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Ch.1 The Letter

InuTaisho sighed for the hundredth time that week. His sons just kept on destroying his castle. They did not mean to, but their fights always ended up destroying some part of his castle. No matter how many times he told them, no matter how severely he punished them, they always started another fight. Now, in front of him was a letter sent to him from the elders of all the lords. It read:

Dear Lord InuTaisho,

We are concerned about your eldest son Sesshomaru. His 500th birthday is in two more years and we are under the impression that he will not have a mate by that time. We are only concerned with the well being of the Western Lands. If he does not have a mate by the next full moon, we will be forced to provide him with a mate. Please discuss this subject with your son. If he refuses to the request, than we will have no other choice than to replace him with Lord Matsunoshin Gohda. We know this would be very upsetting, but it is our last option.

The Elders,

Naotada Sekiya

InuTaisho let out another sigh when he was finished reading the letter. 'Sesshomaru will be very displeased with this,' he thought. As if on cue, a crash was heard along with screaming voices. 'Lord Matsunoshin can have the castle after all the damage my sons have done to it.'

A bright smile crossed his face as he imagined the look on the Lord's face as he looked at all the damage the young lords of the west had done. InuTaisho got up out of his chair and went to find his troublesome sons.

'These damages will only add to the damage that they have already done to the East Wing, and it isn't even completed yet.' InuTaisho let out another sigh.He had gotten used to sighing because it was the only thing he seemed to do lately.

Sesshomaru had been sitting in his mother's old garden as he watched the sky. He was completely relaxed until he caught the scent of his stupid younger sibling. He let out a warning growl telling his half brother that he did not want his company, or anything to do with him for that fact.

InuYasha heard his brother's warning, but paid little attention to it. He was going to get Sesshomaru back for what he had done to him a week ago.


InuYasha and Sesshomaru were again fighting. At this moment they were both so mad at each other that they didn't even know what had started the fight. The only thing that ran through their minds was the deep grudge to see the other on the ground not moving.

They had already destroyed part of the East Wing; which at the moment was on fire for some unknown reason. Servants were running around with buckets of water trying to put the now expanding fire, out.

The two brothers had no idea what was going on around them, and did not see their father's displeased face until he had both of them by the scruff of the neck. He gave each a hard shake until he had both of their attention.

As soon as InuYasha's eyes were on their father, a part of the ceiling that had been on fire came crashing down right on his head. Sesshomaru tried his hardest not to laugh, but could not resist saying something that would piss off his younger brother.

"InuYasha it seems the castle has decided to put you out of your misery," said Sesshomaru in one of his impassive voices. This earned him a deadly glare from InuTaisho.

InuYasha had heard every word as his father helped him out and summand a maid to take him to the healer. He would pay Sesshomaru back for this incident.


"So tell me Sesshomaru," asked InuYasha, "Did you enjoy last weeks show?"

"Hn," was Sesshomaru's only reply.

Today seemed to be just like any other. InuYasha was annoying him, again, which either led one of them starting a fight. Another fight would launch, that would lead to another lecture on manners.


Right after InuYasha had left, InuTaisho had turned on Sesshomaru. He had had enough of their actions. They both forgot that this was his castle. Sesshomaru should have known this, but he was about to get another lesson in manners.


"Yes, InuYasha," replied Sesshomaru in his usual unresponsive tone.

InuYasha had had the last of his brother's irritating comments. He dived for his elder brother, only to find himself face down in the dirt. He let out a low snarl as he jumped up and lashed out at Sesshomaru with his claws.

Sesshomaru dodge his attacks with ease and grace. He gave a flex of his claws as he took a swipe at InuYasha.

InuYasha ducked as Sesshomaru's claws passed inches above his head. InuYasha used this position to lunge forward and grab his brother around the waist.

Sesshomaru was sick at this forward movement. If he had not been in battle, he would have vomited. Sesshomaru brought his knee up into InuYasha's stomach and sent him flying backward into the wall, which he went straight through from the force of the blow. Sesshomaru couldn't help but smirk.

InuYasha picked himself up and prepared for another attack. He looked at Sesshomaru with pure hatred racing through his veins.

"Shall we pick up where we left off little brother?" inquired Sesshomaru.

"Yes, let's pick up where we left off. I believe I was about to injure you severely," InuYasha said in a cocky way as he cracked his knuckles.

"You could never touch this Sesshomaru," he hissed.

"I believe I have already touched you and it is a sickening thing to do," InuYasha said while making a gagging noise.

Both brothers looked at each other trying to figure out just when the other would attack. Before they could move, a very familiar angry voice reached their ears.

"What in the seven hells are you two doing?"

"Nothing," they both replied as they continued to glare at each other.

"NOTHING! NOTHING! How could a hole in the castle wall be nothing?" InuTaisho asked in a very firm angry voice. "I think the Elders are right a mate for the both of you would surly keep you busy enough. That would solve all my problems."

"What problems?" InuYasha asked as confusion crossed his face.

"A mate for you two would have you busy. It would also solve the issues with Sesshomaru," InuTaisho explained to his younger son.

"What issues?" both of his sons asked for different reasons.

"The issue with Sesshomaru turning 500 in two years," InuTaisho said as he let out an exasperated sigh. "The Elders want him to have a mate by the next full moon or they will provide him with a mate. If Sesshomaru refuses, they will give the throne to Lord Matsunoshin Gohda."

"Why are they going to give it to him? Why can't they just give it to me?" questioned InuYasha.

"Because they don't want a dirty half-breed soling the title of Taiyoukai," Sesshomaru sneered.

They were about to start another fight except they heard a 'pop' and turned their attention to back to their father. In his hand sat a small flea. Myoga looked up at his Lord and released a small sigh.

"Mi-Lord," complied the small flea, "I heard about what the Elders said about Sesshomaru. So, what are you going to do?"

"I am going to get them a mate," InuTaisho declared, "I will set a party for all the Lords to bring their unmated daughters and which ever catches their attention," he said as he pointed a finger at his sons, "Will become their mate."

"So, am I to tell all the Lords?" asked Myoga.

This whole time, both of the brothers were thinking over what their father had said. Sesshomaru could not believe what the elders had done. InuYasha could not understand why he needed a mate.