A Chance Meeting
by willowaus
Disclaimer: I do not own any in this fic, all belong to Marvel. Just having some fun.
Author's Note: This takes place during the years before Rogue manifested her power.


She curled up on the sofa, making soft purring noises before licking her hands and lazily scratching the pillow beneath her. A fly buzzed near her ear and she batted at it before trying once again to nap. After a few minutes, she decided she didn't like that aspect of being a cat.

Sighing, Rogue pushed herself up and looked quickly around the room, making soft mewling sounds as she clambered across the couch and then climbed down, careful not to crush the make-shift tail attached to her costume. Slowly, she crisscrossed the living room floor, pouncing on make-believe mice before her ears perked up.

Following the hushed voices, she crept carefully through the hallway on all fours, making small sniffing noises every few steps. Cause that's what cats do. She stopped outside the dining room door and bent down low, inching forward with agonizing precision, intent on not being seen. Peering into the room, she looked at the table, pleased that her mother and Oma were focused on their discussion with the man.

Rogue looked intently at him, her nose wrinkling as she saw his white hair, reminding her of her own streak. Creeping forward, she made her way towards the table, squeezing easily underneath the chairs. Her eyes widened as she saw the shoe laces on the black shoes, cat instincts telling her she needed to play with them.

She snuck closer, ignoring the warning bells in her head that Momma would be furious with her. I'm a cat. Not a kid, Rogue reminded herself, swishing her tail as she passed Irene and Raven's feet. She was almost at her prize when his feet shifted and she froze, bunching her shoulders, wondering if she had been caught.

The conversation continued unabated above and Rogue smiled and then pounced, crashing down onto one shoe. There was a curse of expletives and all three chairs pushed out before three grown-up faces peered at her under the table. The man looked curiously at her as she continued to bat his shoe laces.

"Out!" Raven demanded and Rogue looked at her and hissed. "Right now, young lady."

Rogue made a soft mewling sound as she was pulled from underneath the table, trying to hold onto the shoe laces. She bared her teeth at her mother and growled, before squirming out of her grasp. Raven pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head.

Undeterred, Rogue moved back towards the man, rubbing her face against his thigh and making soft purring noises as his hand ruffled her hair. "I didn't know you had a cat, Mystique," he laughed and Rogue smiled, gently nipping his hand.

"What is the rule for when your mother and I have guests?" Irene asked and Rogue looked over at her, a pitiful expression on her face before meowing. But I'm a cat…

She rubbed her head against his thigh again before growling as she was picked up. He grasped her nose, gently rubbed it and she smiled. "Goodbye, little kitten," he said and Rogue decided she liked his blue eyes.

Raven shook her head and Rogue curled against her, meowing tiredly as she was brought out of the room, raising an eyebrow at Irene's pleased expression. Maybe I'm not in trouble. She doubted that.

"Be a good little…cat and play outside," Raven told her, brushing her hair.

Rogue meowed happily at that, not about to protest her good fortune, and bounded out of the house. "Be back by dinner," Raven called after her and she nodded, wondering what Cody was doing.

Maybe I can get him to play Robin Hood…

She stopped and looked back at the house, smiling as she thought of the man and his pretty eyes, hoping she'd see him again soon, before disappearing into the woods.