"Follow me," Roy grinned wide and started walking fast through the lobby. She followed by his side, matching his pace this time.

There was a fiery determination in his dark eyes that made her knees weak every time he looked at her as they walked. Almost as if he was undressing her and calculating what he was going to do to her once they were alone. It was difficult to keep up without getting distracted by similar thoughts. All she had to do was take one glance at where he held his satchel to know what he was covering up. It took all her concentration to keep from actively pondering whether he was still hard under there or not.

Her pace picked up a lot more after that idle thought though.

No one noticed them as they disappeared down one of the side hallways. The offices they passed were empty. Most of the building was similarly devoid of life except for the few officers on call that worked late into the night. He put his hand in hers once they were alone and pulled her towards a closed door at the end of the hall. Once inside, she recognized it despite the darkness from lack of lights as one of the emergency staircases. Wasn't it supposed to be off limits except in an evacuation? Apparently, to Roy, it didn't matter. "This way," he said, "There's a study library on the fifth floor, it's always empty now."

He started up the stairs and she followed. Once on the landing, she noticed him wince, still sweating. "Are you ok?" Riza asked and he stopped, looking at her.

Roy's dark eyes said one thing, but his words said another, "I'm fine, let's just hurry. I'm kind of eager here."

The truth was that walking hurt when all he wanted was her, badly. He wasn't fine at all, and he was even less fine when she asked and kept staring. Her brown eyes kept looking straight at his crotch every time his satchel moved, like she was imagining how he looked naked from after what she felt earlier. And damnit, he wanted to show her before he went insane or limp. Riza sensed the same thing as he trudged up the second floor landing with her right behind him. She stopped him before he got much further, pulling him backwards down the stairs. The Colonel's mouth dropped open to ask what she was doing, but didn't get very far as she kissed him. He murmured in surprise, even more startled when she pushed him against the wall. Roy yielded, his eyes sliding closed, but the satchel stayed between them. She tried to pull it out of the way until he wrenched his lips away from hers, sense coming back to him, "Riza, what are you doing? We have three more flights to go, one hallway, a door, and one table, then I'll do whatever you want, just-."

She smirked, and he gulped, not expecting it to come out like that, "I'll do whatever I, I, want to you, that's what I-Riza!"

It was too late as she dropped to into a crouch in front of him, swatting the bag out of his hands and onto the floor. Roy went stiff as she grabbed his straining member through the pants, remembering the elevator all too well. He tried to grab her shoulders to push her away until she glared up at him. It was a silent exchange of looks, and Mustang yielded, again, as she undid the belt and opened his fly. He groaned, trying not to feel guilty when his pants quickly fell down along with his black boxers. This would have been entirely funny to him the day before, the guilty feeling he had over a blowjob, but now? This wasn't a normal problem, but since he wanted to touch her so much . . . He wasn't too sure, just that it wasn't fair. All he knew was that look of hers was downright scary, like she would kill him if he did anything but shut up and put up. Given his balls were in her hands, giving in was the only option. And as her eyes turned to something fiery now that he was exposed, Roy figured he could live with a little more guilt.

Riza pulled the clip in her hair free, feeling the golden locks tumbling over him as she shook her head. He groaned, but stopped the sound by biting the inside of his mouth. This still didn't feel right, even if her hair teasing him as she bent over felt very right. Roy hissed in a sharp breath as her fingers touched the foreskin, pushing it back as her hand wrapped over his length. She stroked him, slow and firm, and all thoughts of what he should and shouldn't do were gone. Mustang sagged against the wall, watching intently even if he could barely see her in the dark. The touch of her hair engulfed him as much as her hands as she leaned in close and held him against her neck and shoulder while rubbing. She lifted his shirt, kissing his abdomen as he clenched with each breath, unable to hold back his moans any longer. Riza was actually grinning when she looked up at him, dragging her tongue across the muscles before pulling back to whisper, "It's been a while since I've done this, promise not to bite."

Roy yelped at the graze of her teeth on his skin along with the teasing threat, but then felt a pang of jealousy flare, "You've done this before?"

"And you haven't?" she asked, and he was caught. That was it. No more asking about sexual histories, not until he'd had her once at least. He cursed mildly as her mouth kissed lower and lower on his hips until her face was buried in the nest of dark curls at the base. His eyes slid closed and his head banged against the wall as her tongue swirled over him, moving up. Then came her teeth, nipping gently, and Roy jumped in her grasp, twitching. He was so close before, and even closer now, dying to feel the whole of her mouth engulf him before he lost it. But she was teasing him, prolonging it as her hand caressed and then yanked on his balls each time they tightened. She was purposefully holding him on the edge until he was sensitive to her every breath. As her lips lightly encased and sucked on the head, he had to fight to keep from thrusting his hips forward into the warmth. "Oh god," he muttered when her head finally sank down on him.

This was going to be embarrassing.

Riza had barely started when Mustang groaned, and roughly pushed her off of him. Before she could protest, his hand dropped to his shaft, jerking it quick until he came with a shudder. His seed spilled all over her black shirt, but the Lieutenant didn't seem to care as she grinned, perhaps in victory. And he wanted to wait until they got up the stairs. He wouldn't have lasted more than two minutes. Roy leaned back against the wall again, spent. She leaned in again to wipe off the excess with her fingers before giving him one last lick, and he didn't move to stop her. "You're evil . . ." he muttered, half-moaning the words, "Absolutely killing me already . . . you're not going to go spreading this around, are you?"

Riza giggled and stood up, digging through her bag for a handkerchief to blot away the cum all over her shirt, "Which part? That I fulfilled every officer's fantasy with you on one of the emergency staircases, that you have the stamina of a rabbit, or that we're in love?"

The Colonel couldn't help but grin at her admission, only the second time one of them had slipped up, forgetting for a moment that she'd also insulted him, "So you do still love me . . ."

The blonde smiled softly as he pulled her into his arms, "Well, I wouldn't have run for that elevator if I hated you, or nearly attacked you when the doors closed, or let you attack me, or attacked you again and used my mouth. Really, what kind of woman do you take me for?"

He kissed her cheek then her lips, turning her in his arms until she was against the wall this time. She had anticipated this, allowing his mouth to ravage hers, waiting for his hands to touch her again, but he didn't, pulling away before the kisses turned too heated to stop. Roy grinned, languidly brushing a lock of hair away from her face, and she blushed. His words only made the pink stain on her cheeks turn red, "I take you for exactly the type of woman you are, which is anything but easy."

Riza opened her mouth to protest, until the meaning of his words got to her, deepened the color in her face more until she was bordering on purple. That seemed to be their preferred flirting method of choice, a compliment by way of insult. It worked well, "Um . . . now would be a good time to pull your pants up, Roy, and to get your hand off my breast."


"Because if you don't, I won't be held responsible if we get caught in the stair well," she said as she slipped free, hurrying up the stairs before she had second thoughts. There was a rustle of heavy fabric, and she knew he was following her up the stairs again after their interlude. When they reached the fifth floor, Roy pulled her back before she opened the door, and motioned to her feet. Sighing softly as she knew what he wanted, she slipped off the heels and watched as he untied his shoes and took them off as well. They were sneaking around like naughty children daring to get caught, which triggered every warning Riza had. This was not the way to form a lasting relationship after almost mutual declarations of love. As much as her gut was telling her that they had moved way too fast from friends to lovers, there still felt something right about it. He led her through the deserted hallway to one of the doors then pulled her inside the small library, closing and locking the door behind them.

It was dark, night having fallen outside the windows, and Roy had moved away from her. Then a dim light came on after a small click of his fingers. There was a small orange flame glowing in what looked like an old oil-burning lamp, and the rest of the room came into focus. They were in a study library alright, as they stood around a long table on which the lamp sat, chairs flanking it. Rows of bookshelves sat further behind, a fine layer of dust on the texts. Scieszka would have had a field day with this little hide out. Roy pulled the gloves from his fingers and put them in his pocket again, "I studied in here for my exam after I got lucky enough to gain access. Took me the whole summer until the test to be ready, and no one uses it anymore after the First Branch filled up . . . this part of the building is old too, no electricity, which is why there are the lamps."

He dropped his discarded shoes on the floor then shed his overcoat, jacket, and bag, throwing them over one of the chairs as he continued, "I always did want to bring a woman up here."

Riza smirked, reminded yet again that she wasn't the first woman to have Roy Mustang, just the first to be in this particular place with him. It seemed like a life that would die hard. For a moment she felt a mixture of jealousy at those other women, and contempt that none of them had tried to hold onto him. A tiny part of her was angry at how blasé he sounded when he said that. It made her wonder if he really did mean those three little words as sincerely as she thought. She peeled off her coat and bag as well, tossing them into another chair along with her heels, "Should I feel honored?"

There was a touch too much disdain in her voice that made her wince. She hasn't meant it like that and her heart sagged, but it only got worse when he frowned at her, "Roy, I didn't-."

"It's ok, Riza," he said, "Thinking back on every woman I've casually slept with, I probably deserved that."

"But-," Damnit, why she to open her mouth and start a fight now, "I didn't-."

Her words were stopped when he yanked her into his arms, holding her tightly. The tension of an impending argument emptied out of Riza before it had even started till she was relaxed in the embrace. He was almost clinging to her, his face buried in her hair, and she felt oddly at peace. Maybe she was wrong to think of this all being a bad thing. It'd been a while since her last relationship, so long that she almost forgot what caring about someone else was like until here that person was again, hugging to her like a life-preserver. In that silent moment, when Roy hugged her tightly, devoid of sexual want, she knew he really did love her. "I'm sorry, I meant every word in that letter, and this is what you chose for us. I'm more honored just holding you than you'll ever know . . . there's a million reasons I don't deserve you at all," he said softly, "Mostly because I'm the biggest idiot asshole in all of Amestris."

She gave a snort of laughter, breathing in his scent while dipping her face into his collar, "No, you're not. You didn't deserve that since both of us have been . . . well, we're not exactly innocent, and this is fast, but you get my point, right? I just . . . I don't think it's all sunk in yet."

"Darling, that makes the two of us."

"Darling?" Riza asked, trying not to make a face in distaste, "I guess it works, better than honey."

Roy chuckled and the moment passed, even if he still held her close. Slowly, she felt his lips on her neck, wetting the black material of her shirt. Her arms reached up to his neck, hugging him to her, and the alchemist pulled away enough to look in her eyes. Something must have crossed between their looks as the tenderness passed, replaced with desire when his lips touched hers again. One moan of Riza's into the kiss and Mustang was lost again, fumbling to draw her closer against him than she was already. He took a step towards the table as she followed, and it was a step too many when he collided with the side of it, yelping in pain. She giggled as he winced, but neither of them let go of the other, still connected with kisses of varying degrees of passion. The blonde slowly slid past his body and sat down on the table, pulling at his un-tucked shirt. His legs wedged between hers as she slowly laid back, knowing this time they probably wouldn't stop even if the Fuhrer himself walked into that little study.

Riza pulled him down with her while her hips once again settled against his. That was the third time today her skirt had been pushed or pulled out of the way as well, yanked up in all the movement. His hand pulled at her shirt when he wasn't busy trying to feel under it. The Lieutenant was doing a much better job on Roy's, ignoring the buttons to lift it up and over his head when the collar was undone. The garment got tossed off to the floor, followed by his undershirt when the Colonel stood up straight and peeled it off slowly. Just watching him take it off was enough to make her quiver, her eyes glued to him. Roy must have liked the expression on her face, as he didn't stop there, undoing the belt buckle of his pants then the zipper before shedding them as well. Before she could even blink, the black boxers were gone too, along with her voice. So this wasn't the first time he'd been exposed to her, just the first time he was completely naked, visually driving home the fact that they were well beyond just fooling around on desks, in elevators, and on stairs.

As she watched Roy's sex rise and harden just under her gaze, Riza suddenly didn't want to be the only one still dressed. He leaned over to kiss her, practically climbing up onto the table to join her. His hips pressed down and her legs automatically closed over him as his loins rubbed over her center. She couldn't hold back her moans as his hands finally pulled her shirt up to just under her arms and stopped. Damnit, her holster was in the way. It was either that or he was stunned by her choice in bras. As his hands touched the sheer black lace covering her breasts instead of going for the leather straps on her shoulder, she knew it was the latter. "You didn't wear this for me, did you?" Roy asked with a teasing lilt on his voice, his grin as shameless as ever.

Riza tried to get her voice to work, but managed only a groan instead while turning bright red, squirming as his hands groped the soft orbs. His thumb rubbed over a nipple, licking his lips at her high-pitched cry. The sound of her voice made Roy's grin grow even wider and his heart burst with pride before they'd ever started. If he had known, if he had opened his eyes, they would have done this sooner, a lot sooner. She was about to get up when he pushed her back down, pressing flat against her hips and stomach. The blonde gasped as his mouth descended on one breast while the other one was being toyed with. His tongue licked the fabric, teasing the peak underneath, and then sucked on it, drawing another moan from her throat. When he's had enough, Roy yanked the lace out of the way, not bothering to unclasp her bra. She started to get up again, but collapsed, as his mouth had no intention of letting go. He sucked on her pale brown nipple until it almost hurt in rigidity, making her bite her fingers to keep from crying out again. He grinned at her, his hands stroking her heaving chest as she panted, "How did you know I liked black lace?"

"I didn't, but most men like it," Riza answered, her skin almost cherry red. He finally released it, watching as she crawled back along the table, then sat up. Her hands pulled at the holster still strapped to her shoulder, and Roy moved to help her, only to get swatted away, "Don't touch my gun."

"But, it's just a gun, Riza," he said, suddenly very intent to help her, just to spite her. She glared at him when he made his move, but he stopped when her hand shot forward to grab his member and balls. Then she squeezed, making all thoughts of messing with her run from his head. Roy didn't know if it was out of pleasure or pain, but he froze completely, shuddering when her wrapped over him to give an aggressive yank. He doubled over with a start, almost knocking into her as he groaned, loudly. Now that felt good. Roy tried to grab her wrist before she did it again, but her hand was gone. That was very evil of her, but he couldn't help but grin, "What was that for?"

"I'm very protective of my guns, and you left a weak point open," Riza said as she finally pulled the holster free and dropped it gently on the table, sliding it out of the way. Her shirt finally followed as she stripped, but he didn't even notice. A weak point? A weak point?! What the hell?! Roy frowned, "I thought that was one of my strong points . . ."

She was unhooking her bra when he had said that, and stopped to laugh softly, covering her mouth in her hands. After a moment, she went back to taking off the lingerie, slipping the straps from her shoulders. A small seductive smile spread over her lips with a fiery glint in her brown eyes as the lace dropped free, "Well, I'd need a demonstration to determine if that's true or not."

The double shot of a come on and an insult made Roy groan without having to be touched. She was good, so good it was scary, and just when he thought he couldn't be in love with her more, he was. The Colonel moved along the table, crawling over on hands and knees, and kissed her. Riza's arms embraced his neck again, and he drew her against him as he sat back on his legs. His tongue dueled with hers, drawing out each small cry in her voice. Their bodies rubbed together in the heat of the kiss, and Mustang knew he couldn't wait much longer. His hands searched for the zipper to the damned skirt, and found it on the side. He pulled away from her lips and cursed when it didn't budge any further, "Damn."

Riza pulled away a moment, drawing her legs together, and then took it off herself, the blue fabric sliding down to her knees and stopping as they bent. For a moment, in his haste, Roy considered ripping the black panties off of her, but stopped as another thought occurred to him. He pulled away even more from her, but bent over to whisper in her ear, "Turn around."

She complied, shivering in anticipation that warmed her stomach. Just when her back was turned towards him, Mustang's arms encircled her waist, holding her tightly against his chest. Riza moaned and tilted her head away as she felt his mouth suck on her neck. His hands slid over her breasts and waist, rough touches followed by gentle ones as she writhed against him. Her head rolled back onto his shoulder, golden hair slipping over his chest as his hands moved down closer to the edge of the black lace. He groaned into her ear then nibbled on the outer edge to relieve some of the tension running through him. The blonde in his arms probably had no idea what she was doing to him each time she moved, her hips sitting on his. Each sway of her butt was another stroke against him, making it very tempting indeed just to move that lace out of the way. Unable to hold in back anymore, his hand gripped the material covering her center tightly, hooking on the skin underneath as she cried out.

Ripping it would feel very good around now, but . . . he couldn't face her wrath when it was the only pair she had. His hand slid under the waistband, and he turned his wrist to pull it down; thankful she wore them over the garters and stockings. Those he could live without stripping them from her. Roy tightened his other arm on her waist, lifting her up as he yanked them down, finally, pulling them off completely, along with the skirt. Both garments disappeared off the table as he tossed them, and Riza sunk back against his chest, naked, well, naked enough. His hand moved up the inside of her thigh, brushing the silk stockings, and her legs parted as she shuddered. The gentle touch of two fingers on her folds brought waves of heat crashing over her skin, sweating as she moved, trying to feel more of him. His palm cupped her center, rubbing it as she moaned while flexing her hips in time. Roy's eyes closed as he kissed her shoulder gently, the flesh under his hand growing in heat and wetness. Her clit stuck out the more he played with her, begging for attention as he brushed it. Riza jumped in his arms then settled back with a moan, her voice breathless but commanding, "Roy, enough foreplay."

"I outrank you, don't make me order you to come," he said, and she could feel his grin as he kissed her neck. The whine in her voice was unmistakable even if the groan covered it. "You're horrible," she said as she shuddered, retaliating by grinding her hips back against his, "We've waited long enough, either put it in me, or I'll do it myself."

Roy growled, his restraint challenged on all fronts. It felt like they were in the middle of a personal war, again, and he was losing, again. He drew her hard against him in pay back, stilling her hips as she moaned. Riza understood enough for the both of them as her legs curled under her, planted on either side of his. She bent over, almost on her hand and knees, and felt his member rub her folds. Mustang fumbled in his haste as his resistance finally shattered, missing her entrance. He cursed again, and above him the blonde shook with silent laughter. Her hand dropped between them, not chancing it as she guided him. His hips thrust up, and this time the wet flesh parted. Roy groaned, momentarily feeling his breath leave him, reality crashing in. A day ago, he'd said about the dumbest thing possible, but it was now the most fortunate thing he'd ever said in his life. Fate, it seemed, had the most fucked up sense of timing.

Her hips rolled and his thoughts were scattered, his concentration back on the task at, err, hand. Roy pulled her back against his chest, rougher than he meant to be, but she moaned anyway. He buried his face in her hair and neck, muffling his groans as she moved for them both. All he could do was follow, counteracting her hips while clinging to her. Riza's head rolled back onto his shoulder, and he kissed her, deeply, held there when her hand fisted his dark hair. He was beginning to like this in her, this assertiveness, this passion that seemed to spring up in her. Maybe it was because she loved him that much. Maybe this was the way she always was outside of the office. He didn't care as he broke the pace and thrust up into her quick and hard, enjoying her shudders before she fought back just as much. As long as no one else but him could witness this side of her, he didn't care where it came from.

Riza started to cry out when she broke away from his lips until his hand clamped over her mouth to silence her. He felt the same way as he bit her neck again to stop his own groaning, tasting the salty sweat on her skin. The movement of her hips was becoming more frantic as his hand dropped between her legs. As soon as his fingers brushed her clit, Riza bent down until she was practically sprawled across the table, ripping herself from his arms. Mustang followed though, hunched over her as he took over control. He moved quicker and harder, feeling her arch and writhe each time. For an odd moment, he wondered how her eyes looked when she came. All he could see was the profile of her face contort each time he pounded deep into her. It was something he didn't care to watch before in the elevator, but now he cared a lot. Roy pulled out despite the protests of his body, impulse taking over as he turned her to face him.

She glared at him for stopping until he kissed her, sinking back between her legs. Riza's body arched in movement and this time it was her clinging to him. Her nails scratched down his back, and her mouth bit his neck in return, but he was immune to the pain, focused solely on the clench of her walls around him. He wanted to feel her shudder terribly again, feeling the tension running through her with each thrust. She was as close as he was, that was obvious enough when her hands groped his ass, prodding him to go faster. Roy pushed her down by the shoulders, pinning her wiggling as her eyes flashed up to his. That was exactly how he wanted her, watching the depths of brown shift each time he moved. He just wanted to watch her a little longer like this. Something seemed to snap and her face twisted, her eyes flashing before scrunching shut. Just before they'd closed, Roy saw what he knew would be there between waves of desire, and he was at peace with it.

Riza's mouth opened to scream but nothing came out. Everywhere they touched she dug into him, as if she was going to tear him apart for what he did to her. Then she shuddered, arching into him desperately as her walls clenched. Roy held on, still trusting into her despite the lock of her legs over his waist, but surrendered to it as well with one final push before he collapsed on top of her. His forehead smacked into the table, but he was too far gone to notice as he shuddered as well, the pleasure rolling over him in its wake. The seed spilled into her, and he groaned, quivering as she still held tightly to him. Finally, they both went still, listening to the others breath in the dark room with the oil lamplight flickering over them.

Roy moved first, withdrawing and rolling onto his back to her right. He just laid there, numb and exhausted, physically and mentally. What had he just done? Made love to Riza Hawkeye, right? A stupid grin crossed his face as he felt her hand in his. Everything Maes had said to him earlier made sense now. Even if home was just the two of them together, he finally felt it. Looking over to see a similar stupefied look of peace on the blonde's face, he knew she had felt it too. "I love you," Roy whispered, rolling over to pull her side against his.

He kissed her cheek then felt her lip brush over his, breathing the words against his mouth, "I love you too, Mustang."

A pleasurable growl erupted from his throat and he kissed her deeper, ignoring the rest of his body as it revolted, protesting that he wasn't ready for round two. Riza wasn't either when she pulled away, giggling when he whined at the loss. He coughed to clear his voice, trying to regain his senses, "Well, now that we know where each of us stands . . ."

"Does this mean we're dating?"

"Does it?" Roy asked, grinning at the idea. Dating his subordinate, while sounding very bad in his head, did have a nice ring to it. But . . . "Are you absolutely sure it's allowed? If this becomes public knowledge that we're not just dating, but um . . ."


"Too harsh a word, darling, but it works. But like I said, if this all got out, I have enemies of higher rank that would relish making my life miserable," he said, trying not to frown. Damn, it was a good idea too, "And I hope it would make your life miserable too, not seeing my smiling face first thing in the morning."

"Usually you're the last person I see in the morning, but yes, it would make it harder to cover your handsome ass in another department."

Roy snorted in laughter, blushing slightly in embarrassment. Handsome ass, huh? Now that was clever. It didn't solve their problem though. But then again, there was only one answer to this one. "I guess we'll just have to keep being sneaky until I become Fuhrer," he said, his voice utterly serious.

Riza slapped him right across the abdomen and he yelped, glaring at her, "What?"

"Sneaky I'll agree too, but don't let your delusions of grandeur get to you. It could be years before you become Fuhrer, if you become Fuhrer. It's not possible for us to keep sleeping with each other under everyone's noses for that long before someone finds out," she said before settling back down, "Besides, I'm sure some people know already."

"Are all of them our subordinates?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Then when there's a problem with them, I'm pretty sure all you have to do is wave a gun, shoot a wall, and they'll be as well behaved on the matter as your puppy," he said, grinning, at least until she lightly punched his shoulder, "So violent, no wonder you like guns."

This time she tickled him, going for the ribs. Mustang yelped, fending her off as he grabbed her wrists, "Ok, I'm sorry! . . . It is true through."

"This from the pyromaniac," Riza said with a snorting laugh as he chuckled, "Too bad you're useless in the rain."

"Ouch, harsh . . . why are we still taking potshots at each other?"

"Force of habit?" she offered, and he shrugged. Whatever the reason, it wasn't too uncomfortable to live with. Somehow it would feel wrong if they were just civil to each other during the off hours, even if they were way beyond just being civil now, "I guess it works, after all everyone will know we're in love if we stop fighting completely."

"Or flirting."

"Huh? What?" he asked, confused as he saw her frown.

"Havoc will notice if you suddenly don't have dates, or turn monogamous," she said, trying not to look too upset at this realization, "Hell, all of Central will notice, especially the women."

Suddenly, he regretted being involved with a whole lot of women again, even if most of it was an act or a bandage for his other problems, "I'm sorry, Riza, but you've spoiled me for the rest of the female sex, I don't think I could, well . . ."

Her frown slowly turned into a smile, trying to hold back the appreciative blush creeping over her skin. There was one matter resolved. He wasn't going to cheat on her any time soon. "Then you'll just have to lie. I don't think Havoc or the others are curious enough about your personal life to start tailing you," Riza said, still smiling, "And it would be a perfect cover for . . . our dates."

Now her blush was entirely noticeable, even in the dark. Roy kissed her again, grinning when he pulled away to snuggle against her side, "What did I ever do to deserve you? I don't deserve you at all, but . . . I'm entirely grateful you're mine."

Riza smiled as well, the blush deepening a few shades, "Don't thank me just yet, I don't intend to go soft on you during work."

"I don't intend to either," he said with a suggestive wiggle against her. Riza gasped then turned nearly purple as she held her breath in anger. Intending not to fight fair, she reached over him and brought her hand down on his ass as he yelped in pain, "Riza! That hurt, damnit! Can't I have any fun?!"

"Sir, I'm suppose to make sure you work, not ensure that you're jacking off," she glared until she noticed his grinning. The Lieutenant groaned, banging the back of her head on the table. Damn, and she called him sir too. That habit was not going down easily. Roy chuckled, kissing her again to get her to stop. "You should see the look on your face, it was priceless, but really, I will be serious at work, and on missions, like normal, but . . ." he trailed off, and she didn't like the sound of it, "We're at least repeating the desk episode, once, and maybe only once if your panties are in that much of a knot over it."

"Is that an order, Roy?"

"Have I issued an order yet today?"

"No, but . . ." Riza said before she stopped, pondering it until she sighed, "Alright, but maybe once, and no stripping, we are sneaking around remember, and no more elevators."

"But that was fun, and worth it," Roy said with another stupid grin, the fond memories circling round his head. He was never going to be able to ride the lifts again without grinning like that. Riza giggled, having similar thoughts. Maybe she'd just have to take the stairs. On that thought, neither of them were safe now as she blushed, "Damn you, it's going to take me weeks to make it up to the fourth floor without turning the perfect shade of tomato red."

Mustang laughed, nuzzling her face, which was already the shade of said vegetable. She whined in the back of her throat, but didn't complain any further. Despite her arguments, misgivings, and nagging doubt, there was still a hope in her heart that this would all work out, and it brought a serene smile to her lips. She felt Roy go still next to her in the silence, now that all the jokes were aside. He did think too much sometimes, the worry clear on his face. She reached up to touch his cheek and he flinched, his eyes snapping to her in fear a moment before it softened. "Are you ok?" she asked, growing worried herself.

It took him a long moment after she asked before he answered with his own question, his voice smaller than she thought possible, "You really don't care, do you, about all these things that I've done?"

Sympathy flooded her face as she sat up and turned, looming over him while balanced on one hand. She ran her other hand through his hair and over his cheek, watching as he shuddered and hugged her grounded arm. Apparently he liked to be petted or didn't mind it, even rubbing against her hand. "I do care, Roy, but not the way you think," she said with a sigh, "I . . . don't want to see you suffer anymore for things you cannot change, I care about you too much not to. I won't ask you to tell me until you're ready, but no matter what you have done, you don't have to live with it alone anymore, and I won't run, so . . . you might as well get used to it."

He smiled up at her, then gently kissed her wrist and up her arm before sitting up next to her. His arms pulled her against him, her face at his neck as he spoke, "Thank you . . . you know I really, really don't deserve you."

She poked his ribs and Roy chuckled, "Ok, maybe I do."

He felt her grin against his chest, then her lips on his skin. Roy stopped chuckling and shifted only to feel her shift closer. Her teeth nipped at his neck, and the Colonel knew where this was headed when he ducked his head to kiss her. Riza melted into his lips, going limp as she dragged him back down on top of the table. Roy groaned when she released him, running his hand down her side, "So much for dinner, but I guess I could eat you instead, since it's on you of course."

"Bastard," she called him that name with a chuckle.

"That's Colonel Bastard to you, darling, and I intend to make sure you never forget it."

A hour, and much mutual but pleasurable soreness later, Colonel Roy Mustang and First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye finally left Central Headquarters side by side. No one noticed that she was wearing a men's cut shirt missing a few buttons, or that he wore just an undershirt beneath his jacket. No one noticed them together as well when Riza went to pick up Black Hayate from the pet sitter, but the pet sitter certainly remembered their teasing jokes on her porch. When asked if she had a hot date tonight, the blonde had said something about him having dark eyes, soft hair, and being well behaved, but that he gave sloppy kisses. Apparently her gentleman friend thought it was in reference to him and not the dog when he groused about his kisses not being sloppy. No one even noticed them, uniforms and all, as they slipped into Riza's apartment building and up to her rooms. None of their subordinates even noticed when they both called in sick the following morning. That was probably because they were too busy fending off Maes Hughes and pictures of his adorable Elysia, who was called in to watch over them.

Nope, apparently sometimes blatancy goes entirely unnoticed.

It wasn't until the Monday after the infamous day of the bet when anyone noticed that they were back in the office after their extended weekend due to a sick day. Despite the bombshell of winning the bet, and the pile of money from Havoc's book-keeping services, Riza's day was like any other, being the first one into the office. Mustang was, again, the last person to show up. They exchanged looks when he entered, but neither of them cracked anything more than a warm smile. He even frowned when she handed him a fresh stack of papers to be signed. Yup, everything was back to normal. "Wait, so you two still aren't sleeping together?" Havoc asked, finally shattering the normalcy.

Roy gagged on the mug of stale coffee he had been sipping, choking violently, and Riza went pale before turning twenty different shade of red at least. They looked at each other and started firing off denial at once, "No, of course-." "How could you ever think that-." "Why would I possibly-." "Wouldn't happen-." "Never-." "Absolutely never-."

"Wait, really never?" Roy broke out of it, grinning incredulously. Riza blushed again and glared at him in anger before turning away to ignore him completely. She then pulled open a drawer in her desk and grabbed a box of ammo, standing up abruptly, "I'm going to the range."

And then she was gone. The Colonel turned to the others in her wake, smirking, "There's your answer, now get back to work before she shoots all of us."

And then he was gone, retreating back into his office. Breda and Fuery groaned as Havoc crowed in triumph, "Pay up, boys! I win!"

They handed over their money, very grudgingly, and went back to work. Jean knew this would be a good day, even if he lost the skirt bet. He'd spent enough on the smaller, and longer running, side bets to cover himself. And yet, when Riza came back an hour later, walked into the Colonel's office, and didn't come out for another fifteen minutes at least without a single argument, Havoc's feeling of victory was completely deflated. What was even worse was when Breda tapped him on the shoulder. He grumbled and put the money back into the guy's hands. Maybe this served him right for betting so much. He really was lousy at it. "Don't look so glum, Jean," Heymans said as he counting his money, "Maybe her underwear isn't black."

"It's pink, I tell you! Pink!" he said, a little too loud as Hawkeye looked up from her desk, just having come out of the office and sat down. Her eyes hardened a moment, and he whimpered, knowing the searing pain of lead and firepower would be coming soon. And yet, it didn't as she smirked. She didn't reach for a gun either. Instead, she pulled off her short jacket and shoulder holster then rolled up the sleeve of her shirt. By now all three of them were staring intently as her fingers were shoved up the garment, grabbing something. And then there it was, the black satin strap of obviously a bra on her white skin. Riza grinned and moved it back in place, "See, black."

This day couldn't get any worse.

"Damn it!"

The End . . . For Now. Storyline to be continued in Overhaul 2: The Tune-Up.