Title: Her Salvation.

Rating: PG-13...er, R?(For now at least.)

Summary: What happens when Faith gets whisked away to prison, only to find herself pregnant? Rather than turn her child over to the system, Faith asks a favor that might take more courage than she feels she has.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything here. Save for the storyline. All characters and the like are trademark properties of Joss Whedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy and it's affiliates. If I use lyrics then they're copyrighted to their respected owners and blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue. I'm just a poor girl. Really, I am.

Pairings: Faith/Buffy later on, Buffy/Riley at the present and of course Willow/Tara and Xander/Anya

A/N: I know I have a lot of stories out there already, or at least a few and should stay focused on them. But like I told a friend, and she told me, it's so hard to not take an idea that pops into your head and go with it. :D

- - - - -

Six Days Prior; Los Angeles Womens Corrections Facility.

"Come on, sweety, just push. You can do it." The soft voice drifted into Faith's ear as the Slayer steered herself into remembering to keep her strength over the bed rails to a minimum. This was definitely not how she pictured the day to go. Not by a long shot. With a deep breath and a cry of pain, because the agony is unlike any she's ever felt before, Faith collapses against the pillow. Her eyes closed tight as doctors and nurses shuffle around to get a better view.

Off at the door are two armed guards. Weapons drawn incase anything goes wrong.

Wrong in the sense that the birthing mother might attempt an escape with her newborn once it arrives into the world.

Beads of sweat are wiped from her forehead. Her arms are patted just the same with a cool and damp cloth. The redheaded nurse reminds the brunette of someone. Someone just as sweet and endearing as this nurse. Someone she knows she'll have to speak to soon, along with a few others.

If they'll come.

With a hand to the small of her back, Faith sits up yet again. Her legs are strained by the ankles. The metal cuffs are cool against her hot, sticky skin. The encouragement to keep pushing, that her baby's head is almost crowning, Faith wills herself to further push. The white walls provide no distraction from the task currently at hand. It's so sanitary in here that she wishes the labor go on for hours longer. If you take the pain away of course.

But wishes for Faith are like smiles. She sees them everywhere, but not one is for her.

So the labor takes a matter of thirty minutes tops before the powerful Slayer is reduced to a panting prisoner laying spent on the bed of sweat stained sheets.

She's seen movies. Seen the scenes where a doctor or nurse suction out the baby's mouth for a cry or wail to announce his claim as part of the world. Yet there's nothing. There's only whispered voices of worry. And she knows something's wrong.

This kind of intuition isn't from being a Slayer.


It's from being a mother.

"Why isn't my baby crying?" She frantically asks as she pulls on the restraints just enough to get the barrel of a rifle, or whatever the weapon of choice guard number Asshole has, aimed at her face.

She doesn't care though. Her first instinct isn't to save herself as it would have been nine months ago. Now it's her baby and only her baby's well being she's looking out for.

"Calm down Miss Lehane," The nurse soothes in reassurance. Only the nurses and doctors call her by her name and treat her as if she's a free person, not just a number to a system as corrupt as the men and women who place people in it.

"You're baby is fine. He just needs to be tended to a little more than most..." Half way through her explanation there was a loud wail. The sound of a baby not liking that it wasn't in a comforting state echoed around them. Able to feel her fear subside and her heart race, the doe eyed girl glanced over to the nurse with a proud smile.

"A boy?" Faith wants to make sure she heard right. And she did. Because not a moment later her pwoerful arms are craddling a newborn that had been crying the second he could. But as he nestled into his mother's arms, all wailing ceased. Only adoration shone in his brillant baby blues. A trait he didn't inherit from his mother. Only his father who she wasn't sure was. Yet it didn't matter. This baby was all her's.

It seemed the time spent with her baby went by too fast. One minute she was just smoothing down his wild curls of milk chocolate as he latched onto a nipple, and making a connection to him when he was pulled away screaming by a social worker. The heart broken Slayer, who once prided herself on being emotionless, was told he would be set in foster care until the time came that Faith had a friend or family member to legally adopt him.

"Nataniel." Faith called out, "Nataniel Angel Lehane." She called after the social worker who nodded at the name choice that would be the baby's name.

Being able to sleep alone without having to look over her back for immediate danger brought no real sleep the new mother's way. All she could think about was that beautiful baby who at once smiled when he saw her. For once a smile was all for her and no one else. It was something she'd remember to the day she died.

Sunnydale; Magick Box.

"She what?" Buffy asked, floored.

"She wants you to visit her is all Faith said, Buffster." Xander repeated for the tenth time.

"Why in the world would she even conceive the idea that I would see her?" Okay, so Buffy wasn't as angry as she once thought she'd be if the suggestion ever arose. No. Instead she was taken back. Out of nowhere, nine months in passing and Faith suddenly wanted to see her? Was strange, but inside herself, Buffy knew she'd give over to the other and go see her.

"As much as none of us like her, Buffster...well, we kind of think it might be a good idea if you do see her." Xander quickly jumped behind the redheaded witch for protection.

"Hey! Whoa there, buster! I didn't agree. I merely 'eh'ed' the notion of Buffy going to see sociopath Slayer." Willow defended.

"So, you then disagree that she should see, Faith?" Xander just wanted to verify.

"I didn't say that. I think she should go. But I don't think she should go, either." Willow finished.

"Hello! This isn't up for debate, okay? It's MY choice. I'd be the one going. I don't think any of you brave souls would even offer to acompany me to the parking lot, let alone inside." Of course Buffy would refuse anyway. Incase this was some elaborate ploy to get her and the others there, then she wanted to smush Faith's plans quickly.

Eventually Buffy agreed to sleep on the idea.

And eventually she agreed to go see Faith.

And eventually that day came.

And eventually...no, instantly, she was filled with bitter regret.

-TBC (This was just the first chapter. Tell me what you think of it. Next to come will be lots of ackwardness, revelations and life altering decisions. Dum, dum, DUM!)