Author's Note: Well, another ­Twilight fanfic in the making! For a little information on it… it is somewhat a mix between the movie A Cinderella Story… and Twilight. Now, the story lines are somewhat mixed. I'll give you a character chart to a certain degree. But Bella is "Cinderella", with Edward being her "Prince Charming". Then we have the couple other characters from the book, Alice and Rosalie, maybe a couple others. Then we have Fiona, Sam, and Austin… maybe Carter? They are from A Cinderella Story.

If you haven't seen A Cinderella Story, I recommend it… because some of the plot will come from there, otherwise… shrug I guess you don't have to, because well… it is somewhat the story haha lol.

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I can sit in front of computers for hours on end. Lately I've been talking to this guy named onyxeyes. We met in a Yale chat room… and well, really hit it off. I don't know, we seem to have a lot in common. We both hate small towns, we both want to be writers or editors, and we both go to the same high school. Now, I go to Forks High School, population zero. So for a while now, I've been wondering… who is this guy?

"Bella!" screamed Fiona. "Bella, get down here now, I want my salmon," Fiona, my step mother. My mother died when I was really young, and my dad died when I was eight. So now, Fiona has all my fathers money, and me. It doesn't help that when my father remarried she had already had two kids, Rosalie and Austin.

Rosalie is the devil of the two. She likes to make my life horrible. In the end you could call me her slave. There have been many instances in my life where I get into situations based on what Rosalie has dictated. Not that I'm going to complain… well actually I am.

Austin is like the big brother I never had… or do have, but wouldn't have had… well you get the point. He tries to keep Rosalie off my back, and keep me motivated. He really is a great guy. He is looking into going to Princeton, he is a year older than me, with my best friend Sam. They found each other in a Princeton chat room, that is why I'm hoping that onyxeyes is someone promising. Austin keeps telling me to be optimistic, but I'm going to give up eventually… I just want out.


"Yes, Fiona?" Our house has intercoms everywhere, just another wise investment that my father's money was used for.

"Bella, I called you HALF AN HOUR ago, where is my salmon?" She sounded angry. Without her, I can't get to Yale, so I must cater to her ever whim. "Bella, do not make me ask you again, come on, you do want to earn your money for college right?" Ha, she struck a cord.

"Fiona, I'm coming…" just as I said that my BEST FRIEND came in my room.

"Bella, when is my paper going to be done?" She said that while blowing on her newly painted nails. "Hello, earth to Bella," she said with an evil smile. That's right Rosalie. She is my personal demon straight from hell. She could be worse than Fiona at times.

"I have to get the salmon, and your paper… you might want to try and write it yourself," yes that was a mistake.

"Bella, Bella, Bella… how many times have I talked to you about this? You are earning your money for 'Yaul' or whatever that place is called. My mother has explained this to you as well. Do not make this any harder for yourself that you need to." She left the room with a chuckle. What was I ever going to do?

I left the room, and got to the fridge. The fancy PINK fridge, that well, cost a lot of my father's money. "Fiona here is the salmon." I almost gagged at the smell.

"Is that the Norwegian Salmon I ordered," yeah, she is on the salmon diet… the expensive salmon game. "Oh yes it is, it took A LOT of money to import it from Norwegia." And that is about as deep as it gets. "Bella, don't forget to pick up the dry cleaning on your way home from school, oh and if there is anyone calling to put a pool into the backyard, well, don't hang up." A pool?

I had to walk away at that point. There was no point in fighting her, she was in control… I had no money to my name without her. I ran back up to my "bed room" really the attack, and signed online. He was on! I was excited, I couldn't wait till I got to school, there was always the possibility that he could be in any one of my classes, and today our school electives changed, so there was an even better possibility.

Onyxeyes: hey you ;-)

YaleGirl: hi onyx, what's up?

Onyxeyes: oh nothing, just getting ready for another day of intellectual conversation, and fun.

YaleGirl: really?

Onyxeyes: oh yes… really scoff

YaleGirl: hey, do you think we've ever talked before? I mean, there are only 300 some kids in our school.

Onyxeyes: well, probably. today we switch our electives; we may get into each others classes.

YaleGirl: well, I'm hoping so. I would love to meet you, when do you think we can? I mean, well… never mind blush lol

Onyxeyes: I want to hear your laugh… and see your blush; I bet it would be adorable.

YaleGirl: oh I'm not anywhere near it, I am actually quite ordinary. well, we should go, school… hopes maybe I'll see you today.

Onyxeyes: I wish for nothing more. )

YaleGirl: Wait…!

Onyxeyes signed off

YaleGirl: Never mind…

I hopped off the computer not realizing that it was already a quarter till 7. I pick up Sam on the rare days that Austin isn't able to do it, and today just happened to be one of those random days.

"Sam!" I screamed… she wasn't waiting outside, so I had to honk the horn a couple times. When she finally ran out… oh well, we definitely were cutting it close. We arrived just in time to find a great parking space, too bad that the school's crazy driver took it right before us.

I could just stare, Edward Cullen. He is a movie star, stuck in a high schooler body. "He is so, so…" I started to stumble over my words when Sam cut me off.

"Edward Cullen is full of himself, he never talks to anyone except his brothers, and well Alice… but she is his sister, so it doesn't count," she did have a point, but I was not willing to admit it. "I mean, Bella he is one of those people who just, doesn't realize that we exist."

"But, what if we just talk to him?" As soon as those words left my mouth he looked over at us, his eyes with a confused look on them. "Why is he staring at us?" I whispered to Sam. I glanced at him again; he shook his head and kept walking.

"Bella, I don't think you should care so much about Edward, I mean… think about those who already adore you! Me, Austin, Carter…" Okay, three people, yay.

"Sam, I don't care what Edward thinks about me… it doesn't matter, but a girl can dream can't she?" We both laughed at that and found another parking spot and hopped out. "Hey lets head to the office, we need out new schedules. Besides, what else is there to do this morning?" Then my cell buzzed; a new text message.

"Is it onyx?" Sam giggled… she loved making this a big deal. She considered me her little sister, and I'm falling for a guy the same way she had fallen for hers. So I just nodded and smiled. "Okay, you go ahead, I'll grab your schedule for you, we do have the same AP chemistry class… how you pulled that off, I still have no idea." I was smart, I mean really smart, before we moved here, I was in advanced science to say the least.

"Well, I just know how to study, and prepare…" I shrugged, I didn't know how to explain, and I just wanted to talk to oynx.

Onyxeyes: Where are you? I've wanted to chat with you since like forever!

YaleGirl: We just talked a little bit ago x)

Onyxeyes: Any second we aren't talking, seems like forever.

That shocked me to a certain degree, but I couldn't keep from smiling. So I found a bench to sit on and wait for first bell, which could be any minute I thought.

YaleGirl: Well, funny… I was thinking the same thing.

Onyxeyes: Have you gotten your schedule yet? What electives do you have…? I'm crossing my fingers. ;-P

YaleGirl: Oh, my friend grabbed it for me, you txt me, and well… I dropped everything I was doing.

Onyxeyes: Oh am I really that special? I am honored. You know, I am still thinking about your request this morning.

YaleGirl: Really? Which request was that… to win the lottery, to get a puppy, to leave my evil step mother and sister behind?

Onyxeyes: Your request for us to meet.

My heart literally stopped beating; I thought I would need a defibulator for a second. But I closed my eyes and shook my head, then read it again "Your request for us to meet".

YaleGirl: Oh, and you have a way to execute this request onyx?

YaleGirl: …are you only doing this for my benefit?

Onyxeyes: No, I find you interesting.

YaleGirl: Like a science experiment… shocked look

Onyxeyes: Never, more like a pet dog lol

YaleGirl: Oh that makes me feel much better. Haha, well I would love to hear this all master plan… if you still want to meet the "dog".

Then suddenly the bell rang, gosh, how come every time we get close to another level in this "computer relationship" we get cut off? I thought… it was always very devastating to say goodbye to him.

Onyxeyes: Soon, bulldog (A/N: the bulldog is Yale's mascot… so he nicknamed her that, partially her personality, and then partially because of Yale.) farewell… for now.

I rolled my eyes and got up. Now fully realizing that the bell had rung, I rushed to class… Sam was waiting for details… and I was waiting for my schedule. I would have to wait for another chance to ask him for his new classes.

"So…" whispered Sam. I really didn't want to tell her everything but, I did want my schedule… and she would hold that over me.

"So… nothing. We talked a bit, and then he started calling me his "science experiment"… well I actually started that joke," I whispered back. "He then brought up us meeting each other in the near future. Which, I don't know how you felt about it when you and Austin went through this… but I am extremely excited," which I was. I wanted to meet this boy with every fiber in my being.

"Oh first loves…" sighed Sam. "I remember, that is how I felt, exactly. Now, don't get your hopes up… because you never know who this person could be." That is a downer if I had ever heard one. She must have noticed my frown for what came out of her mouth next. "Oh Bella, I didn't mean that. It's just, it is the internet, Austin pointed that out to me the first time we met… well, me as Cinderella… him as Prince Charming." She had told that story to me before, it was adorable… I loved hearing how he had been such a gentlemen, if only I could be that lucky. "Bella, you'll meet someone, some day. Don't worry." I swear, Sam knew exactly what I was thinking, and how I felt most of the time.

"Okay, now that we had our 'Days of Our Lives' moment, can I have my schedule?" That was all I really cared about. I wanted to get into classes with Onyx.

"Here," Sam huffed. I could tell she wanted more about the conversation, but I just wasn't willing to give it to her.

"Thanks Sam," I said rolling my eyes… "Huh… it says I have an acting class, and gym… this should be interesting," I have the coordination of a one legged grasshopper… even though I have NO idea if they would have good coordination (I imagine they don't) I just really don't.

"Ha, I have photography and mythology," she was lucky; she was able to pick her electives now. "Oh Bella… it's all good. Now when class is over, duck out to the bathroom and find out what electives Oynx has," she had noticed my sullen look, she of all people knew of my gym "disabilities" and my ability to act… was so so.

"You know Sam; I think that is one of the smartest things you've said all day!" She playfully punched my arm and laughed out loud. Or loud enough for the teacher to hear us and give us warning for a detention. "You are going to get my detention free record ruined!" I playfully whined. Then suddenly I felt like everyone's eyes were on me… when I looked around, it was just Edward, staring at me with the same strange confused look on his face. I tried to ignore it, but his eyes were mesmerizing, onyx I thought, how strange. Then the bell rang, making me completely unaware of what we had just learned, and snapped me out of my daze.

"Earth to Bella…?" That awful voice, "Oh hello Edward," it was Rosalie. She had given Edward one of her "special" smiles or so she called them. I was satisfied when he didn't give her more than a second look, before leaving, not even a head nod in recognition. That seemed to piss her off… and so what else could she do? Take it out on me of course. "Bella!" She snapped, "Bella, I need you to take my car after school and wash it… and if it is needed give it a wax too," she smiled evilly. What could I do? I was stuck in a life-death situation… "Oh and mother wants you to get her car washed too… so when you're done with mine, just take it home… she also wants that fish she is always eating… so pick that up too," she shrugged.

"You mean salmon?"

"Whatever! Just pick it up."

"Oh-kay…" I muttered under my breath.

"What was that?" She snapped again.

"I said, OKAY!" I almost lot it, so I left the science room in a hurry, almost running into Austin on my way to the bathroom. I nearly had tears developing, and I didn't want to cry in front of anyone. My only needed was to read the words of Onyx… no need to talk to anyone else. I tried to get away, but he caught my elbow.

"Bella, are… are you okay? You weren't walking with Sam just now, what's wrong?" Oh, I could answer that in so many ways, but he shouldn't have to deal with my bull shit. "Bells… come on, you can trust me. I love you lil' sis… now what's the deal with the waterworks?" I hadn't realized that the tears that had begun to form, were fully formed and now freefalling.

"Austin, I just can't take Fiona, Rosalie. I am just tired, I can't…" I was now sobbing, I had broken down… I had had enough. "I can't… I just Austin, I don't want to be me anymore. I want to graduate, and I want to escape this hell hole." There I said it; I got it off my chest, and let me tell you, I felt MUCH better.

"Bella…" he seemed at a lost for words… what else could he say? He was Austin Ames! He was one of the most popular guys in school… and his sister Rosalie Ames… how could I compare? I am just Isabella Swan, daughter of the late police chief. "Bella, I know how you feel," those words were very unsuspected. "Bella, before my father died, all he wanted was for me to go to UCLA, and play football, and I had to work for it, and do thing I didn't want to do! Now look, I'm going to Princeton… and well I'm going to do what I want to do with my life." He basically took the words out of my mouth, I mean, really… what else is there for me to say at that?

I never noticed that the bell had already rung for our next class… too bad; it was my favorite class, English. I said goodbye to Austin… after his spiel of "Are you okay?" for what seemed like forever. I then headed to my locker to grab my books, and then went to the bathroom. I had to check my messages and talk to Oynx, no matter what the consequences; Austin had helped, but… I need soothing.

YaleGirl: Oh, Onyx, please tell me that you're there tear

I sat there waiting for a response; it had almost come right away.

Onyxeyes: What has made my Bulldog so sad?

YaleGirl: Oh just my step sister, she is just… I can't get to Yale without doing everything she or my step mother say, and I snapped. I just can't seem to, well never mind…

Onyxeyes: Are you sure…? You seem upset, even if I can't see you… I can see the emotion through the text.

I wiped some newly fallen tears away; I had to figure out what new electives he had.

YaleGirl: Oh I'm sure, it was just something that I had to get out, and I just needed my comforter ;-). sigh and now that you are here… I am completely calm and serine lol.

Onyxeyes: Have I ever told you I want to hear your laugh? And I am glad to be of service my kind mademoiselle.

YaleGirl: Have I ever told you that I want to hear your actual voice? Speaking those words of kindness to me… that would be breath taking…

As soon as I sent those words over to him, I regretted it… I believed I had said too much.

Onyxeyes: I'm sure your voice would be just as, or even more breath taking…

YaleGirl: I almost thought I said too much. So, the real question… what are your new electives Onyx boy?

Onyxeyes: Onyx boy? The new nick name ha merit ;-) But I have an acting class 6th period, right after lunch… exciting. Then I have a gym class, but that is next. What about you?

I jut stared at the information that he gave me. I mean what luck? No, it was fate.

YaleGirl: I have acting 6th period too… gasp

Onyxeyes: … … …

I was taken back by this, I mean… who wouldn't?

YaleGirl: "… … …" that is all you have to say?

YaleGirl: I mean, I have wanted to meet you for like ever, and I can't fathom the reason to why you DON'T want to meet me.

YaleGirl: Oh and remember this morning? When you were "crossing your fingers"? Was that just a joke?

YaleGirl: You know, I txt you, because I wanted to feel better not worse.

YaleGirl: … are you even going to say anything?

I was sitting there… heart broken. I mean, what could have been worse? The guy I fell for, which I thought was falling for me too, wasn't even responding. He didn't want to meet me, he didn't I couldn't believe it. I should have listened to Sam. I should have realized that it was the internet that I really could have gotten more hurt. But really this felt pretty bad. I mean, it feels horrible; I never would have though that he would turn like that.

YaleGirl: Okay, well… Onyx, I thought that I could trust you, I really liked you… but I guess you're just… well, I guess I'll say goodbye before I hurt myself even more.

Onyxeyes: Bulldog…

YaleGirl: He speaks.

Onyxeyes: Do you honestly doubt that I care for you? Do you honestly doubt that I want to meet you? Do you hear how absurd you sound?

YaleGirl: Onyx… then please enlighten me? Why are you so not excited about having the same class?

Onyxeyes: Because that ruins the plan I had for our first real encounter. sigh I wanted to have us meet… well it doesn't matter now.

I sat there, on the girls room toilet… staring at my phone. I couldn't believe what he said; he really did have a plan for us to meet. I wanted to know what he was thinking… I wanted to know what his plan had been… because if I liked it, I could hold off on trying to figure which guy it was in my class.

YaleGirl: So, what if we made a deal?

Onyxeyes: What sort of deal?

YaleGirl: You, tell me what your plan was, and if I like it, I will not try and figure out which guy you are in my class. I will sit there and pretend like nothing is happening.

I sat there, waiting for a reply… I didn't want to go this rout, but I wanted him to be happy as well. I desperately wanted to meet him, but I didn't know what else to do. Any ideas from him probably would end up; well… my thoughts at that moment were interrupted by him.

Onyxeyes: Well, do you dance?

Dance? I don't think so. Coordination zilch… yes, my father did rub off on me.

YaleGirl: I would, but I have no coordination, and I have a problem walking on smooth surfaces… or any surface for that matter without falling on my face.

Which was true. Everyone who knew me, knew it… hence why they attempt to stay away from me when I'm in gym.

Onyxeyes: Does that matter? It is all in the leading.

Was he serious?

Onyxeyes: Hello? Are you there?

He seemed to be.

YaleGirl: Yes, sorry… but I don't do the dance thing… sigh but for you? I will dance.

Onyxeyes: For me? I feel so cherished! Okay, well then I will explain. The schools homecoming dance.

This isn't going to be good… I thought. Oh my, what is going to happen?

Onyxeyes: Well, I am going to go to this Halloween homecoming dance as Prince Charming… and I was wondering if my Cinderella would care to join me?


YaleGirl: You promise that you will keep me from falling?

Onyxeyes: Promise :-)

YaleGirl: So, what… I come in as a princess… where should I wait for you, or where are you going to be waiting?

Onyxeyes: Yes, Cinderella… come as a beautiful princess, and I will meet you at the center of the dance floor, at 10:00

This was almost exactly like Sam's experience… only I hopped I wouldn't have trouble finding a dress.

YaleGirl: So my new nickname is "Cinderella"? Yes… "the new nickname has merit" :-).

Onyxeyes: You… you do promise to be there right?

He seemed scared… like he was afraid that I wasn't being truthful…

YaleGirl: I promise… my Prince. You know, where are you? I mean you couldn't be in a classroom…

Onyxeyes: Neither can you… huh what is my Bulldog doing? Ditching perhaps?

YaleGirl: Unintentionally… but I'm glad I did :-)

Onyxeyes: Hey, ditching is healthy ;-P Oh, and the bell is going to ring soon… so, I must bid thou adieu…

YaleGirl: So formal… I shall see thee in class… but I promise, I won't try to figure out who you are ;-) Farewell!

With that I took off for math. Sure enough the bell did ring, and I was excited… only a week until the dance… yikes, I need to find a dress… I thought.

"Bella!" It was Carter, besides Sam, he was one of my handful of friends.

"Hey Carter," I was happy to see him; he was always good for a laugh. "Carter, who are you dressed was today?" He was a "method" actor… ha, right. He was wearing a do rag, really baggy shirt, and some heavy looking jewelry.

"It's my snoop dizzle look," he said that as if it was nothing… and didn't look so… crazy. "What? Is the Jewelry too much?"

"Has Sam seen you yet?" I asked while punching his arm… ha he played the mock hurt card.

"Un, no not yet," he was in for it. Just as I was about to reply Sam, herself, cut in.

"Carter what are you wearing?" Oh… he was totally in for it.

"As I stated to Bella, it is my snoop dizzle look," at this point I couldn't believe he was saying that with a straight face.

"Carter… I'm going to take you home during lunch, and well you're going to change. I can't believe you came to school like that!" Yeah, exactly what I was thinking, but I just wasn't that… crazy about it.

"Yeah, Carter I have to agree with Sam," I stated quickly.

"Oh Bella not you too!" Carter said. "I can not believe you're going to make me change in the MIDDLE of the day!" Haha, he does have a point, I thought.

"Sam, why don't we let Carter go? I mean, he can make is own decisions… he is a big boy," I had to keep my mouth shut; I was so close to laughing out loud.

"Yeah, Sam… what Bella said! Wait, a second…" He had just realized what I said at the end. "Bella!" Now I could tell he was attempting to keep a laugh in as well.

"Okay then Carter, you're right… you are a big boy," she emphasized on the "boy" part of that sentence. "So I'll bud out of what you decide to wear." As if, I thought. "Well Bella, let us go to Math… I believe we have something to talk about… cough Onyx." Oh, very subtle…I thought.

"Oh Cyber Guy? I remember when Sam had a Cyber Guy," Carter laughed while giving Sam a playful push. "Okay then, well I'll catch you chicks on the flip side," he said… attempting to sound gangster… but, he would never pull it off.

Sam and I were walking away when she broke the silence. "So Bella… what's going on? Anything else going on with Onyx?" I should tell her… right.

"I'm supposed to go to the dance next week, and be 'Cinderella' ha-ha yeah right." I was going to go, I had too.

"You, are going to dance?" I could hear the disbelief in her voice.

"Yeah, guess so," I shrugged, as we entered the math room. Again, me being placed in a higher level course… it did have its advantages. I took my seat before continuing. "Oh and I was wondering if you have ANY idea where I could get a dress or anything… Cinderella," I scoffed, there was NO way I could ever pull of being any type of princess.

"I have a few ideas," Sam said after winking. "Oh and what about the schedule thing?"

I had to think for a bit… give her the whole story or half… whole, I thought. "Well, we are in the same acting class… but," she cut me off.

"Oh Bella that is so great! I can't believe you are finally going to meet him." If only I was excited about it as she was.

"Sam, I am not going to meet him." I felt my face fall… "I mean, I am going to, but at the dance. But I promised him that I wouldn't try to figure out which guy was him." Hearing this come out of my mouth was really hard.

"But you are going to break that promise right?" Ha yeah right.

"No I'm not, even if I am that curious, I want him to trust me… Sam, I really like this guy." It was true; we connected on so many levels.

"So, you're going to sit there, and not wonder who the guy is?" Yeah, I could tell by the tone of her voice she was just as confused as I felt at that moment.

"Yes… I guess," and with that I let the subject drop and turned to see what the teacher was trying to teach the class. What was I supposed to do? I promised my Prince that I would be quiet… and not say anything. Now saying this, made me think I was crazy. So I just sat there… waiting for the day to pass until I got to 6th period.

I walked into the lunch room scanning for Carter. I really needed a dose of happy and besides Onyx, he could really cheer me up. As I walked through the room heading for the lunch line, I tripped. Over what? I have yet to discover. I waited to hit the hard ground but when it never came, I realized that I was caught in someone's cold arms. When I was right side up, I was able to see who it was.

"Edward…" I whispered… I wasn't sure if he had heard me or not but my cheeks were ablaze with embarrassment. I muttered a "thanks," and turned to keep walking till I got to the lunch line. My heart was in spaz-out mode when Carter popped up behind me.

He gave me an inquisitive look and said "So… Bella, what was that about?" I knew what he was talking about… so I just shrugged and walked to our table. "Bella, come on… what happened?"

"I tripped and he caught me," I said barely audible. I couldn't figure out why Edward did that, I would rather not think about this, I thought. "Carter… I need happy-go-lucky guy right now," I winked at him. "So please drop it and talk about something else eh?"

"Sure Bella," he seemed doubtful. "So, what's going on YaleGirl?" Yeah we talked through instant messaging too. But I hated when he called me that, it wasn't that flattering.

"Carter, don't call me by my screen name… drives me crazy, and you don't ever know when someone is listening!" I really didn't want Onyx to over hear, jut in case he was in the area, which would be bad.

"Okay, fine Bella. Hey Sam, Austin," he nodded.

"Hey guys!" I smiled, more people to distract me. "What's up?"

"Well, while you were in study hall last period, Austin and I came up with an idea for your costume," she said cheerfully.

"Oh really," I replied casually. I didn't want to seem over excited. Who knows, it may not turn out the way I want it to.

"Really really," Sam replied. "Bella, I have a friend, her name is Rhonda… she has this amazing dress, and we're almost the same size. I wore it when I met Austin… maybe it will bring you the same luck," she winked. "Besides, I bet if you let me do your hair and makeup… you would be drop-dead gorgeous."

"Yeah Bells, I think you would look great," said Austin. Sam elbowed him in the ribs. "Hey you know I love you Sam," he smiled a smile for her, and she put her head on his shoulder.

"Well… if… Rhonda doesn't care… I guess I'll at least try it on." I didn't want anything too flashy, I wanted to look great, but I didn't want to be over the top. "Carter do you have anything to say about this?"

"I saw the dress she wore, Sam was beautiful… I think you'll look even better," he said with a wink and then went back to eating. He could be so simple sometimes… then you see what he was wearing that day, and then you realize there is a lot more to him that meets the eye.

"Oh Bella," Sam hugged me. "I just can't wait!" she squealed.

"I can," I muttered. I got some strange stares… "What can I say?" I shrugged. "I am really nervous about all of this. I mean, next period he is going to be in my class… and I can't even do anything about it! I have to sit there, and pretend like nothing is going on." Oh, I was definitely not looking foreword to my next class.

"Bella, you'll do fine! I mean, look… you're in acting class. Take this as like your first test…" That's Carter for you. "I mean, can't be that hard, just don't start staring at some random guy," at this I burst out laughing. Everyone started looking at me that made me instantly shut up.

"Thanks for the advice Carter," I gave him a friendly hug and threw my trash away… waiting for the bell to ring for the next class to begin. Suddenly my cell buzzed. I flipped it open, only to read:

Onyxeyes: And so the games begin ;-)


Author's Note: Well, I hopped you liked this chapter :-) I wrote a whole lot more than I thought I would. Almost 13 pages? Haha, I hope you like it… I know the characters are terribly out of character… but well I had fun writing it!

Okay I said that I would have a character chart… so here it is:

Humans: Bella, Sam, Carter, Austin, Fiona, and Rosalie

Vampires: Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Alice… and possible a new character? I'm not sure.

Okay, and if you want a list of pairings… well here they are:

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Now I know I left it at a cliffy, sort of. I know I hate them too… but I just had to leave off somewhere… or I would have just kept writing! Haha, lol I had writers block for my other story (see profile)… and this is what came out. So I hope you like it!

Oh and I will continue this story if I get reviews! So don't forget to… on and no flames please… I mean, I don't really like them shrug thanks for reading!

Oh and Rosalie is a human… but she is somewhat still like the character from Twilight. Just take the vampire Rosalie, and pretend (for this story) that she is human… yes… she was the only one I could see being an "evil" step-sister… and I couldn't bring it upon myself to make Bella have two of them shrug lol.

Sorry about the out of character-ness… lol. Oh and if anyone wants to be my editor for this story, PM or E-MAIL me… )

- Chelsea


I Wanna Be

By: Emma Roberts

(I should win the award for the longest A/N award / haha)