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It was another bright and sunny day up in the mountains of Kyoto. For Seijurou Hiko it was another day of his life as a hermit. Not that he'd ever admit that he was a hermit, of course. Seijurou Hiko, as the 13th master of Hiten Mitsurugi Style, did have his pride after all. Although ever since his idiot apprentice had left, he'd stayed up on his mountain more often than usual, only going to town to sell his pottery or get supplies. Today was one of those days.

He got up early, and after performing a rigorous kata, he had some breakfast, and with his usual mantle and sword, walked down the mountain to get some supplies, not realizing what lay ahead of him…

((())) Somewhere near Otsu ((()))

Kenshin looked at his wife of approximately 3 months. They had been living in a small cottage near Otsu for 3 months, since the Ikedaya Incident in Kyoto. Although they had only known each other for a few months, Kenshin felt quite overprotective of his wife.

Kenshins wife, Tomoe, was beautiful and also very gifted. A friend she'd made in Otsu had invited her to stay for a few days, to teach her daughter a few things either about writing or perhaps plants. Tomoe was quite happy to but Kenshin was worried. Tomoe had convinced him that it would be fine and that he was just being paranoid. So after talking Kenshin (reluctantly) agreed that it would be a good idea, if she let him take her to Otsu. Tomoe was expecting this- she never went anywhere without her husband accompanying her- readily agreed. There were some downsides to being married to the infamous Battousai the Manslayer, even if they were just pretending to be simple farmers now.

So now they were walking down to Otsu together, not really talking very much. Not that this was much of a surprise, both Kenshin and Tomoe were quiet by nature, only speaking when necessary. Kenshin was still slightly worried about this whole thing, despite his wife's reassuring words. As an Imperialist assassin of shadows, he was wanted by the Shogunate and he didn't want to put his wife in danger. Or at least in even more danger than she was already in just by being acquainted to him.

They stopped just at the edge of the small town that was Otsu. "I'll see you in a few day, ok anata?" asked Tomoe, turning to face her young, red-haired husband.

"Are you sure you'll be ok?" asked Kenshin. "I can take you the whole way if you like…"

"I'll be fine, if you want to get back home and get some firewood before dark you have to leave now anyway," said Tomoe. "I'll see you in a few day." At that Tomoe turned around and walked into Otsu and Kenshin walked back the way they had come.

((())) Outskirts of Otsu ((()))

Seijurou Hiko had just finished selling his pottery and had just bought some supplies to last him for a few days when he sensed some threatening ki nearby. He hurried his pace slightly and then even more so when he also sensed a hurt woman there. It was an alley near the outskirts of Otsu, not very far away from his mountain. He turned into the alley and was disgusted by what he saw. A group of about 7 large men had cornered a beautiful young woman and had apparently attacked her. He snorted and drew his sword.

"Who are you? Leave here now," shouted one of the bandits, also drawing his own swords.

"It is you who should leave," said Hiko icily. "To take advantage of one that is weaker than you is a truly awful sin. If you leave now maybe you'll live to regret it." He gave them a chance. He didn't feel that they deserved it, but they were humans after all…

"Please, you're the one that's gonna die!" said the bandit and they all ran towards Hiko, swords raised high, intent on killing him. They, of course, didn't stand a chance against Seijurou Hiko the 13th master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style. He cut them all down, being careful so as to avoid the woman.

When he finished he cleaned his sword with a cloth and then turned to the young woman. She was extremely beautiful and smelled of white plums, which probably explained why the bandits wanted her. She had long black hair and very dark brown eyes. She was pale and wearing a white kimono with a blue obi.

He walked towards her, making a quick assessment of her wounds. She had a deep gash on her leg and also a fair few cuts on her stomach, arms and face. Luckily, nothing life threatening if treated correctly. And he would probably be the one stuck treating her, since she was obviously here alone.

Hiko reached her and said, "Are you ok? I can take you up to my house to treat your wounds." He was expecting her to lose consciousness due to the extent of her injuries and it seemed his assumption was correct. She was beginning to black out.

Tomoe looked up at the large man and inexplicably decided to trust him, though she knew she should be suspicious with the Shogunate and all. But she had no choice. "I'm sorry…koishi," she said softly and then passed out.

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