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In the Village

"Hey Kazumatsu, what's your dojutsu called." Asked Sasuke. "It is called the Sharinkugan. It has the same abilities as the Sharingan and the Byakugan. It is great in battle, and is very powerful. The only drawback from using it is that it uses up almost all of the users chakra. That is why in our village, we focus primarily on increasing our chakra." Kazumatsu explained.

"What about the people with out the Sharinkugan? What is there training focusing on?" Asked Hanabi, starting to get into the conversation. "It depends on what we are learning at the time. If the Sharingan users are training on hand-to-hand combat, they will train with the Sharinkugan users. If the Byakugan users are working on hand-to-hand combat, they train by themselves because their fighting style is different, but when they are practicing their Byakugan, they practice with the Sharinkugan users." Kazumatsu explained.

"That makes no sense at all. Why would the Byakugan users train their dojutsu with the Sharinkugan users and the Sharingan users not? That seems kind of bias to me." Sasuke said.

"That is the way things have always been. If you don't like it, then change it when your term as village leader begins." Kazumatsu said.

"When will our term begin?" asked Hanabi. "After you meet the other chosen one." Kazumatsu said. "W-who is the other c-chosen one?" asked Hinata. "You will see." Kazumatsu said.

"Well now that we got the questions out of the way, shall we go in?" asked Kazumatsu. "Huh, oh, we're here already?" asked Hanabi. "Yep, now lets go in." Said Kazumatsu.

He opened the door to reveal someone sitting on the ground meditating. The person turned around and looked at everyone. "Yo." The person said.

"Who are you?" Asked Sasuke. "I'm a chosen one." He said. He suddenly stood up. "The name is Obito Uchiha." He said putting on one of the biggest grins they have ever seen. He a black jacket with an orange outline. His hair was like Kakashi's, except it was black. He had goggles on his head over his ninja headband. He had two Black eyes.

"You're a chosen one?" Sasuke asked skeptically. "Yep, why you ask?" Obito said smiling. "Because apparently, we our also chosen ones." Sasuke said. "Do you have names?" Obito asked. "The name is Hanabi Hyuuga. I came from the hidden leaf village and I left it because it was boring. I thought it would be more fun." Hanabi said with a smirk growing on her face.

"The name is Sasuke Uchiha. I am from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I left because I lost a fight against a stupid ass blonde." Sasuke said remembering the day.

"I-I'm Hinata Hyuuga. I a-also came from t-the Village hidden in t-the leaves. I left b-because I wasn't w-wanted by anyone." Hinata said with sadness in her eyes.

"Well isn't that a coincidence, I also came from the leaf village. The last time I was there, I was with my team. We were about to leave for a mission. I haven't seen my teammates in years. I remember Kakashi always acting like he was the best. Just because he was a little stronger than me." Obito said getting lost in memories of the past.

"Kakashi was your teammate? I thought he said that everyone that he cared about was dead." Sasuke said. "Well he didn't see me die, he just saw me get crushed by rocks. I managed to survive and-" Obito didn't finish because he was interrupted by a certain seven year old. "We don't want to hear your life story, we just wanted to get acquainted with you." Hanabi said.

"Well now that you know each other, we have to go to discuss what is going to happen when you four are the Leaders of the village." Kazumatsu said.

"Alright, let's go." Said Sasuke

They walked for a while until they got to a building that looked like the Yamikage's, except bigger. It was blue and black with the Uchiha and Hyuuga crest on them.

"Well, we're here. Anything you want to say before we go inside? For when you get inside, your life will be changed forever. "Yea, I got just one thing to say. HURRY UP, I'M GETTING BORED!" Hanabi yelled. Kazumatsu just glared at her, then turned and opened the door slowly for dramatic effect. When the door was opened all the way, they saw about twenty people sitting at a long table. Kazumatsu bowed at them before coming in. Sasuke, Hinata, and Hanabi quickly copied him then walked in. Obito just walked in without showing them respect.

At the end of the table was the Yamikage. "Come on in and take a seat. We have a lot we need to talk about." He said. They quickly went and took a seat. Kazumatsu by the Yamikage, Sasuke by Kazumatsu, Hinata next to Sasuke, Hanabi next to Hinata, and Obito next to Hanabi.

"We have gathered here today to discuss about you four chosen ones and your duties as the Village Leaders. In about an hour or so, you four will be appointed the Village Leaders. Isuke, please pass out the chosen ones head bands." Yamikage ordered. "Right away sir." Isuke replied. Isuke Ninokuruwa is a ninja that believes in honor over anything else. His personality is like Sasuke's, except he tends to show emotion some days.

Isuke gave Sasuke a blue headband with black metal on it. Obito got an Orange headband with black metal on it. Hinata's was white with black metal, and Hanabi got light purple with black metal on it. A silver moon was engraved into the metal.

"These headbands are your symbol of being the Village Leaders. When you put them on, your term as Village Leaders has begun." The Yamikage said. Sasuke quickly tied his headband around his head then stood up. "As one of the Village Leaders, I want to change how-" "Hold on Sasuke, before you change anything, you have to make a public appearance." The Yamikage said. "Public appearance?" Asked Hanabi.

"Yes, the village is still unaware that the chosen ones are here, so you need to make a public appearance for them to know." Kazumatsu explained. "Then after that, you will have to meet your new trainers." Koji Kashin, one of the other people in the room said. "W-why do we need n-new trainers?" Hinata asked, trying not to stutter.

"We can't have the Village Leaders be weaker than a jonin now can we?" asked the Yamikage. "I guess that makes sense, but who will train us." Asked Hanabi. "Like I said before, you will find out after the public appearance." The Yamikage said. "Now lets stop wasting time here and lets go." The Yamikage said with a grin on his face.

In the Hidden Leaf

"Hey Sasuke-teme, lets go train with-" Naruto looked around. "Sasuke, where are you. He noticed that all of Sasuke's stuff was gone. Then realization dawned upon him. "SASUKE LEFT AGAIN!!" He Yelled. He ran out of the house to go find Kakashi. He ran down the road and accidentally bumped into someone, knocking them over. "Hey I'm sorry, but I have to go-" He just saw who he knocked over. "Kakashi-Sensei, I was looking for you. Why are you here?" Naruto asked. "I was going to check on Sasuke, to make sure he was being good." Kakashi said, reading his perverted book. Then Naruto suddenly remembered. "Kakashi-Sensei, Sasuke is gone! I think he left the village again!" Naruto said with worry in his eyes.

Kakashi, looking surprised, closed his book than said, "What? He left again. This is not good, come on Naruto, lets go see Hokage-Sama."

They ran there as fast as they could. When they were there, they just went through the door without knocking. "Hokage-Sama! Sasuke left the village again." Kakashi said. "I know, I have the ANBU looking for him right now." She said, surprisingly calm. "Not just that." She said, "It seems he took Hinata and Hanabi with him. We don't know why. Maybe as hostages or maybe he didn't want to be lonely." She said.

All of a sudden, the ANBU appeared in the room. "Hokage-Sama, we can't locate Sasuke Uchiha and the two Hyuugas. It seems that wherever they were going, they didn't want to know." The squad leader said. "They couldn't have gotten far. Check all the nearby villages to see if they are there." "Yes Hokage-Sama,." The squad leader said. Then they quickly disappeared from the room.

"The world is too big to search for them. If we don't find them soon, we will have to give up." The Hokage Said.

The Darkness Village

Every one in the village were all gathered up in front of the Yamikage's building. "Why are we here? What's so important that they have to call every one in the village?" Asked one guy. "Who knows. It just better be good." Another guy. Everyone kept on talking until they saw the Yamikage standing on his balcony. "Attention everyone. I have gathered you here to show you something." The Yamikage said. "This better not be like last time when you wanted to show us your new dog!" Some random girl in the crowd yelled. "No, No, this is something far more interesting. For you see, I have discovered something. Something awesome." He said. "He talks about us like we're a toy he bought at the store." Hanabi whispered to Obito. "I know." He whispered back. "And without further ado, I present to you, the Chosen ones!"

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