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30 years later

"Clark! Clark!"

"Yeah, mom?"

"Is Rachel coming here before the ceremony?"

Clark made his presence known in the room and looked at his mother. She was beautiful in his eyes. Her hair had been dyed continuously since he was in his teens, but he could still see shades and strips of silver in her hair line.

She was wearing a dress jacket and a skirt. She still wore her wedding ring and it made him smile. He only wishes for a love like the one she has for his father. He would have loved to meet him. To see him. To call him Daddy while passing the football in the living room with his mother yelling at them. Everyone has told him that he was a good man. A strong man. That was Clark's invisible standard in life... to make his father proud.

Around Olivia's neck was a locket that made Clark's heart clench. He remembered buying that for her. That memory so clear...

It was the Christmas when he was seven years old. Clark had always seen his mother cry when he thought she wasn't being watched. He would hear her call for him when he would wake her up in the mornings. He would see the pillows on one side of her bed in hopes to replace him. He sees his father's pictures next to ones of him and his on her night stand.

Clark had woken up before his mother in the excitement of maybe seeing Santa. He saw his toys under the tree from him and he squeals, but he knows he doesn't have the one thing he really wants for Christmas... his father.

Instead of dwelling on that fact, the seven year old rushes into his room and looks under his bed. He finds it... the gift he bought for his mother. He smiles and looks at the wrapping and laughs to himself, "I may not be as good as Santa's elves, but I think I might make her happy..."

Olivia was standing the doorway watching her son and she felt tears rush to her eyes. She swallowed her tears and knocked on her door, "Baby, did you look at the presents Santa left for you?"

"Yeah, they are so cool! Do you wanna open them now?" He asked with a jump.

"Now, now... don't you want to wait for Jake and Maureen, Donny and Kathleen and Jessica, Dickie and Lizzie?"

"No, I want to open them now. And remember, Donny and Kathleen aren't coming today."

"Oh, thats right. Well, why don't we see what Santa left for you for christmas."

He jumped but kept a grip on his mother's present and ran into the living room. He placed it next to him as he opened his gifts. They laughed and played. Yes, Olivia knew this Santa stage wouldn't last much longer, but she loved his innocence.

All of his gifts were unwrapped and Olivia started to clean up. She was about to go into the kitchen when she felt a tug at her leg. "Mama..."

"What baby?"

"You forgot your present."

"My present?" She asked with a smile. She assumed it was another class project.

"Yeah!" He moved behind him and grabbed the box and handed it to her while his eyes danced in delight. "Mama open it!"

"Okay, baby." She pulled him up on her lap and carefully unwrapped the box. She felt the velvet, but thought nothing of it. She never guess what she was about to open...

It was a platinum locket. A heart. She looked up at her son and he was smiling jumping. "Mama, Grampa Don and Uncle Munch and Uncle Fin helped me! Isn't it great! Open it!"

She opened the precious locket and she felt her tears begin to choke her. It was hers and Elliot's wedding kiss picture... one of her prized possessions. It was smaller, but it fit inside one side of the platinum heart. On the other side was a picture of Clark.

Tears dropped from her eyes and she looked at her son in her lap. His eyes went from happy to concerned and he wiped away her tears. "No tears Mama. I thought you would like it. Why are you sad? Is it not what you wanted."

She cried and held him close to her. "Oh Clark, it is the best gift you could have ever given me. Thank you my boy. I love you so much." She kissed the top of his head and cried. Happy and loving tears and loving her son. "I love you Clark."

"Mama, I hear you crying and it makes me sad. I want to make you feel better, but you know a seven year old can't do everything," he said proudly holding up seven fingers.

Olivia smiled and held him closer as she listened to her son talk. He sounded so much like Elliot that it took her breath away. "My friend, Rachel, had a locket around her neck one day at school. I told her it looked pretty and she showed me her mama's and daddy's picture in it. So I thought you might like one too, so you wouldn't cry about Daddy so much."

Olivia felt more tears stream down her face and she kissed the top of her son's head. "Thank you, Clark. It was the best present! I love you, my boy."

"Im Daddy's boy too!" He said standing with pride with his magnificent blue eyes sparkling like the christmas blubs on the tree. She chuckled at the sight. He was the image of her Elliot, except for the fact that Clark had her nose.

"I love you, Clark. Merry Christmas."

"I love you too, Mama..."


Clark snapped back into reality and saw his mother standing in front of him. "What did you ask, Mom? Im sorry."

"I was asking if Rach was coming to the house before the ceremony."

"No, she is going to meet us at the center."

"Do you have the ring?"

Clark smiled and felt the velvet box in his pocket. "Yeah, Mom. I got it."

Olivia took a look at her son. It brought tears to her eyes. He was so much like his father. Clark was truly Elliot and Olivia Stabler's son. He had his confidence and stride, but had her understanding for victims.

She saw him in his uniform and smiled. He was going to be promoted to detective. She was so proud of him. After his time in the Marines, he went and enrolled in the academy. With the help of his parent's popularity at the NYPD squads, he made his way up the ranks. Now he was going to be a detective working under Captain Odafin Tutuola's squad. She knew it would have made Elliot proud.

There was a knock at the door. "Mom, you want me to get that?"

"Yeah, baby. Thanks."

He left the room and she stood looking at her pictures of her and Elliot and her and Clark. She missed Elliot every moment of every day. She loved their son. He was everything to her and she saw so much of Elliot in him all the time. It was great. Her reason for continuing on...

She looked at their wedding kiss photo and smiled. She sat on the bed and picked it up, bringing it to her chest. "I miss you, baby," she whispered. "You would be so proud of Clark. I have a feeling that Rachel is going to say Yes to Clark's proposal tonight. They have been friends for years. I am shocked that no one has married her yet. But Im glad it is going to be Clark. She will take care of him..."

She looked down at the photo and smiled. "I will love you, forever baby. I better go out and check on our boy." She leaned down and kissed the side of the photo with his face and placed it back on her night stand.

Clark made his way to the door and saw a woman outside. She was holding a letter and a clipboard. He opened it and smiled at her a famous Stabler grin. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, are you Clark Stabler?"

"That would be me, mam."

"Sign here." He signed the dotted line and took the letter from her hands. He closed the door and made his way to the couch. It said nothing on the outside.

He sat down and carefully opened the envelope. There he found a letter.

My son.

I hope you know that I miss and love you and your mother deeply. I know that she never got a chance to tell me, but I had a feeling you were there...

I hope you know in your heart that I watched over you growing up. Though I wasn't there physically, I was there in the wind. I was there in the sun and I was there with the rain. I want you to know that I will always be there. Forever.

I hope you turned out like your mother. She is the most amazing woman... no, human being I had ever known. She lives with so much love and I bet that she raised you with that strength.

I want you to know that I would have... no, am proud to call you my son. Please take care of your mother. I will love you both... forever.

Be good my boy. I will watch over you always... I love you.

Your father...

Elliot Stabler.

Clark stared at the letter in amazement and cried silently. This was the closest he had ever felt to his father in his entire existence. Everything made sense now. Why he was living and how he always felt protected... his father was beside him the entire time.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and found his mother with concern in her eyes. "What is it, Clark?"

He whispered hoarsely, "Dad..."

She took the letter and read it with tears falling fast down her face. Clark pulled her toward her and cried with her. They weren't mourning... they were loving and embracing.

The moment was long, and Olivia remembered the ceremony. She wiped the tears away from his face and smiled at Clark. "You will be good, my boy. Go on now."

He kissed her forehead and folded the letter up. He slid it into the envelope and slid it into his coat. He smiled and led them out of the apartment.


Olivia came home that night happy. The ceremony was beautiful. Clark was the image of his father as he accepted his position under Fin's squad. She sat with Rachel and cheered on for her son.

The dinner afterwards was full of celebration and promise. Rachel said Yes to Clark's proposal. They were going to be married soon. Olivia was confident that she was leaving her son in wonderful, caring hands.

Olivia dressed into some comfortable pajamas and slipped into their bed. She looked at their picture at the night stand and she smiled. "Goodnight my love, I love you." She fell into a gentle sleep.


When she woke up the next morning, she wasn't in her apartment. No, she was in a white feathery place. She felt young and alive. When she looked down, she was. No more aged skin. No scars.

Simply Olivia.

She looked up and saw only one man staring at her.

Her Elliot.


He smiled and they ran into each others arms and kissed passionately. Years of being apart and now they were together and would live in their love... forever.