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Chapter One

"They say you never truly appreciate something until it is gone…"

Sakura's fingers trembled as her eyes wearily scanned the luxuriously decorated piece of parchment in front of her. She had read the contents of the letter over and over, yet none of the information seemed to sink in. The paper was velvety, and had beautiful golden script written on it. Over and over the Haruno girl read it, but she just couldn't believe her eyes.

Sakura Haruno,

You are cordially invited to attend the joining of Sasuke Uchiha and Takara Kido in holy matrimony on this joyous occasion in which they shall celebrate their love for each other.


May Twenty Fifth,

At seven o' clock at night

Behind it was another letter, not as fancily done as the letter before it but was still elegant nonetheless. This one read-

Sakura Haruno,

Nara Shikamaru and Miyu Ishiguru request the pleasure of your presence on their wedding day.

On Friday,

May Twenty Fifth, following the wedding of Sasuke Uchiha and Takara Kido

So it was a double wedding. Sakura sucked in a deep breath and steadily placed the letters back on the kitchen counter, lest her tears ruin them. Her eyes sparkled with tears waiting to spill over, lip quivering ever so slightly. Beside her, her best friend Ino Yamanaka was busily sobbing and pounding her fist on the granite countertop.

"Why?" she wailed, "Why is this happening?" Ino only cried harder and slapped the letters to the floor, not wanting to look at them. She had gotten invitations also.

All color had drained from the Haruno girl's face as she slowly walked over to her sofa, sitting down stiffly. She buried her head in her hands and silently let the tears fall. Her throat had completely closed up and her lungs had suddenly found it very difficult to breathe.

"This can't be happening," Sakura whispered.

On the other side of the room, Ino was busy destroying things. Her mind was clouded over with a number of emotions- hurt, rejection, pain, anger. The list was endless. The platinum blonde screamed and punched the wall, leaving a crater in her wake. She then walked over to her invitations, took one last spiteful look at them, and threw them out the window.

Sakura sank down to the floor. Her viridian eyes were now dull, as if they lacked life. Her skin was so deathly pale, and her face was streaked with tears.

Ino's chest heaved up and down as slumped against the wall. She turned her puffy red eyes toward her best friend. "Oh, Sakura!" she wailed and ran over to her best friend.

The strawberry haired jounin glanced sadly at her friend and then buried her face in her shoulder. Instantly, a torrent of cries was released.

"Why!" Sakura screamed, "What did I do to deserve this!"

Together the girls cried for the rest of the night, oblivious to anything that went on around them. A few of the neighbors had knocked curiously to see what the commotion was all about, but the girls simply ignored them, concerned only with releasing their anguish.

By around 2am, the girls had managed to calm down. Ino's tantrum had completely worn her out, so she was sleeping it off. Sakura just laid on the floor next to Ino, staring at the ceiling above. The girls shared an apartment together since they had become best friends again. A heavy sigh escaped her lips.

The wedding invitations had come as a complete shock to the girls. Sakura had totally expected Shikamaru to marry Ino, since the two were so perfect for each other. Shikamaru was Ino's best friend, aside from Sakura, and the two had even went on a few dates.

And Sasuke… well, Sakura knew that the cold-hearted Uchiha boy considered her nothing higher than dirt, but she had always held out hope that he would someday change. She was wrong. Sakura wiped her eyes. The boys had left on a mission to help out a village about three months ago and they were expected to return today. Instead, the girls got invitations to their weddings.

The moment Ino read it, her heart shattered and she began sobbing uncontrollably. As soon as Sakura got home, Ino thrust the letter into her hands. Sakura's whole world fell apart too.

So now here she was, wallowing in her own grief. When someone you truly love suddenly runs off with another woman, it tends to hurt. A lot. Sakura sighed and closed her eyes. No matter how empty she felt inside, she knew that was Sasuke and Shikamaru's decisions and there was nothing she could do to change it. Poor Ino and she would just have to learn to move on. Well, the wedding was about a month away it'd be rude if they didn't attend the weddings. Sakura mentally made a note to herself to buy a new kimono for the occasion. Sakura sighed one last time before drifting off to sleep.

"Hey! Have you heard? Sasuke Uchiha is having a wedding!"

"Really? To whom?"

"She doesn't live in Konoha but he plans to bring her here. Her name's Takeru or something."

"Takeru? That's a boy's name!"

"…So? What if he's gay?"

The man who said that received a punch from his wife, who used to be a loyal Sasuke fan girl. "Idiot."

"Hey, yeah! I heard Nara Shikamaru is getting married also! And it isn't a girl we know either."

"Wasn't he going to have a double wedding with Sasuke?"

The rumors spread around like wildfire the minute those invitations were received. Sakura and Ino bent their heads down as they strode through the center of the bustling marketplace, desperately trying to tune out all the gossip.

"Wait, isn't that the Yamanaka girl? And Miss Sakura?"

"Oh yeah. Shh, don't speak too loudly; I think they used to be in love with Nara and Sasuke."

"Poor things. They must be heartbroken."

"I wonder if they got an invitation too."

"Probably not. I heard that the Uchiha despised Miss Sakura."

"WOULD YOU ALL SHUT UP!" Sakura and Ino screamed as they whirled around and faced the frightened villagers. Ino snarled at them. "Yeah we got invitations, and we just so happen to be delighted for the new couple!"

The villagers gulped and hid behind their stalls. A few seconds passed and one of the villagers whispered into his friend's ear. "Yeah, I think she's pissed over the wedding."

Ino threw up her hands in frustration. Sakura stepped forward. "Please excuse us, we're running late for an appointment." The pink haired nin then grabbed Ino by the shoulders and pushed her through the crowd.

As they left, more villagers began to catch sight of them and ran up to them, saying things like "Are you alright? My heart broke when I learned my boyfriend was leaving me too."

"Do you girls want some chocolate? They see chocolate eases the soul."

A more hateful citizen said "Pbfft, serves you girls right. Always pining for a man that you knew would never be yours."

Both females grew immensely irritated by how brash the Konoha citizens were. Ino and Sakura weaved through the thick crowd and brushed off housewives who stared at them in sympathy. Sakura and Ino panted as they managed to escape into an alley. "Man," Ino said breathlessly, "Don't these people know how what personal space is?"

"Apparently not," Sakura breathed. "Well, we've got to get to Hokage tower now and see if we got missions."

Ino nodded and followed her friend. As they dove through the mass of people, two familiar faces caught up to them.

"Ino! Sakura!" Tenten said as she grabbed their arms. "Did you guys get invitations?" Hinata ran up beside them.

"Not this again," the blonde grumbled.

"Yes, we did." Sakura replied calmly.

Tenten and Hinata's jaws dropped at how calm the Haruno girl sounded. They thought she would burst out in a sea of tears and throw a tantrum or something. "Are you okay?"

"We're fine," Ino said. The benefit of being a ninja was that lying was easy.

"B-But," Hinata sputtered, "D-Doesn't any of t-this f-faze you at all?"

"No. In fact, we're actually happy for the new couples. It's about time those boys found a good woman that would take care of them." Ino laughed but only Sakura knew it was a hollow laugh.

"We've got to get going now," Sakura bowed, "Tsunade-sama is expecting us at the office."

As soon as the two best friends departed, Tenten and Hinata glanced worriedly at each other. "A-Are they g-going to be okay?"

Tenten sighed. "They're strong girls. I think they'll pull through."

Sakura's pale fingers wrapped around the metal doorknob of Tsunade's office as she turned it and stepped in. Ino followed. "Did you want to see…us?" Both girls froze as they entered the room. There, standing before the Hokage's desk were the very two men that had made them weep so profusely last night. They had probably just returned from their mission and were filling Tsunade in on the details. Standing beside them were two lovely young ladies, each clinging to their lover's arms for dear life. Ino bit her lip and fought back a few tears. Sakura stared with a stony face.

"So, what are our missions today?" the viridian eyed female acted as if nothing was wrong.

"Ah, Sakura, Ino," Tsunade motioned for them to come in, "You girls are late." Sasuke and Shikamaru watched them enter.

"Kakashi must be rubbing off on me," Sakura shrugged.

"The streets were so crowded this morning," Ino huffed, "I was afraid that I might have had to get Chouji to bowl a path through the crowd for me."

Tsunade laughed.

"Well," Sakura said as she turned around, "Sasuke, Shikamaru, I see you two have returned."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted.

"Yes," Shikamaru mumbled.

"I take it these two charming ladies are your fiancées? Would you mind introducing them, please?" The Haruno girl smiled.

The Hokage looked a bit disheartened. She glanced worriedly at her apprentice. Though it was hardly noticeable, Tsunade knew Sakura was secretly itching to leave the room. "Sakura, Ino, this is Miyu Ishiguru- Shikamaru's fiancée."

The girl bowed, her auburn hair falling in front of her face slightly. She stood up and looked at Ino with bright olive eyes. "Glad to meet you." The Yamanaka girl's eyes saddened at the small female. She looked bright and hyper, sort of like a child.

"Yup," Ino shook her hand. Shikamaru studied Ino's face closely and tightened his grip on Miyu. "Oh relax, I won't bite her."

Shikamaru's eyebrow twitched. Miyu looked confused.

Ino smirked at her. "Shikamaru used to be my teammate, and knows that I can be loud and impulsive sometimes."

"Ah," Miyu grinned, "I understand."

"Troublesome." Nara looked away.

Tsunade frowned at the blonde. "And this is Takara Kido, Sasuke's fiancée."

"Hi," Sakura offered her hand to the woman. The Haruno girl used this opportunity to get a good look at Takara. She had narrow violet eyes and dark scarlet tresses that fell in smooth waves down the small of her back. Sasuke seemed to notice Sakura examining Takara and pulled her closer to him. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Takara said. She had a mature, seductive voice. Beautiful with a slightly deadly touch. The perfect woman for Sasuke. Sakura sighed.Takaradidn't shake Sakura's hand and merely opted to glare at it. Sakura narrowed her eyes and drew back.

"So," Sakura turned back to her boss, "What are our missions today?"

"You two are to visit the Village Hidden in the Trees(A/N: Yes I made it up. Bite me! AGH! NO I DIDN'T MEAN IT!)," Tsunade handed them two scrolls, "It had just recently been attacked by bandits and they've requested our help guarding them as they rebuild. Another jounin will be sent with you- his name is Keiji. You three will leave in 3 weeks."

Ino and Sakura nodded. As they left, they turned back towards their former teammates and their fiancées. "It's good to see you back again, Sasuke and Shikamaru. And Miyu, Takara, it's been a pleasure meeting you." And with that the girls closed the door behind them.

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