Disclaimer: The characters and setting herein are the creations of Rumiko Takahashi and Eiichiro Oda. I'm just borrowing them for fun for a little while

Wild Blue

based on Ranma ½ by Takahashi Rumiko,
and One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

"Inherited Will,

The Destiny of the Age,

and the Dreams of the People,f

These are things that will not be stopped.

As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom,

They will never cease to be!"

- Gold Roger, the Pirate King


I'm not usually one to explain the story before hand, though I think it's best to mention how this story crosses over. This is basically a fusion with the world of One Piece. For those unfamiliar with One Piece, it's a huge oceanic world filled with thousands and thousands of islands. The entire back-story of Ranma ½ still takes place, though it takes place in this new setting.

I've shrunk the Ranma 1/2 world down to two islands called Jusenkyo and Nerima and stuck them in the middle of One Piece's oceanic world. So instead of the Ranma ½ series taking place in Japan and China, it takes place in the island of Nerima and the island of Jusenkyo. It affects the story of Ranma ½ very little, actually. The region inhabited by the Joketsuzoku, Musk Dynasty, and Phoenix peoples, is Jusenkyo (the curse springs will be on this isle as well), while the main Ranma 1/2 cast live on Nerima (and with outsiders like Ryu Kumon and the Dojo Destroyer arriving from other One Piece islands).

This takes place a few months after the manga in Ranma ½, and just before the Water 7 storyline in the One Piece manga.

I'm not explaining anymore then that. Everything else will be revealed with the writing.

Chapter 1

The winds lightly teased the night air with their cool caress, while the sea water was calm and tranquil; an unusual blessing within the Grand Line. Two ships rocked slowly against the gentle waves, surrounded by the endless blue of ocean.

The smaller of the two ships spiraled slowly and purposelessly around the water. It appeared to be derelict; abandoned, with no crew guiding it. Its hull was part maroon, only half covered with splashes of the red-ebony paint. The rest remained uncoloured, decorated with the texture of wet wood. No sails were raised, though it's black and red flag flapped wildly in the wind, betraying a sense of life to the comatose vessel. The black flag depicted a red skeleton hand, punching upwards in a clenched fist, with red crossbones behind it... It was a pirate's flag.

A pirate's ship.

The second ship was large and imposing, colored in a bright skyblue. In the same azure colour, the word 'Marine' could be read from the many snow-white sails. Numerous cannons were aimed outwards on the sides, marking the larger ship as a formidable weapon. Its white garbed crewman worked quickly and nervously, driving the warship forwards purposely through the water. Clumsily, they maneuvered the bulk of their warship alongside the abandoned pirate vessel.

Ropes snaked down from the Marine ship to derelict caravel, followed by the boarding of six Marine Recruits, each armed with swords and pistols. The ship's captain watched his troop's departure earnestly from the upper deck, his rat-like whiskers twitching as the corners of his mouth break into a sly grin. His rodent like appearance was further enhanced by his head gear: a white hood, with small round mouse ears attached. With his arms crossed behind his white captain's attire, he stood over his ship like a rat huddled over cheese. He paced back and forth irritably, glancing to the den-den-mushi sitting on the center deck table. The snail phone sat placidly, ignoring everything around it.

For the first time in many months, Captain Nezumi was excited. He felt his luck had finally returned. Since the defeat of his "partner" back in his East Blue, fate had dealt him a number of cruel blows. Formally one of the most important parts of the 16th Battalion at his command post back in East Blue, Nezumi and his crew had been enjoying large sums of money from the merman pirate Arlong. In exchange for huge amounts of beli, Nezumi would turn a blind eye to Arlong's piracy, resulting in a very profitable arrangement. It was going good, until a pirate by the name of Straw Hat Luffy walked in and defeated the merman in his own base. With Arlong arrested and carted off to the great fortress-prison of Impel Down, Nezumi was left with his greatest source of income brutally cut off. At least he could thank his stars that Arlong's capture didn't leave his superiors wise to his bribery he was engaged in…

Thinking this the worse of the troubles, Nezumi and his crew continued on, trying other outside "ventures" to reestablish their lost money train. Surprisingly, their situation worsened. Luffy and his crew had taken East Blue by storm, resulting in many of the regions greatest and most dangerous criminals laid low and defeated. As a result, East Blue had, ironically, become quite safe. A need for a strong Marine presence from the World Government was no longer required, resulting in much of the 16th Battalion being downsized and reassigned. And for Nezumi…

Much to the good captain's chagrin, he, his crew, and his faithful warship, the Azure Mouse, were reassigned to the Grand Line.

"Luffy…" Nezumi spat out loud, using the pirates name like a curse word. His hands clenched and shaking, his knuckles white. It was all his fault… "Tch!"

Just thinking about it drove him mad… Spanning the world's entire equator, the tortuous and dangerous region of the Grand Line was the most unstable region of the world. Piracy was rampant, and the extreme weather and magnetic conditions made simple trips and navigation herculean efforts. Giant Sea Kings stalked the seas, easily able to rip apart the greatest ship with ease… So many dangers that Nezumi knew he couldn't handle.

The only thing they had going for them was the Azure Mouse's firepower, and while that would be a great benefit to him back in East Blue, it hardly meant anything in the face of supernatural pirates and sea monsters. As much as he was loath to admit it, he and his crew were far too soft to deal with the rigors of the Grand Line. Their dodging of trouble in East Blue had left them vastly unprepared for surviving the inhospitable region. They had only been serving as a supply ship, having faced no actual combat so far, and they were struggling just to survive the weather.

But now his luck had finally changed!

"Chechechecheche…" he chuckled, twittering his whiskers. He leaned forward, his hands grasping the wooden rails as he stared greedily down to the waters below, admiring his "prize."

The derelict ship they had found belonged to the Akaken, the Red Fist Pirates. The group of criminals was fairly green as far as Grand Line pirates go, though in the last four months, they had taken this region of waters by storm. Specifically, they attacked only Marine ships, leaving their victims crippled in the water and the naval forces in the area in complete disarray. So much so, that the Grand Line Marine Headquarters issued a combined hundred million beli reward for the entire crew and their mysterious leader.

And here they were, probably dead aboard their own ship. Most likely slain by other, stronger pirates; that's how the Grand Line worked after all!He'd say his crew defeated them, claim their bounties, and with this grand deed on his record, secure himself a promotion to another command outside the Grand Line. And even if he didn't get the promotion, the reward left him in a very good position to retire to the good life!

He cackled gleefully at his future prospects, blissfully unaware of what awaited him. It never occurred to the poor captain that he was walking into a trap.

The Marine Recruits aboard the Akaken ship clutched their swords and firearms close. Disturbed by the eerie quiet, the boarding mission was beginning to look too much like a Grand Line ghost story for their liking. Their search of the upper decks was fruitless, as well as the cabins. So far, the small caravel was, was completely deserted. There were no corpses to bring back, not even a sign of a struggle. Nothing.

The six man team continued on their search to the lower decks, the bleak darkness making them even more nervous. One of the Recruits summoned his courage, and decided that maybe calling out wasn't such a bad idea.

"Anyone here?" he shouted out. He clutched the hilt of his sword tightly, suddenly having a very bad feeling, "This is Seaman Izumi of the 16th Battalion!"

His call was answered.

A small light flooded the hold, revealing two figures reclining in the dark of the under deck. The Marines scrambled to bring their weapons to bear, quickly trying to assess the newcomers.

Standing before them was a young woman holding a lit match in between her fingers, with a shadowy man next to her. Standing confidently, the women had short hair, and was wearing what looked to be vacation wear: a flowery tank top as a shirt, denim jean shorts to serve as leg wear, and simple sandals at her feet. She was beautiful, though that beauty had an allure of danger to it. The harsh blinking of the match's light only served to enhance this.

Next to her stood a dark-haired man, shadowed slightly in the darkness. With a sword and a scabbard at his waist, he appeared to be the real threat of the two. Wearing a plain pair of white pants and brown boots, he had no shirt. Instead, wrapped around him like a trench coat was what once might have been a dark blue hakama.

The girl next to him gives a snide chuckle. "Pay up, Kuno-chan," she giggled. "They were dumb enough to tie up next to us."

The man responded with a snort, "It seemed too obvious a trap, my lady." He turns his attention away from her, and regarded the marines coldly. "One would expect our chosen nemesis to operate with some sense."

At the insult, one of the Marine Recruit jostled his pistol threateningly, finally finding courage. There were only two pirates after all, and they outnumbered them with six! "Stand down! You're under arrest for acts of piracy!"

'Kuno-chan' bristled. "Such impertinence!" Taking a step forward and drawing a long, curved katana from the scabbard at his waist, the inexperienced marines instantly tensed. Now closer to the light, it's easier to see the swordsman now; tall and well chiseled features with hard muscles coiled like steel. Handling the sword with practiced ease, he dropped to a ready stance.

The women smiled and turned away, disregarding the ship's invaders. "Try to keep it clean, Tate. We just swabbed." At that, she tossed the match over her shoulder, sauntering off as darkness engulfed the room once again.

The Marines froze in their confusion, when suddenly a swift, harsh breeze flowed through the room as the man rushed the darkness. Several men screamed as steel ripped through them. The clang of steel rang in the air as a few managed to muster a quick defense. The loud explosion of the marine pistols roared in response, but in the darkness, none of the bullets struck true.

The cool steel of the katana sliced through them, and then there was silence.

Two, invaders scurried silently above the Azure Mouse, lost in the moonlight. They scaled the sails and swung from mast to mast, completely undetected by the jovial Marines below.

One of the invaders watched the marines bumble below her, as she fingered her free hand through her short hair. She was wearing simple black boots and baggy black pants. A loose yellow martial arts gi served as a shirt, with a sheathed katana strapped to her back. A headband was tied across her forehead, pulling her hair out of her eyes

Tendo Akane wasn't very impressed with the Marine's actions so far, and was shocked at the Marines eagerness. Worried by the firepower of the Marine ship, they decided it'd be best to set a trap. They'd play dead in the water, and draw them close enough to board, and then board the Marine ship themselves. She had doubts about the plan set, but the greedy Marines didn't hesitate to tie up to their defunct ship, too eager to claim what they thought was an impressive prize. They were the most foolhardy target yet.

Weaklings and fools, she thought with contempt. These couldn't be the one of the ones that… she shook he head, banishing the darks thoughts and refocusing herself on her task. Hidden in the sails opposite to her, she signaled to Konatsu to proceed. The black garbed ninja was much better at swinging through the shadows unseen, and following his lead made the most sense to her. She struggled to keep her aura tight and controlled, using the stealth techniques taught to her by Uncle Saotome.

They moved closer, silently scaling the sails and mast. She spied a white coated man, with huge kanji for the word "Justice" spread across the back of his captain's jacket. He was pacing excitedly in front of a portable den-den-mushi laid out on table in the center of the deck. Maps and papers were scattered about the table, making it obvious the captain preferred to work outdoors tonight. He wasn't alone, surrounded by a dozen Marine Recruits all armed with swords at their waist. They were talking excitedly, about how they could finally get off this ship and back to East Blue, see their sweethearts back home, visit their famili… She ignored the rest of the conversation in disgust, and swung herself off the sail she was climbing. Grasping the nearest mast, she used her phenomenal strength to gouge her fingers straight into the wood.

With her grip secured, Akane signaled to Konatsu, ordering him to hold position. The slender ninja nodded, and settled himself onto the mast adjacent her. He hung off it like a spider, somehow finding hold with just the touch of his fingers.

With his black ninja garb and his long hair pulled back into a more masculine ponytail, Konatsu looked much more like a young man then he previously did months before. While still undeniably beautiful, he came across more as girly man then an actual female. Coiled around his arm was a long chain, connected to a small scythe that he palmed in his hand.

While still gripping the mast with one hand, he removed the kusarigama from his arm, and wrapped the chain tightly around his waist like a belt, stowing the scythe end of the weapon in the process. The meaning of this action wasn't lost to Akane; these marines weren't worth using weapons on. She already knew she wasn't going to bother with her own sword.

Patiently, she waited for Nabiki and Kuno's signal. Once the boarders were dealt with and the signal sent, she'd commence her attack on the Marine ship. She didn't know what the signal would be, but trusted her sister to be resourceful enough to figure something out.

"Bububububububu!" the den-den-mushi started to beep, rocking on the table in excitement. Nezumi nearly tripped over himself rushing for the snail phone and nearly fumbled it. He finally grasped the receiver and brought it to his mouth.

"Report! What happened to the pirates?"

The mouth of the snail phone twitched, and curled into a sly grin. Looking quite sinister, the den-den-mushi answered in an undeniably female voice, "Akane, our guests have been taken care of. Have at it."

Akane smiled, overhearing the snail. She nodded to Konatsu, and dropped from the mast. As gravity plummeted her quickly to the deck below, she pulled back her hand, readying to strike the deck with her fist…


A huge CRACK filled everyone's ears as her fist touched down. The deck exploded, sending wood splintering in all directions. Captain Nezumi and several other Marine Recruits were thrown back with the force of the blow, not knowing what hit them. Recovering quickly, Akane bounced lightly over the mess of her punch, and relentlessly leveled two more marines with a wide roundhouse kick.

It was chaos, as loud cries of "Pirates!" and "Intruder!" erupted around the deck, many Marines scrambled to draw there weapons. Akane quickly rushed another group of Marines, and sent them flying with a fierce combo of punches and kicks. Like an angry dragon on a rampage, they all fell before her.

Konatsu soon joined the battle a moment later, easily felling the remaining Marines with his swiftness. Where Akane was unstoppable force, Konatsu fought with more subtly. He danced around his opponents, striking swiftly and concisely. Few could follow his movements as he darted across the deck.

Nezumi pulled himself up again while drawing the sword stored at his hip, ready to decapitate the outlaw that had laid him low. Konatsu rolled up behind him, and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned, surprised, to find a disturbingly beautiful face staring at him. Shocked, Nezumi never had a chance to respond as the black clad youth pulled back his hand and struck him viciously in the chest. Nezumi spat blood, and stumbled clutching his chest. His ribs shook heavily as he struggled to breath.

Collapsing himself on the railing overlooking the lower deck, he was treated to an extraordinary sight: Engaged in mortal combat with his crew on the lower deck is a giant panda bear. The bear howled and roared, tossing aside huge groups of Marines with incredible strength. Despite its size, it moved with the grace of martial arts master, easily deflecting the attacking marines. Perturbed at the sight, the good captain fell backwards, allowing the pain in his chest to overtake him into unconsciousness.

The battle didn't last much longer. The Marines of the Azure Mouse, unused to combat, were easily decimated by the Akaken pirates. In a short time, over two dozen Marine sailors lay defeated.

Akane stood solemnly for a few moments, contemplating her next move. Konatsu gave her a thoughtful look. "Captain… Akane-sama," he began.

Akane just nodded, almost coldly. "Go. If you find where…" she began, before she choked on her words, "Go. I'll check here," she managed, gesturing to the scattered remains of Nezumi's paperwork. Their attack had smashed the table in the center, scattering documents all over the deck.

Konatsu smiled, and nodded happily, before taking off to search the ship. Akane turned her attention to the panda on the deck below her. The huge bear was going through the pockets of defeated Marines, probably looking for spare Beli. "OYAGI!" she called out, clearly annoyed. "Go inside and scavenge something more useful then pocket change!"

Genma, the panda looked insulted for a moment, and then nodded before sauntering off. Regarding the scattered pile of papers again, Akane grimaced. There's so much of it…

With a sigh, she began to paw through the scattered documents, arranging some and tossing others aside like garbage. "Bureaucracy..." she mumbled, annoyed. Pounding the ground in frustration, her eye just barely caught something of interest. She hesitantly grasped the single piece of paper, and began to read.

"Prisoner transfer forms?" she questioned aloud. Feeling a little hopeful for the first time in awhile, she began to read, completely immersed.

"Is everyone all right, Captain?" a voice behind questioned. Akane tensed for a moment, before recognizing the voice that belonged to Dr. Tofu.

Annoyed, she heaved a sigh and regarded him. He was wearing his usual dress, with his medical bag slung over his shoulder. "I thought you didn't want to be a part of this," she responded, coldly.

The doctor looked embarrassed for a moment before frowning. "I don't want to be involved in… this, doesn't mean I'm not willing to help out in my own way."

"But how can you-!" Akane growled, stopping herself short. Anger was etched strongly on her features. She closed her eyes, trying to will the madness away. After a few breaths, she succeeded. Turning her attention back to the paper, she held the sheet out to Dr. Tofu.

"I found something," she announced, as a slow smile crept its way onto her face. The doctor grasped the sheet of paper, and read it slowly. His eyes bulged suddenly.

"A prisoner carried from Nerima!" his hands around the paper tightened, crumpling it slightly. "It could be them!"

Akane's smile faltered slightly. "It could, but…" Her eyes met the floor, her brown orbs suddenly looking very tired. "There's only one prisoner listed… If it's him, then that means…"

His expression became grave, his earlier excitement gone. "It means Konatsu's suspicions are correct."

The two spent the next few moments in silence. A couple Marines groaned, preparing to leave unconsciousness, only to be smashed back asleep by Akane. Konatsu returned shortly after, very excited.

"Akane-sama! Akane-sama!" he called as he ran towards them from the inner cabins of the ship, waving a thick booklet over his head. "You'll never believe what I found!"

Akane crossed her arms, looking interested. "What is it?"

The feminine shinobi smiled brightly as he approached. "It's the passenger and crew manifest!" He opened the booklet, and showed it to Akane, his finger pointing at a certain name. Akane and Tofu gasped.

In clear, bold hand writing, the name Kuonji Ukyo could be clearly read, with the marking of 'passenger'right beside it. "Ukyo. It was them," Akane said sternly. "They were here."

Konatsu looked confused at Akane's dour expression. "I don't understand, Akane-sama. Aren't you pleased? We can soon find-"

Cutting Konatsu off, Akane pulled the book from his hand, "His name isn't on here." Stabbing her finger at the box below Ukyo's in the booklet, Akane continued, "Look, the name next to Ukyo's. No name is listed, just a number. I think it's a prisoner number."

Konatsu looked troubled and was about to say something, but Akane didn't stop there. "I also found this…" she sighed, gesturing to the earlier prisoner transfer paper. She handed it to him, letting the shinobi study it for a few minutes. "Even the date matches…"

The ninja's troubled expression transformed into one of horror as he studied the sheet. "A... Prisoner… from Nerima!" He looked like he was ready to cry. "I had suspected, with what I had seen… But… I had hoped! Ranma-san was…"

Akane closed her eyes, not wanting to hear what was coming. She had denied the possibility before, hoping against all hope that her home and family had not been… had not been… She stifled her tears, refusing to show weakness.

Konatsu did not need to finish his sentence, as Tofu did it for him. "Ukyo kidnapped Ranma. She sided with the Marines…" He looked down, disappointed and saddened.

Akane snapped to attention suddenly, her eyes lit with a bright fire and her expression hardened in determination. "Now we find out why. Let's wake the captain."

Captain Nezumi basked in the sunlight, as beautiful courtesans attended his every whim. His Victory over the Akaken pirates had secured him the promotion to Commodore, and with the reward money he was finally able to buy that summer island in South Blue he always wanted! And now he was living the good life. He twittered is rat like whiskers and laughed heartily as he leaned into the courtesan fanning him, ready to give her a passionate kiss…


Nezumi jostled awake, pain stinging his cheek. He searched his memory, trying to remember what was going on, where he was. Finding himself back on his ship, and surrounded by three strangers, he remembered…


He gave a startled cry and tried to scramble backwards only to find himself pressed against the wooden railings of his ship. Surrounding him were the pirates from before. He recognized the young man who struck him, as well the short haired girl who had smashed his deck like a cannon ball… But the third figure was a stranger. He was dressed in a dark martial arts gi and plain wooden sandals. He also wore glasses, with his hair was pulled into a short ponytail. He stared at the sky impassively, as if in deep thought.

"You pervert! Trying to kiss me!" the short haired girl accused. She stabbed a long, black katana at the tip of his nose, causing Nezumi to squeak in dismay. She looked quite ready to plunge it through his skull. "Perverts and murderers! Don't you Marines have any morals!"

The feminine young man next to her looked on with great worry. "Akane-sama! Please! We need him alive to answer our questions!"

Nezumi began blubbering immediately. "I'm sorry!" he whined. "I'll answer anything, just pleasedon'tkillme! Please, please!" He had no idea what he had done, but was willing to agree to anything to stop the maniac pirate from stabbing him in the head.

Akane closed her eyes, and removed the sword from the Marine's nose. She replaced the sword in her scabbard at her back, and opened her eyes. The red fury was gone from them, though she still she gave the Captain a hard glare before speaking. "Three months ago you transferred a prisoner. Describe him."

Nezumi blinked hard. This was about that prisoner he was forced to carry? In the face of all of resources aboard the Azure Mouse, it seemed so… unimportant. Still, it was his life on the line… He twitched at the reminder of the katana in his face.

"It wasn't a him, it was her," he began.

"Her?" Akane looked worried.

Konatsu caught her apprehension and interrupted, "Ranma-sama was in his Jusenkyoform when I saw them last, Akane-sama. It could still be him."

Nezumi looked confused, but didn't say anything. He continued, "I didn't see her much, only when she had to be… restrained."

Akane's cold glare bore through him, and he flinched once more. "Restrained?" she questioned.

He squeeked in response, not wanting to meet her eyes. "Drugged. We were advised to keep her sedated, as she was supposed to be quite dangerous. Sometimes she'd fight." He took a hesitant glance at the girl, and squeeked again as she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.

"Her appearance. Describe it."

"Red hair, in a pig...pig…pigtail! That's all I remember! Pleasedon'tkillme!"

The shorthaired girl smirked, her eyes narrowing as she began to stroke the hilt. "Maybe. Where did you transfer her?"

Nezumi was quivering now. "Captain Hina took her!" he burst.

Dr. Tofu interrupted the interrogation for the first time. He looked worried. "Hina? As in Hina the Black Cage?"

Nezumi frantically nodded, and Tofu's scowl deepened. Akane looked worried as well. "She's famous..." she murmured, looking down crest. "Where'd she take the prisoner?

"Glade's Peaks! She's going to Glade's Peaks! Please! It's biggest military port in the region, the only place she could go with the size of the squadron she has!"

Akane looked at him quizzically for a moment, and drew her sword once again. "How do I know you're telling the truth?"

Nezumi screamed, and tried to scramble up. Akane stepped forward, and placed her foot on his chest, pinning him to the ground. "PLEASE! I'm telling the truth! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!"

Dr. Tofu placed a firm hand on Akane's shoulder. "AKANE! That's enough! He's telling the truth!"

Akane turned to the doctor and eyed him cruelly. She replaced her katana, and threw his hand off her shoulder. "I KNOW! But I had to be sure…" She stepped in front of Dr. Tofu, close enough that only he could hear, and whispered so tightly it was almost a hiss, "I'm no murderer." Konatsu looked on worried, fearful of a fight breaking out between the two.

Tofu staggered backwards, looking ashamed. "I'm… sorry…" His eyes met the ground. Akane turned away, her own brown orbs blinking away tears. Konatsu relaxed, slumping his shoulders. Nezumi was completely out of it, too terrified to notice the exchange.

Genma returned shortly after, interrupting the awkward silence. A huge sack hung off the panda's back, packed high with goods. He looked quite proud of himself.

Akane welcomed the change in mood, and laughed. "And just how much of that is food?"

The panda beamed proudly and thrust up a wooden sign covered in text. 'All of it!' He spun the sign around, revealing more writing on the other side. 'Except this!' it read, as he tossed a small ball from his paw to Konatsu. The ninja boy caught and studied it carefully. Akane leaned in close to see what it was as well.

It was glass sphere, filled with water, and a single needle was mounted inside. The needle only ever pointed in one direction, no matter how Konatsu turned it in his hand. Labeled on the glass ball, was the text that read "Glades Peaks." It was an Eternal Pose, Akane realized − a Grand Line compass that forever pointed towards one island and one island only. They were quite valuable, compared to Log Poses, which were always erratic in the islands they pointed to. Worth quite a lot of beli, it was no wonder Genma grabbed.

Akane beamed happily, "Oyagi! This is perfect!" The panda straightened proudly, scratching the back of his head at the compliment. "We found Ranma…" she continued, and pointed her finger at the Pose, "and this is where he is."

The panda's eyes bulged in surprise. He quickly moved forward and embraced the girl in a fierce hug. Akane squealed in surprise, not prepared for the sudden display of affection. The corners of her mouth twisted into a grin. We'll find everyone, and put our family back together yet…

The bear released her, and Akane turned to everyone, "Come on everyone. Let's get back to the ship before these dolts wake up." She gestured to the masses of the defeated Marine soldiers, and chuckled. The Akaken began to filter out of the ship to their own, leaping off the sides into their own below

Nezumi finally recovered from his earlier interrogation and called after Akane before she was about to leap back to her own boat. "WAIT! Our Eternal Pose!" He scrambled off the deck, and stumbled towards her. "Without the Eternal Pose we have no way of navigating our way back to port! We'll be trapped!"

Akane regarded the man coldly, looking confused. She pointed to the den-den-mushi lying not far from his feet. "Call for help, then. The pose is ours."

Nezumi blinked. He COULD call for help… But then his humiliating defeat would be known by his superiors, and on his record. He could be looking at a demotion instead of the promotion he desired. So far, the taking of the Pose was the only thing the Pirates had done that he couldn't recover from…

"It's more of a chance then you bastards deserve…" Akane continued. She leveled her furious glare at him once more, causing the mouse like man to quiver. Akane stepped towards him, and he squealed, skittering backwards. She swiftly moved forward, struck him in the jaw. The good captain collapsed, unconscious once more.

She spat on him. "It's more of a chance then you gave Nerima..."

To be continued…
What happened to Nerima?

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Things to consider

Den-den-mushi: Den-den-mushi are the snail phones used in One Piece's world. Instead of speakers, they use talking snails to broadcast sound. The snail's voice sounds like whoever is talking through it on the other end. They're rather cute, especially when they ring, "Bubububububu!"

Captain Nezumi: Captain Nezumi was from the Arlong Park storyline. He was corrupt and wicked, and took bribes from the Arlong to turn a blind eye to his crimes. He gets the crap beaten out of him by the Straw Hats, but after that you never hear what happened to him. He seemed to be the perfect throw away character to use here.

Akaken: Akaken means "Red Fist." This follows the One Piece theme of pirate crews being named after their captains. Since Akane's name means 'Scarlet,' the name seemed appropriate.

The bounty: I'm sure 100,000,000 seems like quite a lot to you One Piece fans (it's the equivalent of Luffy's bounty), but keep in mind it's for the ENTIRE crew. The World Government knows very little about Akane and her crew yet, and they don't know enough to assign a bounty to any one person. All they know is that they're in their ships, kicking their dudes. If they had individual bounties, they'd be much smaller.

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