Chapter 18: The Unexpected Date

After dropping a sad Jason off at school, Lois drove the Audi on toward work hoping that his day would improve. Jason's teacher, Mrs. Grace, told both her and Clark that if he had too much trouble the school would call them, and they would be able to go and pick him up.

When they arrived at work, Clark carried most of their things. In the Lobby he waited as Lois ordered a large cup of coffee, black with no cream or sugar, from the vender. As soon as she was ready, both of them squeezed into the always crowded elevator and waited silently as they road up to the newsroom. The moment they walked inside the busy space, they heard Chief calling out to them. Clark managed to drop their things off at their respective desks before he followed Lois into Perry's office.

Seeing his star reporter back at work was a relief, though Perry could tell she was still preoccupied. "I assume you both caught wind of the fires last night at the east docks?"

As soon as the fire was mentioned, Lois's mind turned to reporter mode. "The fire inspector thought it was arson, but I thought maybe we could go down there this afternoon and get a look for ourselves," Lois replied, hoping he would allow that. The grin on his otherwise hardened face was her answer.

"That's how I like things around here. You two get me a front page and I might consider a raise in both your salaries," he said. He watched as they left, knowing that sales would go back up now that Lois Lane was back at work.

A cold breeze blew in off the waterway and Lois for one would be happy when spring finally arrived. As Clark spoke with the fire inspector, Lois sifted around in the mangled mess of burnt wood and metal from the warehouses. There wasn't much to see, and it was looking more and more like another sad statistic to add to the long list of bad things that went on in the poorer part of town. As she started back toward Clark, her foot made contact with something solid, which didn't feel like debris from the building. Lois looked down, before kneeling down to lift away a piece of metal. "Inspector, Clark," she called out, before turning away.

The panic in her voice alone was enough to send Clark rushing to her side, and as he saw what she had uncovered, he pulled her into his arms. The body was a child's, no more than three or four years of age, and it hit home for both of them. As the Inspector radioed in for someone to be sent in from the Homicide Department, Clark escorted Lois a small distance away from the scene. "You okay?" he asked, as she still clung to him. The child's body had been burnt beyond recognition, and even as many times as he had seen a dead body in his line of work, it was still hard to view that.

Lois took in a few deep breaths and let them out. "Yes, I thought you said you got everyone away," she stated, as she lifted her head from against his strong chest to look up in his eyes.

"I did. That body wasn't there the last night when Superman was putting out the fires," replied Clark, which meant there was more to this story than met the eye. "This may not be gang related," he continued, thinking of radical groups, and cults. They walked back to the inspector and asked him if they could do a follow up. He asked that they keep the news of this out of the paper until he could find some leads, and they both agreed to do that.

His first day back at school was hard, and Jason wanted to go back to Italy to be with Benito and Dante. They had spoken English as well as Italian fluently, and they were two of the nicest boys Jason had ever been around. Now, as he sat at a table during free time, he was drawing a picture of the beach when his paper was taken away from him. "That's my drawing," Jason said, looking at Randy as he held the paper up laughing. Free play today was with all of the lower grades, and Jason hated it.

"What's this supposed to be?" Randy asked, sneering at the little boy.

"The beach in Italy, at our own private villa. Now please give it back," Jason replied, doing his best not to cry.

It was clear to Randy that he was getting to Jason, and he grinned as Phillip arrived to help. "You know you shouldn't make up tall tales. Bad things happen to liars. Maybe that's why your dad bit the bullet. Maybe he was a liar and he died because of it," said Randy, laughing as Jason's eyes filled with tears.

"He wasn't a liar," Jason said as the tears started to drip down his cheeks. He scrubbed them away, wanting nothing more than to run outside and yell for his dad. Jason managed to pull it together and asked the new teacher if he could go to the bathroom. As soon as he was out of his classroom, Jason ran down the hall, running outside into the cold rain. He ran across the parking lot and hid behind some bushes, letting his tears fall freely. "Daddy come get me I want you now," he said over and over as he shivered in the cold rain. Jason waited and waited but his daddy didn't come which caused him to cry more. "I need you Daddy, I need you," he sobbed, as he huddled down to the ground, resting his cheek against the grass as he continued to cry.

"Jason, oh my goodness," he heard Mrs. Grace say, as she helped him stand up. He let her pick him up and clung to her as his heart began to hurt. His daddy hadn't heard him, and that only added to the pain.

As Lois pulled the car into the parking lot, her cell phone rang, and when she answered it she found the school nurse on the other end. "Yes, we were coming by to check on him," she said, looking at Clark. They had been on their way back to the Planet when Clark heard Jason's cries and knowing that Superman couldn't go to him every time something happened, Lois had pushed her small car to its limits to get them to their little boy. "Just get his things ready, we will try again in a few days," she replied, as she parked the car, fuming.

"What happened?" Clark asked, knowing that she was angry.

Lois shut her eyes. "What always happens when they put his class with the upper grades, the big kids pick on him, and Susan said today they teased him about Richard." Lois heard something snap and looked in Clark's hands seeing the remains of the pencil he had been holding. "You'll have to teach me that," she said trying to lighten the mood.

When he realized she was trying to help him, Clark smiled at her. He leaned in and gave her a hug before they got out of the car to get their son.


As soon as he saw his parents, Jason got off the cot and ran into his father's arms. "You didn't come," he said, through his sorrowful cries.

Clark held him close kissing his wet cheek. "Not like that Jason, but I heard you which is why your mommy and I came together," replied Clark, noticing that Jason was shivering. As he held Jason closer, the door to the infirmary opened and two young boys stepped inside, followed by the Head Master of Jason's private school. They looked worried, as Lois walked next to Clark and their son.

"Jason, we… well we shouldn't have said bad things about your dad like that," said Randy, feeling bad now that he knew what his words had done to the younger boy. It was fun to pick on the little kids, but when Mr. Roberts told them how Jason's other daddy had died, he felt bad for him.

Clark felt Jason's grasp tighten around his shoulders. "Go away," he heard his son say. He looked at Lois and knew that right now Jason was too upset to see the two boys.

"Maybe when you come back we could keep an eye out for you," Phillip added, feeling equally as bad. When they didn't get anything out of him they left dragging their feet.

Once the two boys were gone, Lois knelt down next to Clark wondering when life for Jason would improve. "Daddy and I still have things to do at work. Do you mind going back with us?" she asked, as she rested her cheek against his back.

She saw his head nod, and took that as a yes. When they got out to the car Clark got Jason buckled into his booster seat, and put Lilo and Stitch on for his little boy, before he kissed away the last of his tears. This time Lois was happy to ride as a passenger and after dusting the pieces of broken pencil away, she sat down. As they got on the road her phone rang, and when she answered it she found the receptionist from Metro Pediatrics on the other end. Lois silently cursed. "Yeah we can be there in a little bit." She hung up the phone and hit her head against the window causing Clark to give her a funny sort of look. "Sorry, Jason has a check up, that I scheduled a month ago and forget about." She reached out and set the directions into the Magellan, the GPS system she had gotten for the car a year ago, before dialing the office to tell Perry they had a working story and that they would likely not be back in until later.

Stitch had just gone to sleep in the bed Lilo made for him when the car came to a stop. Feeling the car at a standstill, Jason looked out the window, and when he saw the small brick building, he tried to find something to hold onto. He had been going to the doctor's office for all of his life, and some days he hated being poked and prodded. Once his parents were both out of the car, he tried to hold down the lock on his side.

It was starting to drizzle again as Lois tried the door on Jason's side, and when Clark told her to go on inside and sign him in she was glad she had him around. Poor Jason, first school and now this, Lois thought, as she walked into the building realizing that they needed to have some good family time at home with him.

While Jason was able to keep his mom from opening his door, he hadn't thought about the other door until his dad opened it. As fast as he could Jason tried to get his seat belt off and get out the same door he had held closed, but it was too late. "No, let me go. I don't want to get stuck today," he sobbed, as his daddy held onto him. Clark sat down in the other seat and lifted Jason into his arms. "Shh, I'm sorry pal, but this is important," he crooned, as Jason stopped struggling.

"Why do I get sick? I'm like you I shouldn't have sicks like everyone else," Jason said, as they got out of the car. He heard his father's voice and shut his eyes as the answer came. He was part human and until he was older he would probably still have times when he would be sick. "It's not fair," Jason stated, as they arrived inside the building.

Once they were inside, it was time to go back to the exam room, and as they passed through the doors, Clark felt Jason's grasp tighten around his neck. A young nurse led them into a colorful room, and as Clark sat down and tried to get Jason to turn around, his little boy wouldn't comply.

"Hi, Jason, how are you today?" Nurse Julie said.

That voice calmed him down a little, and reluctantly Jason drew away from his father, but shook his head when he tried to put him down on the table.

Clark sat down with Jason on his lap, as Lois took as seat close by. The nurse took Jason's temperature first, finding it normal for Jason, which was right at 98.0. As she stated that, Clark was surprised. Next she went over to the counter, and Clark found Jason trying to get away.

Lois knew how much he hated this part and walked over to them, hugging him so that his face was hidden against her neck. "Do you remember when you got Lucky?" Lois asked, as she felt him calm down. This was common practice for Jason, getting his finger stuck, though when Julie took his finger, he pulled it away. "Jason, listen baby, they need to do this to make sure your doing okay," Lois said, as she felt the wetness of his tears against her neck. He was still sitting on Clark's lap, and she held him still as his blood was taken, shutting her own eyes as he began to cry.

As Clark sat behind his son he wondered what could be done to stop this, which made him think of his own Kryptonian makeup. When he was little, he had the occasional cold or sniffle, but he also knew that his son was as much a human child, as he was a Kryptonian child, and now more than ever he knew he needed to go back to the Fortress of Solitude to get those answers. When the nurse left, Lois took Jason back to the chair where she had been sitting, and held him as he began to settle down. Clark got down off of the examining table and walked to her left, sitting down next to them. He reached out and put his hand on Jason's, and a moment later Jason's hand closed in around his own.

They only had a few minutes of reprieve before Dr. Higden walked into the room, and Jason held on to his mom as if his life depended on it. Dr. Higden had been seeing Jason since he was barely four months old, and she knew his good days as well as his bad. "Jason, I heard about your trip to Italy. Would you mind to tell me about that?" she asked. She waited as Jason started to speak, and as he did she managed to get him up on the table, alone.

"I met two boys while I was over there, Benito and Dante, and they are my very best friends," stated Jason, as he obediently took a breath

Dr. Higden listened to his chest as he took normal breaths, and then she smiled and helped Jason put his shirt back on. "You need to use your inhaler more often, young man," she said giving him a wink as she looked over at Lois. "He is a bit congested, more than I like to see with his previous history of pneumonia. I want you to use the nebulizer before bedtime for the next week, and I'm going to order a shot of steroids to help things along." When she saw Jason flinch she hugged him. "I know you hate those, but it's better than you ended up with pneumonia," Dr Higden informed.

When she left, Jason hopped off of the table and walked over to his mommy. "I just want to go home now," he said, as she lifted him onto her lap. Jason felt her arms wrap around him and sighed.

By the time they arrived home, Jason was still awake, but it was evident that he was tired. Dr. Higden had given him the shot herself, and Jason hadn't fought, but he cried hard, which broke Clark's heart. Since it was still raining, and since Jason had kicked his shoes off in the car, Clark carried him inside wrapped in his long dress coat, and once Jason was on his feet, Lucky was there to greet him, causing him to laugh a little.

Lois shut the door behind her, asking Jason what movie he wanted to watch. She saw a smile on his face as he raced back into his new playroom to get what he wanted. They had taken him to Ducky Bills which had cheered him up for a while, but on the ride home he had complained about his sore spot from caused by the shot.

While Clark got the movie set up, Lois went to the bedroom and changed out of her work cloths. She pulled on a pair of comfortable blue jeans and an old sweat shirt. Once she was comfortably dressed, Lois walked into Jason's room. In his closet Lois took down his fire engine red feeted pajamas, before she returned to the family room where Mary Poppins was beginning to play. Jason and Clark were settled together in the recliner, and their little boy reluctantly slipped down to let her get him ready for bed.

After Jason was dressed, Lois realized he would likely fall asleep long before the movie finished, and a few minutes later she arrived back with his nebulizer. She handed the mask to Clark, who fit it over Jason's mouth and nose, and set the base on the side table next to the brown recliner. Lois plugged it in, after reaching under the table, and then turned it on.

Jason pulled the mask away for a moment, "Mommy sit with me and Daddy," he said, before he felt the mask being put back into place.

Lois laughed, as they all did, when Clark pulled her onto his lap, and while she rested against his left side, Jason rested against his right as they all watched the old movie Jason loved.

Mary, the children, and Bert had just entered the sidewalk drawing when Lois glanced over at her son, finding him sound asleep. She managed to get up with Clark's help and walked down the hall to Jason's room, knowing that Clark would be there in a moment. As she pulled the covers down to the end of the bed, he arrived and laid their son down on his left side, mindful of the place where he had gotten the shot of steroids.

Clark knew that area would be sore from what Lois had said and once he was sure Jason was comfortable he gave him a hug and kiss.

Once Lois had given him a hug and kiss they went back into the family room. Before she could sit down Lois found around her waist a moment before he turned her around and pressed his lips to hers. His kiss was tender at first, as his hands slid down her sides. Lois knew that they couldn't ignore what was right in front of them forever, and as she felt his hand under her bottom lifting her up, making contact with his hardened form, she knew that now.

As Clark dipped his tongue into the sweet recess of her mouth, he heard something, and as he felt her hands beginning to fiddle with the fastenings of his jeans, he knew what he had heard and reluctantly moved away. "A child," he said having to push his desires and want of her aside.

Her frustration had reached its limits, until he said those words, and when she thought about the small child they found today she forgot her anger. "Go," she said, and in a blink he was gone.

No one was there, and her mommy told her not to cry, but she was very afraid now. The little girl held on to her dolly, as she walked dangerously close to the edge of the pier. Her long red hair was a tangled mess, and the cloths she wore were tattered and torn. "Mommy," she cried out, and then she heard a gentle voice, and looked in front of her seeing a man wearing a funny outfit as he knelt down to the ground. His face looked kind, even nicer than her mommy's, and after only a moment of hesitation, she went into his arms.

Superman held the little girl, and felt her shaking. "Your safe now, can you tell me your name?" he asked.

"Don't know it," she said clinging to this man for dear life. When he told her to shut her eyes and to hold on, she did, and as tired as she was the little girl refused to go to sleep because that's when the bad things happened.

The bed shifting beside her woke Lois. As she opened her eyes, she focused on her alarm clock which read 2am. Lois turned over on her right side and found Clark watching her. She smiled at him before she leaned in giving him a gentle kiss. "What happened?" she asked, as he turned on his back bringing her to lie against him.

"I found a little girl who did not know her name. My guess is that she is no more than three years old, and it was evident that she had been physically abused. I stayed there, because she wouldn't let anyone touch her except for me, but she's in good hands now. They were in the process of placing her in a special needs foster home when I left. I went back and tried to scan for anything that might give me a clue to where she had come from, but I found nothing," Clark relayed, not liking this at all.

Lois knew he was frustrated, and pressed a kiss against his chest. "Maybe we can call around tomorrow and find out if any one has reported her missing." As she spoke those words, Lois felt his hand slide down her back, and was beginning to enjoy where his hand was leading when he suddenly stopped. She lifted her head a moment before she heard Jason's sad voice at their door. "Stay put." Before leaving the bed Lois leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. At their door Jason waited and Lois lifted him into her arms taking him back to his bed.

Jason had shut his tired eyes, but when he felt her laying him back in bed he held on. "I want you to hold me," he mumbled, through a yawn.

Lois straightened back up, finding The Velveteen Rabbit on his bedside table, and carried Jason into the family room along with the book. After she sat down in the recliner and had switched on the light, Lois opened the book to the page they had left off on, and began to read.

They finished the story, but Jason wasn't tired, and said so when she began to carry him back to his room. "I want to go flying with daddy," he whispered through a yawn. He pouted when she put him back in his bed and pulled the covers over his small body.

Lois sat down on his bed, and leaned down kissing his nose, his cheeks, and then his lips. "I know you are sleepy, and it's time to go back to sleep now."

"But I would sleep better if daddy would take me flying," Jason replied, feeling sad.

Lois saw the unshed tears in his eyes and hugged him close. "Daddy had a long night helping a little girl, and all three of us have to be at work tomorrow for the office meeting," said Lois, gently letting go of him. Resolutely, Lois stood up, and gave her baby one more kiss. "Why don't you dream about flying with your Daddy?" She saw a tear fall down his cheek and kissed it away. "Try and go to sleep." Lois reached out and began to stroke her fingers through his hair watching as his eyes grew heavy and finally shut. Once she was sure he would be okay, she left his room and returned to theirs.

The next morning, after settling Jason in the now vacant office which had once belonged to Richard, Lois and Clark sat down in seats that were close to the door should their son need them. Jimmy arrived with the photos he had taken that night at the fire and was showing them to his friends, when Perry walked in. Everyone stopped talking, and he asked for status on the fires.

"They are still investigating. Um they may have different ideas on who started them," said Clark, sounding unsure of himself. It was all a part of the act, and he was just glad that at home he could be himself.

"I found a body of a little child burned beyond any recognition, but it wasn't there the night Superman was putting the fires out," Lois told Perry and as well the group. She wanted to include the other little girl, but decided against it just to keep her protected. Not so long ago Lois wouldn't have thought twice about giving up that information, but since becoming a mother, her priorities had changed, and now she was much more careful.

In his daddy's old office, Jason sat at his desk drawing a picture. He made clouds with a gray crayon, and made the sun using red and yellow to color it in. Next he made a picture of a man with wings, and out from that he wrote, daddy. "I miss you lots. My Daddy says we can't come see you, because you have to be done living before that can happen. Maybe, then, you could tell God you want to come back and see us, and maybe He will let you do that." As he finished drawing the picture, Jason folded it up and then climbed down off of the chair. He walked out into the near empty office, peering over at his Uncle's office. He knew the rules about staying put, but he also thought he knew a way to get his picture up to heaven for his daddy to see.

How he got out of the Bullpen without being spotted was beyond him, and as Jason stepped into the elevator he jumped up and managed to hit the button for the roof. He kept very quiet knowing that his other daddy could hear him, and as the elevator got to the very top and the door opened, he found Superman waiting for him. "You knew," Jason breathed, still amazed by all the powers his daddy used. "Will you fly me up as high as you can so I can give this to my Daddy?"

Superman took the picture before he knelt down, gathering Jason in his strong arms. "I will, if you promise me not to ever do this again." When Jason agreed he told him to hold on tight and once Jason was secure in his arms, Superman shot up into the air. He took Jason as high as his body would allow, and stopped, hovering almost where the curve of the earth could be seen. "Jason, look."

Jason looked down and his eyes grew very big. "Can we go into space?" he asked looking up to see the stars. The little boy felt his daddy's laughter rumble through his chest.

"You are not ready for that yet, but maybe one day. Now may I see your picture?" Asked Superman. Jason put it in his hand, and Superman let it go blowing on it which sent it into space.

"Daddy, it won't get to him will it?" Jason asked, suddenly sad. He felt his daddy hold him close. "Why did you let me do that then?"

"Because it was important to you, Jason," replied Superman.

Jason understood that and knew he was lucky that he had such a great dad, that he had two great dads, and one that he really wished he could see again.

By the end of the week, Lois and Clark had the front page story. The fires had been started by a cult, and underneath one of the buildings was a substantial basement filled with the bodies of hundreds of missing children. The little girl Superman found had somehow gotten away from the group and had been taken home to her parents in Maine. The group's leader was in a maximum security prison awaiting trial, and the rest of the group was being watched closely by the FBI.

When they were getting ready to leave the office, Perry stopped them. "I meant to do this earlier, but tomorrow night they are having a benefit at the Children's Museum, and both of you are on the A list," Perry told Lois and Clark.

Jason watched his mommy as she thought about what his Uncle Perry had said, and when she agreed to attend, Jason looked down at his feet. He hated babysitters, and as they walked out to the car he kept his head down.

Both Lois and Clark noticed his sadness and as they got underway, Lois asked Jason if he would like Lucy to come over and keep him company.

"Why can't I go with you?" He asked, sadly.

Lois tried to explain to him how boring it would be, but in the end he wasn't convinced. When they got home Jason got to watch a movie before it was bedtime. Jason felt even greater sadness then because someone needed Superman, and no amount of kisses and hugs from either parent made the little guy feel better.

It was an hour before they were ready to leave when Lucy arrived with Jason's favorite food, and her own dog Scruffy who was a mutt she rescued from the pound. Lucky and Scruffy sniffed at one another and began to play as Jason and Lucy got into the Burritos.

In their room, Lois stood at her vanity putting on her diamond studs. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a bun, and small strands of hair hung down around her ears. The dress she wore was made of fine red silk. It had a low cut V neck and a slit going up the right side, exposing her firm leg. Lois had on a pair of dark stockings, along with her fancy black dress shoes. As she dabbed some of her best perfume on her neck and wrists, she looked at the mirror and found Clark standing at the door watching her. "You're going to make us late," she said, as she spun around to face him.

She was more beautiful than he could put into words, and those desires that he had always managed to keep suppressed were flaring up. Before Lois could say anything else, Clark shut the door and was at her side in mere seconds. He still had on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, and he knew she had a point as he pulled her into his arms, pressing his lips hard against her own. He pushed his tongue into her mouth drinking in her taste, taking in the sweet smell of her perfume and her body. With his left arm holding her around her waist, Clark broke the kiss and began to trail more kisses down her jaw to her neck.

Lois leaned back shutting her eyes, trying to remember how to breath, but his kisses, and the caress of his hand as it lifted her dress up were driving her wild. "We have…" she breathed, and gasped as his lips traveled to her ear.

"What do we have?" Clark asked as he nibbled the tender flesh of her ear lobe. He lingered there a moment as his hands began to rub her inner thigh. In the back of his mind he knew they were already supposed to be on their way to the Museum, but right now he wanted what he had wanted since he saw her frightened on that plane.

Somehow, Lois managed to get her mind back on what they needed to do. She reached out with both hands grasping his head on each side as she guided his lips back to her own. She held her left hand against the back of his head, as she kissed him, darting her tongue in and out of his mouth just before she pulled away. "We have obligations," Lois reminded him, a moment before she left the room. Lois was well aware that if she had stayed, their obligations would be on other more desirable things.

The first part of the benefit was time for all the guests to mingle, and as Clark visited with people he hardly knew, his gaze kept falling on the woman who he loved with all of his heart. Lois was talking to Alice White and both women were laughing.

"Hey, Mr. Kent," Jimmy said for a third time, before his friend finally registered that he was there. Jimmy saw Lois and knew Clark was likely thinking about her, but he hadn't really had a chance to talk to him since he got back.

Clark felt bad for allowing his mind to wonder so much, and for a moment he focused his hearing on Jason, listening to the steady drum of his heart as he watched a movie with his Aunt Lucy. "Golly, I'm sorry Jimmy. I guess I was thinking about other things. How are you doing?" He asked.

"Great. The Chief really liked the photos that I took at the fire. He says I'm getting better. Um, I was just wondering how things were with you guys."

Jimmy was one of his oldest, dearest friends, and Clark knew that the young photographer was likely concerned about Jason since he had come to work with them all week. "Better. Lois is glad to be back at work, and Jason is still getting used to the changes in his life, but he is also doing better," Clark told the young photographer.

Before they could talk more, dinner was announced, so Jimmy found his date, and Clark walked over to Lois and took her hand.

Jason loved his Aunt Lucy because she was fun, and because she let him see movies his mom said he was way too young to watch. Tonight it was Vanhelsing, and so far Jason didn't find it too scary. He watched as Vanhelsing waited for the girl vampires to come back, and jumped when one of them grabbed at him.

Lucy felt Jason tense up in her arms and hugged him closer. "Just remember its lots of makeup and special affects," Lucy said kissing his left cheek. Looking to the left she saw how late it was getting and stopped the movie. "Come on, squirt. It's time for bed." Lucy stood up and placed Jason on his feet.

Jason didn't want to go to bed, and instead of listening to his Aunt, he ran away from her. Once he was in his room, he hid under his bed. As Lucy called out to him, Jason ignored her not wanting to go to sleep before his mom and dad got back.

Lucy loved her nephew, but when he played this game of hiding before bed, she had a hard time keeping her cool. "Come on, Jason. If you come out, I'll let you have some candy," she tried, as she searched in her sister's room first. Lucy looked in the closet, in the cabinets in the bathroom, and behind the small couch across from the bed. "Jason, if you don't come out I'll call your parents," she yelled as she walked across the room to her nephew's small room.

As the soft music played from the live band, Clark held onto the woman he loved. He had learned how to dance from his mom and loved gliding Lois around the floor. Clark knew that people were talking about them, but he could care less.

Lois gazed into his eyes as they danced, idly wondering if he had levitated them off of the floor. The evening had actually been fun, and she had enjoyed being with him, as well as visiting with old friends. It was a nice ending to a long week, and as they danced, and she felt his hand on her back, Lois thought about what had almost taken place in their room. She realized that she wanted a physical loving relationship with him. As much as Lois loved and missed Richard, what she wanted was Clark's touch, and as she thought about that she shut her eyes.

The music ended and everyone applauded the fine sounds of the orchestra. Clark led Lois back to their table, and as he sat down he felt the cell phone go off in his pocket. Lois had given it to him in case Lucy needed them and the number on there was his own. "Hello," he answered as he sat down.

"Oh, thank god. I'm sorry to bother you, but Jason is under his bed and he won't come out for bed time. I thought maybe if you talked to him he would listen," Lucy said hoping that Jason's father would have better luck with hi.

Clark told her to hand Jason the phone and waited for that to happen.

"Hi, Daddy," Jason said rubbing his eyes.

Clark heard the sadness in his voice and wanted to go to him, but he was also determined to let this evening go on. "Jason, I want you to listen to your Aunt Lucy." Clark waited as Jason talked. "I know you miss us. We miss you, too, but when Lucy is there you have to listen to her. Now I want you to get in our bed and let Lucy help you with the nebulizer." Once he was sure Jason was going to listen, he said good night to his little boy and hung up the phone winking at Lois as the music began for another dance.

Jason knew that his daddy meant business, and after he hung up he did what his Aunt wanted. Once he had brushed his teeth he crawled into his parents' bed with Lucky, and took his nebulizer treatment without a fuss.

Lucy was amazed by Clark Kent, because Jason's other dad, Richard, had never been able to call and make Jason listen to her. She sat with him and read until his treatment finished and then she tucked him in and gave him a kiss. "Sorry I yelled at you, but you need to listen." She left, not seeing as his tears fell silently down his cheeks.

Again, they glided across the floor and Clark held Lois close as the music drifted past them. She had her head resting against his chest and his hearing was tuned in to the beat of her heart. As they danced he told her about Lucy's call, feeling guilty about Jason's sadness, but Clark also knew they needed this time alone.

Hearing about her sister's struggle to get Jason to bed wasn't anything that surprised Lois. She knew from times past that Jason would have done this, and was glad that Clark was able to help out. "Are you sure he did what she asked?"

Clark held her closer and for a minute he didn't say anything He waited and finally heard the steady beat of his son's heart from across town. "He's almost asleep," Clark replied. This slow dance was a chance for him to get closer and as she rested her head against his chest, Clark placed a kiss on the top of her head. This time when the dance ended, Clark led Lois up a flight of stairs, and into an alley where he pulled her into his arms. "Close your eyes," he said, and when she did he lifted off of the ground and floated them into the clouds, and above them. "Now open them."

Lois looked around and found that they were both bathed in soft moonlight, dancing on the clouds. "You know how to sweep a girl off her feet," she commented, as she looked into his eyes.

Clark looked back at her with longing. "I would do more than that if you would allow it," he offered. He heard her heart begin to beat faster, and smiled when she looked back up at him.

"By the time we get Jason in bed, and take care of the dog…" His lips on hers silenced her, and in a moment they were flying in the night air at speeds she couldn't even imagine.

They flew down below the clouds, and in only twenty minutes time they were in the place where it had all begun, The Fortress of Solitude. "Jason," she said surprised he had brought them so far.

"I will go back and check on them, it won't take me long."

Lois knew he wouldn't be long, and accepted the hand that he offered. She walked by his side as he led her through a crystal passage and into the bed chamber. Lois sat down on the bed watching him as he stood still for a moment.

"Wait here," Clark said as he leaned down to give her a kiss. Lois noticed how dark it all was, and as she sat on the bed, she heard rumbling. She wrapped her arms around her front, and rubbed her upper arms with her hands. Something bright flashed, and she shut her eyes remembering the boat and Lex Luther. When she opened her eyes the once dull chamber was now lit by a soft glow. Clark was still gone, but Lois knew that he needed to return to Metropolis to make sure Jason was safe, and to tell her sister that they would not be home until morning.

Lois was deep in thought when she saw a shadow on the wall just outside of the bed chamber. When he appeared at the entry his hair was tousled, and Lois knew it was likely from the speed he had traveled from her to Metropolis and back again.

For a moment Clark stood still. Lois was perfect, and the love he felt for her had grown since his return. Silently he walked over to her and held out his hands.

When he took her hand, Lois stood up about to ask what he had done with the crystals, when his lips pressed lightly against hers. Needing more than just the feather light kisses he was pressing against her lips, Lois reached behind him with both of her hands and pulled his head closer, deepening the kiss. Her mouth parted as his did and their tongues met in a familiar dance.

As Lois raked her hands through his hair, Clark moved his hands from around her shoulders in a downward motion, gliding them over her arms. He broke the kiss, and trailed more to her chin and lower to her neck. Clark kissed and nibbled his way around her neck to her left ear, following the actions he had taken earlier in their bed room. He nibbled against her lobe as she gasped out his name. His hands had moved down her hips and had worked the red silk dress up both sides of her legs.

Clark's strong hands moving up her silk stockings and his lips trailing their way back to the front of her neck drove the breath from her. Lois felt warmth spreading from her center moving down. When he pressed one of his hands against her bottom, pulling her against his hardened form, Lois shut her eyes feeling the emptiness she had felt those five years he had been gone melt away. Her fingers were still tangled in his hair, but she slowly moved them away sliding them between their bodies as she began to unfasten the buttons on his shirt.

When Clark felt her hands move against his bare chest, he moved a step away from her. Both of them were out of breath and suddenly the suit he wore and the dress she had on became too much of an obstacle between them. Clark stepped toward her reaching behind her to pull the zipper down on her dress. He groaned as she moved her hands down his chest pressing one up against his hardened form. The confines of the slacks he had on became painfully tight and as Clark finished unzipping the dress he sighed in relief as she un-buttoned and unzipped his slacks.

The two lovers wasted no time disrobing of their confining clothing. They stood still for a brief moment before they moved together. When the touch of their hands and lips were not enough, Clark lifted Lois into his arms cradling her against his bare muscled chest as he looked down into her brown eyes. He saw her love for him there, mirroring his own love for her. He leaned in and took her lips in a gentle kiss while at the same time leaning down to place her on the bed.

Lois's breath caught as he broke the kiss and her heart began to beat faster as Clark moved his body over top of hers. She felt the tip of his solid length pressing against her nether lips, and spread her legs apart in open invitation.

The sound of keys jingling in the door, and the fact that it was getting bright outside, alerted Lucy that her sister was finally home. The younger woman stood up and stretched, and was getting Scruffy into his color when they came inside. "Nice of you guys to finally show up," she said in a light teasing tone. Jason had not made a peep since he went to bed and she was glad that Lois had gone out, even if she did spend all night out on the town.

"Lucy, I owe you one," Lois replied, as she hugged her sister. She smiled as Clark walked with her out to her sister out to her car. Once he was out the door Lois shut it and went to check on her baby.

Jason and Lucky were still in their bed, and when Lois kissed him, he sighed but remained asleep. Gently, she lifted her son into her arms, cradling him against her chest as she slipped out of her heals. Jason whimpered, but quieted when she kissed his head, and swayed with him for a moment. When she was sure he would stay asleep, Lois walked out of the room, just as Clark arrived. She waited by Jason's bed as Clark pulled the covers down and as Lois put him down, Jason cried out. "Shh, shh," Lois crooned as she sat down on the edge of his bed, and rubbed his back.

"I'm thirsty," Jason whispered, trying to keep his eyes open.

Clark had disappeared but arrived back with a glass of cool water. Lois helped him sit up, as Clark held the glass to his lips and once he had taken a few sips Jason pushed it away.

"I want to sleep with you and Daddy," he told them, and in a moment he was in his daddy's strong arms.

While Jason rested in their bed, Lois changed in the bathroom, and when she walked out she settled in bed as her baby snuggled up in her arms. Clark joined them wearing just his pajama bottoms, and snuggled up until he was able to hold onto both of them. Long after they went to sleep he watched over them and for the first time since he found out he was a father, Kal-El felt like he finally belonged right where he was.

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