"Behind the Mask" Act III

Red X sneaked into to facility without a problem. A scientist walked in the safe holding the sonic nullifier. It was light grey and shaped like a ram's horn. The man looked at the keypad in the middle of the outside of the nullifier, probably to make sure it was off. He put it on it's proper stand and entered the password on the keypad next to the stand. This activated the glass case that descended over the nullifier.

After the scientist left, Red X deactivated his stealth mode and used a wire to descend. He pulled out his glass cutter, ready to go, when...

"A sonic nullifier," A familiar, scratchy voice said, "So predictable."

The owner of the voice, Beast Boy, jumped down from the ceiling.

"No," Red X shouted.

He was to late. Beast Boy touched the floor. This activated the alarm. X was mad now. He jumped down and kicked Beast Boy.

"How did you get in?" He demanded.

"Same way you did," Beast Boy said, pointing at the open ventilation shaft, "They really should get smaller vents, shouldn't they?"

"This is it, X," Robin said as he and Starfire came in the same way he did.

"Don't bet on it," Red X said.

He shot a blast at the door. Or he tried. The blast got caught in a black shield. Raven emerged out of it. Cyborg walked out of her open cloak, dreaded sonic canon to the ready.

"Couldn't figure out how to beat us," Cyborg began.

"So you decided to steal gadgets until you could," Robin finished.

"Well, don't you have me pegged?" Red X said.

He spun around and threw a barrage of smoke bombs at them. He punched through the glass and grabbed the nullifier. It was time to leave.

"Going somewhere?" A black-haired girl said.

"Wondergirl, stop him," He heard Robin say.

Wondergirl didn't even hesitate. She charged at Red X with a roar. X had no clue what she could do, but he was sure being hit would be bad. He rolled out of the way, but she shifted her position to hit him. How did she do that? He had no time to figure that out. Just as he sent a blast at the girl, she jumped over it. No. She didn't jump over it. She could fly. And she coming right at him.

"Titans, get him," Robin shouted.

Now Red X had six superpowered teens to deal with. This was going to be hard. X jumped over the attacker in front of him, but Beast Boy was climbing up her as a squirrel right behind him. Beast Boy jumped at him, turning into a lion in midair. X fired a shot at him, sending him reeling back. A blast of psychokinetic energy and starbolt energy sent his body after Beast Boy in suit.

Red X landed in a roll and sent a shot on either side of him. As he expected, this slowed the attack Robin and Cyborg were setting up for him. He jumped to his left, just dodging the green gorilla fists that hit where he was standing. He ducked under another fist that belonged to Wondergirl. He took the opportunity to send a blast at the young woman's gut. She flew back and conveniently hit Raven.

Red X wasn't left dodging Beast Boy's punches alone for long. Cyborg joined in the fray. After dodging a few punches, X grabbed Beast Boy's arm and used the gorilla's weight to get throw him at Cyborg. Beast Boy resumed human form as he landed and Cyborg ducked. At least X only had one foe at the moment.

"Got a new arm?" X asked, placing an explosive "X" on the robot's arm, "Mind if I break it again?"

Cyborg smiled and said, "Actually, I do."

Cyborg pressed a button on his arm that somehow made the explosive come off. It must have nullified the magnetism. Cyborg threw the explosive up where it blew up harmlessly. Well, not quite harmlessly. A little bit of gravel came off of the ceiling, but that didn't mater. Red X did a sideways somersault to avoid the sonic blast Cyborg sent his way. He went right into a "Sonic Boom" (with Starfire playing the role of Cyborg in the maneuver).

"Give it up, Red X," Robin said.

"You're outnumbered," Raven added.

"And outclassed," Beast Boy finished.

"I still have a few tricks left," X said, placing his hands on the floor.

He sent xenothium along the floor. It came up to each Titan and locked them in place. Red X, on the other hand, was perfectly fine. He walked on the frozen xenothium to the sonic nullifier. No longer caring about alarms, he punched through the glass and pulled the nullifier out. Robin had managed to brake free and charged X, do staff over his head. Robin did a diagonal swing that X jumped over (by only a hair). X stepped on Robin's face to get the proper lift into the air. With two well thrown explosives, the south wall was gone and X could get away.

"Bye, Robin," He said, "Thanks for the lift."

"'Thanks for the lift'?" A new voice said, "That was the best could come up with."

A red and gold blur went past X. In an instant, the nullifier was gone. Within the next second, X was hit by something going very fast and fell to the ground.

"Kid Flash," The new teen hero introduced himself, "Nice to meet you, Red X."

"Won't be so nice in a second," Red X said shooting at the speedster.

"WHOA," Kid Flash said, suddenly appearing a few feet to his left, "Careful with that. Someone could get hurt."

"That's the point!"

X fired several more blasts at Kid Flash. Luckily, he had plenty of xenothium to take the freak down. X heard a gust of wind and ducked. He had picked just the right time too. Kid Flash's fist missed him beautifully.

"Ooh. Ducking," Kid Flash said, "What's next? A jump?"

"Shut up, you annoying speed bump."

X jumped over another attack as Flasher said, "Come on, man. You're running out of good stuff. Where's the really good banter? Left in your other Zoro outfit?"

"Shut up!" X shouted as he punched at Kid Flash.

"Missed me. Missed me," Kid Flash teased, "Now you gotta...never mind."

"Hold. Still," X said, throwing more and more missing punches.

"Oh, yeah. Like that's going to work."

X took a moment to gather his thoughts. He was letting his temper get away from him. He needed to focus. If he focused, he could win. He tried to figure out where Kid Flash was moving, instead of where he was. It worked. Red X's next punch hit him dead on. But it wasn't much of a victory. Kid Flash must have anticipated this, because he staggered back. This kept him from feeling the full force of the blow.

"Okay you little sugar-hyped moron," Red X shouted, "The game's over. No more kid gloves!"

"What's the matter, Red X?" Robin said from behind him.

Red X turned to see the other six Titans free. And it was only a second until Kid Flash was right with them. He was standing right next to Robin. Both were standing cross-armed. Cyborg and Beast Boy were right behind them with their arms at their sides, but ready for action. Starfire, Raven, and Wondergirl were floating above them.

"Do you only wish to play if you are winning?" Starfire asked.

"Always remember," Raven said.

"You don't mess with the Titans," Beast Boy finished.

"Better get used to getting your butt kicked," Cyborg said.

"Titans, TOGETHER," Robin shouted.

Red X had to start by dodging an onslaught of flying punches from Starfire and Wondergirl. He grabbed the two supergirls and slammed them together. He knew that, although that slowed them down, they were very angry now. A streak of red and gold (was that green with it?) came at him. He jumped to the left, but Kid Flash threw a green snake at him. The snake turned into a bigger snake that wrapped around him.

"LET. ME. GO!"

With a flash from one of X's gadgets, Beast Boy was blinded. He resumed human from, which Red X took advantage of. He grabbed Beast Boy and threw him. As Raven caught Beast Boy, X had to deal with Robin and Cyborg. Cyborg sent a fist down at X. He jumped over it, but Robin climbed over Cyborg's back and kicked X in the face.

Red X hit the ground hard. When he got to his feet he fired a few sticky bands. Fortunately, one got Kid Flash's feet. Unfortunately, he heard Raven's mantra followed by the snapping of the bands. He jumped over Robin's explosive disks and threw a few explosives of his own. They missed their mark. And, to make matters worse, Starfire and Wondergirl had recovered. They charged at him before he could think and punched him simultaneously, Star with her right hand and Wondergirl with her left.

When he landed, he could hear a crumbling. His mask was falling apart. He had to get out of there before the Titans destroyed what little bits of it were holding together. His next mistake was putting his hand on his mask. This took his attention away from the Titans. Kid Flash took this to his advantage by making a whirlwind around X. Trapped, X knew another attack was coming. He braced himself. Because he was properly prepared, he didn't get to badly hurt by Raven's strike. He even landed on him feet.

"Bo-Staff Bound," Beast Boy shouted.

Beast Boy jumped over to Robin, who was standing in front of him. Robin's bo staff was held, with both hands behind him. In mid-jump, Beast Boy turned into a kangaroo rat. He landed on the staff and Robin threw him forward with ease. In the time it took X to turn to his attacker, his mask crumbled.

"No way," Cyborg said.

"It can't be," Raven said.

"I knew it," Beast Boy responded.

"Jason," Robin said, lowering his staff, "What are you doing?"

"Beating you," Jason said, firing a shot at the unprepared Robin, "Shouldn't have let your guard down. Batman would have given you a long lecture on minding you surrou-NDINGS!"

Starfire had punched him while in mid-sentence.

"I do not care who you are," She said, "You will not hurt Robin."

Jason fired two shots now. One at Starfire; one at Kid Flash (will where he was going actually). They hit the ground in opposite directions. He fired a EMP at Cyborg, powering him down. And a sticky bond fired at Wondergirl took her out for at least a moment. That left X with Raven and Beast Boy, who were...gone?

"Where?" Red X started a question.

"Behind you," Raven said.

With that, she opened her cloak and revealed the Man-Beast. He charged at X claws flying. After dodging a few slashes, X rolled back and fire two sticky bonds at him. He collided with the ground and stayed there. Someone punched X in the back. It was...Cyborg?

"You gotta learn some new tricks," Cyborg said.

"How's this one," Red X said, activating a whirling-blades on his gloves and shoving them into Cyborg's chest.

As he was about to continue turning Cyborg to scrap, Raven came up from behind him. She grabbed him in black energy and lifted him in the air, where he could fail to his heart's content. Another flash grenade made Raven drop him. He kicked her in the gut, knocking the wind out of her. Robin returned the favor by kicking him from behind.

"Why are doing this, Jason?" Robin asked, blocking a punch with his staff.

"Why?" Jason said, putting his other fist against the staff for a fight for control, "Because I'm tired of living in your shadow."

Knocking the staff out of Robin's hands, he said, "You were always so great. I knew I could never be better."

Punching and kicking Robin, he continued, "But I tried. For I while, I even thought I could be a better Robin than you. But then you come along with your "Teen Titans". When will it be my turn to shine?"

"If you act like that," Wondergirl said, wrapping her lasso around Jason, "Never!"

"Goodnight," Kid Flash said, sending a punch Jason's way.

For some reason, Jason couldn't find the will to dodge the punch. He was soon greeted by the darkness of unconsciousness.


"That was a most difficult battle," Starfire said.

They were once again in the Tower, mending their wounds. Beast Boy and Raven were doing their best to help Cyborg repair his impacted chest. Wondergirl and Kid Flash were stretching out their exhausted muscles. Somehow, they were both able the heal rapidly. Starfire was tending Robin's many bruises.

"I still can't believe Jason Todd was Red X," Raven said.

"Me either," Beast Boy said, "It's nice to be right, for a change."

"Don't expect it to happen again any time soon," Cyborg retorted.

"I think we better get out of here," Wondergirl said to Kid Flash, "Before Beast Boy's head gets so big we can't even fit."

"Work on those jokes, sister," Kid Flash said.

"Wondergirl, must you leave?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah, there's plenty of room here for you," Robin said.

"Maybe some other time," Wondergirl said.

"Me too," Kid Flash added, "But I'll keep your offer in mind."

With that, the two of them were off.

"Friend Robin?"

"Yes, Star."

"No more interruptions. What is it that you wished to speak with me about?"

All eyes were on him. What timing.

"Well, Starfire," Robin said, "I was wondering...if you would like to...go out on a...date. With me."

Starfire stood there for a moment. Then she grabbed Robin in a bone-crunching hug.

"Oh, Robin," She shouted, "I would love to do the dating with you."

"Starfire, I'm still not fully recovered."

"I am sorry," She said, releasing him.

"Ha," Beast Boy said, "I knew it! You owe me five bucks."

"No I don't," Cyborg replied, "We didn't make a bet."

"I knew I forgot something."



An old friend of Beast Boy's comes to Jump City. But is she a bigger threat than the villains she's helping the Titans stop?

I hope you enjoyed that episode. Jason's voice is like Red X's, only less filtered. In case you don't know, Wondergirl's lasso takes away someone's will to fight. That's why Red X couldn't dodge Kid Flash's last punch.