I slowly started to walk over to the dress as i saw my future mother in law take it from the ground smiling i felt slowly the soft fabric as its golden color shined in my eyes, its beauty making me think of how Einon would react to my wearing it.

Smiling i took it from her hands as i turned around in place ,seeing her laugh as i laughed as well as i slowly realized that the day was dawning i slowly felt my happiness go as i griped more tightly the dress as i heard slowly a knock on the door of my room.

Turning i saw slowly it was Einon stepping back i retreated as his gaze of mischief was about him as he looked at me the dress in my hand as i threw it over the bed. I started to shiver as i looked down at my underclothes as his gaze was turned into a smile.

"mother leave us"

he said as i saw my future mother in law come to my side her eyes barely able to contain the tears as i handed her the dress back.

"you shall be prepared in and hour for now i shall leave you alone"

she said as she walked out of the room as i felt my heart rise as i saw that the doors were closed and barged. Turning to Einon i saw him walk his hand slowly outstretched to mine as i took his hand.

i was impatiently guided to his side his body close to mine as his face was mere inches to one another his soft blue eyes looking at my own as a smirk was placed in his face.

"what do you want from me?"

i said as i stepped back guiding my feet to the bed as i seated

in it crouching my legs in a ball.

"nothing just your sex and your beauty"

i heard him say as i walked to his side seating in it as i took his hand as i placed it over my chest his eyes rising with the touch as he felt slowly my heart beat.

Letting my self go i breathed in as he slowly pushed me back my long curls falling on the bed as his mouth barely inches apart from my cheeks as his body heat urged me to take him, feeling slowly my conscience coming back i saw that he had taken the advantage and was un top of me his body weight pressing me down as i shifted his position to be un top of him.

"what makes me want you and then just still pleasure with you"

" i don't know"

i heard him say as his hands were placed in my cheek as i saw him smile again now wider than before as i started to think of my current situation my passion slowly descending as

i started to walk away as my complexion changed to a light pale color

"oh my god"

"what is it"

i heard him say as i turned around as i had realized i was falling for Einon

"get out you pig i hate you!"

i said screaming as i saw his face turn to a serious one

"you are mine no man can ever have you, you will never live out of these walls"

he said as i was hurt emotionally tears watering in my eyes

"why should i suffice with the fact that my life is ruined i am to marry the man that i hate"

i said as i saw his anger take control of him as he walked over to me a hand placed high in the air as he was ready to strike.

"do it i dare you it would never change anything"

i said as i saw him lower his hand as he walked away as he turned fast to me the doors being opened as he walked out.

Shivering i fell to the floor as tears enveloped me as i heard the door open again to reveal a maid.

"cheer up deer at least things cant get bad, now come we must get you ready"

she said extending a hand as i took it as she dusted me off

"how can i bear this"

i said as i saw her smile

"follow me"

i heard her say as i got up my two feet talking small steps as i was lead inside a room.

Walking in i saw the dress in a mannequin and a hot bath in waiting undressing i started to dip into the bath the hot water touching my feet as it burned my skin fully inside i was cleaned from head to toe the soap rubbing slowly upon my skin as my hair was cleaned perfectly well.

Seeing the old woman push me to get out i was ointment with oils from lavender to rose and a sweet scent of daisies bloomed in the air.

Smelling sweet i was slowly dried as i was guided to a changer the dress taken off from its resting place as it was unbuttoned from the middle, seeing it slowly prepared i saw that a pair of underclothes were brought in dressing up in them the golden dress was placed over my young body.

Turning to the door i saw the queen come inside as she smiled a sad yet hopeless smile as she walked over towards me.

Walking over to the counter i was put makeup on as my cheeks were blushed and a soft berry color was placed over my lips the vail was the last thing to be placed as its soft color hid my face from view.

Turning to the ground i distracted my attencion on it

"your ready my lady"

i heard a week voice say as the click of a door was opened as long rough footsteps were heard.

Fixing my gaze hard on the floor a hand was placed over my hair as i looked up from the mirror

seeing who it was i shed a tear as his hands caressed my hair

"my beautiful bride"

i heard him say as i looked at the two forms on the mirror one and innocent girl to be the bride of a monster that she is falling in love with two the monster who has no heart and only wants the girl for pleasure and lust.

Separating i saw him look away a