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"I want to see her Hunter, where did they take her?" Morgan cried out, Hunter took her hand and stroked it, "She's fine Love, she's fine, they just took her and put her in the incubator and are giving her oxygen"

"Why can't I see her? When can I hold her?" Morgan ranted

"She's fine, Miss Rowlands" the blonde haired nurse said, "she's breathing fine, she's just resting in the incubator, she's very healthy, but I suggest she's stays here for a while.

"Can we see her? Morgan's a bit distressed" Hunter asked, "We'll wheel her into you for a bit, Morgan needs to rest after the C-section" Hunter nodded, the nurse dissapeared into the next room and shortly reappeared with the incubator, she stopped it next to the bed so Morgan can see her, Morgan cried, "I'll leave you alone for a while" the nurse said and left the room.

"See look there she is, she's fine look, you heard the nurse, Cal was right" Morgan nodded, "I know" she said, "She's just so small, it's killing me that I can't hold her, it's painful just to see her so helpless in there"

Hunter kissed Morgan's forehead, "We did it." he said, "We're parents" Morgan smiled, "That's baby girl, Morgan""Moira," she said, Hunter looked at her, "What?" "That'sher name, Moira, I'm also giving her the middle name of Fiona in honour of your mother" Hunter's face lit up, "Really?" Morgan nodded "Really" she said. "Moira Fiona Niall" Morgan said trying it out, "Sounds okay doesn't it?" Hunter nodded smiling,

"What about Morgan Niall?" Hunter then said, "How does that sound?"

Morgan smiled, "I think that sounds good" she said, Hunter pulled his chair closer to Morgan's bedside and pulled a small black box from his pocket. "This is for you" he said, opening the box he pulled out a small diamond on a gold band, "Morgan Rowland's, mother of my child, will you marry me?"

Morgan smiled, "Yes," he stood and kissed her gently on the lips and then when he sat back down he took her hand and kissed that too, "I'm so pleased, I love you," he said, "I love you too".

"We're getting married" Morgan said with a big grin, Hunter smiled, "We are," he replied

Just then the nurse came in, "I've got a few family members here to see you, is it okay for them to come in?"

The couple nodded, the nurse nodded and left, entering the room came Bree, Robbie, Mary K and Morgan's parents "Hello sweetheart how are you feeling?" Morgan's mom, Mary Grace asked, "Exhausted but the happiest woman in the world" Everyone smiled, "Oh my god, Morgan, she's gorgeous!" Mary K exclaimed,"I can't believe how incredibly small she is" Robbie said

"What do I see on your ring finger Morgan?" Bree asked, "Oh my god! Are you two engaged!" Hunter nodded, "Yes we are"

"I wish you all the best sweetie,"said Morgan's dad Sean, he kissed his daughter on the forehead, "Hunter" he then said, Hunter stood up to meet him face to face, "Look after my daughter" he said shaking his hand, "And look after yours" he said looking down at the child in the incubator

"Morgan it must be heartbreaking to see her like that" Mary Grace said, Morgan nodded, "Yes, it is, but I know she's going to be fine, I just can't wait to hold her"

"What's her name?" Sean asked, "Have you got one for her yet?" Morgan nodded, "Yes, Moira Fiona Niall" She replied

"I like it, it suits her" Mary Grace said,

The nurse came back in, "I'm afraid you'll all have to leave now, we need to take the baby back into recovery and Morgan I'm sure needs a lot of rest," she took the incubator and wheeled it away,

"Bye, Morgan" they all said as they left, "Bye Hunter,"

Soon Morgan and Hunter were left alone in the room, Morgan looked up at her fiancee and smiled "We're a family"