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((())) Sparring Match ((()))

This is dedicated to TeZukAb0ch0u, who wanted me to put in a sparring match between Kenshin and Hiko. This is set right after Kenshin 'eavesdrops' so at the beginning of chap 7.

They all walked out together, Hiko was smirking while Kenshin was thinking wildly and Tomoe was worried. Hiko was annoyed (and embarrassed, but he'd never reveal that), that Kenshin had managed to sneak up and eavesdrop on him saying that particular line. So, after hitting him (hard) he challenged Kenshin to a sparring match. It was the perfect opportunity to embarrass him a little in front of his wife.

Kenshin, in the mean time, was trying to figure out a way to…get a draw? Kenshin sighed, with his master that nearly as impossible as getting a win. And although Kenshin was the 'swordsman of legends' he had no doubt that Hiko could still beat him easily if he wanted to. And Kenshin had a sneaking suspicion that he did. After all, Hiko was a full master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style, while Kenshin was still an apprentice.

Tomoe, on the other hand, was curious as to the outcome of this match. She knew very well that Kenshin was one of the best, if not the best, but she's never seen him or heard of him fight someone of the same sword style. And to add to that, it was his own teacher…This would be an interesting fight, she normally hated seeing people fight, especially Kenshin, but this time there was no chance of blood being shed.

"Stay here," Kenshin's soft voice broke through her musings. She glanced up at him, they had stopped at a large cliff, overlooking a waterfall. Surely they weren't planning on sparring here, what if one of them fell over the cliff? She decided to just trust them, and leaned against a tree off the side of the cliff, watching the two swordsmen as they got into position.

Then, as if by some unseen signal, they leapt into action, Tomoe couldn't stop a gasp from escaping, she couldn't even see them move! She knew that Kenshin was fast, but this…this was just plain amazing!

All she could tell that the two were still fighting was the clang of metal as they attempted to hit each other. Then, just as abruptly as they began, they reappeared in the same position, this time with their swords in front of them. Tomoe was shocked to see that, although they had completely destroyed all of the flora in the surrounding area they were both relatively untouched.

If this was their skill level…she could see just how Kenshin had managed to earn himself the nickname 'swordsman of legends'. Now the one question that remained was who would win? She knew Kenshin was exceedingly powerful, but this was his teacher, the person who taught him everything he knew. He was sure to know all of Kenshin's tricks and could retaliate with his own. And it was quite obvious that Hiko had more physical strength then Kenshin did.

Her attention returned to the two swordsmen as Hiko took a stance, with his cloak swirling around him. She watched as Kenshin took a similar, but slightly different stance. Her breath caught in her throat as she realised what it was. Battoujuttsu. The art of unsheathing the sword at god-like speed, and Kenshin's trademark attack, the technique that gave him the nickname of Battousai the Manslayer.

She also knew that Kenshin was perfect at this technique. She knew Hiko was incredibly confident, but to use Kenshin's favourite and fastest attack against him? He didn't know what he was dealing with.

What she didn't realise was, that this was Seijurou Hiko the 13th we were talking about.

Master and apprentice regarded each other warily. Or at least Kenshin regarded his master warily. Hiko, on the other hand, held a small flicker of pride for his idiot apprentice. He had improved, he usually couldn't last this long against him in a spar. He still couldn't beat Seijurou Hiko though.

The two sprung into action, unsheathing their sword blindingly fast, and, although only a master would have noticed, Hiko unsheathed his word just a tad faster than Kenshin. Kenshin just barely managed to parry Hikos and was caught off guard when Hiko then brought his sheath down on the teenager, hitting him on the side, hard.

Kenshin groaned and curled into a ball. His head already hurt from where Hiko had hit him earlier, and now his side hurt to. Just why had Tomoe had to end up in Hikos grasp anyway? This was his last thought as he passed out.

Hiko smirked as he sheathed his sword. He sensed, rather than saw, the woman go to her husband. She shouldn't bother, nothing short of a burst of cold water would wake that baka up, come to think of it that was a good idea…

((())) Embarrassing Moments ((()))

Here are the embarrassing moments that I gathered up, just a list I though you might like to see!

Wetting the Bed – Age 11

Falling into the waterfall while trying to fish

Getting bitten by bees because he wanted to make the hive more 'pretty'

Telling him to turn around and hitting him

Getting sick

Getting lost in woods chasing a rabbit

First girl he met

His voice cracking

Kenshin falling into the river

Learning the facts of life

((())) Kenshin drunk and spills about the kids ((()))

"Oww," Kenshin moaned softly. So far, Hiko had managed to give his baka deshi about 6 jugs of sake, which was apparently enough for him to fall hopelessly drunk. Tomoe thought it was hilarious, she had never seen Kenshin without his full emotionless mask of self control on.

Hiko only smirked and poured himself and his apprentice some more sake. Now was the perfect time to get Kenshin a little bit more humiliated in front of his wife. "So," he said, thinking about what to ask, that would humiliate his apprentice. "Just what have you two been up to these last few months?"

Tomoe nearly choked and was about to tell Hiko that they had done nothing to do with what he was thinking about when Kenshin spoke first, slurring slightly. "Nothing much…just medicine and gardening…only bad thing that happened was those damned kids."

Hiko was disappointed in the lack of ammunition he was given, but then he realized what Kenshin had said. "Wait a minute, what kids," he asked, raising an eyebrow at his drunken student. Tomoe was likewise curious, the only children they had met at Otsu, were when they came to play, and Kenshin always enjoyed it, he had never found it annoying, at least not to her knowledge.

"Yea, kids. I was looking for that Akane, to try and find Tomoe and alls of a sudden all of these kids attack me from out of nowhere, and they tripped me up and everything," said Kenshin still slurring, looking at the table glassy-eyed.

Kids? Attacking Kenshin? And managing to knock him over? Oh, how the Shinsengumi would love that one!

But unfortunately for Kenshin, he couldn't stop talking so told them the rest. "Yea, and then they start playing with my hair and then they tried to plait it!"

Neither Hiko nor Tomoe could control their laughter on that one, the most infamous assassin in the history of Japan, getting attacked by a bunch of kids, losing to them and having them plait his hair? That was just to rich.

And, just to add something else to Hikos list, Kenshin gulped back some more sake, and promptly passed out for the second time that night.

((())) Saito and Okita ((()))

Just a little something I wrote for those that were disappointed that Saito and Okita never found out that Kenshin was the one Hiko was talking about. They don't find out about that, but they do find out about the kids.

Hajime Saito and Souji Okita were in an office at Shinsengumi main headquarters. Saito had just finished 'training' his and Okita's squads, the ones that were too scared to climb the mountain. They were currently wishing that they had no idea what a sword was. Saito did not go easy on them.

"Kogoro Katsura has risen again," said Okita mildly.

"I know. And with him, Battousai will no doubt follow," answered Saito, sitting down and polishing his sword.

"Speaking of Battousai, we have a contact who said he has information about something that happened in the last few months," said Okita, glancing at his comrade.

Saito didn't even look up from his blade. "That's good."

Several minutes later, a young man, a merchant, entered. He had black hair, cut short as a westerner would have it, and a hooked nose. He bowed to the two captains, who merely nodded their heads to show he should tell them what information he had.

"A few months ago, a little while after the Ikedaya affair, Battousai was spotted at Otsu. We knew it was him, no mistaking that hair or the cut on his cheek. My contact told me, that he seemed quite agitated as though he was looking for something. A friend of his told him that apparently he was looking for some woman. Anyways, next thing he sees is Battousai getting piled on by a bunch of kids. Then they trip him up and starts playing with his hair, according to my contact they plaited it and all! It took him a few minutes to get rid of them."

Saito and Okita could feel their jaws drop, and couldn't do a thing to stop them. Even after the merchant politely bowed out, it took them a few minutes to regain their voices.

"I-impossible. Right?" asked Okita, sounding unsure. The same thought was running through both of their heads.

Battousai the Manslayer, the legend of the night, the demon of Kyoto and the most feared man in all of Japan had been outsmarted, not by the Shinsengumi but by a…dozen KIDS!

If it weren't for the fact that it was impossible to mistake Battousai, after all who else had bright red hair and a cut on his left cheek, Saito and Okita would never have believed it.

Needless to say, they were to shocked to do much for the rest of the day.

((())) May 1878 ((()))

This is just a few paragraphs, but I liked it so I thought I'd add it! By the way this is after Kenshin tests him but before he asks for the final attack.

He'd changed. Hiko could see that without even bothering to sense his ki. His eyes were haunted, no matter how much he tried to hide it, to Hiko it was obvious. They were the eyes of someone who had seen to much horror. And who wouldn't look like that, after what he'd seen and done?

But…Hiko couldn't shake off the relief that he felt when he realized that Kenshin had survived. It seemed that somehow Tomoe had managed to continue to be his sheath, even in death. But…he was alive, and definitely still sane, but did he still hold the compassion and the life that had set him apart all those years ago?

There was only one way to find.

(((())) Authors Note ((()))

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