My first BxR fanfic, and I know it's kinda crazy. I plan on writing a Rippal soon though, however. I'm not sure how this story would go, but hopefully it goes smoothly. There probably would be some parts where it's OOC, as I don't know what Baralai would actually do. Heh.

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Chapter 1: Captured

Knowing that the Al Bhed wasn't allowed in such a 'holy' place, Rikku had to be careful...especially with a mission of her kind. It was late at night, so everyone was sleeping now. She cautiously started walking towards her destination, his room. She finally got there, finding two guards who were about to switch off. They were busy talking so they didn't notice her arrival. When they did however, she knocked them out before they got a chance to say anything. She dragged them off to a corner and slowly slipped into his room. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, as she wasn't expecting anything. However, she had to admit, it wastoodull. She examined his room for anything that would blow her plans off, but as she didn't see anything, she walked towards the bed, where he peacefully slept. Remember Rikku, quick and quietly. Her father's voice came to her head again. She sighed silently. She whispered into a communication device, signaling Buddy to come in through the window. He nodded as a greeting and whispered "Crymm fa, drah?" (Shall we, then?) She nodded at him and they continued on their plans.

The Praetor was sleeping soundlessly until he felt hands tying something to his mouth. He slowly opened his eyes to see a girl tying a gag to his mouth. His eyes widened in surprise...Her eyes... and she put a finger at her lips, signaling him to be quiet. What...on Spira are they doing to me? He tried to move his hands, finding that they too, were tied. A second later, everything went black again, they knocked him out.

"Fa teth'd ryja du ku dryd vyn, tet fa?" (We didn't have to go that far, did we?) Rikku looked at Buddy as he picked up the Praetor to put over his shoulder. "Oui sayh ghulgehk res uid? Uv luinca fa tet, E tuh'd fyhd res oammehk uid vun ramb." (You mean knocking him out? Of course we did, I don't want him yelling out for help.) Rikku sighed. "I guess.." After a while, there was silence as they continued to walk towards the airship. Buddy chuckled "Vun y kio, ra'c bnaddo mekrd." (For a guy, he's pretty light.) Rikku slightly laughed as well and then they finally reached their airship. They went on board and flew towards Bikanel Desert. Mission Complete Rikku thought. She followed Buddy as he put him down on Rikku's bed. "Remind me again..of why we're putting him in my room?" Rikku put her hand on her hip. "Simple, there's no other rooms left. You don't mind sleeping on the floor, do you?" Before Rikku could say anything Buddy nodded and left the room. "Buddy!" She yelled out at him as he simply walked away. She went back in her room and sighed at the sleeping form of the Yevonite Praetor. When you successfully capture the Praetor, you will no longer be a child, but an adult. Rikku smiled at the thought. She had done it. She...grew up. She put a blanket over the Praetor and then prepared her bed on the floor. She looked back at his form again and then went to sleep.

The next day

Baralai slowly opened his eyes. W-what happened...? He tried to think of the events that had occurred the other night. He remembered seeing a girl...and then everything went black. When his eyes were opened, he looked at his surroundings. This...isn't Bevelle...He tried to sit up, but it was too much pain. He silently groaned as he lied back down again. Ugh..whoever knocked me out, punched me pretty good...Unfortunately, the gag and the rope around his wrists were still tied, so he was in a pretty uncomfortable position. The current room that he was in wasn't anything like his room. It smelled like strawberries, a scent he wasn't used to. He heard a shuffle on the floor, so he turned to see what it was. His eyes slightly widened as he saw a person sleeping on the floor. Huh…? The form turned their face away, so he couldn't tell who it was. He looked out the window, which conveniently was right above the bed post. He saw blue sky and clouds. He was in…an airship? What exactly did happen last night? He was completely confused when he heard someone on the outside yell, "Rikku! Can you come out and help us check the engine? Brother's apparently 'busy' and there's no one else" There was a knock. "Rikku!" Baralai laid in bed silently as the person on the floor began to move. The form yawned and replied, "Okay, I'll be there in a sec!" and yawned again. So it's a girl…does that mean I'm in her room…? Baralai pretended to go to sleep as she stood up. Her hair was a mess, however it was always one anyway. She looked towards him for a second and then grabbed some clothing and walked out of the room. When she left, he sat up. He tried imagining the girl last night. She was pretty...with green eyes. He smiled at the memory, even if it was a kidnapping, he didn't really feel that they were going to harm him in any way. Now that he was awake, he had to find some way to get the gag off. It was getting annoying. He sighed into the gag and bit on it.

She went to the bridge to see Brother sitting at the co-pilot's seat, sleeping. Busy? Ha. "Brother!" She shook him to wake him up. He jumped up and yelled "Yr E'mm gemm oui Yevonite!" (Ah I'll Kill you Yevonite!) "Calm down, I'm not one...Now, where's Buddy?" Brother shrugged. "Lralg dra ahkeha nuus, E raynt ra fyc haatehk ramb drana" (Check the engine room, I heard he was needing help there.) She nodded and went down the elevator to the Engine Room, and indeed, finding Buddy there. "So, what's up?"

"It's going a bit haywire. Maybe it's overheating, not sure, but can you check it out? I need to do something at the bridge." Rikku nodded. "You can count on me." Buddy smiled and walked out. After a while of checking and fixing, Rikku stood up and nodded. "There, it's good as new." She patted her skirt and walked out. She went to her room to find that the Praetor, obviously, was still there, this time, sitting up awake. "I'm guessing you're the one who brought me here?" He asked as she entered. She slowly nodded. "Well, then...I guess you can explain to me what's going on."

"W-what?" She stared at him in disbelief. "How'd you get the gag off?" There was silence for a while. "It was simple, really. I basically bit until it got loose." He said, with a slight shrug. W-whaat...? He was able to loosen a Rikku knot that easilly? That's..practically impossible! She blinked a couple of times, and for some reason, she started to hate him. Hate him for being able to loosen her knot. It was well-known to the Al Bheds, and he was the first person to have been able to loosen it. After another silence, he decided to speak up again. "I'm pretty sure I deserveat least an explanation of why I'm on this airship...sitting on this bed...going to who knows where." She sighed...even if she did dislike him, he did deserve that. "First of all, there weren't any other rooms available, so you better get comfortable." She looked out the window. "We're on our way to Bikanel Desert, I'm pretty sure you, being a Praetor, haven't been outside Bevelle that much, but you'll get used to the heat...maybe not on the first day, but you'll last." Now it was his turn to look at her in disbelief. Bikanel Desert..? "But...why?" She thought before saying anything. She was silent for a while, as he waited for answer. "Well?" Not being able to think of anything, she just looked at him and after a while, she grabbed what she came in the room for (a sphere) and walked away.

A/N: I got the idea of doing this story when I was browsing through some BxR fanfics and also when playing the game again. Heh. I hope it doesnt' turn out that bad. Here's a preview of what's coming up.

Chapter 2: Heat Stroke

Baralai blinked a couple of times. I..I can't see anything..not even my own hand. It amazed him how the Al Bhed was able to live in such conditions. He'd much rather go back to Bevelle, where calm winds and clear sky was. Maybe that's why the Al Bhed fly. He squinted as he saw someone approached. It was the girl. "Hey, what are you doing out without goggles?" He didn't say anything. "Silly you." She giggled. "Here, you can borrow mines." She took off her goggles and handed it to him. He hesitated for a second before she grabbed his hand and put the goggles in them. "Don't worry, I've got a spare." That's..not what I'm worried about. She smiled at him. How can she be so cheerful? If anyone got lost in here...I doubt anyone would be able to find them...

She noticed that he was quiet. "...I know you miss Bevelle, and I'm sorry that I had to bring you here, see..." After that, Baralai seemed light-headed. He couldn't hear what she was saying. His throat felt like it was on fire. He collapsed. "Praetor!" It was the last thing he heard before everything went black.