A/n: *sigh* I really should be working on Chapter Eight of TGGTH, but slash has swallowed me whole

A/n: *sigh* I really should be working on Chapter Nine of TGGTH, but slash has swallowed me whole! It's an addiction! Once you start you can't stop! *starts to run to a slash rehab center, decides she LIKES her addiction, and runs to her computer instead.*

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Warning: Here be slash (like you haven't figured that out yet)


Sun shining through the window spilled across the floor of the fifth year girl's dormitory. Looking out the window, Hermione saw that the sky was an expanse of pastel blue, without a solitary cloud to obscure it.

~Funny,~ thought Hermione ruefully. ~That the weather would be the exact opposite of my feelings.~

After walking in on them Ron had been avoiding Hermione and Ginny like the plague. Pretty difficult, considering that Hermione was in all his classes and Ginny was his sister. But somehow, Ron had achieved the feet.

~And they say Harry's the miracle worker,~ Hermione thought of her friend fondly.

Harry had immediately sensed some tension between his friends. Taking bits of information from both of them, and a lot of information from Ginny, he found out what happened. Since then, Harry had been playing peacemaker, attempting to get Hermione and Ron alone so they could work out their problems.

All the attempts had failed, but it's the thought that counts.

To Hermione's evident surprise and delight, Harry hadn't cared whatsoever when she told him about her and Ginny.


"So you don't… mind… or anything?" Hermione had asked, wishing that she didn't have to inquire.

But Harry had just shrugged noncommittally. "No, why should I? Although…" A grin had worked its way across his features. "I will miss the president of my fan club. "

Hermione had felt a smile work its way across her face as well, but when she spoke her voice was even. "Don't worry," she had said seriously. "I'm sure Colin Creevey will be more than happy to take her place."

Harry had started to make gagging sounds, which he abruptly stopped when Colin passed by. This had sent them both into helpless fits of giggles, earning them peculiar looks from several seventh years.

Unfortunately, Hermione soon found her lighthearted attitude disappearing. "Now I just have to talk to Ron," she said then sighing dejectedly.

Harry had put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, it'll work out."

That was a week ago.


~Why can't I just talk to him??~ Hermione raged at herself silently. ~He's been my best friend for five years! It's not that hard.~

"Not that hard," she said out loud to her self.

Hermione then immediately tensed as she felt arms wrap around her waist, but then relaxed when she heard the familiar voice whisper in her ear, "What's not that hard?"

Hermione tilted her head and smiled at her girlfriend. "Talking to Ron."

Ginny nodded. "You know," she breathed against the expanse of skin in between Hermione's ear and neck. "I know that Ron's in the Common Room, trying to avoid us, as a matter of fact," Ginny laughed a bit. "Now would be a good time to talk to him…" she let her sentence hang in the air, giving Hermione an eloquent look.

Hermione groaned once, then dissolved into a fit of giggles when Ginny started tickling her mercilessly.

"Ack! Stop!" Hermione shrieked in between giggles.

After a few minutes of this torture, Ginny ceased.

"So you'll go talk to Ron?" Ginny stuck out her lower lip in an adorable pout.

Hermione snorted. "Don't even try it. I see right through your innocent act." Then a thought hit her.

"Hey! Why do *I* have to talk to him? *You're* his sister!"

Ginny blushed a bit. "Well… It's just that… um."

Hermione placed her hands on her hips, narrowed her eyes, and took a step away from her girlfriend. "What?"

Ginny shifted uncomfortably. "Well, he's kind of… scary."

Hermione blinked. "Scary?"

"Yeah! You've seen him when he's mad!" Ginny pointed an accusing finger at Hermione.

Hermione recalled an incident involving Ron, Draco Malfoy, and fists.

"I see your point."

Ginny smiled and nodded. "So you go and talk to him… and I'll be with you in spirit!"

Hermione snorted, then started to walk towards the door. She paused at her bed, picked up a pillow, and threw it at Ginny. Then she bolted out of the room, in order to avoid the Wrath Of The Redhead.


Hermione watched Ron from a distance for a few minutes. The redhead was doing what looked liked diligently doing his homework, but was actually amusing himself by writing down new false futures that he could use in Divination. ~That is so like him,~ Hermione thought self-righteously. Then she did a double take and reviewed over what she just thought.

~Even in a situation like this, I feel disapproval towards cheating.~ Hermione shook her head ruefully. ~I am such a prig.~

Ron looked up, as if sensing some one was watching him with such intensity as that of Hermione. He locked eyes with her, and then quickly looked back down, sending a pang of hurt through Hermione.

Shaking off her uncertainties, Hermione straightened her back and marched towards Ron. She stopped in front of his table and waited.

Ron kept writing.

Hermione cleared her throat.

Ron kept writing.

Hermione cleared her throat again. Loudly.

Ron kept writing.

"Hello?" Hermione tried.

Ron looked up at her, not saying anything.

~Well, I have his attention. Now what do I say?~ "Hi." Her voice sounded raspy. "How ya doing?"

Ron remained stubbornly silent.

"You good?" asked Hermione. ~I feel like I'm talking to a wall,~ She thought. ~A really stupid wall,~ So, that's—"

"Out of all the things to do, Hermione!"

"--good." Hermione looked at Ron, who had jumped out of his seat. "W-what?"

Ron's eyes were burning with what looked like rage. "My sister, Hermione!" he hissed. "How could you do that?"

Now Hermione felt justified anger start to boil inside of her. "Do what? Fall in love? It's not something you can control, Ron!"

Ron's eyes got wide, almost comically so. Hermione didn't yell. She just *didn't*. "Y-you're in… love?" he asked softly.

"Yes, I am." Hermione said venomously. "And the person I'm in love with is a *girl*. And she's you *sister*."

Ron sank back into his seat. "This isn't fair…" he mumbled

Hermione almost walked away right there. "Life isn't always fair! Do you think I thought it was fair when I fell in love with Ginny? No! I was mortified!"

Ron looked up, the rage gone from his eyes. "But, I—"

"Shut up!" Hermione cut him off. "This isn't about you! It's about me! Me and Ginny. I want to be friends with you, but I also want to be with Ginny. And I'll be honest. If I have to pick between you and Ginny, I chose Ginny."

Then Hermione crossed her arms in front of her chest and waited.

Ron stood up and stared right back at her, then started to lean forward. For a few seconds Hermione couldn't tell whether he was going to punch or kiss her.

But she was shocked all over again when he wrapped his arms around her in a hug and whispered: "Way too many people are hearing this conversation. Can we finish this conversation in your room?" He pulled away and Hermione saw not rage in his eyes, but friendly understanding. She nodded mutely and followed him up the stairs.


~I wonder what's happening.~ Ginny thought. She plucked nervously at the hem of her robe. ~I hope he's not killing her. That would be bad. Very bad.~

Ginny was interrupted by her thoughts by the door creaking open. Ginny looked over and saw Ron and Hermione. Alive. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Ron walked into the center of the room, took a breath, and started to talk. "My older brothers and my parents have always taught me one thing: Take care of your little sister. And that's what I've always tried to do. But when I walked in on you a week ago, I realized something." Ron looked at Ginny affectionately. "You're not the scared little eleven year old who stumbled upon the Chamber Of Secrets anymore. And I was upset when I realized that."

Ginny walked briskly over to her brother as enveloped him in a hug. "And all this time I was thinking you were homophobic," she said when she pulled away.

Ron grinned. "Nope. I'm just an over-protective brother."

Hermione came over and put her arm around Ginny's waist. Ron bit his bottom lip, and a bit of red color started to creep up his neck. "Uh… can I ask you two a question?"

Ginny smiled. "Sure, shoot."

"Do you two… have you…" Ron started and revised his question a few times, as if not sure how to ask it. Finally, he gave up and just motioned to the bed.

Ginny suddenly understood, and decided to spare her brother the embarrassment of explaining further. "No." she said.

Ron looked surprised. "Really?" he asked.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "What? Just because I'm a lesbian I can't have values? I believe on saving myself for marriage."

Ron's ears got terribly pink. "Um… no, it's just that. I know my sister and, well, she's really horny."

Ginny shrieked and thwaped her brother as Hermione laughed.

"Well," Hermione said with a smirk on her face. "This has been… amusing. But Ron, now you have to leave so we can snog." Hermione then proceeded to shove her now un-ex best friend, out of the room.

Ginny perked up. "We get to snog? Yay!"

"Of course." Hermione smiled at her girlfriend. "How could I resist you? Tá tú álainn."

Ginny gave her a weird look. "What's that mean?"

"You are beautiful. It's Irish Gaelic."

"Where did *you* learn Gaelic?"

"A course over the summer."

Ginny opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by Hermione, as she gently covered her mouth with hers. And Ginny knew that *this* was how it should be.


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