Title: Everytime We Touch: Chapter One.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Set in season six, Spike and Buffy find themselves in the Bronze once again. Spike wants to have his Slayer relaxed after a strenuous night. I know, not the most original, but I needed some Spiffy(Spuffy as my bestfriend, who this is for, dubbed it.) action to write. :)

A/N: I had this song in my head forever. Okay, near forever. I love the song immensely and the instrumental music drove me to think of Spiffy fun. Hope you like the story, Stu. :P Told you, I'm not a Spiffy hater.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything here. Save for the storyline. All characters and the like are trademark properties of Joss Whedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy and it's affiliates. Lyrics are copyrighted to Cascada and/or anyone else involved with the song, writer, artist and blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue. I'm just a poor girl. Really, I am.

Pairings: Spike/Buffy.

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- - -

'I still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me. I still feel your touch in my dreams.'

The pounding of the music was running through her veins. Its beat from the speakers wasn't harsh. It was just the right dose of gentleness with fire. A fire that swept through every ounce of the Slayer pressing her ass into his crotch. If it wasn't for the people scattered all around, combined with his somewhat respect for the blonde withering against him like liquid acid burning him to the core, he would've taken her here and now. Right up against the railing of the upper balcony. Have her screaming into the music.

"Told ya, pet." His voice was low. Her body shuddered against his words, "I knew you'd like my little treat." He purred into her ear. Tip of his tongue darting out to sensually trail around the outter shell and down the right side slope of the pale neck. How long had it been since her skin had seen the sun, he pondered idly. He loved the contrast their skin made against one another's when they made love...scratch that; when they fucked. To touch the sunkissed thighs and get a sharp sting like electricity. To touch the golden silk hair and feel the fire from the burning sun through her touch was washing away gradually. Her hair still blonde, lost the golden tints to it's highlights. Her skin no longer held the olive complexion and her eyes dulled from emerald to jaded green.

He wanted the Slayer back to how she was. He wanted her as his, and he wanted her as his alive. Not dead as she had been recently. He'd make her feel once again. To that he swore to himself.

'Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why. Without you it's hard to survive.'

"Sometimes your treats aren't as nice as this one." Buffy teased with a distantly sly smile, letting her ass grind up and down over Spike's probing erection from underneath stained jeans. They'd just come from slaying and both of them had the rush that only killing and winning could bring forth. Faith had always said slaying made her hungry and horny. For Buffy, her hunger wasn't for food. It was for the blond behind her, who was gripping her narrow waist to guide her body against his own.

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling. And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly. Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last. Need you by my side. Cause everytime we touch, I feel this static. And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky. Can't you hear my heart beat so? I can't let you go. Want you in my life.'

"Never heard you complain before, love." Digging his fingers into the sides of her hips, Spike spun the petite goddess around to face him. His face now inches from her own. He could feel the throbbing of her heart against his chest. Just the same he could feel the throbbing of her soaking wet pussy against his knee, as one leg slid up between her parted thighs to dig into the warm flesh. How he wanted nothing more than to kneel down before the temple and worship her with kisses divine.

Buffy's head lulled back, perfectly shaped cupid bow lips parted as she felt the surge of weakness consume her. The pleasure unbidden, but more than welcomed, came riding her from between her legs. "I wasn't complaining." Straightening her head back to face him, a arm slipped between their pressed bodies. Snaking her hand all the way to the center of Spike's internal and external desire. "I was simply making a statement." Came the response as a small hand kneaded the ball of her palm up along the length of the Spike's swollen member.

With a low growl, Spike ensnared the taunting Slayer to him more fully. Leaving her hand to be crushed against his cock, her tits to his chest. "You should make your statement more matter-of-fact and show me how much of a praise it was you were giving, Slayer." Hissed Spike near threateningly, eyes glowing amber into the depths of jade that glinted with emerald. He was well on his way to making her whole again. She just had to realize how much he would give to make her smile. One that touched each ear and was sparked by the fire in her soul and the love in her heart.

'Your arms are my castle, you heart is my sky. They wipe away tears that I cry. The good and the bad times, we been trough them all. You make me right when I fall.'

So he wanted a show, did he? Something in Buffy flickered and she responded. Her hand loosened from it's hold around his cock to the zipper, which came down in speed. Her hand instantly reached through the pair of silk boxers, if the only ones the vampire owned, to release his cock from it's confines. It sprung forward with all it's beautiful glory for the blonde, who ravished it with steady strokes of lightly calloused palms. The vampire under her spell sucked in a sharp breath of air as the goddess teased a fingertip over the head of his cock, running softly over the glistening slit. "Dance with me." Buffy instructed fiercely against his ear, teeth aggressively nipping at the soft shell enough to draw the faintest bead of crimson life.

"Last time I checked," Spike had to muster all his self-control to keep from spilling in her warm hand at the touch of it, and the sensation of pain that was just erotic enough to leave him weak in the knees and to speak, "I was, Slayer. And last time I checked..." Now he reluctantly pried her hand from his cock, "...I was the one that bit." Lifting her up with both hands sliding under the long peasant skirt, fingers trailed their way to slip under her ass to grab hold of. Keeping hold of Buffy, Spike stepped forward to spin the golden girl around, and adjust her, so her wet opening surrounded the head of his erection.

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling. And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly. Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last. Need you by my side. Cause everytime we touch, I feel this static.'

Dancing was what she wanted, then by all means he would give it to her. And hard.

"Ask me again, Slayer." He teased his head along her clit, feeling the most powerful Slayer ever to live faulter in his gip. Luckily for her all he would take of her tonight was her sweet surrender and not her life. In a way he would be returning it to her through this.

"Dance with me, Spike. Make me feel alive." She panted the plea and met his glazed stare of lust.

With the drumming of the music through the air, Spike answered his Slayer's call by thrusting deep into Buffy. Her muscles at once tightening around him, claiming him as much as he claimed her with this ritual. In at the hilt, Spike gave pause, only to collect himself from coming in her right then and there.

Once collected, Spike dug his fingers into the soft flesh of Buffy's tiny waist to draw her up, then slam her back down around his cock. "Fuck." Buffy hissed passionately, winding her arms around the back of his neck for support. The vampire leading the way was working her in and out. The sounds of their fucking drowned out by the music, everyone oblivious to the pair. Too busy with their own dancing to take notice.

Pumping in and out of Buffy, with powerful thrusts, Soike felt as if his cock would melt away inside her cavern of heat. The pleasure was scorching. His cock only swelled with the urgency as her wet muscles squeezed him over and over. Not wanting him to pull back, but to always stay imbedded in her. Hard nipples cried for attention as they rubbed furiously against the cotton material of her bra. Unable to be released to be suckled on as they always did when Spike was pounding into her.

Locking his jaw, Spike felt his balls tightening in sign of his nearing orgasm.

Buffy's own jaw didn't tighten, instead she lovked her lips with Spike's. Her stomach clenched like a fist over and over. Her head swam with dizziness, and her muscles finally pulsed with her own orgasm washing through her every fibre of her being. Involuntary her hips responded by bucking wildly over Spike. Pushing down when his cock pumped out, and when he pushed in, she pulled away. Wildly her body sang against his as Spike's own impending climax hit.

'And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky. Can't you hear my heart beat so? I can't let you go. Want you in my life. Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.'

He released inside her. His soul pouring, be it there locked inside under the demon or not, pieces of him flowed into her body everytime they coupled. His cold seed filled her tiny frame with such devotion. He was giving himself to her, didn't she see? Could she see how she gave herself to him? Spike felt his legs sway and he leant himself against the railing with a heavy thud. The orgasm was intense. It shot through him like a bolt of lightning. It seared from the base of his spine into his mouth. His mouth that allowed the beauty riding him to the end of her own climax to enter it with her tongue. Both muscles dancing just as their bodies were. Over and together they came pass the edge of bliss. Falling into one another's arms against the cold flooring of the Bronze's center balcony.

The pair safely nestled into one another's arms for the time being. The world and the music around them drifted to nothing for the blonde. As it always did after the rush of power, lust and liveliness became obsolete.

-To be continued.