Feeding Time

Kyp Durron snapped out of his reverie. He was in a dark, musty-smelling room with several ysalamiri stuck to the ceiling. The dim, yellowish glowpanels flickered occasionally, casting the room into darkness at random. He tried to get up, but couldn't feel his legs. He glared at the ysalamiri. Damn things were blocking the Force from entering his prison. The ysalamiri merely crawled around on the ceiling, which appeared to be made of plastiform. Kyp lay down tiredly, feeling nauseous.

The door to the room opened, and a man about two meters tall entered, flanked by two robed figures. Kyp looked him over, noting his exquisitely embroidered clothes, mother-of-pearl buttons, and the two cross-draw blasters in their holsters on his seemingly genuine dewback-leather belt. Kyp spoke up ,"The blasters spoil your outfit's looks."

The man smiled slowly, "My, my. Master Durron, charming to the last minutes of his life. Sad to say, you've stumbled upon my base of operations, and at peak season, when I just can't afford to be raided by the Galactic Alliance's Department For Biological Hazard Control. Hence, you will be killed, right now, right here, in this very complex."

Kyp stared at the man in puzzlement, as the two robed figures stepped forward and roughly grabbed his forearms, and proceeded to drag him out into the corridor. He tried to sense the Force, but to his dismay, sensed nothing, but merely saw more ysalamiri all over the place, clinging to transparent pipes with greenish liquid bubbling inside them. The man and his two flunkies dragged Kyp to a large blast door, studded with rivets the size of Kyp's fist, which was closed. The man turned to Kyp, "This door is plated with cortosis alloy. Your Jedi glow-sticks wont even scratch it."

The man then recited a series of numbers into a speaker on the door, which then lifted, giving Kyp, from his low viewpoint, a glimpse at the corridor beyond. He saw numerous transparisteel sections of wall, which emitted some faint blue light. The light was the only lighting in the room beyond the blast door.

The door finally opened all the way, and Kyp was dragged past the door, which immediately closed once they had gotten past it. He looked at one of the transparisteel walls, and let out a gasp.

Inside the cell was a voxyn, but smaller in size and with webs in between its claws. The voxyn was pacing its cell, occasionally stopping to pick at the body of a humanoid corpse on the floor of its cell. He looked into other cells, and saw a large patch of greenish slime on the floor of a cell, a bluish lizard that had pinkish, bat-like wings sprouting out of its back, a massive shaggy quadruped creature with four long, curved tusks protruding out from under its long proboscis, a cephalopod creature swimming around in a water-filled cell, and the last thing he saw was a plant-resembling organism, which had five thick prop roots, and a tangle of vines surrounding a black-colored mouth filled with long fangs at its crown. The man stopped in front of this cell, and turned to face Kyp.

"You see, my dear Jedi, I have dabbled in the mysterious art of genetics. Particularly gene-splicing and cloning. Through my knowledge, and the aid of my friend, I have successfully created over a hundred different species of animals that were once existent only on myths and legends. I also managed to resurrect some of the Yuuzhan Vong's more… fascinating… creations, which I genetically modified, of course. These animals you see here , provide me with credits, and billions of them, at that. People always want something exotic as a pet- some buy my artworks as weapons instead. Mythical or not, these creatures give me some… wait, billions… of credits. As we speak, I already have two hundred booking orders for specific organisms, with a potential total income of 5 billion credits. What do YOU think?"

Kyp was aghast at the man's words. So, he had been the one who had supplied various rich people with highly dangerous organisms, including several of his modified voxyn. So far, none of the voxyn's victims had lived to see its modifications. The voxyn had been found wandering, and just the day before, an eccentric billionaire had been found dead, from deep claw marks. His entire staff of servants had been found dead, all of them in their respective quarters. The three voxyn had been spotted wandering in the dark alleys of Coruscant, and had died of their rapid aging process. The DFBHC officials had found puddles of reeking neuro-toxic fluid- all that was left of the voxyn- three weeks after the billionaire's death. The fluid had somehow entered the slum's water supply, and hundreds of low-class civilians had perished. Besides the voxyn, there also had been recent sightings of previously unknown organisms, particularly on Coruscant. What the Hell had this man created and sold!

The man grinned, gesturing to his two robed goons, "Goodbye, Master Durron."

Kyp suddenly found himself falling down through a twisting, greased chute. He fell into a pool, with a loud splash. He surfaced, clinging to a vine that hung into the water. He looked around fearfully upon hearing a soft, hissing sound. He heard a splash, and felt the water's surface ripple. Looking around, he saw nothing. All of a sudden, he felt as though he was floating in jelly, not water. The 'jelly' then started to solidify, constricting him, and making it hard to breathe.

The man watched Kyp flailing around in agony from his computer console. He saw Kyp being crushed by one of his genetically-altered animals, a 'Mucous Water Python'. The snake had the ability to move its molecules further apart, and make itself into a viscous mucous. It would then wrap around its victim, while reforming its body. It was a magnificent animal, and could kill a bantha within mere minutes, due to the potency of its venom. The man saw Kyp finally stop moving, his neck showing two small puncture marks. The translucent snake then opened its jaws wide, and proceeded to slowly ingest Kyp, headfirst. He sighed. He so enjoyed feeding time, but it rarely had this level of entertainment in it.