Okay so this is a hypothetical season six for Teen Titans. I've split each "episode" into three chapters or acts. I'll be posting three chapters at a time. How soon I update will depend on feedback I get from readers.

"Behind the Mask" Act I

It was morning in Jump City. The sun was creeping over the rooftops and reflecting slightly on the ocean. It shimmered across the blue sky like a beacon. The light started to reflect off of the "T" shaped tower in the bay. The tower was home to the city's resident defenders, the Teen Titans. Two of these heros were standing in the tower's roof. They were the team's leader, Robin, and his closest friend on the team, Starfire.

Starfire was standing closest to the edge of the roof. Most humans would find the breeze coming over the tower to be chilling, but not this Tamaranian. Robin would never fully understand how she was able to stand the cold so easily. She stood with one arm hugging her body. The wind blew her auburn hair back well enough for him to see her golden skin and one jello-green eye.

"What a beautiful sunrise," Star said, "Is it not, friend Robin?"

"Yes. Beautiful," He replied, though he wasn't thinking about the sun.

Robin had stepped forward slightly so that he was standing next to Starfire. His cape, black on the outside and yellow on the inside, flapped in the wind like Star's hair was. The only difference was that the cape made a lot more noise. Robin turned his head to look directly at Starfire through his black mask. He took her hand slowly into his.


"Yes," Star said, "Something troubles you?"

"Not quite," Robin said, looking away for a moment, "I just wanted to–"

"BREAKFAST," Cyborg shouted.

"Glorious," Starfire exclaimed, "I hope friend Cyborg is making cakes of pans or the toast from France. What were you speaking of, Robin?"

"Er, we can talk about it later, Star," Robin said, secretly wanting to kill Cyborg.

The other three Titans were in the tower's kitchen when Robin and Starfire came in.

"Hey," Beast Boy said around a mouthful of tofu-eggs.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Raven said.

Beast Boy didn't respond to this. He just kept on eating. Raven just ignored him and continued to drink her tea. Ignoring him would be hard, since he was sitting across from her. Beast Boy and Raven often swapped banter like this. It was as if they went out of their way to get on each other's nerves. But, since they somehow found a way to disagree on just about everything without fighting, Robin didn't think it was necessary to intervene.

"Friend Cyborg," Starfire said as she flew over the table, "What are you preparing?"

"Bacon and eggs," Cyborg replied (this made Beast Boy stick out his tongue in disgust).

After Cyborg filled her plate, Star turned to Raven and said, "Friend Raven, do you wish to have some?"

"No thanks, Star," Raven answered, "If I want any later, I'll get it myself."

"Could you get me some, please?" Robin asked.


While Star got his eggs, he got orange juice for the both of them. When she put his plate in front of him, he poured her drink.

"Thank you, Robin."

"Thanks to you too, Star."

"Robin what was it you wanted to–"


"Beast Boy!" Raven shouted.

"Sorry, he he, Excuse me."

A little later that day Robin searched to tower to make sure none of the other Titans could interrupt. Cyborg was working on the T-car, so that would occupy him for the next few hours. Strangely, he was actually telling his "baby" exactly what he was going to do, as if he were a doctor treating a toddler.

Beast Boy and Raven were outside doing, of all things, training. Sparing, really. Beast Boy had a clever grin on his face that said he had a plan, which Robin highly doubted. Beast Boy turned into a cheetah and jumped from rock to rock, getting slightly closer to Raven with each jump. A wave of black energy came at him from his left. He jumped over it, his jump turning into a somersault as he morphed into a robin (the Titan Robin didn't mind the coincidence).

Raven scanned the skies as she moved, sending more waves where she thought her sparing partner was. It wasn't working to well, since Beast Boy turned into something smaller (most likely a fly). The empath stopped her assault and closed her eyes. She stood there for a few moments, waiting. Robin noticed a green fly coming up behind her. Just as Beast Boy morphed into a gorilla, preparing to grab hold of his teammate, Raven turned and shot black energy at him.

Beast Boy hit the ground with a thud and an "ouff". He resumed human form and Raven offered him her hand. He took it and rubbed his poor butt as he stood.

"Man am I glad you're on my side," He said, "Best two out of three?"

"That was our second round."

"Three out of five then."

Robin left as Raven sighed in frustration. Robin would tell her to keep on sparing with him to help Beast Boy get better, but the changeling seemed to be doing a good job of that himself. Besides, Robin had something else to do.

Robin entered the common room. Starfire was sitting on the couch turning off the TV. Whatever she was watching must have ended. Cyborg was "gently" buffing the T-car. Beast Boy was either sparing with Raven or annoying her to no end. And Star wasn't doing anything. It was the perfect time.


"Yes," She said as she turned and look him in the eyes (well, mask really).

"About what I was trying to say on the roof today. I wanted...to ask...if you'd–"

Robin was interrupted by the alarm. Of all the rotten luck! Whatever villain was causing trouble was really in for it.


He stealthily dashed out of the laboratory. It was almost to easy. Two guards in white armor came through the entranceway at him. One of them had the number "1" embossed on his shoulder. The other had a "5".

"Freeze," Guard #1 shouted, both of them aiming their guns at the intruder.

Before they could do anything, two red X's flew at them. Guard #5 slammed into the wall perfectly, in the thief's eyes; but #1 moved slightly to his left, making him some-what free. It didn't matter. He was still stuck to the wall.

"Don't get up," The dark figure said as he walked by, "I'll let myself out."

The crook began to walk away, but didn't get far. Guard #1 managed to pull himself free.

"Red X, you're under arrest," The guard said.

"Don't make me laugh."

Anyone else wouldn't have had a moment to think. The guard had already fired a stun beam from his gun. Of course, Red X was above average. In less than three seconds he jumped over the beam, did a flip, and fired two X-shaped boomerangs at the gun. By the time he landed and turned around, two pieces of the guard's gun laid on the ground. X fired another binding-shot at the guard, pinning him on the wall.

"Look on the bright side," X explained, "At least now that I have the Xenothium, no psycho that wants to destroy the city can get it."

"I doubt you'll get to Metal of Honor, Red X," A familiar voice said.

Red X turned to the owner of the voice and said, "Robin, nice to see you again."

In the time it took Robin to say "Titans, go", X jumped in the air and fired two explosive X's at them. They scattered, as he planned. That way he'd be able to pick them off one by one. The plan wasn't full-proof. Beast Boy was already on him in the form of a cheetah. Red X shifted his weight and kicked the cat off him. Not missing a beat, Beast Boy turned into a monkey and did a somersault landing.

Red X heard the sound of something flying through the air at his left. He turned and saw a tile from the floor, incased in dark energy, flying at him. Activating the spinning blades on the backs of his hands, he cut the tile neatly in half. He ran forward (being just missed by a blast from Cyborg's sonic canon) and fired a blast at Raven just as Starfire shot a sirebolt at him. He deflected the bolt with the spinning blade of his left hand. Robin leapt at X, swinging his staff downward. X turned to kick Robin in the side. However, he didn't count on Robin turning his staff. The metal hit X in the side, but not very hard. He was still able to through a charging Starfire at Beast Boy. They were getting better. That wasn't good for him.

Cyborg was charging at Red X. He jumped over the metal man's left hook, but didn't count on him using his right fist for an uppercut. X rolled to the left to avoid the blast from Cyborg's sonic canon. He was knocked off his feet.

"You know how tired I am of missing?" Cyborg asked, aiming the canon at X, "So I widened the beam."

"Get used to missing again," X said firing at Cyborg.

A blast from Cyborg's sonic canon dissipated X's energy blasts. X rolled under the sonic explosion; and, before Cyborg even knew that he missed, he was knocked off his feet. X grabbed Robin's swinging staff and used to momentum to throw the teen wonder. Three starbolts landed near X and a forth one hit him in the chest. Then Star punched him in the gut.

"Surrender and I will not have to hurt you any farther," The alien said.

"All right. You win."

Starfire stepped closer to X and said, "You understand that you must go to the prison and–"

"STARFIRE, DON'T," Raven shouted.

She was to late. X had already sent Starfire flying. She was used to it anyway.

"Psychic Stampede," Beast Boy shouted.

X was given only a moment to wonder what that was. As Raven said her mantra, narrow waves of black energy shot out from the cracks in the floor. X tried to dodge them, but Raven seemed to know where he was going. He knew the trick wasn't over. He just had to figure out what the key was before–


A green rino came out of the air pounded into X. Beast Boy must have entered Raven's trap as a fly or something. X fired at them, so they'd back off. He had to end this quick.

Cyborg growled as he punched at X. He dodged the punch. Cyborg didn't intend to give him another chance. He pulled his sonic canon to the ready and fired right in Red X's face. Or he would have, if X hadn't clogged the canon. Cy's arm exploded in a spray of sparks as X placed a "present" on Cyborg's back.

"Goodnight," X said as Cyborg powered down.

"What did you do to him?" Beast Boy shouted.

"EMP," X said, missing the kick Robin delivered him.

"Electro-Magnetic Pulse," Raven explained, "It sent out a signal that turned him off. Azarath Metrion Zin–mff!"

She wasn't able to finish, since X sent an "X" her way that covered her mouth.

"Dude," Beast Boy said, "You actually let that happen again?"

Since the shape-shifter was distracted, Red X took the opportunity to shoot a sticky-shot at him. This stuck him to the floor.

"You're never going to let me live this one down, are you?" Beast Boy said to Raven.

Robin came at X roaring. Starfire wouldn't be far behind. X needed to do something. He needed a distraction. Starfire tried to flank him; he grabbed her, turned her to knock Robin back, and threw her as far as he could. It wasn't much, but enough for what he had planed. He fired a shot at Robin. The bird-themed hero jumped over it easy but didn't notice the second shot that hit him. It wrapped around him, tying him up. That wasn't even to good part. X grabbed Beast Boy and ran.

"Starfire, Raven," Robin shouted, "After him."

Raven must have taken off the sticky band X had shot at her, because she was making the chase with Star. They made chase from rooftop to rooftop. X was just a hair in front of them.

"Let me go, you big jerk," Beast Boy said.

"Big jerk?" Red X replied, "Come on, BB. You can do better than that."

X stopped on a building with a high sign on the edge of the roof. With one swift leap, X and his "buddy" were on the sign. X held Beast Boy over the edge of the building.

"Woah! Don't let me go! Don't let me go!"

"Do not hurt our friend," Starfire bit out, starbolts to the ready.

Raven materialized through the roof and said, "Put him down."

"Pure choice of words, Rave," X said in response.

"Don't call me "Rave"!"

In the time it took her to say that, X had thrown Beast Boy as hard as he could and ran as fast as he could.

"I got Garfield, you get X," Raven said very quickly.

Starfire was extremely angry, and X knew it. He jumped over starbolt after starbolt as he ran.

"YOU. WILL. NOT. HURT. MY. FRIENDS!" She shouted.


Beast Boy screamed as he saw the building he was about to crash into. He tried to turn into a bird, turtle, or something. But the goo was keeping him from fully morphing. Just when he was about to go "splat", a black claw grabbed him and took him to the roof. There he found himself facing his dark teammate.

"You owe me one, Garfield," She said.

"Actually, by my count, this makes seven."


X was hit in the back with a starbolt. He couldn't run now. He jumped out of the way just in time to see Starfire's fist turn the spot he used to be standing to a small crater. She sent several more punches his way (that he dodged, of course). One of these punches turned another part of the roof to rubble. X fired a blast that knocked her back. It wasn't enough. Star fired eye lasers at him. He tried to get away but the lasers trailed him. He fired at her again, this time with two shots. She deflected them with starbolts and fired four more. X back flipped over the blast the starbolts created and attempted to run.

"Going somewhere?" Raven asked materializing in front of him.

Raven opened her cloak and a green tiger came out of it. Red X was outnumbered and out of luck. He threw two smoke bombs. One at Starfire and one at Beast Boy and Raven.

"Love to stay," He said, "But I can't play with you guys anymore. Later."

Luckily the stealth-mode on his suit was fully charged, allowing him to escape.

There's my first act of "episode" 1. I hope you guys liked the fight scene. What does Robin want to talk with Starfire about? Luckily you don't have to wait through a three-minute commercial break to find out.