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In the Village

"Where am I?" asked a raven haired boy. He looked around his surroundings and saw that he was in a hospital room. He suddenly remembered what happened. He had been battling Naruto when his cursed seal started to burn and it sucked up all his chakra. Naruto used this chance to attack him. "Sasuke" just realized that he got beat by Nauto. " How can I lose to that dobe?" Sasuke asked himself. He started to realize that Naruto was stronger than him. " W-What have I been doing, I've been wasting my time. I should have been training to get stronger, instead, I was socializing with Sakura, the dobe, and all the other losers." Said Sasuke.

He was about to get up when Sakura came in. She looked up and saw that Sasuke was sitting up in the hospital bed. Tears started to form in Sakura's eyes as she ran to hug him. "I thought that you weren't going to come back!" Cried Sakura. Sasuke shoved her off of him while getting up to leave. "Sasuke wait! Your not allowed to leave yet." Sakura said. "Sasuke ignored her and left the room. He was walking down the hall when he saw Naruto coming his way.

Naruto saw Sasuke and gave a fox-like grin. "Hey Sasuke. Your not thinking about leaving are you? If you were, I would have to beat you up again." Naruto said. " Shut up" Sasuke hissed. Sasuke glared at Naruto before roughly pushing past him. Naruto gave Sasuke a puzzled look then said "whats with him?"

Sasuke was on his way to the Uchiha Manor, but stopped when he heard yelling. He looked for the source of the noise and heard that it ways coming from the Hyuuga Manor. "You are useless and weak! You can't even beat your sister who is five years younger than you!" Yelled an angry Hiashi. "How will you ever be the Hyuuga Heir if your so weak!" Shouted Hiashi. " I-I a-a-am no-not i-i-interested in f-fighting." Stuttered Hinata. Sasuke didn't spare another glance as he walked past the Hyuuga Manor. He kind of felt sorry for the Hyuuga girl. Suddenly he started shaking his head furiously. "No wonder I'm so weak. I'm getting soft." Sasuke said to himself.

Sasuke made it to his house with very few distractions. For no apparent reason, he started to remember what his brother told him.

Flash back

"Under the seventh Tatami mat, closest to the to the right, is the clans secret meeting place. There you will find the answers you seek." Itachi said.

End Flash Back

"Answers I seek huh?" Sasuke asked himself. He went over to the seventh Tatami mat closest to the right and picked it up. Under it was a secret passage. He has been here many times before to research the sharingan. He looked at the black wall made of wide black bricks. He looked closely at the wall and saw that one of the bricks was lighter than the other. He walked over to the lighter brick and touched it. It opened like a trap door and a black scroll came out. He has never seen this scroll before so he opened it. He looked at the scroll. It was a map to Village Hidden in Darkness. He never heard of the village before. He read the text under the map. " Only those with the Sharingan and Byakugan can go into the village three times stronger than the Leaf. " Sasuke read out loud. "Three times more powerful?" Sasuke asked himself.. 'I have to go there. The only problem is that I don't have the Byakugan. I have to take a Hyuuga with him, but which one? Maybe Neji? No, he is my rival and wouldn't betray the Leaf. How about the Hyuuga girl, Hinata was it? She would be perfect because she probably doesn't like her father and would do anything to leave him. It is decided, I will go ask her in the morning, but for now, I have to sleep.' Thought Sasuke.