Title: Her Salvation: Chapter Five.

Rating: PG-13...er, R?(For now at least.)

Summary: What happens when Faith gets whisked away to prison, only to find herself pregnant? Rather than turn her child over to the system, Faith asks a favor that might take more courage than she feels she has.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything here. Save for the storyline. All characters and the like are trademark properties of Joss Whedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy and it's affiliates. If I use lyrics then they're copyrighted to their respected owners and blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue. I'm just a poor girl. Really, I am.

Pairings: Faith/Buffy later on, Buffy/Riley at the present and of course Willow/Tara and Xander/Anya.

A/N: I know I have a lot of stories out there already, or at least a few and should stay focused on them. But like I told a friend, and she told me, it's so hard to not take an idea that pops into your head and go with it. :D

- - - - -

Two Weeks Later; Sunnydale, California; 1630 Revello Drive.

"Eww!" Dawn cried out from the livingroom.

Buffy was in the kitchen trying to prepare lunch.

Joyce was watching her youngest daughter feed the baby.

"Becareful with him, Dawn. He's fragile." Joyce reminded the pre-teen for the gazillionth time that hour.

"I know, geeze, mom. You sound like Buffy, or maybe Buffy sounds like you?" Dawn just couldn't help but smirk. It was nice to have her mom home safe and sound, getting better like the doctors said. But the nagging was something she honestly didn't miss. Not when she had two older women doing so in each ear and a baby crying whenever Buffy left his sight.

With the bottle pressed between two sucking lips, Dawn was happy Nathaniel wasn't burning his lungs out by calling for her sister in the only way he knew how. He had come to accept Dawn as someone he could trust. Only because he felt that Buffy was never far away. And lately, Buffy wasn't too far from either Dawn or Joyce. Which made Nathaniel an altogether happy baby.

The 'eww' Damn had cringed about was the fact that Nathaniel let go of the bottle nipple to spit up some. Some being the key word. Some that had fallen off his bib and onto her new studded tank top. Total ick factor there.

But it was washable, she reminded herself and went back to feeding the small baby.

Joyce at first had thought this would all be a disaster. Buffy raising a child? Faith's at that? It could only mean trouble. Given the title her daughter already had, the hardships to follow in different areas of her life...but now she understood how very big Buffy's heart was, and just how strong she was. Buffy wasn't the only one Joyce saw growing up. She was busy looking over with pride that her youngest was taking on a more responsible duty than cleaning off the table after dinner. It felt nice. At the same time it felt as if time was passing too quickly.

Busy in the kitchen making sandwiches, because let's be honest here people, Buffy, burns water, the blonde was oblivious to the approaching person outside the back door.

Until it was too late.

With three knocks, the last getting the attention he wanted, Riley stood as poised as ever. Especially considering their five day ago break-up.

Throwing down the hand towel into the sink, tiny feet stalked over to the door which was soon thrown open, pathway into the house blocked.

"For someone who said they thought we needed time away because I suddenly had focus elsewhere, -you- sure are seeing a lot of -me-." Not to get it confused with being vice versa. Yes, she was angry. Riley had given her some lame excuse as to why he thought it best they take some time away from each other.

Evenly he spoke, "I just came by to drop this off." Holding out a duffle bag full of items, Riley watched Buffy take it and toss it aside without a care as to what was in it.

"Gee, how considerate of you." Sarcasm wrapped around every word.

"Buffy..." Riley started, unsure as where to take this, "What do you expect me to say? You throw this huge bag into my lap and I'm what, supposed to be able to automatically deal with it?" Apparently he knew just where to take it when he really shouldn't have had.

"If I recall, it was you who just threw a bag onto my hands." She flashed him a cold smile, "And poor you. Having a girlfriend who's for once being more of an adult. A girlfriend who doesn't just give up on people. Even after they screw her royally, or should I say, her boyfriend." A stab at him. now. Let's see how Soldier Boy handles that with all his supposed training.

"You didn't even ask me about it. You..."

"IT?" Buffy was at once defensive, "HIS name is NATHANIEL." She gritted her teeth.

"Nathaniel." He repeated, "You didn't come to me and discuss him. You didn't discuss the pros and cons of adopting a child, Buffy!" Riley was trying to make it clear.

Oh, but it was perfectly clear. Infact, it was crystal clear for the Slayer.

She gave out a snort, "Oh, I'm sorry. You're absolutely right! I should've come to the all knowing Riley, to find out just what it was I should do. Damn me for not being so bright. I know I needed you to weigh the pros and cons of having a newborn in the house. What it would do for my social life, what it would do for my school life." More sarcasm, as her brows knitted together and her clutch on the side panel of the door was removed as not to break the wooden work off it's hinges and beat Riley to death. "If Nathaniel ever did anything in his time being here, it's that he's shown me who I can trust and who I can't." Letting her face go blank, she added, "Guess what category you fall into, Finn?" Returning her hand to the knob of the door, Buffy went to close it in the bastard's face. Only to feel a foot wedge itself in front and stop her.

"I also came to say goodbye." Riley added dryly.

"Yeah, well, say it to the door because I already said goodbye to you five days ago." Hmph! Let him have a taste of his own medicine.

"No. I mean goodbye. I'm leaving Sunnydale, and California in general." He looked detatched and she could careless. Something about this entire situation ran cold through her veins.

"Don't send postcards." Flatly Buffy ended with, kicking Riley's foot out from underneathe him, before leaning forward and shoving the tough as a bag of nails soldier to his ass off the small deck.

With her back to the islander, Buffy listened to Riley make his way out of the yard and out of her life forever. In some ways it hurt. In other's it didn't. After the whole Faith ordeal, things hadn't been right between them. Added with Nathaniel, who Buffy adored, well, their relationship became nonexistent. In the end, she realized who family was. And that was everyone that stayed and everyone who helped. Somewhere deep inside her, the blonde also knew that Faith, too, was family.

Pushing off from the islander, Buffy snatched up the phone and dialed a certain Los Angeles area code.

"Hey, Cor, is Angel there? No, nothings wrong. Just wanted to ask him something." She said softly, curling a finger around the extension cord, "Hey, Angel...no, everything's peachy, and no, no keen ontop of the peachy. Listen, I was wondering..." She gave pause as Angel pretty much did a Buffy style ramble, "Huh? Oh, I was thinking, maybe in two weeks or a week, whenever you get the time, we could schedule a visit with Faith to bring her Nathaniel? Might be good for her to see him regulary." With a grin, and having a promise that Angel would call the facility up and do it himself, the two hung up, letting Buffy bring in the tray of food as Dawn whined from her spot on the sofa.

Sure, she didn't have a man in her life, but right now, Buffy had the best guy in her life, who cooed and smiled innocently up at her as she walked into the room.

-TBC (Thought I'd have Riley get out of the entire picture. :D If Buffy seemed a little out of sorts witht he whole Riley interaction, it's mainly because she knows she has enough on her plate and if Riley can't deal with what Buffy's taking care of, well, pfft him!)