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Story: Lifeline

Chapter One: Hidden Discovery

Olivia stared at the empty desk across from her and wondered, where the hell is he? Forever she had loved Elliot. She was born to love him. She could never tell him that. No, no way in hell she could ever let her guard down enough for him to discover the way she loved him. Sure, he was still the only man that knows her above all else. Still, Elliot Stabler was her hidden Knight in Shining Armor, but she couldn't let him see her love and passion for him. Yes, he was a divorced man. But he was her partner. Her lifeline. She stared at his empty desk and remembered the day she met him.

Olivia was standing at the stairs of the 1-6 precinct and hesitated entering the doors. She knew that her dreams and nightmares would become a reality once she entered that building. Ever since the discovery of her mother's rape, Olivia vowed to become a cop and work in the Special Victims Unit, otherwise known as sex crimes. She wanted to fight the battle she was destined to fight. She was destined to fight against men like her father.

As she was about to open the door, someone pulled on the same door and, from sheer force, she landed on top of him. She landed on a body she would have sworn was made of steel. She moved her hair from her face and her eyes landed upon the most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen. She was breathless and was lost. She smiled at the person beneath her until she heard a grunt above them. That ended her daze and she immediately began to apologize and tried to help the man up. "It's okay, your fine," he kept repeating to her. She flashed him an embarrassed but confident smile and looked toward her superior.

"And who may you be?" the balding man asked.

She moved her hand to shake the man's hand and answered, "I am Officer Olivia Benson and I am here for the detective position."

"Well, that's good," she heard the man beast, im sorry, the man she landed on top of, say behind her. "You, my lady, are my new partner. I am Detective Elliot Stabler." He flashed her a heart melting smile. The combination of his eyes and that smile is going to kill her one day, she thought.

"Nice to meet you," she said shaking his hand.

"Well, since you two now know each other, Stabler, take her to the crime scene. Then get to the ME's office and find out anything about this serial rapist."

"Yes sir." He said in reply. "Benson, lets head out."

"Thank you," Olivia said looking back at her new boss.

When they reached the car, she noticed he opened the car door for her and she smiled at him. His eyes danced in the light and she was falling for this newly found hero in every second. "Welcome to Special Victims, Benson. And since this is your first day of the job, I will let you in on a secret." He drove to a Starbucks Drive Threw just passed the station and flashed her another smile. "Always drink coffee. This, my partner, is your lifeline."

That was eight years ago. Eight years of trauma. Eight years of heart ache. Eight years of unspoken truths and tears. She wouldn't give up two minutes of her past with that man. She would never chance losing Elliot Stabler again.


Cragen's yell snapped her out of her daze and she looked up at her boss. "Get your ass in my office, now Benson!" She got up and moved into the office. "Shut the door," he instructed her. Once she did she looked back at him for further direction. "Have a seat." She did so. "What is wrong with you today? You look like you are in another world."

"Nothings wrong. Im just tired." That was partially true. They had just finished working a four day case.

"Then I suggest you get some coffee or take a quick nap in the crib or something. You cannot be falling asleep on the job!"

"Have I ever done that, Captain? Have I ever been that reckless?"

"No, not yet. I just don't want you day dreaming or whatever the hell it is you were doing when you could be moving your ass. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Cragen. It is clear." She said harshly.

He looked at his detective and saw her spark come back. He knew what buttons to press to make sure each of his detectives worked at the best of their ability. But Olivia was different. She had different reasons for joining the squad. He has always been impressed with her work ethic and her passion. She and Stabler fit together. His fatherly and her motherly relationship had brought in many perps and have brought a new light to the squad. It has only made New York safer.

He coughed and moved back behind his desk. "Benson, I need you to go to the hospital and interview a victim. Mercy General just called and they said that she knows who did this to her. It should be an open-shut case. Can you do that?"

"What about Stabler?" she asked. "Where is he?"

"He will be here tomorrow. He had some personal affair to take care of."

"Captain, Elliot's been divorced for at least a year. He shouldn't be handling legal affairs. Captain, tell me where my partner is. Where is Elliot?"

"Olivia, he will be here tomorrow. Now no more questions or I will have your badge! Is that understood Detective Benson?"

"Yes sir." As the room filled with silence for a few more moments, Olivia stood up and began to head out. "Benson, do what I said. Go to Mercy General. As I said, it should be an open-shut case."

"I understand."

As Olivia drove down the streets of New York toward the hospital, she was furious. How dare Cragen not tell her where Elliot is? He was her partner. She had a right to know. And where was Elliot? Why wouldn't he tell her where he was? Those questions filled her mind as she entered the hospital. She walked through the East Wing doors and found a nurse at the front desk. "Hello. My name is Detective Benson and I am here to see a rape victim. We got a call saying that she is ready to talk to us."

"Oh yes, Ms. Grover. She is in room 219."

"Thank you." As she wandered the white halls, her eyes landed on the patient in room 214. She looked in and saw a familiar face. He was lying in the bed in his gown as blood was being removed in several tubes. He was connected to several monitors and his IV was draped over his Marine tattoo. She stared into the room with tears in her eyes and hoarsely whispered to herself, "Elliot?"

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