This is not another part to Ancient Keeper!

I will not be writing any other one-shot to go with Ancient Comfort and Ancient Keeper. All the following is, is to explain some things in Ancient Keeper that I am sure the readers would like to know.

1. Ascendtion of Zaber - Much like Chaya, Zaber can take physical form. The parts in Ancient Keeper that refer to Zaber's body in stasis, has no real value other than to add to the plot and link her to the city.

2. Zaber's Control over Atlantis - Yes, Zaber does have control over the city, but since the city is not full operational, she only has control over the systems that the expedition team uses.

3. Zaber's Meeting of SG1 - As mentioned in the Journal, she met them on an off-world mission. This mission DID NOT happen on the show, it was completely made up by me, the author. Zaber met SG1 when she received a signal, on Atlantis, that was being sent by an Ancient device from a planet on the outer reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. The device had been turned on when Jack O'Neill touched it when trying to help Samantha Carter figure out what it was. They didn't know they had turned it on. The signal in which Zaber got was a distress signal. She thought someone was in trouble and went to the location of the signal, and of SG1. Zaber had to explain who and what she was. She DID NOT tell SG1 where she came from and that the Ancients were the ones that built the gate. Zaber and SG1 became friends, but Zaber made them promise that they would not tell anyone about her. They agreed, but Zaber wanted to make sure they wouldn't fall into anymore trouble so, without their knowing, Zaber implanted a device in their brains. (It would be to small for Janet to ever find.) The device would signal Zaber, at Atlantis, if any member of SG1 got into trouble that they couldn't get themselves out of and no one could help them. After that SG1 left and Zaber went back to Atlantis.

Their first meeting took place at the end of season two.

4. Zaber's Helping SG1 - Zaber only helped SG1 out of a situation once or twice a year. Each time, SG1 would leave out Zaber in the mission reports. Also, with each "visit" SG1 would tell her what had happened since they last met. (Noting why Zaber would know about the download of Thor's mind into Anubis' ship.)

5. How Zaber Gets to SG1 - This is just kinda thrown in by me, the author, to explain how Zaber gets to SG1. Zaber just appears where they are at. She can so this do to the devices she implanted in SG1's heads. The singal helps her locate them and "appear" there.

Note: The signal device was not implanted into Jonas Quinn and it was not re-implanted into Daniel after he ascended. (This signal device was again something I, the author, made up.)

I think that I have explained most of the thing that you, the reader, need to know. If there is anything that I didn't explain, I leave it to your imagination!