Summary: Next to Mugen she feels too hot, next to Jin she feels too cold. In the middle, Fuu feels warm.

Disclaimer:I own nothing (unfortunatley).


They hadn't managed to find an inn tonight.

So they were under the stars again, with the wind, and the cold draping comforts of their own over them. Mugen had lost the blankets again, and so she insisted they sleep closer together-to conserve body heat; nothing else.

Or so she believed.

Or so she wanted to believe.

And strangely they agreed, but that was probably because they had no half assed idea what exactly they were agreeing to. They had been drunk before she asked them. Who said fifteen was a stupid age?

The night sky twinkled again, and for a second Fuu felt as if it would have been the easiest thing to grasp a single star from the sky. But then again, insomnia had never provided her with good ideas.

She tossed and turned, wriggling in the middle, sandwiched slightly by the bodies of the two men. She hadn't expected them to sleep so close together.

A slight breeze swept over their shadow dipped bodies and Fuu shivered as the cold curved up her spine. Damn Mugen.

She glanced in the Ryuukan's direction, finding him snoring obnoxiously loud, not that it bothered her anymore; in fact the sound had become oddly comforting. Fuu crept closer, reveling in the heat radiating from his lean body.

She breathed in, tasting a mixture of sweat and sea on her lips that was so…so distinctively Mugen. The cold wind that swept over them again didn't seem as harrowing in his presence. And so she laid her head back down comfortably, waiting for sleep to kiss her goodnight.

Instead, a strong arm reached out to pull her flush against a muscled body. She gasped, less at the actual action than at the heat that poured into her being. Fuu fought against the hand that held her captive but the more she moved, the tighter his grip became.

The sake must've been pretty strong.

Every fiber in her being radiated heat, being next to Mugen was like touching the sun. Hell, Mugen was the sun. Liquid fire filled her veins and made her mind hazy with the passion of it all. Maybe that's what made him such an effective opponent. She was sure anybody that had ever sparred with him had been scorched.

Next to Mugen, Fuu felt as if she was burning, on fire; like the flames that surrounded his aura had been ignited in her. Next to Mugen, Fuu felt hot.

"Mugen!" she gasped, pushing at his chest to loosen the arm wrapped around her. He groaned and turned over, letting her go and mumbling something about sake or whores or whatever it was he usually talked about.

Fuu rolled into the middle once more, her face flushed from being next to the vagabond. The heat was still coiled within her and she wished that the wind would blow over her again. Turning her head to the side, Fuu spied the other samurai on her right.


His name summoned pictures of rain, serene, cool, calm, and quiet.

If Mugen was the sun, then Jin was the moon.

He looked happy when he was sleeping. Usually, in the day time, Jin was cold and withdrawn, never even offering a smile. Maybe Jin was like the moon, more beautiful in the nighttime when the sun didn't block it from view.

And maybe, unlike Mugen, Jin was cold.

Fuu scooted closer to the silent man, immediately feeling the heat from her previous encounter start to cool. She relaxed again, inching closer to the cold that his body seemed to give off. No mysterious hand shot out to wrap around her, instead Fuu was the one wrapping delicate arms around the ronin.

She was certain he wouldn't notice, he never noticed anything when he was drunk.

A soft sigh left her lips. Being next to Jin was comforting in a way, all the red hot fire that seemed to fill her before cooled considerably. A pale but strong hand made its way to rest on her back and the contact spurred shivers to erupt over her body.

So cold.

If one wasn't careful, one could get ensnared in the frost of his control.

Pulling away gently, Fuu regained her place in the middle.

Jin was controlled where Mugen was wild, polite where Mugen was crass, cold where Mugen was hot.

And Fuu…

She was warm.

In the middle, with both hot and cold, both Mugen and Jin; Fuu was warm.