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"Tenten…" Neji began 'Damn. What can I say to her?'

Tenten was just sitting there looking down, twirling the grass with her fingers. 'Geez… I didn't know it was going to be this hard'

"Naruto. How do you know this?" Sakura said eyeing him

"I asked him…"

"Sakura, Hinata and I have to go. We'll catch up with you later okay?" Ino said grabbing Hinata's arm and dashing off.


"What? Did something happen?"

"I hope not." Sakura said looking for any sign of Neji and Tenten

"Hinata! We have to find them. Before Tenten tells him!"

"But what if we're too late?"

"Then we stop Neji from rejecting her! C'mon let's go!" Ino said Running to the back of the school

"Tenten… well you see I-"

"NEJI!" Ino yelled

"What are you doing here?" Tenten asked blushing

"We er had to talk to you… Sakura needs your help!" Ino said on the spot

"Oh okay… Well Neji I have to go, see you later?" Tenten asked looking back at him

"Yeah… Later"


"Yeah Sasuke?"

"Where's Ino?"

"She left with Hinata why?"

"I have to ask her something." He said walking away

'WHAT!? Ask her something? Does he like her!?' Sakura screamed mentally as she stomped off searching for Ino

"Damn that Shikamaru. Making me do his dirty work for him." Sasuke mumbled looking for Ino


"Sasuke… do me a favor?"

"Shikamaru. You lazy bum do it yourself!"

"All you have to do is ask Ino if she would go on a date with me…"

"What do I get in return?"

"I'll do the same for you and Sakura." Shikamaru replied smirking

"How did you…?"

"I've known how you felt about her even before she got the makeover. The way you always paid more attention to her then any other girl." The genius replied

"Fine. Let's keep this deal between you and me. Okay?"



"He better keep his part of the deal."

"Ino, thanks for taking me out of that situation. I don't think I wanna know how Neji feels about me anymore…" Tenten said looking down.

"Tenten, you don't know how he feels right now. Maybe he'll learn to like you back."



"Yeah Hinata?"

"Sasuke's coming."

"Ino." Sasuke said when he reached her

"Sasuke?" She replied looking at him with confusion

"Can we talk in private?"

"Sure…" she said following him

"WHAT?! Shika wants me to date him?" Ino said smiling she couldn't help it he like him a lot too.

"Yeah. So just answer so I can go home."

"Yes I'll go out with him." Ino said happily

"Okay. Good." He said as he started walking away

"Why did you do this for Shika? You don't normally care for these things." Ino asked before he started to walk away


"Did you have a deal?"

'Damn, why are girls so smart? They should use these kinds of brains for school instead of gossip.' "No… Why think that?"

"Oh c'mon, we all know how you feel about Sakura. It's only her that's just too dense to figure it out. So what do you get out of your little 'Deal'?"

"He would ask her out for me."

"Really? I don't think that's a good idea, personally. Sakura would probably think it's all a joke and say 'whatever' and walk away."

"I never thought of that…"

"Uchiha you're a genius, just ask her out for yourself."

"No, she thinks I only like her because she's pretty. I know these things. I hear them everywhere."

"Really? But she only told me a while ago."


"Cancel you're deal with Shikamaru. Its better that way, I promise."

"I can't."

Ino narrowed her eyes at the Uchiha. "Why not?"

"I still want to try."

"Ugh. Uchiha I promise nothing good will come of this. Just listen to me. Okay?"


"I warned you; don't come to me if something bad happens."

"I won't." he said as he started to walk away again

'Sasuke and Ino? I knew they've been friends… But now that I realize it Sasuke's never been mean to Ino… Does that mean…? Ugh just stop thinking about it! So what if Sasuke likes Ino. Wait… You don't know that yet! Maybe it's a misunderstanding. Or maybe it's not and they're kissing right now!' Sakura was mumbling down not noticing the strange looks her fellow classmates gave her.

"Sakura, what's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh Neji! Didn't see you." She said smiling sheepishly

"Yeah. So what's bothering you?"

"Nothing! Nothing's bothering me! What are you talking about!?" She said defensively

"You're a horrible liar." Neji said smirking.

"Neji! Oh fine…" Sakura said pouting

"Good now tell."

"Well it started when Sasuke asked me where Ino was…" Sakura told the whole story of how Sasuke asked where Ino was and how she realized that maybe he liked her and that Sasuke was also nice and never mean to Ino. She also told him about all her crazy idea's of how maybe right this minute they had already hooked up and she couldn't stop them. Sakura kept on babbling like a buffoon until she heard Neji start to chuckle. "What? This is not funny Neji. Maybe they are Kissing or hugging or whatever right this minute!" Sakura screamed at the chuckling Neji.

"You're too paranoid, it makes you cute." Neji answered when he stopped laughing.

Sakura blushed "T-thanks?"

"Anyway Sakura, so what if they hook up? What could you do? It means Sasuke likes Ino and Ino likes Sasuke. Would you stop them from getting together just because you like Sasuke? Besides there's no need to worry remember? Ino likes Shikamaru, and Shikamaru likes Ino. Sasuke knows that and he wouldn't do that to Shikamaru, there friends, y'know."

"Wow, you're right Neji. I guess I was a little too paranoid. Good thing you're here to talk some sense into me. You are always here for me…"

"Yeah, well I gotta go… and head up okay? Pay attention to what's happening around you. You might be surprised what you realize if you pay attention to what's going on, and how people act."

"What do you mean Neji? Pay attention to what?"

"Well, let's just start on how Sasuke treated you back then compared to other girls and how he still treats you now compared to other girls, okay? Then tell me when you need the next step."

"Well okay, but I don't know what that will do… Sasuke think's I'm a geek and annoying. He's said enough times."

"Just listen to what I say and you might be surprised. Okay?"

"Okay… and Neji?"

"Yeah Sakura?"

"Do you still like me? I mean after all these years? I was just wondering… cause you know, it seems like you're just so nice to me… and you're just always there when I need you… besides you're always willing to help me out." 'Just making sure Naruto's right…'

"Well, I guess I'm not that great at hiding things like that Uchiha. But yeah, the secrets out…I do still like you… But I know that you like Sasuke more… So maybe I can just go after someone like Tenten… she's nice enough…"


"Sakura, it's okay. I know that you're in love with Sasuke and I don't want to get into that. But remember if I'm single and you're over Sasuke… I better be the first person you reach." He said winking and turning around to leave.

"You bet Neji!" Sakura said grinning widely. 'Neji, he's so nice… I see why Tenten is in love with him… he's like the perfect guy… I just don't like him that way… To me he's like my brother that I never had…. I only love him in that way… Sadly.'

"She said yes?! Alright!" Shikamaru said smiling

"It's you're turn now. You have to ask her out for me."

"Yeah, I know."

"You better not be lying."

"I'm not. Sasuke you know I'm never one to break promises, or deals in this case."

"I know, but I'm just making sure."

"Yeah, so I guess I'll start looking for her now."



"Yeah, Ehehe. You see I was sent here by Sasuke…"

"Really what would he want?"

"He told me to ask you out…"

"You're joking right? Sasuke would never send someone to ask someone out for him. He's the type of person that does things in person… You're not trying to play with my feelings now are you Shikamaru?"

"What of course not! Sasuke really did send me! I Promise! He likes you Sakura believe me! I mean who wouldn't like you? You're so pretty now I mean every boy would want to date yo—"

"No." She cut off

"What why? You love Sasuke, everyone knows it! Why reject him?"

"He likes me because I'm pretty! Like you said every boy would want to date me." She said coldly

"No! Sakura I didn't mean it that way! He likes you, he liked you before you became pretty and got the makeover. Didn't you notice how he treated you before?"

"Oh you mean how he always made fun of how geeky I was? Or maybe how stupid, hideous or annoying I was? Is that what you mean 'how he treated you before?" Sakura said coolly before walking away

"Damn. This is not good." Shikamaru mumbled before running off to find Sasuke to tell him what had happened

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