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Truths and Changes

Prologue: Only a few days had gone by since Superman recovered from his exposure to the Kryptonian land mass he had thrown out in to space. He had been prepared for death that day, knowing that in spite of Lois, Richard's, and Jason's efforts to rescue him from Luthor and his growing continent, he had to go back and rid the world of that danger. The exposure to the Kryptonite filled land mass had indeed caused his death, but thanks to the doctors and nurses who did all they could for him, he was alive now. What Lois had told him while he was in a coma, resulting from his exposure to so much Kryptonite, had also healed him; Kal-El, the last son of Krypton was no longer alone, he had a son, and that knowledge took away all the years of rejection he had felt, both as a young man growing up in Smallville, and even as an adult.

While Superman considered what Lois had told him that day in the hospital, the rest of the world learned of Luthor's plot, and that he was out of prison. That knowledge seemed to raise crime in almost every city in the U.S., as well as abroad. At the Planet, Perry held meetings every morning reviewing what stories he wanted his reporters to cover, and listening to his top reporter Lois Lane who was always one step ahead of everyone else.

Life wasn't slowing down, and aside from covering stories, Lois knew she needed to talk to Superman about her clouded memories, and about Jason. However, lately, there was only time for work during the day and a brief amount of family time with Jason and Richard at night before it was time to go to sleep in preparation for the next busy day. Lois knew she had to tell Richard her secret, something she had never really been sure of until that fateful day that Jason's powers showed themselves, but she was afraid of losing the man she had made a family with; she was afraid of the change that she knew would happen when she did tell him, and she was afraid for Jason, who had always known a stable life until now.

Chapter 1: Stolen moments in time

Close to 1am, Superman flew high over the darkened city of Metropolis, whose lights shown as the stars did, only dotting land instead of space. He had just finished helping clean up after an earthquake hit India, killing hundreds before he could get to them. The last week had been non stop for him, and with crime on an increase, he was having a hard time showing up at the Planet for any amount of time before he was needed again.

It had been three days since Superman had last seen his son, and now he descended down from the sky in back of Lois and Richard's waterfront home. He was always careful to arrive long after everyone had gone to bed, neighbors included, so that no one would see him enter the house and gossip. On this night, as he had several nights before the first time he had visited Jason after learning the truth, Superman gently pulled the screen away from the window, setting it on the roof before he opened it. Silently he glided into the room making sure not to cause a breeze which might wake his sleeping son.

Landing soundlessly on the carpeted floor Superman looked around the room noticing all of the model planes. Two or three planes hung from the ceiling on thin pieces of string, and a light breeze stirred them to swing back and forth. There were more model planes on the small book shelf hanging from the wall directly across from the end of Jason's bed, along with several Dr Seuss books, and books by other children's authors, including Kipling, and C.S Lewis. The floor was cluttered with toys, mostly trucks, cars, and building blocks, and across from where he was standing was a small desk with crayons strewn about as well as art paper to draw on.

Superman took a few steps to his right, and knelt down next to Jason's bed. His son was resting on his side, facing away from him, and without waking him he placed his hand on his head gently stroking his soft brown hair. These moments, stolen moments in time, were not enough for him, and Superman knew that he and Lois needed to talk, because they really had not gotten the chance to over the past week. He wanted to know about what his son's life had been like during his long absence, and as he thought about being gone for so long he felt guilty. Lois had been angry at him, angry enough to write an editorial entitled, Why the World doesn't need Superman, and now he knew why. He wondered how much she remembered about their time at his Fortress of Solitude and was pondering that when he felt Jason shift; quickly and gently he moved his hand away as his son rolled over. When Jason settled on his back, Superman put his hand on his small chest, and the little boy hugged his hand holding on tight which warmed his heart in a way it had never been before.

As he had done the first night he had visited his son, Superman simply watched him sleep, seeing a lot of Lois in him which brought a smile to his lips. Jimmy had once told him, on the day he had come back to work, that Jason took after her in that he managed to get into trouble of all sorts, just as she was prone to do from time to time, but now as he slept it was hard to imagine that.

Hearing a far away cry, and then sirens, Superman reluctantly withdrew his hand from his son's grasp. Jason turned his head from side to side but relaxed when his father put his hand back where it had been, except this time over his small hands. There were times when Superman wondered just how much his son knew, and that was why he wanted to talk to Lois, he needed to know if Jason had any of his powers, and if so they would need to figure out a way to protect him. He wanted a part in both of their lives, but he knew that right now it was not possible. Jason was sound asleep, and this time when Superman took his hand away, he didn't move.

Rising to his feet, Superman stayed where he was a moment looking at his little boy. "I won't let anything happen to you," he whispered, and then he leaned down and placed a kiss on Jason's left cheek. Without a sound, Superman walked to the window and floated out of the room, closing the window and replacing the screen before he flew away to find out where the trouble was originating from.

The next morning at the Planet Clark was looking over an article he had written about some political scandal that the Chief had assigned for him to do yesterday. He wasn't too focused on the article, but more so on last night.

The cries he heard led him down the coast to a boating accident, and by the time he arrived, two men had already died, and a woman and her three children were badly injured. The two men had been drinking and had driven their speed boat right into a small sail boat where the woman and her children were spending time. When he got them to land, they were all three in serious condition, and the most difficult part for him had been the two small children who were both Jason's age. He had always saved people, even children, but now it was different with them, because now he was seeing Jason, and that made him more determined to protect his little boy.

"Grrr," said a small voice from behind his desk chair. Clark jumped, even though he had heard Jason's approach, and that made the little boy laugh a little. He turned around and found his son dressed for school, wearing jeans, and a button down long sleeved shirt, red in color, and on his feet he had on a pair of socks and sandals.

"Did I scare you?" Jason asked as he stood on his tip toes trying to see onto the top of Clark's desk. Clark wanted to lift his son up and hold him on his lap but decided not to for the moment.

"You did manage to do that," replied Clark, before Lois and Richard arrived.

"Jason, Clark is busy," Lois told her son, giving her co-worker and friend a look of apology.

"Don't worry Lois, I was about to finish up on this," Clark assured, but she was already fidgeting with Jason's shirt, tucking it into his pants.

After Lois had finished making sure Jason looked presentable she stood back up and took his hand. "Say goodbye to Clark," said Lois, smiling now.

Richard walked up behind her and gave her a hug, and Clark had a hard time keeping a straight face. He knew Richard was a good man, he had proven that by going to Lex's boat to save Jason and Lois, while Superman saved Metropolis from a potentially disastrous quake caused by the growth of land created from his Kryptonian Crystals. Even with that knowledge, it was still hard for Clark to watch him with the woman he loved or with his son.

"Goodbye Clark," Jason said, and then laughed as Richard lifted him up in the air and placed him on his shoulders.

Clark watched them leave, and turned back to his computer. He quickly scanned his story for errors, and corrected the only two in the three page article, and then hit the print button. When it was finished he found Jimmy and had him run it to Perry's office to make sure it would be approved for tomorrow's paper. Needing time to think, Clark walked out of the news room through the large glass doors, into the elevator lobby. He took one going up, and when the doors closed he launched out of the elevator and went up the shaft, flying out and up into the sky so fast that no one would have been able to see him. Superman didn't know where he was going, but he just needed time to think, and flying had always helped him find clarity to his sometimes jumbled thoughts.

Not long after he had taken off from Metropolis, Superman landed in Montana which was where his mom and his neighbor from Kansas now lived by a huge lake. Ben had bought a large piece of land out in the middle of nowhere, and it was still strange for Clark to see her living with another man, after the death of his father so long ago. He scanned the house and found his mom alone, and then scanned the surrounding area and found Ben Hubbard on the lake fishing. Superman landed near the house and in a flash he had on his work cloths, and entered the house hearing his mom call out thinking it was Ben.

"Mom it's me," he replied and in a moment Martha entered the large living room of the cabin house she shared with Ben.

Always glad to see her son, Martha gave him a hug and then pulled away to study his face. She could tell he was troubled, and led him a short distance to a sofa next to a small fire place where she had him sit down. After she took a seat to his left she turned to face him and said, "Now then, tell me why you look so worried."

It had always amazed Clark how perceptive his mom was with how he felt, and it always helped him that she had that ability. He didn't know where to start and then he thought of Jason and decided that was the best place to begin. "I guess you knew about what Luthor did," he said, and at her nod he continued. "While I was at the hospital healing, Lois came by, and somehow I heard what she told me." Clark paused for moment thinking about that revelation, and then he focused on his mom who was looking at him intently, ready to hear more. "We had a relationship before I left for Krypton, and she figured out my secret, but it became too much for her to handle so I made her forget that Clark Kent was Superman."

As Clark continued to tell her the events leading up to his time in the hospital, Martha was surprised to learn that he had not told Lois before he left for Krypton, and how upset she was with him. Martha listened as he told her about his fight with Lex and about the land mass that he had taken to space, which had almost been his end. When he got to that part she had to wipe tears from her eyes.

As Clark saw the tears run down her face he hugged his mom for a moment and then when she was ready he told her about Lois's visit. "I was so tired, so defeated about everything, and then I heard her tell me that I have a son," he said.

Martha watched her son as he said those words, seeing the look of astonishment in his blue eyes. "I saw Lois that day walking out of the Hospital with the little boy, and I kept thinking that I was crazy because he looks like you. Well, when you were a small boy."

Clark offered her a smile. "He's a great kid, Mom. Smart, so smart that I wonder if he knows that the only difference between me and Superman is the glasses and the suit I wear."

Suddenly Martha was eager to meet her grandson, though when she asked Clark about that she saw sadness in his eyes. "Tell me," she said as she put her right on his own which he had on his lap.

"He can't know about Superman, and Lois doesn't remember that Clark Kent is Superman, at least I don't think she does. For now, all I have are small moments with him, times when she brings Jason to work with Richard White, the man who has raised him as his son," he said trying not to sound bitter.

Now Martha knew why her son looked so miserable. "Clark, I think that Lois needs to know the truth, I think maybe now she is strong enough to handle that information, because you both need to be able to make decisions for Jason." As she finished saying that Martha remembered about Richard White, and saw how that might make things more difficult than easy. "Is the man she is with now capable of keeping your secret?" When Clark grinned at her she tilted her head waiting to hear why that seemed funny to him.

"I was just thinking about a night not so long ago. I was standing over by my desk and I heard Richard asking Lois about Superman's powers, and then he hinted that maybe I was Superman before they both laughed that idea away." He looked away from his mother and then back at her. "Ben is heading back this way, so I need to go now," he said.

Both of them stood up, and Martha hugged her son. "Let me know when I can start seeing my grandson," she said as they parted. Clark told her he would, and Martha led him to the back of the cabin to a small door there. She opened it for him and stood just outside watching as he took off. She then went back inside and was just sitting back down on the sofa when her husband came in from his fishing. She had not yet told him about Clark and Superman, but she would one of these days.

As a soft breeze blew into Jason's room, Superman was again kneeling by his bedside softly talking to him while he rested his left hand against Jason's chest. Again, Jason had hugged his hand even in sleep, and Superman wondered somewhere in Jason's subconscious mind, if he knew that he was there watching over him. "I don't know if this will be easy for you to know or not, but I want to know you better. I hope your dad is the kind of man who will stay with us until you can adjust to this change," he said softly referring to Richard.

Superman wasn't sure that Jason would know about his secret, and thought it best for now that Lois and Richard knew the full truth. Then, when they were sure Jason was ready, they could tell him that Clark Kent was his father. One day Jason would know everything, but while Lex Luthor was still about, Superman was not willing to endanger Jason by sharing the secret. The weekend was upon them, and he knew Richard was flying to London to have meeting with the Planet's international head there. He would be gone for a week, which would give Superman time to see Lois and tell her the truth, and then from there determine whether or not Richard could be trusted with the secret.

It was only when he heard a far away rumble that Superman gave his son a kiss on his forehead, and then flew away ready to take care of the world. As he flew into space and began to circumnavigate the earth, he thought about how he would explain sudden absences to Jason once he knew Clark Kent was his father. For now, as he descended into the atmosphere over Thailand and into hurricane conditions, he focused on the task at hand, which was helping people get to safety and trying to snuff out the storm before it had a chance to reach land.