Fuu dreams of home; sun drenched flowers and the soft tones of her mother and father. It's still as she remembered it, the sunlight casting patterns through the weave of trees and the soft wind chasing the falling leaves. It's a dream she's held for a long time though it shattered with the knowledge that her mother no longer exists and her father's a traitor. Her dream breaks when the bright sunflowers wither and the sky seems to melt. In this garish new experience she sees the three of them. Red, pink and blue. It's a new dream she wants to foster but is afraid to.

Fuu wakes up suddenly, the rhythmic breathing of the two men echoing in her ears and wonders if they know too.

Mugen dreams of the deep lull of the ocean. He can't seem to get away from the truth it holds or the way it seems to mimic his name. He always wanders back to it's warmth in the end, though he's not quite sure he needs it when he has these two. Still, the waves calm him for a bit before his heart starts itching again. The lull of the ocean suddenly shifts into the ragged breathing of him and his companions, and the sudden intimacy before his eyelids pulls him from his slumber.

Mugen glances at the others and feels a different kind of heat course through his veins. He feels odd, as if they've seen it too.

Jin dreams of the calm and stillness of the dojo. It's a place he's dreamed of many times before. The building is vivid in his memory; every crack in the walls, every squeak in the floorboards. It rings of an eternity that Jin doesn't quite want to understand. Yet, he can't feel the same warmth that had always enveloped him as a child. Instead, he sees only the blood on the walls, on the floor, on his own hands. It's everywhere, even after its been washed a hundred times over. He can still smell the iron and the sweat. But it all disappears in a flash of bright light and he sees himself with them. Happiness is a foreign feeling for him but it pools in his stomach languidly.

Jin opens his eyes slowly, his mind still trying to clutch to the last remnants of his dream. He looks at the fire lit bodies of his companions and a sliver of a smile spreads across his face.

In the morning, Fuu is oddly quiet, Mugen sports an uncharacteristic blush and Jin attempts to smile.