ginny into another kiss.

When they pulled away from each other Hermione narrowed her eyes at the other girl. "You didn't have a nightmare, did you?"

Ginny smirked. "Nope."

"This whole thing was an attempt to seduce me, wasn't it?"

Ginny's grin grew wider. "Yep." She paused. "Did it work?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Wow, I've never heard you curse before, Hermione."

Hermione shrugged. "Well, you bring out the best in me."

"That's nice…" Ginny leaned in and kissed Hermione again. "But this is nicer."

"Mmm." Hermione agreed, mumbling against Ginny's lips.

Hermione leaned forward, parting Ginny's lips with her tongue and—


The two girls recoiled from each other and jerked their heads toward the door. The door by which Ron was standing, looking as if he just saw his parents having sex.

"Oh, god…" he uttered, backing away slightly. "You know what? I'm going to leave now…" then he dashed out of the room.

Ginny blinked. "Well, I don't think either of us were expecting *that*."

Hermione hit her forehead. "What are we going to tell Ron?" She looked

Ginny smiled. "We'll tell him we're in love."

~~and if I shed a tear I won't cage it

I won't fear love

and if I feel a rage I won't deny it

I won't fear love

I won't fear love

I won't fear love...~~


A/n: Why do I have the feeling that this plot has been used before? Well, it's not that original, so it probably has, Oh, well, I think this is pretty good for my first slash, song, and HP fic. *rereads her fic* Wow. This fic came out *way* in left field. I was going for angst. Well, maybe I'll write a sequel that'll have angst. *looks delighted at the prospect of angst* Please review!