Title: Untitled

Summary: A drabble of sorts. FujixRyo.

Rating/Genre: PG-13-ish (?) Humor

Notes/Warnings: Shonen-ai, or Slash. Don't like, don't read. You have been warned. Basically, a drabble written in 15 minutes. Unbeta-ed because my beta is currently busy on the other side of the world. Though I rarely beta one-shots anyways. All characters are in Seigaku Senior High; so think three years older then in the anime. A little OOC-ness, maybe?

'Italics are thoughts'

Untitled—(Unless you would like to suggest a title.)

"Ry-o-ma-chan." Fuji jumped onto the sleeping boy.

"Why do you drag out my name like that?" Ryoma muttered.

"Saa...I want to," Fuji dodged a pillow. "Tsk tsk, it's not nice to throw things at your senpai."

"It's not nice to jump on your kouhai."

"Hmm, I'm not a nice person." Fuji breathed against his ear, "Ryo-chan, time to get up."


"Here, change into these." Fuji continued, ignoring his boyfriend's comment.

Ryoma rolled over, "Mada Mada Da—mmph!" Fuji's kiss shut him up. He struggled for a moment. 'Air! I need air.' Fuji smirked into the kiss before letting him go. He pushed Ryoma towards the bathroom. Ryoma gave the smiling tensai another glare. 'Baka.'


Ryoma sleepily walked into the Seigaku Senior High locker rooms. He couldn't clearly remember much of what happened after Fuji shoved him into the bathroom. 'Oh well.' Though Ryoma glanced warily at the I'm-innocent-seriously! look on his boyfriend's face. 'He's up to something...'

Ryoma paused, and then shrugged. 'Not my problem.'

"OCHIBI!" Eiji happily glomped him.

"Eiji...senpai...can't breathe..."

"Eiji..." Oishi's exasperated voice scolded. "Sorry Echi—" Oishi paused in the middle of his sentence, looking Echizen up and down.

"What?" Ryoma looked around. "Why is everyone staring at me like that..." he muttered darkly, golden cat-like eyes snapping in irritation.

"Fshh..." Kaidoh hissed.

"Echizen, you brat..." Momo started.

"Echizen, 20 laps." Tezuka ordered.

"A-a-ahh...Echizen..." Kawamura stuttered as Fuji slipped him a tennis racket. "BUUUURNING BABY! COME ON! DO WE STILL HAVE TO REMIND YOU...?"

"There's a 95 chance that we do." Inui remarked.


"…" Ryoma looked down at what he was wearing, then at his smirking boyfriend. "Bastard," He sighed, "I'm not sleeping at your house anymore."

"Mada Mada Da Ne, Ryo-chan." Fuji smirked.

-O w a r i-

Author Notes: As the first tenipuri fiction I wrote, I just thought I'd post this to prove that I'm not totally dead to the world. I will be posting more drabbles/one-shots soon. Possibly.