A/n: Okay people, bare with me on this one its an idea in formation and I'm not quite sure where it's going to take me so here goes!

Full Summary:

Hunter and Morgan aged 21 and 23, living together in Widows Vale. Anew witch comes to town and she's taken a very strong liking to Hunter. What will happen and how will Morgan react? Are they really soul mates after all?

There he stood, like a statue of a god, his pale skin, his perfectly sculptured bone structure. The wind blew harshly around him, making his light blonde hair blow wildly with it.

After a few short minutes his eyes opened revealing two deep pools of sea green, he looked off the cliffs edge at the view of the world below and took a few deep breaths and turned around to see something more beautiful then the breath taking view behind him. The deep brown eyes, the strong nose, beautiful long brown hair and a slender body.

"Morgan." He said, "My love? What are you doing here?" he went over to her and rested his warm palm on her cheek and planted the softest kiss on the tip of her nose. "I followed you," she replied truthfully, "Is this where you've been coming to every night for the last three weeks?" Hunter nodded, "Yes, I find it and amazing place to meditate, its so calming and peaceful" he informed her in that crisp British accent that sends Morgan weak at the knees.

She smiled at him, "it is beautiful," she agreed; Hunter smiled and took her hand in his as they started their walk back home.

The pair had now bought the house that Hunter and his cousin Sky rented when they first came to Widow's Vale, except Sky was now in England looking to buy a house with her new Girlfriend Camryn.

Hunter couldn't help but cringe when he saw Morgan's car sitting by the side walk outside their home, the sides all hammered out and were speckled grey from an accident she had a few years ago and the bonnet was still blue which stood out terribly from the rest of the car which was white, it was a paint job that was never got around too, and besides it was well past it's life expectancy, he wanted to get her a newer car for her birthday but wondered if she would take offence, which knowing Morgan and the love of her huge American tin can, she would.

"So have you been studying more of the astrology charts I gave you?" Hunter asked when they walked into the house. "Yes," Morgan replied, recently Hunter had been giving Morgan immense amounts of studying because he thought she was almost ready for to make her initiation and if she were to be able to protect herself fully and gain control of all her powers she would really have to do it soon. "But, I already had most of that knowledge stored away in my Alyce files." Morgan continued, referring to a ritual she and a good friend Alyce went through when Morgan was new and unwise to the craft, a tath meanma brac, basically they just swapped the entirety of each other's knowledge and learning. So Morgan was able to defend herself better from the dangers that were constantly after her. But none of that now, not since Selene, not since Cal and not since her Father and Amyranth. Morgan shook the painful memories away.

"I can't believe I'm making my initiation soon, its about time, its next Beltane, I can't wait!" Hunter smiled "And I can't believe I'm graduating college on friday! Goddess knows what I want to do!" "You'll find your calling one day" Hunter assured her, "Just as I have found mine" He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead.

Hunter had long left the council and he was setting up his new council called the New Charter, momentarily he was working on opening a new school in Widow's Vale for young witches in training. He was hoping Morgan would help him on this one and perhaps would like to be the headmistress; she would make a brilliant role model for the students. The school was built and everything was in place, all they needed now were staff, students and a good reputation. Which reminded him, he had a few teacher interviews in the Morning.

The next Morning Morgan got up and went to do her final college exam and then drove to Practical Magick to see an old friend.

The bell above the door jingled as she walked through, "Morgan! Welcome!" said a familiar voice, Alyce walked round from behind the counter arms outstretched and took Morgan into an embrace, "Hello Alyce" Morgan said, "How are you?" "I'm wonderful my dear, and how are you? How's college?" Alyce passed her employer and friend, "Would you cover for me please, Finn, me and Morgan need a little chat,"

Alyce took Morgan into the back room and put the kettle on. "So what are you going to do with yourself now?" Alyce asked, "A witch with a power like yours was meant for greatness and good," Morgan smiled, you couldn't not smile at Alyce's warmth. "I'm still not sure Alyce, Hunter's finally figured out his destiny and he's opening this school, I'm sure he wants me to run it but I don't think I'll be any good at it, I'm scared I'll let him down" "Oh my dear, you'll be wonderful at it! I can really imagine you being really good and besides, you'll never know if you don't give it a try. Where is Hunter now?" "He's down at the school interviewing teachers," Morgan told her, "Well what are you still doing here, get down there and tell him you want to do it! I know you want to, go! Find out what your destiny is!"

"Yeah!" Morgan stood up, "Thank you, Alyce" she kissed her dear friends cheek and left, climbed into her beloved Das Boot and drove off toward the school.