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The Makeover. Chapter 1.

"Sakura! Look at you! I can't believe you don't care!"

"Ino! It doesn't matter! No one would notice if I did change. Besides all the girls are busy with 'the Uchiha Sasuke' "Sakura replied putting on her glasses.

"Still have some pride woman! I mean look at you!" Ino screamed pointing at Sakura's reflection in the mirror.

In Konoha High's uniform there were two size skirts. Fingertip length and Knee high. Sakura wore the knee high and her hair was a messy ponytail along with her huge circle glasses.

"Calm down Ino. I promise that if you stop bugging me you'll have your makeover after school. Okay?"

"YES! It's a deal then."


On his way to school the Uchiha Sasuke was riding his convertible jaguar. While his fangirls were chasing after him.

"Damn fangirls." He cursed as he stepped on the gas to leave them behind. Lacking common sense he looked behind him not paying attention to the street and its pedestrians.

"Sakura! Watch OUT!" Ino screamed noticing a speeding convertible was about to hit her when she was crossing the street.

"MOTHER!"---SWOOSH as she was hit by the car. I'm joking that didn't happen what actually happened was… (A/n: this wasn't suppose to be offensive my friend just said I should put it in xPP)

"Ehhh?" Sakura screamed as she saw the car. She cringed ready to be hit. But the blow never came. She opened her eyes to see that the convertible was inches away. The guy driving stepped out and walked up to Sakura.

"Watch it nerd." Sasuke said glaring at the pink headed girl.

"Excuse me?" she screamed glaring rite back at the Uchiha.

"You heard me nerd. I said watch it."

"First. My name's Sakura. Second you were the one speeding!" anger building inside her.

"OH MY GOD! THERE HE IS!" a loud voice came from behind them.

"Crap." He got back into his car and left.

"Whadda jerk" Came Tenten who witnessed the whole thing from afar.

"Oh hey Ten. Whatsup?" Ino chirped


"Sakura! Ino! Tenten!" Came the voice of Hinata running to them waving.

"Hey Hinata" They said in unison

"We should get to school we're gonna be late." Sakura announced looking at her watch it was 10 to 8.


When they arrived to school Ino went straight to the newspaper club. (She's a reporter for the school) While the rest of the girls checked out there classes. The 4 had most of there classes together. While Sakura unfortunately had free period without the three.

"Aww Sakura you don't have free period with us! Or homeroom!" Tenten said looking down.

"Yeah I know, and sadly the worst part… is my homeroom teacher. Guess who?"

"No. Way. You SO didn't get who I think you got." Tenten said wide-eyed

"Yeah I got Kakashi-sensei"

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